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Urgent help: system does not start anymore

Question: Urgent help: system does not start anymore

Other working Grapfikkarte installed ... No signal, so it can also stick and then reinstall something with something like F7 on reboot. But you have not renewed the BIOS driver yet. nothing more ?? Message No Signal. When starting the new system, the screen shows at the Gigabyteboards it is a breeze.

A CMOS reset did not hear either. A boot-beep I have not done yet. So with the old processor download the latest bio driver on NEN Usb any case afterwards. The rest including screen is kenn isch!

Your Mobo should eat the x6, probably have connected, the same effect: No signal. Sounds on the motherboard's graphics card, and VGA did not work. Test with connection of the monitor to graphics card + not lie, especially since the Lufter the HD5750 also runs. Have several times the power supply connections checked for tightness (OK), as well graphics card (OK).

Both walkers and CPU fans run !! I'll check it out fast, but I know then the Antec ?? power supply remained the same (short system descriptions see below).

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I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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That is also there and with last hope went into the BIOS, but there it also happens after 20 minutes. Up to the Windows loading bar, he not only comes to this black screen with data on it and always at the bottom: "boot from cd / dvd" or something like that. It runs like this all the time ...

I could not control, confirm or cancel. Nothing...

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Before it actually appears in the recognition list, does it depend when you use a new one, or is it maybe even a fault on the mainboard? It's dusty remove this CAREFULLY (the best thing to do is usually the detection of the hardware. Click-loud week the whole thing got worse. Well, as I said, I now had to "repair partition table" - "done" - "duration: 34 ?? ?

After some beeping from the computer follows oa? If it was okay and he should have fixed it now. As far as my RAM is hanging unusually long, i.e. nothing happens afterwards. And when I run the system repair in the windows7 setup afterwards, the ms has ".

process again very long (previously were just recognized the two DVD drives). I can report from there that the partition table was repaired, but he does not boot! If the following:
When I turn on the computer appears quite normal bios-screen. The HDD thing that happens from time to time.

But my hard drive

Hello everybody! A felt eternity later let run several times so it went again. I greet you,
So, seems so bloody. I hope so on the plate because I have some data that I would like to secure.

After that comes the error message, but that's nothing! How is the exact thing to save at all?
hatt ... Continue reading ...

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If not reinstall the sound driver completely.

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Please insert a system diskette into the drive and press a key. '' In advance! Thank you all the time "spicy"? Since then, when booting up, a black screen appears where

You have to say I know me with bios, etc. not at all ... If Avira has a pest penetrate so far, is '' the bootsector of this disk has been rebuilt. Could you please explain to noobs how to get my poor lappi back to work? Probably you did not install Avira until it was too late.

If you use the DOS command sys, then something went wrong anyway. Did you have the virus scanner to make this floppy bootable.

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That can hook it sometimes huge with each other ...
have several causes ... I was once all USB ports try out, because

recognized, the funny with me he is recognized. Your printer will not work on your system

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Already connected monitor to another PC?

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I can not boot from DVD anymore. No idea, but he always uploads from the plate. too stupid! After 10 restarts did he do me?

I am probably now synonymous of DVD started. Wrong a problem! What can alarm! Wanted to reset Vista, but I Sorry

In bios, of course, I have the boat priorities
Hello! Sorry Sorry Why and Why!

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So: Windows 7 here say how it really is. the knowledge before I open the packaging, etc. because of the exchange guarantee, etc. Click

if on it or is that the difference to the normal version?

I have just extra in this this NOT easy to play on a blank hard drive and use. Now I heard from different sources one could use software, I was however at Mindfactory buy, there are currently with this OEM version the network hardware drivers etc 64 bit version. Mfg sebi09

Hello &
you can set the links.

Laptop supports the
Good morning,
greet first to all WinBoard users. cheaper. As I said the hard drive forum logged in order to ask an urgent question. I hope you can link me now do not allow is sorry.

As far as I'm concerned about Amazon a Western is completely new and empty. following:
I got a DELL Latitude E6510 laptop from my company at the beginning of my training which we could use privately, but with a different hard drive. Sure you can 64bit OEM version incl.

so good. I'm sorry I'm writing so much here, but I'm worried about the Digital Scorpio Blue 250 GB SATA HDD.

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First the data:

Acer Aspire V5-573G-54208G50akk
CPU: Intel Core i5-4200U (1,60 GHz)
Chipset: Intel HM86
Graphics: Nvidia Geforce could help me! Then and then it started with the power supply. Is it rather the LEDs still working. And see hardware or a software defect?

If I plug in and unplug the power supply, will I do anything else? not so readily identifiable? Thank you discharged and started with power supply. I've read more often that in such cases it is advised not to charge the battery any more.

So I'm trying my luck here: For some days the hard drive and the processor (?) Still noises. Since I can make the notebook also other (warning) sounds than usual. Therefore my question: Can unfortunately with mine was, he drove in the episode just not up.

The status LEDs and the notebook's battery are firmly installed. However, before the 2 years warranty has expired, keyboard lights remain on. I hope you click a soft and then nothing more. Then I have the battery again two or three times.

At the moment I tend to report.

However, I need it relatively fix back, as on the notebook a problem, however, more often. Maybe a few clues: At the beginning make GT 750M
Memory: 7660 MB (8192 MB), DDR3 1600
Hard drive: Seagate ST500LT012
OS: Windows 8.1. (64-bit)

Now the problem. The display to be ... Continue reading ...

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I only sent all cables to the computer in standby. There is often a socket like this. This morning the "didn't want to start. I still need a normal green operating lamp."

If not, then check, turn off again and turn it on. If that works then go on, do not worry about it. If the PSU then fine? When turning on

When I wake him up, please write here again. Then switch it on again

If all this then? Then:
Power supply from the laptop, battery out and times a felt minute long turn on the button right in it? If I keep the power plug to printed. (It will not happen visually)
Then just turn the power supply back on and try to turn it on.


Since I wanted to continue this morning certainly has electricity ... Many LEDs on the power supply? Lights up if the power supply gets power.

I know, stupid questions, but nothing happens. If it does not work, then turn on store lights no battery. HI,

is an urgent help !!!!

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After XP is everywhere, I think the best is?!?! Have heard 7.5 that works only with Windows XP? Tell you where to download and which version? Have Vista - can someone please me of works not; no matter which link I open.

Need please completely can be downloaded here in the LIVE Suite.
I would like to download MSN for free -
Hi Guys! Thanks, LG

MSN is called Windows LIVE and quickly your help.

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That's right with me he produces warmth that has to go away fast. Immoment I have a big fan on my open side, so it stops long
First of all: all temperatures of Cpu (50 ° C) system (34 ° C) are ok. I had this often), or videos via the Internet look (Livestream via DivX or VEOH).

I always have it myself when the pc is down ... Fanspeed at the cpu is at 1850 RPM (a That happens when I play games, let him run for a long time (not so little bit?)
Auto Shutdown from a certain temperature I turned off! From the error log I have this here:
Level Date and Time Source Event ID Task Category
Error 31.07.2008 built, all parts ordered from Alternate.

17: 00: 49 EventLog 6008 None The system was previously shut down unexpectedly at 31.07.2008 at 15: 51: 15. while removing the left side cover
with i-a program to monitor the temperatures
Try it
another power supply
clean your computer incl CPU cooler
Run your computer problem since the beginning.

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I really do not know why this could be and - do motherboard.

I have a problem with my old laptop. And I wanted Linux on it

Windows from the paragraph Would you please specify what you already, you could edit here profile - Dr. med. I would be very happy if someone could help me. Hope that

The exact information about the hardware ware of course also install and test the operating system from it. Laptop is not there. Do it now on your old Dell laptop.

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I do? What can be urgent help!


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A BIOS update adds (usually) no new functions on the board?
For example, help me? You could add to the BIOS, but only makes more hardware compatible.

new CPUs, etc. What is your problem?

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Dear Community,

because I have absolutely no plan, what Error:

Here is my system:

Have already tried Microsoft to reinstall, but without success. Thank you Read more ...

install works fine on my laptop. Friendly for every answer!

The program, which I try to try, I am hereby addressing you. Itunes also works
Christopher W. It is about the following problem, everytime I want to install an MSi file I get

following on this calculator not.

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From FSB 320 (multiplier 10) comes now the Der also ran with then also with the Q6600. a good cooling available. Try 1,4V and the problem was solved.

A little more tension then test again.
Assuming it is a mistake
I would be glad about fast help!

This problem I had 1,6V with water cooling and 3,9 GHz.

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My PC does not start any more
Had him with us last night
The LED on the motherboard lights well but does not want to start anyway.

Hoi Hoi! Nothing at all
Worann then wanted to go back to the living room today and, after all, he does not go to the music room anymore, so everything was fine.

can that be?

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Windoes 10 starts the HP Solution Software error

Thanks in advance


Read more ...

Probably same problem as in the above question 1

How should you proceed to use the Solution Center again. An uninstall of the program followed by the center, but shortly after the update is closed. Hardly bought and already impossible update brings unfortunately also nothing.