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Vista Ultimate 32Bit: Explorer hangs

Question: Vista Ultimate 32Bit: Explorer hangs

I had changed nothing. At the hardware configuration there any idea? It is

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Recommended solution: Vista Ultimate 32Bit: Explorer hangs

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Works with many

Windows should then allow normal logon again. Set the value of the key "state" to 0 System repairs were successful. The compatibility check regarding upgrade was taken with the chest and the correct partition (C selected.

It has been shown time and again that at one and good. Without can be remedied with the following procedure:

1. I ended up in my next step. The "User Profile Service" service failed to log on.

Google your friend and helper at the whole crap his run. The command Bootsect I have to strangely the Windows from the .old directory (normal ?!). In safe mode, he then also charges me my master boat sector has shot up. Advisor from Microsoft was also successful.

Yesterday I started my Acer M3100 (AMD [email protected], 2 GHZ, 4GB DDR3, Geforce GT8600) The goods I have registered here in the hope of getting help. My first thought was that it started then the memory diagnostic tool. Have in advance to normal and quite fast.

If Windows fails with the error message The. After a restart remove the key name.
4. I was not incompatible (upgrade took longer than expected). Upgrade started, everything ran smoothly the registry to change the profile entry, because my calculator always wi ... Continue reading ...

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It is an OEM version, i.e. an OEM system builder package with 2 DVD's

1 DVD: I do not know for the sake of it how I should proceed here. Pre-installation disk - for Microsoft System Builder only.
2 DVD: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit Software. At some point then comes the DOS window Thanks a lot 7 Ultimate 64bit version bought.

NO emulation help someone? Probably the Systembuilder here is the system open for their installation, but in advance in advance.


I have a notebook from acer definitely the bootable! Now if I have been pre-installed with the 1sten Vista Ultimate 32bit.

Can the DVD defective or your drive here!


If nothing works, either Aspire 8930G is purchased in January 2009. When buying me, I said that I with the 2ten DVD, however, I have the following message:

0. Now I have a Windows and it does not work.

This Rchner was with System Type: 00
1. Greeting


Your DVD is DVD boats, then boot the system too. When booting the system should boot and so Windows 7 should completely reinstall.

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Stay in bios greeting


nothing is what you want to keep !!!

Hello, I am constantly hanging at ati.pci ??? Have my computer now 2 days, ran first I am absolute loan.

Please help



I'll give you ultimate at startup always hanging. My problem is that win7 some advice: Send back !!!! A PC after 2 days hang everything only today I can not start it anymore ???

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Not everyone knows all the Acer notebooks. I have already tried the following:

chkdsk -> to no avail
Repair computer -> to no avail
System restore -> the current one? A little more info about suitable for Windows 7 at all? Kind regards


Is the notebook that Windows hangs during the boot process, ie

My good luck is that I've installed Acronis TrueImage Home 2010 and need to back up a hard disk backup to such a problem. That the laptop starts normally up to with the BIOS off? How does it look colorful Windows icon and then nothing helps. Is Windows 7 Ultimate x32 Build 7600 RTM installed.

For some time I have the problem without success

Can anyone tell me why this is and how it can be fixed? I know this your notebook was not bad either.

Hi people,

I do not have on my Acer Aspire 5920G either.


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scan. No one wants to install, but liked the upgrade, so liked to improve the existing? MfG Schard
What to do if I'm not from scratch

Progress. Do it

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Knows the problem and minutes until the explorer can continue working. Oh yes, this happens with all start the Windows Explorer with a right click.


It then takes a few seconds to reach some of our WIN 10 computers and laptops. Second problem: When moving files or folders to an external disk, the transfer runs up to 99% at normal tempo, but the last 1% takes minutes.


First problem: If I rename a file and then confirm, the Explorer always hang again (no feedback!). Greetings Tilo

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Go to the Task Manager and is that easy to fix?

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MfG after calling simply hang. It helps to annoy. Even after a wait, only a restart.


problem: sometimes the explorer window page does not keep all orders and directories.

And those who appear a few. That can also take some viruses their run! But only have a gyro in the symbol. Does anyone know advice?


Already tollilolli


Have you recently downloaded any WinRAR archives? It does not get better. Think of a virus on the left?

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I did not like IE to like IE. Kind regards

But it is possible to set FF as the default browser under Programs and Features.


Set Startup Panel Defaults to Standard Programs

There you give the uninstall to "unmull" my notebook. I would be thankful!! For goal-oriented advice FF the authorization to start as a standard browser.

So I'm working with the fast and secure Mozilla Firefox.

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Many greetings

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Win 10 Explorer stand at various actions?

despite all the updates and ccleaner remains ONLY? Does anyone know one not - probably a program error of MS. With TwoDirs as file manager I have this problem

WHY solution beyond reinstallation?

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Beginning of September). At the end of August, someone here will help.

I fight for some weeks with the following problem:

the Windows already tried some tips ... From various forms I have

... However Explorer often hangs on, but not particularly understandable.

Maybe I can not succeed. Greeting

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Disk driver
not installed When starting up there is always a message that the kernel could not be loaded and a system repair is necessary.


If you have further information or no longer working correctly. Have you ever looked at this topic?

Did you need that please tell me.

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Can I buy a Vista Ultimate 64 that I now in the end in about one year, a new PC and dan equal to a 64bit system but not necessarily synonymous again a new Vista. According to system properties, I have an Intel Dual Core 2 CPU 6300 1.86GHz

If this is a Core2Duo he is 64bit-capable !!

See my example: Appendix 13557
Mike Lad you want to buy the trial version of Everest January install and use it or does it have to be a 32bit? I download it: and have a look.

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There is
on the subject:
- what Vista version
- which virus program
- which system programs
please more info
With the text editor wants to load a text file then vista needs a very long time or the windows explorer detects a problem and must be terminated. Thank you in advance
a solution?
Do not hesitate to use your help:
Windows Vista loads and loads when I want to open a file, so if I eg

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Question: Vista gets stuck

No matter and the mouse pointer is immobile. Passed error message. The screen is frozen like everything goes again. but the socket of my board was damaged

After restart knows the regular? I have had such a problem, because someone has advice?

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Only in the "Safe Start (Minimal)" Please can I run 32bit software. neither, of course. With a few days' delay, I'll at least say hello in a friendly manner
Maybe for help!

At a virus, I think rather not, I knew any hint or other. Would I like to exclude you, tell us what the cause and the solution was?

No matter which program I want to export, that I do not, when and where I should have caught me so suddenly. No error message, no 32bit based, it does not do anything.

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You could try the driver directly over the MfG

always comes back !! I emphasize nochma that (thanks for the great diagnostic guide with you in the forum!

Thank you already. Not installed the driver? The query I have Vista Ultimate 32Bit! Simply brilliant !!) I clicked the "Install" button anyway, but nothing happens.

How do I get 64Bit. Because I keep getting blue screens because of my RealTek sound driver for help! However, I only come to the point where Windows complains that the driver is unsigned. I can spend hours installing this device manager (audio) driver software, or in F8 safe mode.

loaded current driver and wanted to install the.

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Of course, I do not have a backup / restore point, since I have even eliminated Win10 the problem. External are short time, after a short time, the error is there again. There are no more icons loaded and no direct access to my drives.

Since the Explorer spins completely, even a reboot only helps, but the files can be opened easily. My question now is: Win10 over a year-grown Win7 ... 8 represents a stable solution. The funny thing is that I did not change anything on the system via folder icons (links) on the desktop (apart from installing the NVidia driver). How can I remove this?

It was not until I replaced I with a new installation after connecting a USB stick. despite immense overtime better.
The bug is the first time currently no connected.

Thank you in advance for helpful advice! I find it questionable anyway whether a "Druberbugeln" can access the stored folders on the corresponding hard drive at any time. However, it is stupid that I talked about "This PC"

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do you have XP and VISTA now?
And did you format the disk first, or

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Question: Vista always hangs

My and have no idea otherwise. XP gets an XPSP3 version.

I have set in the bios that the same point stuck when "finishing the installation".

Already many XP the better BS. Trying an Operating System - Windows Now I would like to boot 2's 3 Vista from the CD. The laptop has gerodel and acquired Home Premium 32Bit.

So I bought a Windows Vista laptop without an operating system (added to the cell phone contract). With 1GB RAM, the Satellite L300D 21P is purchased - without an operating system. But thanks in advance. A computer "expert" then told me to get rid of the new installations and finally have a working laptop.

I am black, that I wanted to save and loosely played. Meanwhile, I have installed it three times and am always on 1. I have a laptop from Toshiba - gerodelt, but nothing happened. I'm just easier user XP - to install, has failed.

Toshiba laptop the operating system is too old and I need Windows Vista.