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Start Virtual Box pc with shortcut directly

Question: Start Virtual Box pc with shortcut directly

You have to go

the eh. MFG goes with virtual Pc
jackAv the .vmc file link. Beitragszusammenfuhrung):
Have the answer from another forum (

Goes wonderful.
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Recommended solution: Start Virtual Box pc with shortcut directly

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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So far no problem, only powercfg yes no parameter of cmd.exe is.
But if I can not do anything, the syntax is probably not right. So in a way that when clicking the link the New link, as a storage location:
cmd.exe / powercfg -H off ... thanks someone help?

I was happy to give a command immediately. Hello
Probably cmd.exe powercfg -H off without "/", because like to create a shortcut that opens a command prompt. Since the command prompt is opened in this way, the command prompt is opened and the command "powercfg -H off" is executed immediately. To make future installations and optimizations easier for me, I was already.

I tried it like this:
Hi all!

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Hi all,
is there a way to open the link and then show me the Microsoft site. Open cmd and just enter "Microsoft". So if I say Gruss Jannik

Read more ...

an internet connection with a "shortcut" via CMD opens?

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Can somebody say maybe game runs. So I bought easytoolz around
to permanently set the affiliation (the taskmanager can not do that, he only sets them temporarily or until the game is restarted). Everything works, except that nfsu does not open because

I've got an old game in, that's it.

That or in a row
easytoolz will open and then need for speed 2. Now I wanted to create a link that gives me 64 bit at the same time

mfg lux


Hello! Activate the link under "Advanced" for "Run as administrator" ... I found a few things on the internet:
With a link how could I handle that?

My system: win7 ultimate and good. Maybe 2 will help open programs - how? - Forum - CHIP Online

and even more. Start the link as administrator? (Http://

Or under the properties of the link the access to the folder program is denied. Everything already runs smoothly only on 1 or 2 kernels.

However, I have a quadcore.

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You put on you can choose what should happen, or directly start the VLC player. So either a link, which shows me the window, and I everything in it runs through.


At work, right mouse button is create playlists with the VLC media player - CHIP). With "automatic playback" it is not possible to play the entire stick.

Then you can just play it and a USB stick, via VLC player, should be played. I want the entire content to be operated by touchscreen, to start the "automatic playback" window via a link. But in VLC Player I can find a suitable place in the system. Thank you


Just put on a playlist (Vlc can do that: when touch a little blod.

I liked being on a CarPc the per works great.

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There are still Einstellmoglichkeiten, a right click on the mouse on the header packs.

I was really happy about your help.


I have Windows 7 Prof start a favorites shortcut with a maximized window. By "maximized window" I don't mean a window, by the way. And a maximized window cannot be moved by using it with IE8 on my PC.

That works around it to change the height and width is no longer there. I like the IE too, too. But I can not get that. in a maximized window starts when you call him on such a favorite link.

A really maximized window can be recognized by the fact that this thin edge is raised in width and height only to full screen size. If your IE is set up that way it will be linked
and there hook up the full access, it works for me. My question now is whether it is feasible for the IE to start full screen,
then you can only try it there.


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If I have the EXE who wants to start this vocabulary already thought something.

I have under high and think I have to start the application as an admin. A comparison of the two links created in the installation Want to have admin rights? They will probably be linked, since it has been specified under "Advanced" that admin rights are requested as standard.

If I want to start the SQL Developer, the UAC will double click directly, the program will open without admin rights. Even a separate link to the EXE goes without admin rights. Greeting

Check out the features of Windows 10 Oracle 12c installed. Someone an idea why the linkages shows no obvious difference.

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Quote from mtemp:

Who knows the solution? Click in restart (or log off and on) necessary for it to work.


Under XP, this registry entry should allow:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer]
"link" = hex: 00,00,00,00
But under win7 / 64 this does not affect me. Who knew was fast lead to the solution ... What should work under XP, at least not works for me under Windows 7:
When creating this field to display it in full size.

Is with me already with the above registry entry - but one is the solution?

Damn, thought, a quick googl-egg of a link I liked to suppress the name of this link in "[filename] - link".

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How to make something at the bottom right of the clock So path also create a link and move it to the star menu. I do not get out yet ...

I would like to be right next to the clock - or for the link ...

So do not use Original Position (Taskbar) - but relocate ...

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Question: Linking shortcuts

Can link the links with any other programs I've already tried, but nowhere link these * .lnk files with any program. Was then naturally asked by windows vista with which program this should be done (tick the "file type always open with this program" or so is unfortunately set by default). Linking the settings of the standard programs these sch ..

Have somehow rauszuloschen. Since then, all links (* .lnk media players selected .files) are linked to the media player.

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Question: shortcut

But if it is not on your computer, you can not open the document.
Open only works with the original computer

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Question: .exe from shortcut

But you can also make a link from a .exe I could help ...
Well, just for a program that only ne .exe can integrate, but no linkage. You can schonmal. Make a link and decorate it with starting parameters.

Thank you * .exe with parameters call. From a .exe you can solve a .bat, I just do not know how. For example: Call test.exe / p / d / n
Hope that then includes the path + start parameters of the link? Now everyone will definitely say "just take the link" but I need to
Hi Guys.

Maybe you can do that over a very simple.

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WP7 entered the world of smartphones. There are certainly some users in how no idea of ​​Win CE !!!!! Welcome someone else.

This works here! Certainly does not answer! Program works fine if I have your post. Originally Posted by chrigi1414

Oh yes, have a good forum, who are familiar with the system.

Oh yes, I've got no idea about Win CE !!!!! So I push it over the FileManCE start. I'm not, I'm only with

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Question: create link

Well done. With the pulling of it I have to create some shortcuts to tools on the desktop. There was also right click on the desktop and select "Create Shortcut Here". All that remains is to create a new shortcut via the context menu for the desktop and the right mouse button here still works.

Now it's time to set up my usual environment and other options.
Done, Windows 10 is clean installed. Now with Windows 10 I can not find any more to let go of the mouse button.
This does not work with the drag, here the link is not offered, Bravo.

This was very easy under Windows 7, for example, target file with in the context menu for the file, the link (for me) is also not offered. MfG, kodela
but a link to the desktop does not succeed me. Java Runtime is installed, the jar file can be started, for example to create a link to a executable .jar file. The dialog comes only when is selectable for the destination of the folders, but the .jar file is not shown.

Shown are two files, one with .cfg and one with .sud extension.

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Which program or app do you use for me to correct? Windows will keep these mails in the Bluewin account. Welcome @Nabucco47.

How can Dr. Since then, all Bluewin emails end up in the Gmail account. But I liked that your email's or just about the website?

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a program (in my case it is about Incredimail), bookmark can insert? I do not know that should go.? Manually adjust the Incredimail directory.

But please do not come to me with any programming thing but be there to help.? GetMail could you Is it somehow possible that I in Firefox a link of (because of Opensource), because I am namely Doppeldepp!

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Question: send / link

Although it works, if it is a PDF from the net?

Is it all so, the send / link on the desktop is not offered. lg


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There is the possibility that however Firefox registered. On the programs can these links be changed? Kind regards


these programs are related to Microsoft together. Greetings what you could do about it.

As a default browser, this happens most of the time or whenever I go into it later ... Unfortunately, I did not know anything now

Noodels ...

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Question: Disconnect with

Hello, how can I adjust with win7, with links not always
"link with" is displayed? Thanks in advance



By right-clicking on it and then choosing "rename".


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Question: Missing link

Explorer does not find this is a bad sign. Fairplay license.txt is being searched. Do not click on something with your Windows installation. Something's wrong. What the Fairplay License.txt is I do not know, but if Windows searches the, to search for the file itself.

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Question: disappeared link

Thank you,



Read more ...

calls about the program search. Does anyone have a tip for me? If I work it but impeccable. I did not notice anything else.

Update itself Everything else works normally - at least