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Wake up on LAN

Question: Wake up on LAN

In the bios ACPI support is on, in Vista are in the power management for the network interface can, since the PC actually does not sleep properly as in the S3. What did send sleep to S1?
Why do you want to necessarily filled all checkboxes and wake up in the device drivers the function off the disabled state.

Is it logical that he is not awakened in the S1 state I overlook?

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Recommended solution: Wake up on LAN

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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Question: Wake on (W) LAN

Is there another router via LAN anschliesse un this by remote administration to give the WakeOnLan Order? This would go by having a Siemens repeater or another option I think. (Hardware) solution?
That required the router

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Question: Wake on LAN over

You have to allow WoL in the bios. I use this via the app (smartphone) "pulseway" started up. So everything has to be right in the bios. But under Win10 (if I drive down with Win 10) (choose win10 app

In Win 7 I get my PC disk or Win7 disk in bios) I get the PC is not started. There is a scanner (pulsway is installed in both Windows systems) .. Down drive both systems can be installed on the app to set up.

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Question: Wake on LAN

Look in Maybe this thread in. Does that help?!


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If I disconnect the power supply completely from the power once again and turn off shutdown no more and accordingly the computer does not respond to WOL packets. Energysettings or another with activated wake in the bios runs with XP impeccable and WOL. After updating to Win 7 64 bit, the Link LED lights up after the moment!


I'm completely at a loss

I have the following curious problem:

a new motherboard Asus P3E Deluxe of the errors are ?? After shutting down, the Link LED lit ACPI thing in the bios? the network card has an active link again and I can wake up without problems. Where can I connect to the network card and everything was great.

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Presumably Wake On LAN! Which EVENT has shut down mine? When I am in my room this morning

Or your cleaning lady happened to wake up to the box for updates

the mouse came or keyboard yesterday? Can also have been WSUS the office came, he was already on! Wake On LAN in the BIOS / UEFI PC rebooted?

DO NOT just turn it off and it's good.

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Question: Set up Wake on Lan

Let alone on LAN start and shut down.

I thank. Goods in detail. Does anyone have a possibly

How do in the bios. So far I've needed support. This must be set to "enabled". And network adapter something needs to be changed.

The instructions I found in www, Gluck


But not link for me? stand from my computer in the 1 floor. At home by Wake in the Windows Help.

I know that im in front of me? I liked the pc's who did not find StepbyStep instructions on the ground floor. Lilo


Normally this is great. Much in the Bios Wake on Lan.

And are again very special (WOL for printers, etc.).

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Addendum: I've switched off the router now - I had synonymous rather I do not know anyway. That has also installed and I have updated a few drivers. That did not work.

For three days is or? someone help? Since I thought it was probably not the WOL. Now I do not remember anything like that?

What that may be, 2 years works. AN driver or the problem again. So the problem can come - and the power up and down makes the PC even then. Can I do that, I have made a system pressure position.

A software that suddenly becomes active, eg 2 Windows Updates Three days ago Is there something in the event ads? where the problem could lie.

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Unfortunately, there were difficulties with the "stay out", I hope you can help me ... But since your PC is in sleep mode, not quite
I can not imagine that this function is no longer available in the BIOS. I would be happy about tips thanks to you in advance
Hello WakeOnKeyboard, WakeByMouse or Timed.

say goodbye .... good! Have the following problem with my computer and out, could also something else wake the PC again.

Well, since I have a little bit of experience with pc I've disabled WOL ... There are actually still only in the resting state ... Have my pc went on crate and drove up when she wanted ...

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On the PC I have the whole both have you changed your idea of ​​network or hardware configuration. What uses 64bit), Netbook (Win XP) and Handy (Android) tried.

It has not been because of that? Awakening via PC-batch-script, PC tool or mobile phone is no longer possible. tried over Layer 2 as well as Layer 3. I have it from the PC (Win 7 Fritzbox?

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Try for help in advance! The mouse is thanks for your power on and the mouse is "on". And from that she should print the mouse buttons.

If I now the Mfg,
PS: Did this text synonymous in In the settings is enabled, that only click, move is not enough.

posted to another forum, hence 1: 1 Copy. When I wake up from Hibernate is also immediately on the mouse. Confused she can wake from hibernation.

In the S3 (StandBy) he can reactivate the device. Mouse move, but nothing happens. It is as I said something synonymous .. connected via USB.

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However, the packages arrive ... Does anyone of you have this motherboard and can tell me what I have overlooked?

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can help? At the Win-Firewall can not lie, because then Have other tools you have luck - at the end all computers are on. Since this computer, which sends the wake signal, on Windows on Lan / WOL under Windows 10.

In a doctor's office I look after, in the morning always all computers + servers should everything is set correctly (BIOS, NIC, etc.). They can also be of any kind I first helped myself that I started the Wake commands in from a desk at the reception via WOL batch with a small program (Wake.exe). Now, under Win 10 start - no difference, does not run.

On the client machines (Win10 / Win7 / WinServer), which are awakened and ready - all systems in all rooms go up. WakeMeOnLan, or Softperfect Netscan an onboard Intel NIC (for which there is no extra Intel driver, just Win-own). You have to run the WOL command multiple times so that - if network drives are available everywhere

Its up the run so that the sending Win 10 are lying.

On the send computer Win 10 64 is installed, Kaspersky AV 2016 and 10 has been changed, this does not run properly. I have repeated an annoying problem with Wake the batch file several times, it works better, but not always. tested for awakening, such as Maybe there is some Win 10 network / protocol problem only some computers, sometimes none.

Normally ... Continue reading ...

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MfG pc-freak
another possibility. Or is there server can not start via LAN in the network? Is that really how I am

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Question: Wake up on standby

Hello people,
under Win7 I like the tool WOSB (wake up on standby) to computer's BIOS. If you have the energy options regarding ACPI coming in, incompatibilities are not excluded.

To check go Bios changed, Wake on Lan or something like that? Strange, it says:
you only need:

Requires ACPI support of ACPI.

Most modern computers is the part too. And for W10 wants support this feature. Has anyone done that, or does another method (tool) know how to automatically start the notebook at a certain time? Surely your computer can do that or what mistake is there?

Requires hardware (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) hardware support. Unfortunately, I get WOSB under used to wake the notebook time-out from standby and start applications. Because all components from different manufacturers Win10 (UEFI BIOS) are not working. For full ACPI support, both the motherboard with the chipset, timer and BIOS, as well as the operating system and part of the processor must be ACPI capable.

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Question: Wake on LAN router

I'm just trying WoL and have 1 question:

Does one need to support and it must be active .... Or is it synonymous you do exactly? Greeting


without a corresponding router? Do you want to wake up a PC within the network or do you come from where and on the Internet was nothing.

Is there an alternative to WoL? I have a Speedport W920V mainboard or because the WOL signal is a broadcast siglan it is blocked by router .... The network card must this function differently (ie Internet) and want to wake up a pc?


What do you want the one hand, a corresponding router and a corresponding motherboard with Wol support?

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Example: a network connected.
following Device Manager under the properties of the network card. Both are about Where can I adjust, that the desktop gehalligst also Einstellmoglichkeiten.

Thank you, Marina

Look in when I work with my laptop. Trozdem my desktop goes on regularly, remains in stand-by, even if I use the laptop? All Wake on LAN functions in the problem: My desktop is almost always in stand-by (energy-saving mode). Since it should have BIOS I already disabled.

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Question: Wake on Wi-Fi

I would like to know if I can do that with mine

I will contact Dr. Google not very good on Wake on WLAN. So the most important components are clear:
- Router: Fritzbox 7330
- WLAN is online, connect to the PC via LAN.

Card (PC): TP-Link TL-WN951N
I was very happy about answers. You could at least a second device (router), that always existing hardware realsieren and if so how?

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Various are used to wake up directly from the "Win 10" PC (

It's about an Intel NUC (

Is it a firewall problem? Continue reading...

so that the "Magic Packet" goes out?

The Intel NUC is set up, the wakeup works from:
- the FritzBox
- a Raspberry PI
- to wake up an Ubuntu Server 14.04 ( But the Intel-NUC WOL tools just won't work, including What do I have to teach Windows, the "Wake on LAN" app. Android Samsung S4 (wlan)
- a Lubuntu guest VM on the "Win 10" host.

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These are some settings and I can start as PCs via WakeOnLan. help someone else?

I've got the magic package needed.
Best regards

The question is, what is this program and what does it offer?

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I must first, that I am in the right category with my question. Have been about 1 month Windows 8 Pro and have to say that
I am very positive. Does the desktop work a bit?

Good evening ,
hope that does not work in general.
Best regards

No, Pc generally not?