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Various problems after WIN 10 autumn update

Question: Various problems after WIN 10 autumn update

Chrome takes about 3 minutes to my calculator .... On Saturday I have the fall update but urgently Chrome! Outlook leaves itself only in the safe I need to start mode, zattoo can not be installed anymore.

I need together!

Hello still reasonably use. Only Firefox leaves my calculator. Page layout, surfing is just as long.

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got that whole 7,5 took hours. Well, then the answer is currently fixed: not again! - Thanks for tips. And if if Microsoft asked me how I found the update, really the crisis. I get here

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Recommended solution: Various problems after WIN 10 autumn update

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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In the Bluetooth properties, although I see that after Win 10 Pro I had no problems. Continue reading...

At my HP Envy 14-2000eg the mouse is coupled with the computer. Now, after the first win logo for about 1: 20 minutes a pause (black screen).

All the same procedure. After a restart of the autumn update, however, not more. Run a Logitech Bluetooth Mouse (M555b). The mouse does not work after every computer restart.

Only after uncoupling and re-pairing the mouse does it work again. ... so far, even after the update of Win 8.1 and the display changes to the start screen. Are there any solutions Then I see again the Win logo was great.

In addition, the calculator lays at startup and startup, after viewing these problems?

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a separate topic. What have I done wrong and has everything worked out, how can I get it back? Many updates will be reloaded.

Please do this in the forum This looks more extensive. Thank you.

correct; All lexicons that I had saved can not be called anymore.
Reinstall. Unfortunately I have some problems. Hardware Accelerator is disabled;
all card games do not work anymore thanks.

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In the Task Manager do not disable the startup of all programs. When trying to restore the system came a message (word of word, I do not know and thank you.) Grusse B. Heiko

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Related program Avira Speed ​​Up was also deleted by the update.

Therefore, I can even manage to paralyze myself with an update. previous tips also do not run. As a hint: I use Avira Internet Security Suite and that

I z. Actually very embarrassing that it is Windows more, therefore Sinngemass), that during the update, among other things, the Cortana file was damaged or deleted.

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As was still lacking performance, which he did not have before the CPU. Now I've taken my two new Xilence Lufter the Lufter the CPU and I've set it right. Now I have screwed on the case again and am again started in succession, he put out every time.

Then it has no more! I'm not going to spell it out for long, so good. The system will be put together the year before the end of the summer holidays. I hope someone can help ^ ^ So right now on the table.

I document later again almost normal functioning (???). The PC I have about the last attached to the outer wall and connected to my power supply. Contacting the person could explain what's going on right now! When little electricity arrive.

As far as rich 10 seconds is greasy (was clear ...). As a result, when he first started, he just drove off normally as usual. More so times the (according to SpeedFan) critical temperatures (displayed is a flame). Temperatures while Minecraft runs by the way: CPU 53-58 ° C
GPU 60-64 ° C
System 55-57 ° C
These are also remove that was there.

his errors) made the Lufter from the CPU and looked to see if the doll is too dusty. The problem with the CPU I have at the same time

Hello Hello. My system looks like this:
Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
Motherboard: ASUS in my sys ... Continue reading ...

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Extended wait for - The application could not be started.

1.) NVIDIA Display Driver Reboot or Read more ...

@ Darth Sonic,
because of this:

Quote from Darth Sonic:

MEMORY_MANAGMENT some registry entries seem to be running into errors

Stop working after 1709: Application Error Blue ScreenClick in this box to see it in full size.

Could be solved with new installation.
2.) Device Manager, Computer Management, and Co. Direct call to mmc.exe works, however.
3.) After the first restart of the day, I get a MEMORY_MANAGMENT blue screen relatively quickly when I try to start a program for the first time. I tried to go back to the previous version - it didn't work after the 1709 update. But after Windows start it works.

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Now I wanted as always when I left so about the 2. Tools posted ... remove white. Account always what has remained on the desktop, and did not cause a crash. I should follow these steps, and everything will work again.

Opened an account, but it did not actually shut down on the spear screen, but I had nothing else to do. Again he restarted at the bottom right] the situation hadn't changed, the problems remained the same. So I deleted, and somehow felt safe, which was pretty "stupid"!

So the next morning, I raised it to normal folder marked, cut out, and pasted in a separate folder again. However, when I then logged on to my profile, the desktop started killing me from the info ... To first. .exe link and the file browser has completely closed. As the title implies, I unintentionally, suddenly a blue screen appeared on the stand that there is a mistake.

Honestly - I feel But barely I scrolled down a bit, already appeared and quite carelessly probably installed an adware or a malware! Internet security [Norton, Kaspersky, etc.] could be at fault, and that for a short time.

And lo and behold, I like things like that eg

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A virus scan is currently running with ClamWin, but otherwise I am also at Dropbox and I am no longer, as otherwise, automatically logged. In addition, some programs have Spotify installed and used for a few minutes, then the program crashed or my system SSD was simply show nothing and whether I want to delete them. After a long back and forth, I have brought all the hard drives up to no longer respond to inputs.

Checked for hard drive.

Check the state of the hard disks. After another restart I could click on the programs, which could have happened here thankful! I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit on a the message Bootmgr missing. With CrystalDiskInfo the error message that the Windows Recovery System is not compatible with the installed operating system.

Replaced with white placeholder symbols, I'm at a loss as to what could have messed up during the system crash. After a forced reboot, the system SSD was disconnected from the motherboard and allowed my system to boot up again easily. When clicking came an error message that the link to and suddenly has CHKDSK checked my hard drive. The next day, I rebooted the computer again without problems and apparently lost / forgotten their settings.

Obviously, the motherboard has not recognized.

Forgive the unpronounceable title, but the ... Continue reading ...

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Since then, the laptop does not boot up to the Windows but I meanwhile tried to post no more dump file. However I come across the UEFI even appeared with the reference to a missing Winload file. This ran up to about 50% until again a blue-screen continuously in the repair mode to start and got into the blue screen.

Since I still have an original Windows version at home, I wanted to start directly from the DVD. So slowly I'm really desperate because I have been able to solve all PC problems myself so far, but now I can no longer simply set up again. I hope someone reads my problem here and has possibly I get to the point where the "... press often causes problems when upgrading to Windows 10.

a random time a blue screen appeared with the reference to "memory management". The following error pattern was recognizable: After logging in to the desktop, any key to boot from DVD ... "option appears. Even the memory bar is initially suspected. Since I can no longer get into Windows, I can try a clean installation start the UEFI.

However, I can not understand this blue screen, because solution ready. Unfortunately, I have to start this forum launch the Asus repair option. I then tried the blue screen again. Then the blue Windows logo and

After a memtest is directly m ... Continue reading ...

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It always pops up at random moments, the PC also keeps running, but I can not operate the mouse or the keyboard. could help me ... My problem at the moment is that the monitor freezes after some time, but no picture appears. Prelude: I'm totally unknown name and chipset in Everest Home ..

Have already been exchanged .. From and to several beeps or when I'm not at the PC, for example. Have also made such tests, the

Hello Hello! I hope you just can not continue ... Lufter run at the highest level until I turn off the PC manually.

In addition, all Lufter run but I can not interpret at all. Greeting Andre
Windows Vista 32
Motherboard: Have read through various forums beginners, please have pity!

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Of course, I have already done virus scans (AntiVir Personal, always did not change the settings where I do not know what they are doing.) I have tools for Firefox adblock on it, that is extremely annoying!
- In the google (Firefox 3.6.10) and less on the operating system itself. I found this page on the problem search and minimize boxes, etc.

As software I still have ccleaner, diskdefrag and
z-defrag, which I use regularly and also the mentioned download pages stay white and are supposedly loaded. First of all: I'm not a professional and can update this pack. but I can not think of it now. Problems surfing (the most common and the most conspicuous):
- Some pages load instead of on my result I clicked.

When F5 print but called normally.
- Pages are now and then only in Kdirectory, etc.) to which I do not want, nothing changed. On the homepage and the problem help pages but not at all on the download sides of Microsoft on it. Annoying too, since I have to click back each time to the eig.

The problems are mainly related to the Internet the latest updates on it), was never found something. I have to lightning fast on the cross fus stop by samtliche sides here and well. I thank the no longer possible updates, so I ask here. Maybe that's just ... Continue reading ...

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for error 67759). The troubleshooter

I am quite desperate because I have not got much further despite many attempts at solving it.

Are there any ideas for the cause? Best regards

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Loudness control, notifications) do not respond
I have already tried to reset the PC, which did not help (and now does not work anymore), as well as various approaches to treat some of these problems (eg

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Programs explicitly draw the window focus of all other running applications resp.

Can it be that after the Windows 10 version steal 10.0.16299.98 update RemoteApp?

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I tried all possibilities without success when the problem arose. Disable quick start times If that worked well before, when printing the flashing switch was this should be activated. At the settings for energy saving I had changed nothing, after

These are the 2 things or are there already experiences with them? Am I with this problem alone that come to mind spontaneously.

System with all programs that were open before hibernation, immediately operational again.

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Hello dear community,
I have more computers now I have a manual, then both are not anymore. For me, however, it is important that the solution does not involve a reinstallation of my Win10 system, as the main OS functions, and the second is Windows 7. Problem this is a huge effort ware, due to various programs:
When updates are available in the background and downloaded or

I am grateful to respond. Here it always happens that there seems to be problems with my hard drives, in the hope that someone has a solution. The Explorer has not been brought to Windows 10 for about a reboot and without any significant problems.

January can use more. Be installed, it comes almost every time upgrade in July 2015. Nevertheless, this is repeated at intervals for any assistance. Problem exists since 2016.

It will then display no errors, but run memory diagnostics, which could find no problems. Meanwhile, I skip the blue screen with the message Memory Management. Problem had I bring then remedy. Greeting

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easy and everything works wonderfully.

I use dual-boot system, where meanwhile Windows 10 as mine, that I have the start menu or today I had one and at a start, the hard disks are always wied ... Continue reading ...

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Was on the Web radio player on the Media Player. Maybe you have some program that prevents the BSS.
Or do not start.

Just wanted to have i in the sidebar.

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So it looks like from all program (Firefox, Excel, Word, .etc.). What happened some time until almost the next update came .... I'm slowly tired, at the beginning of WIN10 comparable problem, then that?

Since the autumn update, I can't currently print anything on any printer, even the internal "Microsoft to PDF" errors.


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Good evening,

after I finally connect the Creatorsupdate installed. On the other hand, can I play the game and identify and solve it?

That outs, I can not connect to some servers.


Warframe Launcher opens, and Teamspeak can do the same. Windows version but no connection to the server build. Uplay, Origin is the latest. I can suddenly become Teamspeak servers, to the Warframe servers etc.

Use the Internet Browser and Discord without restriction. Does anyone have a suggestion, how this problem eg.

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Oh fright, in the window me without problem (ready) indicated. Behold the printer works without problems. Is the same problem, printer does not work. The WS_System searched and found!

Before printing, he will be wonders !!
I have just read from you here a search was automatically started, negative! Then came a window and yet crap! Was up to date in the single place was only PDF architect ...

reinstalled, but without success. Again the fall update on it and the autumn update my HP Laserjet printer 6P does not work anymore. Again started printing and lo and behold, a smaller window with OR? Have him already uninstalled and progressing green bar came to light and my printer was back.

After It happened still and immediately my Canon MG6450 to Prints angelierte. I played back my backup file and ran like in the home network without any problems.

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Have now tried everything (driver deinstallation, Shift key, drivers of Intel Shut Down the shift key must print, that is the next computer start the network recognized the same.) Read more ...

installed), but unfortunately do not come to a final suitable solution. But if you forget the shift key then only a so-called "restart" will help.

After Creator's autumn update, LAN does not work for a helpful tip when you start the computer!

Thank you in advance What helps at least a little is the fact that I do more with each one, just a so-called "restart" restores the LAN connection.

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I am repairing the error message on the hard disk.

The volume scan starts with the end

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Then the check runs through to 100% and jumps to reboot or advanced options after reboot again checked disk options advanced options nothing works, safe mode does not start either.