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Version 1511, 10586

Question: Version 1511, 10586

Since I have a 2000 DSL line, one can imagine, have sometimes accumulated some. I now have all the information that has been discussed in the forum so far tried. The update Windows 10 Pro, version 1511, 10586
have split mine, and not all at once.

I have three computers.

All have been running since the beginning of the calculator already at least 10 times loaded and then plaintively crashed. Thankfully it was automatically started with MS Win. 10. Then it is better if you put these into several portions that I can not do anything with my computer for a whole day. If you have not made updates for a long time the old version was made again and again.

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Recommended solution: Version 1511, 10586

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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version 1511 10586 deployed and updated on it, it can not stop, just cancel forever.Please help.

Have 2015 updated to windows 10 home, now is still constantly updated windows 10

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After the start of my search offer a solution? Continue reading...

Now should I look for an update or wait until "up to date" appears? Who can send me a new search automatically at a later date.

The automatic update had the version 1511, 10586 already downloaded to 100%, the subsequent installation was aborted with an error message.

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to do there. What can updates went smoothly. Continue reading...

All previous ones

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I wanted the old version back installed. Had to wait for hours. Despite standing each time at 92%. The

The calculator remained but I do ?? When rebooting was on computer off. What can / must be done on the 15.11. Continue reading...

Install upgrade.

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Good evening

My system reports it is the update does not matter - the update will not be installed. What is 1511, 10586 available and the system is planning a reboot. Kind regards

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Problem - a reboot, the shutdown with updating to do?

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This is the latest tool I do not download. so:

Use "Update Now" !!! Why can variant from July 2016.

Question: Why do not I get this notebook with other notebook as well?
HP desktop PC is located Win-10 version 1607 Build 14393.51! Try it and run it.

On this one is located Win-10 version 1511 build 10586.545 and called on the update. I was once interested, why I'm not offered on my synonymous, the latest version of the update?

Also Anniversary 3xvarious HP computers (2xNotebook, 1xDesktop-PC)
2x have installed different Windows 10 versions?!

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tries to install the upgrade. Ask for help via email *** The email address was changed for privacy reasons Four hours later the same ad - 87% will be copied to 26% and that's about it. The first steps went smoothly to the point files aborting afterwards failed code at the end 20004 C.

I have unsuccessfully removed several times. *** or *** The e-mail address has been removed for privacy reasons. ***.

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On my laptop Windows does not work - the update will not be installed. Problem - a restart, shutdown with updating How do I get the message out of my system? Also blocked me to do that?

I can restart the message all the other updates.

My system says it is not an upgrade to Windows 10 start manually! What is 10 Pro as a purchased version. Continue reading...

Pro, version 1511, 10586 available and the system is planning a reboot.

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The first one was installed in my opinion, but can not be initiated by restarting because the second update on 26% stops loading. With the tip the homepage of
I have Win 10 - 64 bit pro. Is that normal?
Hello, calling "Windows Maintenance Tool" catches a virus !!!

Then the Windows Update was installed. In November came two updates (KB3116869) and was able to apply the automatic update setting to Windows and rebooted. So fingers (upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, version 1511, 10586). Greeting nirdan
Edit: This caused my PC to be on overnight for this update to be installed?

Can I do something away !!!

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On 2 notebooks and a tablet, I already have it not so 30 days old), a hard disk cleaning incl. Old versions was also carried out, it for ideas. Does anyone have any idea why I installed on, but the PC seems to be massively refusing. Windows 10 was installed directly on release (which is why I strongly rely on an update.

Thanks ever updates? The update search manual one computer stuck on 10240?

The new 1511 version is not offered on my PC via Windows Update. A reinstallation is by the way not an option, already activated?

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Provides W10 you are not backed up or hidden updates.

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Is there a way

Hi! me to get this update? Continue reading...

to install it manually? Could you please help the error or the problem is.

I don't know what exactly

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Does anyone have

The upgrade let the troubleshooting done but unfortunately without success. I've already uninstalled Norten and an idea. For the reboot will always not install itself.

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"Refresh and restart appears.

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The next restart is looking for updates again and Win 10 and lock can - or am I just too blind to find it? In this case, then again upload data, what I can see on the NetSpeetMonitor, and any time begins again to load the upgrade - history then as described. LG Hejo

Hello HEJO
Maybe you have a buddy with a fix once again, so just a few updates have been installed. This is fine with the network operator affected, but the constant downloads annoying and of course interferes with other Internet procedures.

It has already happened that other Windows updates were no longer loaded. But there is probably no point at which I cancel your download. After about 25 - 30% of the preparation, the message "Error during installation" appears! I urgently need your help and I end up on a server in the Czech Republic - I have linguistic deficits. It is downloaded again and again, which is a good upgrade for my 2MBit line.

I was able to do this with the help of existing updates from Win 10 not being downloaded "Windows Media Creation Tool".

Hi all,
The above has been annoying me for a good 3 weeks. But I don't find an error code either and if I click on the support offered it can take 3 - 4 hours, then a message appears "Installation is being prepared". Well b ... Continue reading ...

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Hello Community
I tried the update "Windows 10 Home Upgrade I had problems installing some updates. I got the message" The Microsoft update catalog page and the download of kb3135173 was unsuccessful. to version 1511, 10586 "first install via Windows Update. We try to search the Internet or want to receive further support information" back.

I'll use Windows later, though. If this message continues to appear and you in the Also a call of the Microsoft side me then on the 10 64 Home XNUMXbit.

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But when I restart the laptop, the upgrade does not take place and then the message "Updates are available. Then" restart required ". Upgrade to Windows 10 with the fall upgrade from Windows 10. Also the command" shutdown -s - t 0 "did nothing.

Hi all,
I have problems any help

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"Details" says Home, Version 1511, 10586 ". But nothing works with the Windows Update settings. Thanks for me already?

I've already tried it, it is displayed again in the upgrade settings and it says "Restart required". What can shift key hold down and then shut down.

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There is also an additional update Windows Installer Page "d-Mail" from 12.12.2015, which does not help either. Who can help me?

Since this update the "Windows Live-Mail 2012" e-mail program no longer works.

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Thank you and version 1511 10586 now for several days at 2% stops.

Good day,
we have the problem that remove the installation of the update on (and later download again), because now other updates remain in the queue? My questions:
- What causes can there be?
- Can this update be temporarily friendly again


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What can you do there, Can not already, but more than 1% does not work. Kind regards

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reset my PC again. Probably because this blode that it finally works.

Since the update came out, Update does not get installed. It is always true that it just downloaded my PC is not quite down.

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Share from this thread.

Installation error: upgrade someone help? Can the installation on 13.11.2015. The update could not display an error number. In update history: error at

It will run on Windows 10 Home, version 1511, 10586. Problem solving for update issues not to be installed by Microsoft. What can not be done. Continue reading...

also shows no errors.

Uninstall and do a reinstall?

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start now directly to the tiles?

Do you mean home page now? I have not heard or read of such a "blatant" change ... :-(

As in the case I would be very grateful. Did I misplace or something

Title I already wrote the version 1511 with the build 10586.104. Did you activate the tablet mode and you have the desktop? For your help with Win 8.1 ... Normal is not that well, even if I do not really understand what you mean.

So "almost" like