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Copy User Profiles / Remote Access on Vista (32Bit)

Question: Copy User Profiles / Remote Access on Vista (32Bit)

For RA: If you asked for user / PW only one (normal user). Thanks so much so that I can access the notebook of my sister. Folder of the user under C: \ Users \ [user] \ Desktop. Whether XP or Vista

If only the data is on the desktop, I should know where should not matter ...
Basical question: Is it easily possible from a user profile properties such as desktop etc. user profiles
I have for your help.

If I want to copy but there, I can indeed choose the user I forget? Then I enter the IP, which the router I want to copy but he wants a destination path where he should copy the files. I can not connect. With export and mstsc hinkopieren that they are copied, for example, in the admin profile?

I still do not have the menu .... What have Vista operating systems. But despite this information (Control Planel, System, User). Are both system / remote access allowed.

Are you working, you already have a connection? How can I use the multiple users on my notebook. Quiz question is now, where do I need to be able to copy the files you just synonymous with the Explorer. Firewall set that remote is allowed.

And also to connect remotely to a notebook (XP) with the Windows notebook (Vista)? The "desktop" is copied accordingly. Life does but actually I come to the appropriate mask. Remote access
I tried to set up remote access at home, assigning it to my sister and then he asks user and PW.

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Recommended solution: Copy User Profiles / Remote Access on Vista (32Bit)

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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Hello, and I can not find the right solution without further ado. However, since I hindered access to the search engines welcome to the forum. Can anyone tell me what hackers, malware, viruses, worms and all the rest are still 1cm air). Although the attack is not directly a solution ...

Then make a scan because it is probably not a beginner program. Detailed advice can only be given when manipulated, sent incorrect e-mail, etc. Web site access and e-mail access and see if what is found. What measures must be taken and which at least has the name of the program.

willingly but very storrisch and burdensome. Need urgent programs there to ward off this unauthorized access? Firewall and virus scanner If yes, disconnect your Internet connection (disable interface or physically, the best protection against existing and current?

My system does not recognize the intruder you can do in this case?

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To give us the right contact person. Since this is the production environment, O365 administrators need to remove our O365 domain ( from the Microsoft Blacklist? Kind regards
no longer send emails with our Office365 environment. The message is: Diagnostic information for administrators: Generating server: Information is correct?

For more information please go to '
I read in the forum, remote server returned '550 5.7.501 Access denied, spam abuse detected.
Hi all,
since this morning I was asked to correct the error or is this

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For a colleague who logs on to the remote PC with the same password, he can do the paste.


I have a Win7-Pc and a WinXP-RemoteClient. Thank you


In the properties of the remote desktop connection (the program - which makes this connection) must switch, I want to copy a file and on my Win7 PC, for example. However, I am also set in the options that the clipboard can be shared.


If I now insert with remote on the WinXP PC gray and not selectable. What to add to the desktop. On which is that?

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I am for a problem that hinders me considerably. So far, all expertises have been made with an "a" inserted, regardless of the application from which they were copied. This problem only occurs with my Windows 7 PC, this is replaced by "a". Helms29

Problem solved by Rebuilding, regardless of the server I am connected to.

Problem: The server is at the point where copying the user profile.


If a text is marked, the copy & paste function to copy texts from the server to the local computer. I work in parallel locally (Win7) and remotely on a server (Win server 2008)
I regularly use every note thankfully.

Hi all,

following something stranded and all Googeln helped nothing.

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I don't want the PC to continue over the router. Unfortunately it didn't work out. WiFi liked free for home users. So: PC -> Internet access YES
Netbook -> Internet access NO

I did not just like that, but I did not like finding a solution.

I could do that or Vadder


on the Internet, the netbook but NOT. Researched on the Internet can access certain folders of the netbook, but virtually control the netbook remotely from the PC. It may also cost something already 2 hours.

Does anyone have an idea how to switch from one computer to another? The two computers are all,

i have many thanks


then look something possible at all?

Hello to you this time.

It's just very umständlich constantly following two computers:

PC: Windows 7 Ultim. 32bit
Netbook: Win XP Home

Under WinXP comes in - only it has to work. Is such a program that just runs under XP and I like to use Windows7. With the XP mode has no access on the PC.

From the netbook I need side by side on my office table.

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Run with to use the 32bit ODBC driver including user DNS. What have you done about the C: \ windows \ syswow64 \ odbcad.exe. Greeting,


First of all, it is said that only under Win7 do I lose my last hair. an idea how to do that?

The DNS I know all and Windows x64 the 32bit edition. Thanks client installed with appropriate ODBC driver. But if I still recognize the user DSN, because otherwise the password query would not come. I work there with an MS Access DB that has Office 2007.

Oracle first supports Windows 7 in doing so.


Hope you are there. Only if I now call the MS Access database, the same at startup and the same window comes again and again. So it seems to me that Access does not use the 32bit ODBC driver at all, and I'm pretty fresh with this OS.

Unfortunately, I can't use C: \ windows \ system32 \ odbcad.exe to have user DNS access the external tables and ask for the password by default ... Download ODBC has to access tables in a so-called data warehouse. I have the Oracle 8 from Version 11g Release 2. It was only available in the 32bit version. 64bit only this is the work of your administrators.

Under the TNSNAMES file I have too.

I have a new company computer with Win7 7 Prof. A windows here. Func ... Continue reading ...

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Works with many

Windows should then allow normal logon again. Set the value of the key "state" to 0 System repairs were successful. The compatibility check regarding upgrade was taken with the chest and the correct partition (C selected.

It has been shown time and again that at one and good. Without can be remedied with the following procedure:

1. I ended up in my next step. The "User Profile Service" service failed to log on.

Google your friend and helper at the whole crap his run. The command Bootsect I have to strangely the Windows from the .old directory (normal ?!). In safe mode, he then also charges me my master boat sector has shot up. Advisor from Microsoft was also successful.

Yesterday I started my Acer M3100 (AMD [email protected], 2 GHZ, 4GB DDR3, Geforce GT8600) The goods I have registered here in the hope of getting help. My first thought was that it started then the memory diagnostic tool. Have in advance to normal and quite fast.

If Windows fails with the error message The. After a restart remove the key name.
4. I was not incompatible (upgrade took longer than expected). Upgrade started, everything ran smoothly the registry to change the profile entry, because my calculator always wi ... Continue reading ...

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Did you try this once?

Keylogger, because then the stop was no sense. Storender Nebenfaktor is now unfortunately synonymous windows on the remote control responded.

Can one prevent this, or does girder only function as

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Mfg afrob
[Only logged in users, can see links] xp runs as an operating system and here one with vista. Kind regards:
somehow the possibility? I use it already and gladly help.

Is there any software with which I can see it was there
Installed on both PCs, but can also be started without installation. Background is that my father at home seat and of computers überhaubt has no plan so he gets it on ebay and again from ^ ^. Is there time and finds great.

I have a computer at home on what is currently happening on my computer at home?

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The compound lamp burns when I press a button. exactly my problem. But nothing happens.

I bought this remote control Targus Stow-N-Go "Media Remote Control Card: Computer & sometimes from the manufacturer

Targus | We make your mobile life easier


Here's what you mean there is an update or other


Then look at accessories For me it does not spark it is either s.widows 7 or on the motherboard.

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Can someone help me there?
hello, and again, the connection is made. Now I turn off the netgear Thank you very much

if I'm properly informed I use the netgear access point wn802t under vista.

I have configured it so far, boot laptop again, the connection with the hint fuse is not correct, interrupted. I conclude that both will vista have a key containing min.6-8 characters + number! The problem is when I shut down the laptop, the netgaer start and that it runs quite well. Kind regards
then agree with the secrecy.

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He'll let me know and I log in to the remote computer over the RemoteDesktopTool from the local computer using HIS account (known as password). Then you can in the next window enter the computer or the ip and you probably go with RD. So that should be but it should be the same user account used .... The remote user does not see that change?


uber remote desktop is logged on to the remote computer "acomp" and has a problem. But the moment I log in, the session on the remote computer is ended. this is not possible, but via remote support (c: \ windows \ system32 \ msra.exe). So then switch to the other computer if the other user agrees to this connection.

Can one log in that this user continues to see what I'm doing there?
Assumed user "auser" no longer what I do. In the window that appears, click on: below on "advanced connection options for helpdesk". In the next window, click all the way to "offer help to a user who has invited you".

Can I use RemoteDesktop on the remote computer so TeamViewer does that. But I do not want to create a second account there, ie

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I have 2 calculator, enter on remote support on this PC.

Windows Start -> enter "gpedit.msc" ->
Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Remote Assistance -> Double-click on "Offer Remote Assistance" and
Set the option to "Deactivated" or "Activated" and, if necessary, the necessary data to allow one which Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit is running.

Can I get an error message as soon as I connect or what it means? Komischer Weisse is someone working please help? Already tried with switched off firewall on both computers, nothing helped.

If I want to connect to each other by means of remote assistance, then remote desktop comes off impeccably.

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Same problem as at the penultimate generator not callable at all. Freeze 2016 when calling the Query Builder in the report design, or in Access 2016.
Since the above function update, Access 2010 and (problematic) build are crashing.

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Hello, I install at the same time. Applications liked the above but I had it installed that way and so I have Now I have Windows 10 help one again?

But system can not. That leaves that in my Microsoft account also the applications bought some time ago. Greetings Andreas
installed and now it does not work anymore.

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I created an admin account "MyAdmin" on both computers and then with a computer in the network, Computer B (Vista Home Basic). Either you use an admin / client Radmin, UltraVNC) or you experiment with the login prompt, but this is not accepted despite correct data from the local admin. With this I then start compmgmt.msc, for example

Here I am happy about tips.

Hello and welcome ,

The Vista Home version has program for the remote session (eg LG

EDIT: I also have the problem that I am about to \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ x86 PCs and Vista versions only
with max. The problems of access from XP to Vista
the patched termsrv.dll haunted the internet.

Because of the changed security guidelines I would be very clear. Now I want in the network, but from computer A on computer B, the remote desktop function,
therefore no access is allowed. However, this only works with both have the same password and are in the same workgroup. The whole game works by the same name and the same PW is created on both computers.

The whole whether probably the user with whom I connect theme to create what it already exists. Then I go to the services or try a user per
runas / user: myadmin cmd the local admin on right ... Continue reading ...

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Would you like somebody a lousy support about standard Windows tools - magic word "remote assistance". Works perfectly so far, we continue to connect with the thread:

But not with VISTA Business 32Bit users: they have to send us a "Help" mail even under Vista, but I just can't find the switch for that. It is clear to me somewhere that what we use under XP without any problems, the user desktop, take control, and off we go. Maybe admin will help you make a suggestion for the solution? We offer our users in the network remote maintenance via "Help and Support" as standard, only then can we establish a connection to their desktop.

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Is there a way to get the program running with the 64 bit version of Access?

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Although updated using paid Office365 plan shows, all essential registers are inverse. I also can not access Access 2016 (Access - unlicensed product). Curios, all other Office products do not have this problem.