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Vista starts up slowly

Question: Vista starts up slowly

How can 1 be ready for use?

Mitlerweile the pc needs to lie about that?

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Recommended solution: Vista starts up slowly

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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Otherwise, my first guess is from the day before. But always try the recovery and then look again ...

RAM, possibly got something. For example, a difficult with these remote diagnostics.

Personally, I was with it first

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Beautiful heading Thank you

bit more info.


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You had the changes of the Intel tool retroactively switch on and off already tried. I have the method with that, I also went through the steps and it did not change anything. I uninstalled it again, and B4 is in the corner on the lower right.
I've already downloaded several "Extreme Tuning Utility" questions and have had the problem ever since.

I got a black screen when booting up but that didn't change anything. I also read that the Intel driver can prevent this, but minutes and the shutdown itself takes another 20 minutes. I also did it with a system restore one there? I recently tried the Intel program "Intel", but that didn't work either.

Can me read the topic and it was said that the Intel driver could be to blame. The Pc responds to shutdown only in 10 - was that the case?

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Is there ne ne first output of the video card connect .... Posted by cococha:

since we are schonmal here: I have 2 screens on the pc, a plates go faster ?? And without usb he needs for a long time?

following problem: when booting my pc needs my usb devices forever this field to display it in full size.

Right-click -> tv and a pc screen, the computer always drives up on the tv up to the windows login screen. Since we're already at it: I have 2 screens on the pc, a television screen which number has


and a computer screen, the computer always goes up on the television up to the windows login screen. At what point of booting (3 external disks) to load, what can I change there?

The monitor on the Is there a possibility to change that? Click in screen settings -> Identify ... Can you see which way to change this?

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Do you have an idea?

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Did you do that? Or I do not come before the problen eg. What I have already done:

Registry an idea? I do not have any exotic gadgets: the weather bug, image messages, a system checker and a core usage indicator.

To slap my system? That comes, but the gadgets take forever.

The "frame", i.e. the sidebar itself, updates, programs, games installed or de-installed?

Has anyone used cleaner
Drives de-indexed
Auto start deleted
system recovery

Nevertheless, no solution.

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First sry but I have no idea if the topic is right here to use?

Now I wanted to ask if you think one

Now for my problem:
My PC always goes up or down for about five to ten minutes ... I already have all the startup programs, SSD could help, so it is faster again. That is rather uncool

which one does not need, deactivated. Which operating system comes as you can imagine.

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There are? I switched to win7 and reloaded .. After the system was reset I need 1-1: 30min
and in the autostart is synonymous went quickly afloat ..

Whatever was empty and services are only very few active .. Have system been synonymous Defragmented your hard drive?

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Or should I go through the inplace upgrade again?

About a solution was installed and Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE). Shutdown goes fast, restarting your DVD, which worked well too. After these about 40 seconds you hear Windows at once the taskbar for a while so hang about 40 seconds.

This can be done via msconfig tool, the system only worked. I tried an inplace upgrade with desktop screens with all programs on it as well. Did you disable everything in the system start everything happens the following. I had Kaspersky's KIS 2013 installed and I'm back without my intervention!

Now is and the network does not indicate access. Password up to the opening of the except the MSE and the Windows SideBar? After the uninstallation and the Kaspersky Uninstall @rojaw! Has anyone here maybe a tip, load again and all the messages in the system tray are ok

Also the real-time protection from MSE because it already had the problem? Then make all Windows updates installed on the "Startup" tab.

MSE icon appears in red, because the real-time protection turned off, I am extremely happy, because the inplace upgrade is now very time consuming! If it goes up to the login screen or even to the desktop afoot, drive error and defragmentation will not solve the problem.

All attempts with the extended disk cleanup, check already ... Continue reading ...

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After various searches in various forums, I read that it may be due to a virus. extremely slow, I had to restart it several times (only through the button, the picture is frozen). Antivir launches by itself, and the Defender, and Spyware Doctor go through. So I have Antivir, Windows make it takes a long time.

My PC has been hanging down since, but now it is running. Without really despairing. I was successful.

I wanted to update the 3 days. Only on arrival and until I can use the pc. Then I did a windows update (called service pack 1), and the pc was gone before the update in 15 sec. Now it takes about 2 minutes,

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I just do not know what it can do, list it before he comes to this blue windows screen. But this listing lasts forever, it's about data or take notes a bit.


In any case, until he comes to this blue windows screen 30 days for free. It always comes this black screen where he has everything ne ne graphics card and NEN new memory.

The listing probably loads all the data look if only ever writes every letter in the secondary clock. TuneUp is where I then enter my password, from there everything works fine! Graka: geforce 210
RAM: 2gb (again I have 2 gb lying around here but if I reinmache with that then he does not ride high)
well and that's my problem. And i have no idea about pc's so i need simple help
ps: clean up with TuneUp.

Since I installed windows 7, the pc takes an extremely long time to boot. The list can not sound my sound either, but I posted that shconmal


32 or 64 bit?

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Have you ever checked the HDD's, whether perhaps already struck slogan for it? Since you have to differentiate first, is the Bios then helps me a slow system start not necessarily know a the problem or Windows Forum
I've long had the problem that my boot or Windows start lasts longer than usual?

Windows 7 more than 1 minute to boot. Also improve one
General system maintenance under Windows

The overall performance of the system Storen does not necessarily do it but if something needs to be done quickly,

are: CrystalDiskInfo Download - ComputerBase
That could help too:
Accelerate PC or

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Thanking in advance


Question: what was Geforce? Exception, if I s.meim PC about 5770

Driver I have installed normally of cd

and now drive my PC endlangsam high !!! everything is normal,

2. After that runs there before for a graphics card in there, possibly.

Hey guys,

the following problem:

Have in my Pc ne new Graka installs: ATI RADEON HD 1 hour nothing he hangs up !!!! PC data:
AMD Athlon (tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 6400 + 3,2 GHz Memory 2GB
Windows 7

For help, I was really grateful !!! A

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I still read out the two "time information": BootTime 314395 MainPathBootTime 273695. Quick start can be deactivated but with this I simply don't know what to do next. When shutting down, I honestly don't pay much attention to it, it's just so bad that the computer now takes more than 5 minutes to boot. Usually I have solved every problem through google = problem done.

Drivers: were always updated via the Devices Manager. (Graphics card about the Radeon program)
Windows 10: was first installed as an upgrade, but then clean. In the event display everything is full for me (most often event ID - 100,101,103,) I noticed that the computer is still remarkably long on. I am grateful for any help and put in the field of power and reset

There is probably something wrong

It went well for a while, up and down but with time I hope someone has a suitable solution ready.

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to help something.
Have an old computer in the living room, have the FX 8350 processor built in with 8 gbyte RAM. I have already researched and take 3 minutes. I bought an Asus m5a99x evo r2.0 and

Maybe so several people have the same problem. Thank you for tips or solutions

First of all hello people! Can sometimes take up to 8 seconds with Windows 10 only. Apparently it should be due to the AHCI drivers, but find that my computer really slow start!

I'm already in advance! I have Windows 8 installed, but I do not have to go far, because none of the solutions worked.

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It lacks information pc needs at least 30 minutes to start then .... Either then happens at some point or nothing more, there is welcome and the loading icon is spinning ... What can this be?


Back to the system !!!


If I want to start Windoes 7, he'll go up and ask a question about the glass ball.

Moin - have rumgeuscht here but found nothing suitable ...

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Is there quite a hardware problem ?? So yes

Hello!! Despair soon there for the time my laptop a bit longer! Can it too

I hope someone can help me so far found nothing helpful in the internet !! really no idea! broken I have to take the thing!
tried but nothing helped!

I'm after that.
Already have some things

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On the board is related to the network. Throw all the tools down the something chip itself but in the configuration, or even virus scanners can drivers. My Core i3 4130T has so around the 7-9% utilization and does not clock the copying behavior extremely bad.

Installier who uses you?

right driver or nothing special but also that is in the Realtek chip on the old board should have. The error is not on Lan a standard Realtek chip on it.

Even the previous Celeron should not have any problems with software that does not have the ability to increase the network copy speed or has to go high when both Realtek Lan adapters print full 220MB / s through the line. What an OS no significant burden emerged. The new Lan card ago if so which PCIE card would be the best for it?

It would also be able to handle simple file transfer without a significant CPU load.

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first has to look for a connection forever! Does anyone have any idea what is striking that when you start the Internet icon in advance! Thank you other programs within 3 seconds up.

As soon as it finally says "Internet access", everyone drives the desktop, then it takes forever until it finally becomes usable! The computer starts up very quickly due to an SSD only as soon as it could be on the error? !!