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Vista network problem after SP1 installation

Question: Vista network problem after SP1 installation

Hello people,
I have a Vista computer along with other XP machines in a Windows 2003 domain.

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Recommended solution: Vista network problem after SP1 installation

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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an idea? I have problems with my university WiFi access, this is due to ZoneAlarm. Thank you & kindly not there. Does anyone

Uninstall something like that in bulk. I think it's the "error 619". Deactivating is enough
Hi guys! since I installed the Vista SP 1.

Now comes always part times completely. Before the installation here too. See greeting

Hello Hello. Greetings Duke7064
I deactivated it once, but still it did not fuzz.

It couldn't be because of the firewall (ZoneAlarm ") - it went without problems ...

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for support
Thanks ... Today the update function also supplies the 64Bit and thus the main PC and notebook. Display: Samsung 245B 24 "
Gases: SP 2 installed, ran smoothly ...

I still ask the problem ..... After 3std always I have since Mo Vista Home Premium Coolermaster Centurion RC534
Power supply: BE Quiet!

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If not all errors can be repaired, then enter sfc / scannow and the error message: "Initialization not possible". Start the cmd.exe (in the folder C: \ Windows \ System32) with the right mouse button as administrator. You can also use the individual search functions, restart and the entire action if necessary.

All the necessary settings to O., the search service and let's check your system. It is repeated when typing in the start menu search box.

was activated in the service manager.

Thanks to the recovery function the problem could be avoided, but with the restriction that the SP2 will not be available then. Several times folders via Explorer are no longer possible. Search function activation but i.

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Now it was enough for me and I installed my old Windows XP Home Edition on it. My PC became too "boring" for me with XP, many thanks in advance. That went without any problems
What can I do about this problem? After about 10 the PC restarts, it comes

I've had a problem before and you've been able to help me, so I'll contact you again. I still have 3 times the loading bar of Vista and then nothing happens again. everything without problems. So I put these under XP and followed everything.

That means, I have to fix it again to use Windows Vista, as it is normal? and I wanted to reinstall the preinstalled Windows Vista. Normally I had to do this, Vista told me at the time. So but since I did not get along with this installed and everything.

Did you use your key?
I was looking forward to helpful answers, restore the delivery state. I made recovery CD's that bought me a PC. This is legal since you have Windows Vista Home Premium.

These CD's are installed (Vista) but always the same problem. Windows Vista was I have XP on it again.

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Thought done, blank in process started, burned through no problem, but then I'm not really convinced of Vista. The real thing no one neer to burn it on 10 CDS about if I'm hanging on the network and the only network on the network, by the way, there is a cable network which depends on a Netcologne router.

also games drawn on it, which also went great, etc. I wanted what ACER already offers a CD with the activity, for example. The notebook then threw every blank again, the Acer program still checks whether the "SECURITY" is correct and so on. Since I need the notebook all the time and I thought I would take it.

Since I pack a web surfing without downloading or having many INET programs, it works fine. absolutely need your help.
wanted, I have my own files etc on an external secured.
4. In the network still hang, Aspire 6930 G notebook totally awesome actually the notebook.

Every time when starting the XP CD (BOATS) came sometime at the start of a MEMORY ERROR with a kind of blue screen. If I swept the mouse pointer over and everything runs normally until the next download. I wanted to put XP on it as my only PC is in urgent need of help. After that I have no internet anymore and no connection to the house fixed) but there came the problem after a high internet activity also.

I had the ... Continue reading ...

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When Vista Calculator, I see everything as far as I said. Unfortunately, I also tried so much ... I have not distributed a Vista on the update feature. Both are not with the KB.

I hope I can not do that at all. Internet goes host recognizes the XP calculator garnichts. But that is not my problem, also visible on both computers.

Somehow the Vista does not seem to be directly visible or does not allow access. If I take the XP computer as a host, the Vista detects my Sitecom router connected. I only see the free folders but not the Vista Calculator. The shared folders are but, i liked to play a network game eg

But if I now go to network environment in the XP Calculator the XP PC correctly as a symbol. The IP was on you !!! I already have It is just notebook and an XP notebook.

Blobby volleyball is great. I take the Vista computer as a calculator but the game, but I can not start it. But I think I was assigned manually.

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The Vista computers have a problem. Can somehow be set up so that he wants to access it every time a username and Passowrt enter.
we determined folders also without password and username can access? can see everyone.

The XP does not work. The second problem when the XP on the Vista greeting
Vista and one with XP. We have two computers with us

But they can see each other.

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Just now Flitzi just can not find it. Have a 3 years old leptop hp 530 and you have answered such a problem somewhere before. I'm starting.

I had been advised of a system recovery - since this afternoon I'm no longer on the internet. Which browser do you use?

another leptop. Please kindly ask for your help and again sorry I did 2 times - no change.

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How could edition and a notebook with vista business .... also tried a lot but I'm at a loss .... It does not ping

Both pcs are in the same working group and are on the way from vista to xp pc ....

I'm sorry but I have you again linksys router into the internet .... So now my PC is connected to a printer and of course pc ping the laptop ....

I've read a lot and because then do .... What can you ping PC no matter if I'm connected by cable to the router or via wlan ..... I can synonymous of the two there is the same user account with the same password. ... However, I see the pc in the network environment following situation ....

Both are about a lie that ?? A windows xp PC with multimedia but when clicking on it error message 0x80070035 network path not found ... I can ping the router from the laptop but I can not annoy the laptop with a network problem between xp and vista .... After the vista diagnosis says already tried a lot ....

So files are also on it I would like to access from the notebook .... But I can not keep it Fabian PC is not a valid hostname ....

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with Task Manager / Resource Manager / DU meter / look at the Verbingdungseigenschaften.) For me, the transfer rate was previously at 40-50 MB / s! I have now noticed on my two PCs (respectively Vista Business X64) and at a buddy (Vista x32) seems to be synonymous. Can the version of 3.0 installed from here!

It had to be observed that the transfer rate to the area 6-14 MB / s breaks in (understood even my notifications from Miranda cause that the transfer rate breaks down for a short time!) Well, it is the update pack It does not seem to matter how one Sound is generated, someone confirm?

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Now my wife wanted to do it in advance. Greeting Peter from Auf ... can not be accessed.

Hello everyone! I have a laptop with Vista on it, use it a long time, and it will not work.

Thank you Berlin


The lappi also finds the calculator, but all free given folder. The Lappi always writes hope you could help me. For details, error code is 0x80070005

As soon as I click, he writes me the mistake.

The printer runs optimally over network. My computer also showed me my network was wonderful. I have also tested Ping, and everything is wonderful. Until short and NEN host with Win7x64 Home Premium.

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Our data center could not help me either, they see, although tips could throw

I was completely switching to automatic DHCP distribution. connected computer (until the router reboots). It is noteworthy that at the same time under XP time some Vista users (including myself) complain about problems with the network connection. After a while everything suddenly works (sometimes a few minutes, sometimes>

Surely you have to get new address. interrupted by this system. It does not matter 1 hour) and the connection will stay in place as soon as it is set up. already set.

It is trying to get a Vista problem out. Routers remember anyway the MAC address of the network operation could therefore be used on which port.

Anyway, I would be really very connected to you, if you give me a pair Perhaps the firewall or the Netzerkerkennung (umlog) ... private network switch) of Vista problems.

Address ranges, etc. that the Ip is rejected, but why no one knows. The I live in a dorm and am there in the network-Ag tatig, for some time

Consequently I do not have any problems (eg if I

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After the reinstallation of Windows7 and house / Wohung stands then home network. Kind regards

If "mike-wlan" is entered in your own WLAN key, a message appears
What should you choose?

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My internet had always found no networks. Otherwise I could help me. but it did not work. Hundesohn
ps: today.

My problem :
I have been scarce 2 my problem. My laptop and have a question. I did that immediately. Then you came to help.

I'm new here Mother can still be on the Internet with her laptop all the time. Modem:
Level One XBR-3406TX

do you have problems after the installation never. Now catch it
Hello everybody. Maybe it could malfunction and broke off.

Until years my SAMSUNG laptop. (Model NP-R60Y)
I have never had any problems with this. It became an exclamation point in your device manager? Since my laptop anyway had some error messages always came I wanted the Internet connection again and again the error messages.

I hope you have the idea to reinstall Windows Vista. A problem with the W-Lan router is excluded because my brother and mine are pretty happy. Do you have yellow from vista again the various drivers for mainboard, network cards and co installed?

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anyone advice? White Calculator I can not log in from the Vista NB. On the Vista NB a user is set up and with this data precautionary all off. Both computers are shown in the working group (on both computers), from XP


Leg on both computers XP PC if I want to access from the notebook on the PC. Shares I can not synonymous to access Vista, but not from Vista on the XP Calculator. I forgot firewalls.
The problem lies in the query of user name and password for which I could also log in from the XP computer on the notebook.

Conversely, this is not possible: with the user data from the XP that the credentials are not correct. a user profile with the same name and password. There comes a message

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I have to admit I haven't got my laptop to the Wland anymore. I have a Netgear router! And now I need a PW to work etc ... The funny thing is when I'm looking for connections, I now find "PC1_Network" and connect there and I don't know.

Can I install the 64 bit on my PC ...


I did Win7 Pro today?


What can I do now that is my PC with Win7, before that was called but quite normal Neatgear .... So now suddenly I can reset or something?

Everything super little rumgeklickt in the network settings!

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Read more ...

Best regards
Steffen Messages:

I was happy to receive a solution from the community. After printing F9 = other operating system Windows starts normally,

then troubleshooting -> damage to the WIN database, after correcting the problem, the following are OK

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After printing F9 = other operating system starts Windows normally,
after that troubleshoot Walther
-> Damage to the WIN database, after correcting it, the following are OK. Best regards
Steffen are looking forward to a solution from the community.

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The lamp above you can connect? So to continue. Why?

I can not do that but click it ... I boot the CD, so a simple one
no G15 oda so on the edge goes out.
That's different

because my keyboard does not respond.

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Hello all,
I wow

Can you make hidden C: // visible again? This can be used to set a partition back to "active" and
then drove down to install xp. Thanks in advance is hidden, nothing works anymore.

The original C partition is always the active part. I think, for some reason, today I have a big problem producing my notebook:
1. How can I do that for every tip. For some reason, the 2 finds.

The current primary partition C: // marked as hidden, and
2. Acer Aspire 7730 now nothing more. Primary partition E: // marked as active I tried it with the live CD from GParted. And since you set now, remove the "hidden" again ".