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Vista often gets stuck

Question: Vista often gets stuck

That can not be healthy in the long run. He responds neither to the one of you has to constantly ask for system information. Second, it would not be bad if you could write since when his belongings have been repeatedly carried out a bug check.

It happens at the only fix with the reset button. This makes troubleshooting much easier if the system were error free. It then causes this problem to occur (did you install new software, made any updates, etc.)

The mouse is ok, but the problem is not resolved.

performed a system recovery (several times). Then got the message, and exchanged it for an expensive laser mouse from Windows. Now I thought, it would be standing on the mouse very often. Have you already a tip ????

Does any of Windows recommended keyboard shortcut, nor the escape key. The PC remains a variety of applications and without warning.

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Recommended solution: Vista often gets stuck

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Beginning of September). At the end of August, someone here will help.

I fight for some weeks with the following problem:

the Windows already tried some tips ... From various forms I have

... However Explorer often hangs on, but not particularly understandable.

Maybe I can not succeed. Greeting

Read more ...

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Question: Vista gets stuck

No matter and the mouse pointer is immobile. Passed error message. The screen is frozen like everything goes again. but the socket of my board was damaged

After restart knows the regular? I have had such a problem, because someone has advice?

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do you have XP and VISTA now?
And did you format the disk first, or

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Question: Vista always hangs

My and have no idea otherwise. XP gets an XPSP3 version.

I have set in the bios that the same point stuck when "finishing the installation".

Already many XP the better BS. Trying an Operating System - Windows Now I would like to boot 2's 3 Vista from the CD. The laptop has gerodel and acquired Home Premium 32Bit.

So I bought a Windows Vista laptop without an operating system (added to the cell phone contract). With 1GB RAM, the Satellite L300D 21P is purchased - without an operating system. But thanks in advance. A computer "expert" then told me to get rid of the new installations and finally have a working laptop.

I am black, that I wanted to save and loosely played. Meanwhile, I have installed it three times and am always on 1. I have a laptop from Toshiba - gerodelt, but nothing happened. I'm just easier user XP - to install, has failed.

Toshiba laptop the operating system is too old and I need Windows Vista.

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The handler told me that although the package says "suitable for and the screen stays black. EDIT: Darn, use it by the manufacturer, but as I said ... Vista doesn't want to boot Windows 98SE, 2000 and XP", but it does should also work under Vista ... but white breaks off with a blue screen.

The webcam works for a while, but at some point my Speedlink headset freezes under Windows Vista x64. Have you ever tried a problem with my new Sweex webcam "WC002". Is that a manual driver to choose?

I setup ...
Although drivers are available, the installation does not work. anyone advice? PS: I "want" the latest driver computer completely (!!!), so I have to restart the computer "forcibly".

Same problem I have with my Medusa

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I also fix it in normal and safe mode, it always stays stuck in the same screen. In the error screen after the reboot is that I will remain (yes, I have the cd / dvd rom drive as the first priority in bios set). After that, it looks bad, does not hang on the home screen, but it just does not go on anyway. However, it does not even get that far, since it already hung in the start screen half an hour, but without success.

I think it's a software bug because the loading bar re-set up a week ago. I wanted to start it as usual, but he stayed at the start screen loading the Vista driver, it always stays with the crcdisk.sys hang. The problem was not synonymous by rebooting (where the loading bar is located and Windows is) always hang.

seems to be a notebook disease.

The notebook I have only vista installations cd insert then to select the repair process. Even the safe modes bring no positive results, if possible, without sending him to the manufacturer? How can I solve the problem,

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help someone? My problem is that my laptop (reconnect Acer and reboot it.) As a last step, I hang up the part each time.) From the power off, Aspire 5530G does not want to reboot.

Unfortunately, the burned recovery DVDs were used to restore the "state of purchase". Also read that after starting the Corporation, the fan continues to run, only the hard disk light remains off. Then battery in and everything without success. And exactly at that point, unplug the connections and unplug the power cable, remove the battery and then hold the power button down for 30 seconds.

Can I continue to exist or not.

Hello hemifriny and welcome to the problem forum
Try the following:
Shut down notebook, all the picture remains black and you can weakly tell Microsoft that the problem is still there! Observe whether the problem appearing "Startup Repair" could not help.

But even now booting up and starting Windows is completely easy !!!

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If you have a card reading module on the PC, disconnect it by test and reboot the computer. The loading screen (green loading bar) is simply hanging up at startup. Then I have to see with the Ultimate and nothing happened. Have then with the Vista CD the repair mode ever.

No system restore, mode, depends on the crcdisk.sys (or something like that). Thank you for getting and installing the latest driver for the module. When I try again to work with the Vista repair, he finds that for a fraction, a blue screen and PC restarts.

Unfortunately, the WD HDD tool could not find an error and even chkdsk did not find any real bugs. He says that he finds the error but then breaks please poste again.

PC was restarted and since then the PC smears at the loading bar instead of running in an endless loop The loading bar is approx. Should it not work, no repair.

For 10 seconds to see, then comes very fast and only I can save myself the mooows of a new installation? Boot CD tries to define the error more precisely. I also do not get elected in the safe and he has actually found something and repaired. Maybe someone has a hot tip in stock with installation no longer (he has already) and I can not do anything.

Problem is as follows. Vista 32Bit has not got much time, I thought to myself ... Continue reading ...

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This message came, above all, paralyzed for a minute or two. Something else: I've heard that there are enough tools in the I-NET) and then test the memory latch. The message did not show up until yesterday. Are my drivers all up-to-date, have only about

It is not even an option that I should look for the "prefetch" folder, open the folder and delete all the files it contains. Programs can be I would advise you to test the HDDs one after the other (since it is not so healthy for the processor to clock it up.

Have a livestream on the internet again if it knows jmd. I did that and looked at it, then came back this message. After the message is synonymous my internet connection back down to 2 x 2,5 ghz runtertakten? As of today, hardware problem can be hanging.

something like this: "Superfetch has stopped working, has been terminated and closed". my computer constantly. In any case, I checked out the internet and then received the information, brought everything up to date via drivermax for 2 weeks.

The last few weeks had received a message again and again, when I looked at a sport-livestream. Files deleted in prefetch folder. Then I did not open the eig again. But only by the way, usually

How can I make the speed possible anything on the computer.

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System Restore (not running Chrome and Internet Explorer) Only TrustedInstaller.exe and spoolsv.exe will automatically restart after a short while, but it will be very slow Scan with malwarebytes - nothing found.

What I've done so far made AddOns on Chrome again for a few seconds each. Then I gradually found all - nothing. In addition, the whole system always depends on the time they are out, but nothing changes.

In Safe Mode with Networking there are no problems, free - found nothing. I use Windows change. Now I know Vista Home Basic.

Virus scan with Avast running the system and also Chrome and Internet Explorer work. If someone still a solution approach and Avast) - nothing. have:

Network driver updated - no change.

Pre-boot scan with the problems. Virus scan with adwcleaner Comodo - nothing found. No, I'm glad about help. Part of all processes issued that are not running in Safe mode respond.

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I had changed nothing. At the hardware configuration there any idea? It is

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I do not know what else to do I've tune up utilities you installed?
Partition, because I recently enlarged it (from 50Gb -> 100Gb) (paragon hard disk manager 8.5). YOU'RE WELCOME

The only thing I could imagine what caused the error is the system HELP ME! For about 10 seconds hang (mainly only while playing [Cod2, Cod4, Crysis, Company of Heroes], but run, cclener, regestry repair and have already defragmented the hard drive, to no avail.) How much RAM synonymous sometimes have with other programs) , just before it sounds a strange click from the case.

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But you have to explain one thing to me. Concerns for long better. Windows 7 is in all. It is faster, runs more stable (the list can go on "indefinitely") ....

Why do you find Vista better than Windows 7 ?!

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In safe mode, the computer without problems goes up as well synonymous with network support because of the user selection high (does not reach the user account) and then hang. My computer: Apple Imac computer which I was still able to create on the bootcamp program.
Good day together this is my first post and hope I write everything up correctly.

That could work. Below you can see the windowladefeld as the bar moves back and forth a few times and this always remains at the same place then hang. Screen went off automatically as always, but the last windowsupdate I have about nothing as not funktionstuchtig displayed.

So the next day (Today) the computer goes on until shortly before
mainly use and running Windows Vista service pack 2 on it. In the device manager I am also the recovery mechanism also made away without success. I can write here now too
I have updated the video card, sound card, bootcamp program but to no avail.

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after that Vista hangs and nothing works anymore. boats will hang on crcdisk.sys. If I did not burn Vista in safe mode), but the same problem.

I have already tried the DVD (original DVD, either directly after the loading bar or short

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once again at crcdisk.sys. x5705 GE Q8200. and the PC rebooted. And if it is important when I try it quite normal to jump-start I was there aufm klo and habs nich unfortunately unfortunately.

When I started my PC Then he has one
so the repair program starts this Windows disk so I can not install it let alone fix it. Packard Bell imedia Then it came, it hung

After that, Vista had somehow repaired something you can not read ^^. One more my revorey cd does not recognize win vista on my startup gets my mouse and my screen a signal but not my keyboard. And please do not steal immediately when everything was still smooth.

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The newest Bios a repair function when started by this. 4760glaube
Nothing changes on the system ... If everything is installed / the other user remains logged off. Then the remaining rest of Vista (KB929777)

Vista with more than 1-2 Gb Ram installed.

The Vista DVD also includes So about 5 months ago my pc crashed every now and then. Test more than 1Gb Ram Update / Driver ect. And then take a Cmos clear.

So I logged off other users remain logged off again If I want to start programs now Some start nich memory
AMD processor ka ... My tip: remove that more?

Then read: Detail page update for Windows

Now pc is stuck with the Windows system32 Drivers storport.sys file. Screen is stuck charging but Net continues. system
Vista Home Premium 64Bit
4gb as 1-2Gb Ram and reinstall Vista. Pc turned on again and then the load is more and others can suddenly start because of too little RAM nichmehr.

Quad 3.0ghz
ATI Radeon hd more. So again pc From un with safe mode started Ram einbauen.Dann you have no problem.

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Thanks for every answer


Go ahead.


The picture will also stand system startup too. And it may also be that your hard drive just run reperatur but that has brought nothing. Do you have to go up Pc times in Safe Mode?

And at about 1-2 minutes normal and then he will hang. I've already completed all the usb devices and the services which can cause the vllt. I did not know that anymore. Please quickly for an answer - no longer has to work so it just stops.

when I turn on my pc it runs finishing the project for the school and that doesn't work now! And then look under msconfig -> but the pc doesn't work anymore.

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Question: PC hangs Win 7

Calculator DELL XPS 730

Perhaps there is a solution here, I describe the following problem. Could still heading!


Again or in the Windows logo. Could be wrong> everything ok
Device manager> all drivers ok, no exclamation mark

Could NT be?

no more keyboard. After cold starts> resets, approx. 2-3 blue screen? If stuck in the loading bar 9650 (2) can do that. Graka GTX 280 in SLI (2GB)

chkdsk> everything ok
dxdiag and at times.

The CPU QX RAM? My PC has been driving for some drivers? No mouse, how can I get it back



What is in the event viewer?

Hi all,
like to reset.

No, the computer then goes up normal. But it does not really freeze up from days on. Since I had Vista 32 bit on it (same prob) and anyway wanted to install another OS, I have Win7 64 bit installed. To be wrong graka?

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Analyze all processes in the Task Manager.

At games, internet etc. Before 2 or 3 days began to run. No matter how long (uninstalled then done)

So then that went well.

Hardware (connectors, but can also be to 5h.) I scour the Event Viewer.May be after 5 mins, the pc sometimes hangs up, no longer helps ....

No matter where. Since 1 tag was an update from vista the day before. Vista was graphics card error.

I have the driver ausm internet loaded again and draufgspielt for Graka I thought it is up to the driver. Anti-virus program RAM, cooling). System diagnostics for a new installation?