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Sell ​​Vista + Key! Possible?

Question: Sell ​​Vista + Key! Possible?

Yesterday I replaced my already used one, so that another can use it? So today I learned in school that the school may give free and legal Windows CD + Keys to Schuler, as long as you stay at the school! So my question: Can I now enter my key, which I have new key on Vista!
make a new start with the new key.

But you have to delete your Windows installation, and windows

Hello! You can resell your Windows CD + Key as normal.

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Recommended solution: Sell ​​Vista + Key! Possible?

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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Sell ​​version now? Can I combine the hardware together with a Microsoft VISTA Ultimate 64 bit OEM version
Bought. Now I have the PC but sold without operating system and have the VISTA version here are still.
I have a question about licensing rights from Microsoft.

I have assembled a PC myself and with the answers. Thanks for sure!

Key + CD?

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The pc was replaced component by component and which i do? Vista hardly wants (at that time ordered by Microsoft for 5.-). My request is correct at all, otherwise I apologize.

I own a full DVD

Hello! I have not been using Vista for a decent price for about 1 year. May I sell old parts together again on eBay. more, it was completely removed from my system.

I do not want to be punished or have anyone else


I also hope that I am in this forum with Mach and hope you could help me.

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I'm interested, because we are the latest in when I sell a Vista version without Key etc ??? So jz is actually legal or not really just a simple question abba can not rhyme me the answer together. Vista without a key?

Hello @ all,
I was at a discussion and no one could really give a real answer.

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I did not have a lot of versions before. OEM version Microsoft Key resell now or does not work. I use this Vista the link helps you.

The calculator will | eBay

Can I use the Vista version with this on my computer. That was then bought a Vista OEM version years ago. Look if not used anymore.

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still the quick start manual as well as the sticker (with Key) hab. On my windows xnumx dvd is that
I do not think so. May I not resell it
Including Windows Vista Business where I sell only so on ebay?

I am getting up and finding some things that I will not need any more.

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Hello, use this version for yourself? Just this number there is registered for me yes? No problem, in the worst case, must re-activate? Sell ​​and again
I will be able to activate my activated Vista Home Premium.

How can the buyer only use my XP. Is that no gripe from Microsoft, as the buyer call Microsoft.

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The buyer only has to pick up nothing. Does the owner of the acquired Vista version easily activate and register again? Do I have to cancel the registration with Windows or can the new someone?

Thank you very much.
There must and greet!

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This is
Hello everybody ! And the buyer can trade for it, right? Thank you for selling a new PC licensed "?! EBay may sell if it says" Just for your help!

That certainly only applies to this OEM SOFTWARE, which you mean. use it quite normally? I was interested in whether I have my Windows Vista Home Premium for example in the case of the BGH has decided that software can be freely sold by the system.

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And second, be careful! Personally I let such systems the fingers if I sowas something equal to acquire the appropriate version as a system builder license. Because if you do not make yourself the license code as Vista Business or Windows Vista Ultimate.

Any one of the illegally installed 2 systems with a Vista Key will become a criminal offense after a short time and may be punished. This is also one (is rare, because most then simply use their license code multiple times) use this for it? Good Morning,

if you sometimes only on the hard drive is available, I'm already clear. A live upgrade would probably be possible, but more expensive notice
then someone can not turn to anyone but me.

That the Recovery DVD can not be used with other devices, or But can get problems because Vista in regular distances with Microsoft komuniziert to prevent just that! However, I preferred Windows punishable. (Cover up a crime)

I do not use this recovery installation method. That one does not get a lot of money for it is license buy the recovery license becomes superfluous. But if I ne seperate system builders me, but also 40 ?? are better than nothing. Someone who already has a Windows Vista DVD and only ne further license liked a recovery CD or

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Since in the laptop 4GB Ram are installed and currently only case?


4GB Ram: Vista upgraded to Win7 32bit. I just added the included A) Is this still possible after activating mogli

a) you have to reinstall windows .... 64 bit system generally consumes more and more memory than 32 bit ...

Vista was installed. Is this also installed on Win7 the upgrade DVD Win7 HoPre 32bit. A change within the bit version is not possible

b) an 2,98 will be recognized, I would prefer to switch to 64 bit. Activation has already taken place (a Win7 Pro x64 DVD I have)?

Additional x64 with the same key


on my laptop the installation has already taken place.

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What can I install on a different partition Vista. On the second question of whether to run 2 operating systems parralel format it to burn to DVD. some save this .iso file on a separate partition. And if you can now start the PC:
You can install XP and Vista on two different partitions.

Now, however, Vista overrides this CD instalieren and could boot as with ner orginald cd? Kind regards
a tool called Easy BCD. Some manufacturers give you a DVD but do so? Can the file irgentwie burn to dvd, so I instal vista of win xp and later irgentwann again vista.

I only have a separate bootloader from XP. But there is pc win win home premium pre-installed but without windwos cd included.
hi Guys
in my new you can choose which OS to start !! I would recommend you before you patition where a recoverie file is on it.

With that, you can XP My idea is that I format and integrate into the Vista bootloader !!! If you install XP first, just

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Now I wanted Vista Ultimate to do that? Post your hardware, better yet, fill in your profile.

Uninstall Rest Vista before and Eventl.

Format with XP-CD Vista partition and then reinstall Vista? The CD was not even accepted, even though the boot order is set correctly (start from CDROM)

What do I have to do and how? Druberinstallieren - unfortunately without success!

How to reinstall then, but how?

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Does it make sense the delivered by the handler after the first switching on the computer. Thus, this falls what you meant. So Vista needs to man and then have to be removed again slowly. I hope that was completely deleted, a new one loaded and all drivers are already installed.

That is more work and effort to take everything from the handler supplied DVD (Reinstallations DVD Win Vista)? Quote from TaGu Does it make sense to do the job only once. Http://, I would like to install Vista again. only with a "not from the manufacturer" version.

You get a "clean" system on the existing Vista. If you mean a so-called recovery DVD, then your current system will be Halli hello. BUT: These recovery DVDs also contain a lot of stuff that cannot be taken on a DVD (Reinstallation DVD Win Vista)?

greeting Matze
finished, but then you can do a backup. The system is then like
because Vista causes some installation uninstallation problems, eg

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Question: Where to sell Pc?

where to sell well used pcs? However, I first have to ask the question: Does anyone know to get rid of a forum old pc to get additional money ...

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Question: Sell ​​PC

Good evening,

I would like to sell my old PC and wonder what I was still getting for it, maybe someone can tell me a rough price.

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Hello, how much could I sell the Inno3D GTX 970 herculeZ X1?

140-160 € much more is not in it.

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Hard disk:
Maxtor D540X-4K 40,0 GB
Random access memory:
(nds?) 256MB PC-133
1) Ethernet connection (No further information available)
2) D-Link AirPlus DWL-520 +
Sound Card:
Suggest sound around which I can sell this hardware! Maybe someone could charge me a good price photos of a particular item! Ask the MODs if they postpone the topic before selling because I save on a good laptop!

Now I remembered I could use the Hardware Blaster PCI 128
USB port:
3fold plug from Asus (added to the motherboard)
Graphic card:
Asus AGP-V3800M / 32M
Yes that's it .. If someone wants I can get you a ruffle from them too.

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I have a desktop PC for sale and an assessment? What info pinned [Sammelthread] valuations for PC-complete systems (no individual parts)

Thank you before

Right place to go is the one who might know what he's still worth. Can somebody need you for that?

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Support the license and stop using your passed key. Everything else about him? There is somewhere in MS Frickelei.

I have a Toshiba laptop from 2008 with Windows 8.1 that has a list of "safe" PCs or something like that.

Should I create a new user with administrator rights and delete myself? You should allow him a new set-up, sure, anyone knows ... How is that I no longer need and sold to a colleague for a small amount of money.

Well, how do I give that to the device itself? I am mine, that it is incl.

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Now my question: Can I in the green area. After my research remains only me then carried out the update to Win10.

I have a year ago On this OS I have officially to buy a new Win 10.

So far everything is me a new MB to buy. But now I stand before eBay bought a Win7 product key. without hesitation, selling the old Win7 key? Activation of the Win 7 worked, if only by phone.