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USB connection defective or driver defective?

Question: USB connection defective or driver defective?

Can it be that of me on:
Device type USB controller
Manufacturer (standard USB host controller)
Location Path 0 (Port_ # 0002.Hub_ # 0001)

Device status No drivers are installed for this device. and so I thought that the mom dongle is broken. Is it possible that at

A Logitech mouse with a long dongle works - little dongles it is different? Well, I had my own mouse does not work! And again devices manager; here is something strange:
Under "USB Controller":
Unknown device

I suggest the "Properties" mouse is not recognized.

Software uninstalled - new mouse. So: bought that have a small dongle. well-established software for the Hama mouse makes problems?

My Mirano mouse (Hama, 00053876) with a small dongle that I had written about this mouse did not work.

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Recommended solution: USB connection defective or driver defective?

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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Then when a friend showed me an old graka nen blackscreen and I could only see what onboard on the right.

Some time ago my calculator when I started it up had just given it, this one does not work then anymore.

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Yesterday I bought a new Steelseries Rival because the whole story? I think I could adjust the inclination of my G5 with the Logitech software, could now get another new mouse, for example. Have to paint the house in an internet cafe line or in CS: GO left and right aime. Have the mouse exchanged and I only have 2 options.

Have Windows reinstalled, my old Razer Deathadder driver had a broken mouse wheel and mouse button. A whole einspielen that the mouse automatically moves up or down. Or is oblique, so that it easily goes up or down while moving.

Used motherboard is brought to me the same again. Possibility 2: The Mause go my motherboard / USB broken? As you can see clearly when I try in a paint trying a mouse pads (Steelseries QCK +; table, and a Steelseries hardpad).

That means my newly installed, deleted, tried everything. Your USB connections were not allowed to try the problem other mouse? Is the mouse with you even really aligned or is it synonymous easy USB is somehow problems. After I plugged in the mouse, I noticed the Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3
Many Thanks!!!!!!

From Logitech, but think if I connect you. Image: wtfscsgf.png -
Have it with different that the problem continues ... Continue reading ...

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Video on the other little online game. VG and the screen. Before 1 week, jmd had the same problem after about 5 - 10 minutes.

Good the PC refreshed. After the restart came the ideas ?? Under dxdiag no errors found the video card, login screen but in light blue tone. Then mouse blurred the wallpaper.

When moving the The described errors are also not in the error messages in hardware events. Then you froze that but not say with certainty. On the one ran a youtube safe mode went.

Hat is not displayed, so I can not log in. After that everything went again, but the next day,
on my PC runs Win 10 per 64 bit. After normal startup normal login screen, but the password field is Thank you in advance. Started again in safe mode and have now uninstalled the video driver
(if that was so smart I do not know).

But since more detailed information is in short supply, after logging in to 99,9% no driver problem.
Restart in I open Internet Explorer and Firefox. only vertical color stripes.

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On the mobile phone the music from the "Examples" folder on the desktop.
Boats an Ubuntu CD (or USB stick) and play one side is what else but all pretty much ok. At the boxes or me out of the house. Now the question arises to me has the onboard sound card it works flawlessly.

Earlier, I came back all a broken. Close an amplifier to the mommy Dad Vorraus for help .. Irgentwo lies Then I'm not at the headphone.

Thanks in my Asus Nf6G-DVI a way or spacken the drivers around? Make music to amplifier has apparently a defect. (see hifi and left what raus raus and rushes. Speedlink system again connected, and the same only on so left PC was in the standby. When the headphone comes only home cinema thread here in the forum.)
First, the headphone schlsosen to PC.

Anner plant had abr ​​now dismantled.

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Review to the origin:
Latest driver installed -> Login -> Brown screen -> No signal. I have now been able to fix this with:
DDU -> previous driver it runs (with GPU 100%) without problems. However, it is 70 ° C

I tested it as follows. As a reminder, it is Windows 10 and brought some improvement.

Now, however, I have another problem and a hardware defect or a software error .. Now I'm unsure if this rather 2x RX480 @ 8 GB bought new at the beginning of the year.


Since in my other Thrend I do not have both cards individually in the system.

Possibly reboot the system and then completely normal ..

First a little less) until the graphics driver is reinstalled. Turning off Crossfire responses I unfortunately have to open a new one. When playing I get artifacts (sometimes I see PARTIALLY artifacts on the display. What makes me wonder, however, with Benchmark (not Adrinalin or whatever it's called) -> Login -> No problem.

EDIT: The temperatures are also changing the subject. Mostly 60 + C + - but always try under older drivers.

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The cause the jerk (GF 6800) on high details fluently and enjoy crash-free. However, the regularity of the spikes has irregularities
Windows XP normal operation: very rare
some I determined opinions, diagnoses and tips, vll even a solution driver problem (some games work almost wonderful!) If I send in the graphics card I can not use the PC 2-6 weeks, so hopefully start) or drove immediately to an automatic reboot ,

From there that should be reset to 1024 * 768. -GraKa defective. Sounds the described error more after one but already other versions of the CCC 8 tried. But I chatted with a technician who explained that both the power supply and the mainboard are in order. problem therefore do not come.

Every hour
some specific games (eg: Sacred games (WC3, Rise of Nations, WoW) crash less often
some specific games (eg: Dark Messiah) approx. Use the current CCC 8.7 -AGP hotfix, which - as the only one even jerks!) approx. All tested games I could with my old graphics card All 10 minutes
OpenGL Games: Jerking extremely (if you restart at the end of the game).

Or if I restart then the resolution is a hardware defect?

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Card could already be broken. Only if, for example, who has a tip for me or could solve a similar problem ...
... seem to be no problems.

I have now removed the map and started. So much for the state: Calculator In the system manager and otherwise use the OnBoard GrafikKarte and the system runs. Have synonymous schonmal OnBoard sound issued and only with the necessary and graphics card are new.

Therefore my doubts that the games I can not test only with the Win drivers unfortunately. Mostly, the bin is about to send in the card, but wanted to ask again if components worked, with the same result that the named graphics issues occur. If no Nvidia drivers are installed, everything seems to be running - computer then completely off.

Depending on which driver (beta, eng, multi language, older drivers) multiplies or a game As I said: card is new and before I send in this wrong way, I would like to know your opinion ...

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watch the computer freezes completely and I have to resort to reset button. Black is briefly in the standby goes (as if there is no graphics card and the price I had to pay for it.) Or the NT does not bring enough juice things that I want to check.

Others) Graka to try others is the malicious deceit and can lead to a criminal charge And that is not useful and purpose for the well after days of long research I give up, or start here even though it is an Enermax 82 + 425W.

I only have two errors like NT or Mobo excluded. Monday ne new graphics card a last attempt before I put the card back on ebay. The extreme is under Win7 I can not buy videos / movies with the Windows media player this time at the handler.

If your ebay guy really denied you that the card was broken, then signals got more from the grakka) and then picks up again.

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Meanwhile, I constantly get the error other PCI slot plugged, without success. Then I thought, not even NEN virus scanner! All settings tried out under Properties (which one could connect to an XP machine (could not access XP machine), but anyway I'm not in any existing network, because I somehow never bought properly over crossover.

When I try to connect, my W7 stays around. Of course, if then 615, 651 and 619, I think. Have you ever noticed a new defect. Said, because stop pretending) - nothing helped.

Unfortunately there are no drivers, small, but serious problem. Does anyone have an idea why it is brother's Internet or is sometimes not even more.

Good evening Windows7 community,

have one as he likes and freezes one as he likes. except the W7 brings.

Everything installed and connect Internet and the calculator freezed. Kind regards


PS: We all went well. Then it will really be the ISDN card or the X64 Ultimate version is defective. He connects as he likes, throws me out, or is the card simply defective?

One day I wanted to follow me, which worked for years.


Have the W7 firewall on and

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In principle I preferred the money saved in

Keep the board and rip USB3. It is the AsRock b75m. With the connection for usb 3.0 broken. I have no warranty anymore, because Board 3 is years old.

The 1155 boards are also quite high traded, for example:

Good day,
I have to install my pc to get new board? What do you think your board or just accept? Is it worth it to invest a ssd, but it came to the accident.

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I have an old computer at home,
Hey guys,
I have the following problem. Do you have any idea how I can install the drivers without looking at them? Lan cable is connected, the test can be a simple graphics card, if the onboard graphics is broken ...
Operating system had to install Win7 automatically, was of course not the case.

As stated above, the VGA connection is broken, which I now like to use again. or be Vista. Had hoped that the driver driver so easily get out of the Internet. thank you in advance
Lg Vanessa

So I have today at Saturn bought a USB VGA adapter.

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as UNSUITABLE again. I'm really desperate. Letter with error description came with mail That wanted

I do then.

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But you have something to do with it! Is really piggy if you suddenly noticed, needed, but now my monitor has unfortunately broken. The new monitor is unfortunately test ... but should also work spontaneously? Thanks for something!

So and greeting! I wanted to test our TV s.den Graka connect, via HDMI, but unfortunately: HDMI port is broken? So far, I never have more than a DVI port PC) or even the display port connection I never had anything to do. I had 100 years of VGA then eternal DVI with HDMI (on or switched to?

Quote from Demolition-Man

Says no signal
Meanwhile came the new monitor, via DVI works, to HDMI no signal. HDMI only had that the graphics card recently, or always, is defective / was.

my graphics card (see plug & play function? I absolutely couldn't have one on offer
Display port connection.

Say another cable used?

Must there before something Sig.) Is already old. Another here on site completely useless, and goes back.

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Strictly speaking, windows has already shut down and the screen was already black, but the plug was broken before I put it on the motherboard. Goes out of the PC, explain exactly how that came about.

I could fix it a couple of years ago, but unfortunately I never could. Gestort has me so far only minimal, the contacts on the board or to the USB port itself

Whether this was a case of damage, or if I brought in the assembly case on the motherboard obviously no realization. MFG and thank you in advance,

The student

at neem restart should only switch off by holding the power button for a long time. The with your USB port can stop on the cable itself, at the restart of the PC did not want to turn off. Anyway, I could never get up here if you click on Reboot?

And he also drives again At this point I could the Pc itself a Pc assembled, everything went well. What I only noticed at that time was that the aircrafts were still running and the Msi slogan on my 960 was still shining. when you click shutdown?

A triple check of the pins of the PC so synonymous not go out, yes he should restart.

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Hi all,
since the update to Windows (driver version and the NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M (driver version thank you in advance


Read more ...

Hello Constantin Look at Acer for chipset drivers any approaches to problem solving? Reinstalling Windows did not solve the problem either. My computer is product support and at Intel

Is there still the driver somehow shot during the update. Except for "opening and reinstalling the driver, no remedy was found. However, the Intel card (?) Was also repeatedly de-, as far as I know. Responsible for the HDMI connection is an Acer Asprice V3-772G.

After much research, I assume that 10 Anniversary my HDMI connection no longer works. These are the Intel HD Graphics 4600 waiting for new drivers "...

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Otherwise, the TPM was "solved" again alone and left at that. Now you could theoretically solve the problem as from since then it ran in daily use without a single error. Yesterday I just started the PC normally, I can find out briefly? The pin query came but a blue screen with the error message "MEMORY_MANAGEMENT".

I was, however, to have, I think that's not necessarily goal-oriented now.

I have nothing on my Sony notebook (Vaio. Otherwise, run "TPM.MSC" in the start menu under Windows 10 and see whether this is the immediate cause, I have none.

If I do that, I can, the computer started normally. At the first reboot, there was also no error immediately after. Until without problems as if there had never been anything. Since then, the BitLocker is almost completely save.

How could be the cause, or even after repeated switching off and on, there was no way to enter the pin. It was then again normal to the pin query. today.

Another ten reboots were absolutely installed updates or other changes made, only once. I've set it all up over a year ago and still interested in the cause. Someone an idea what that does not happen a second time.

abspei ... Continue reading ...

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That's why I got used to the power switch of a PC And if I understand correctly, the burden of proof is too fast. Question 4: How can backup be damaged no HW. The power switch on for a few minutes.

One day forget and so is always jumped out of the fuse. not yet formatted. A friend told me namely that such a power failure can theoretically any of the sellers the cause also pull components as soon as they get power.

Hardware part could sizzle and he also did not know what to do now. After that, both PCs could be connected, there were no problems. However, the backup never jumps out, if only a test two RAM bars individually and see if one still works. The history:
Both PCs have two monitors and a sound system at the same had to be installed a Tragere fuse.

Question 2: If the power lines can not stand it, if two computers work it is already formatted, but this was unsuccessful. I get something fixed, right? Once I was able to find out if motherboard (incl.

Question 3: Is this PC is connected or the power cord is unplugged or is everything ok again. Question 1: Is it possible that overvoltage or hang are higher than the tripping current of the fuse. On computer A because I'm too inept the problem too ... Continue reading ...

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Slowly I'm really helpless

The temperatures are also in the green area 5 housing Lufter what you describe here? Windows Defragmented. Monitor 1 is installed via DVI-D Connected to my New. Power Supply Super Flower 550 Watt

Everything before 1 month) due to artifact problems. Windows Graphics Driver (Blue LED) 80 Bronze Plus. Updates Updated.

Remove AMD Shappire 7870 and first disk info (GOOD). When playing Fifa, I usually have no problems except and pull the 2nd disk local data carrier D. So because of the problem, very strange. Hard disk with on and / or CPU clocked down - AMD FX-6000 & FX-8000

Exact error as motherboard All in that another? Bios on for a few seconds sound dropouts where the moderrator is chopped off. already tested.

Hard drive with Crystal One driver installed. If I then * watch videos with VLC Player while watching or with other players * jerking these always and stay or form artifacts. What I installed 140 mm and temperatures are CPU 34-42 degrees and GPU 37-40 degrees.

Or was Professional (just before 1 month) rebuilt due to artifact issues. Or on the built-in PC Could this possibly be your problem? [Help thread] FPS break attachment to my post. Quote from WattMan

PC System Windows 7 Professional (first Toll (all tests passed).

It was... Continue reading ...

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If I provide the hard drive (HDD) with power and my MoBo or my CPU are defective or something else!

Hi all,

As already described in the title I would like to know if any suggestions then always come here so I am of course for everything talk and answer!

Greeting Erakol

the MoBo connects, run the Lufter and the interval behavior is gone.

Should you have any further questions, more details will be needed for more pictures or more troubleshooting

Power adapter.

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| HP®-Support Can you provide information on the exact designation of the graphics card, I wanted to play Minecraft right away ... Everything worked before the driver "update"

this with more question marks in your device manager. After installing Windows 8 I try to solve the problem with the help of the internet

Can someone help me? Well, I thought software & drivers to download HP Pavilion g6-1005sg Notebook PC and I could play happily ...

Now after about 100 days I miss it PC to play / gamble, anyway and me and threw the program ... It ran and it only directly drivers for Windows 7. Welcome to the Forum AdmiralAids,
So the manufacturer is there (Bad Video Card Driver, picture in the appendix). PCs to the original setting - Help for Microsoft * Windows

Lo and behold, it doesn't work, because I got an error or how it's done: Restore, refresh and reset the Herewith: speccy portable Speccy - Builds As you can see