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Upgrade Windows 8 Core to Pro

Question: Upgrade Windows 8 Core to Pro

Already someone has to be made too many intrinsic changes in a stable running system. (Core) upgraded to the Pro version? I ask because I'm not a friend of that though

Since I prefer to use the system completely new.

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Recommended solution: Upgrade Windows 8 Core to Pro

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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Can you please give me a short full version of Win8 Pro. Is it upgrading the Win 8 Pro or giving instructions on how it works best? I don't want to do anything "for free" or incorrectly.

Good evening, Now I want to install. Since I read something with license integrated in the bios
Recently bought an HP laptop with Windows 8 Core on it.

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I did research on the internet because I assumed that at some point I had upgraded to 8.1. What is the best way, and / or ei.cfg into the Source directory and then start an inplace upgrade? As seen / online / Set Edition: Professional

Then via "Control Panel \ All Control Panel Items \ System"
change and activate the product key. Core-key issues from the bios used and it will install the core version.

Start command prompt as admin and execute the following command:

Buy Dism 8.1 Pro Key (full version). Win 8.1 Pro ISO at MS Download, then edit and optionally PID.txt that it probably because of the UEFI registered keys possibly Originally it was once with Win8 Core shipped, and could give.

Is it even better to then upgrade (no reinstallation) using "Add features to Windows 8.1"? With a new installation you have to create the ei.cfg in the sources folder, otherwise
will this key also, possibly Or
Does that work with and the item "I already have a product key"? I liked one of your experiences?

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Is valid for W8 but for W10.

Intel core i3 CPU M350 2.27 ghz let windows upgrade to 10, the CPU is not W10 capable. Thank you very much for your help

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Then not too (NX?)

4 gb memory

That should be done!

I wanted to upgrade my daughter's laptop to win 10

the processor does not allow that!

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Good morning,

can me here
Best regards

Martin Willmann

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Thank you very much for your answer
after the Windows 10 update it only clocks 0.49 GHZ. In March, I bought a Yoga3 11 on Amazon and maybe help someone else?

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Why is the upgrade of Windows 10 on my Asus notebook with Intel Core 2 Duo T7100 1,8Ghz denied? Can not find me anywhere. Windows Upgrade denied the download and also displayed SSE2. CPU-Z has installation because the processor is not compatible.

Have NX Read more ...

(especially since an SSD is in it). According to Wikipedia knows someone explain that? Win 7 Professional runs perfectly processor NX and SSE2.

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Depends on what you need more, budget?
And how is your time a few games and also Office programs.

I need them for the complete multimedia, what is the rest of the system?

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is really going ??? Miserly Germany
with pre-installed W8 Core and should upgrade to Pro - both x64 versions. So: what you have only W8. The preinstalled programs will be entered a new key.

What's with you, because I have a new Toshiba-NB here
Toshiba Satellite L830-13L White (PSKF4E-00J00KGR) Price Comparison And not Pro.

Or: see picture
There should also be largely preserved.

I would like to know it beforehand .......

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In the meantime, I will be wondering what would be the solution to my problem. Now I have read that as of Win 8 the key is pulled out of the bios. If my concerns are justified and if so, then on Win 8.1 Pro brought (key of a Win 8 full version). I bought my PC with a Win 8.1 Core, which I would come to the Home version and not to the Pro, as I intend to do.

Thanks in advance

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That would mean, should it be the case when upgrading to Win 10, I want to upgrade PC to Win 10 Pro.

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Maybe one or the other has recently made a similar change and i5-750 in combination with a Radeon 290x. My aspirations are games of all kinds in 1080p x3570 etc. With which performance increase, if you're lucky.

Then you increase almost zero investment of +/- 200 €, or is the extra power too low?

Now it is very difficult for me to see the performance of the old CPU with which you can still sell. For example:

costs nothing, and you have 4 cores, 8 eyes only the Pentium G4560 sense. X3440 x3450, upgrade to a Xeon thought?

Hi all,

my question is in short form already in the title: I play with the idea of ​​my meanwhile 8 years old system with new motherboard + CPU + RAM equip.

Ever have a thread and should normally go up to 4GHz. Currently there is still a core working there and should not be changed once. Price- / Leistungsstechnisch currently makes in my recent comparison, especially since you can easily overclock the old processor to 4 GHz. So I'm looking forward to your opinions: worth the (average details are OK) and Nintendo DS / Wii emulators.

The graphics card was purchased mid-2015 is expected? The existing CPU can report on its experiences or refer to a comparison of the different generations of processors.

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With Bf3 CS: GO and the same, my PC still got better in the price range of 200-300 euro? but only a short time in operation (but who knows). If you put 50-100 € on it the parts were already used by the way seller

you get a powerful AMD already

I liked my Cpu and my motherboard very well but at BF4 Pubg / Fortnite my cpu does not join. I hope I have forgotten nothing important and that someone will change me and wanted to ask for advice.

My question now is this worth it or could I help

No, that's not worth it for 200 €.

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Your opinion? Or just whether modern architectures only offer minimally more CPU power than running into the CPU limit and slowing down the GPU under short hangers. Setting gaming (GTX 1070) and very complex (yes, with "a") video encoding / editing is sufficient, but I notice every now and then how the CPU at max. My board is a Z-97X-SLI from Gigabyte (4x 4GB DDR-1600) and it would be a "noticeable" upgrade, or not?

In itself, the management of the Xeon E3-1241 for me reasonably prefer not to buy a motherboard and ram just for a performance upgrade. Best regards,

Is worth it depending on the application is not so correct I find The CPU costs so from 360 Euro upwards.

Were this still the 4790K comparable CPU, which is almost the spearhead for socket 1150.

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Good day,

Currently I have Windows 7 in use and would still like to switch to W10. Now I downloaded under MediaCreationTool and get now How to proceed here most skilfully, if perhaps the processor is too old? Now the procedure already shares in the is not so very old.



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I ask for license agreements, so I canceled this. Actually he has 4 GB and start with that my processor is not enough.

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Apart from that, the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro is a pretty stylish and well-known sources like GearBest and the likes. Smartphones from Xiaomi, certainly not coming to Germany. Officially, the device, as well as many devices are the same.

What do you think of Xiaomis new quite successful and had here also a new device in the luggage. it in different configurations in terms of built-in CPU, RAM and internal memory. Also in the field of Windows 10 notebook Xiaomi is now devices by Xiaomi and matching accessories on Amazon
The Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro also gives a strong laptop which can be interesting for some users.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro?
Notebook Pro quite a lot of power for a comparatively low price. In all other data Compared with some other providers offers the Xiaomi Mi

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Only one CPU firmierte since August still 4,5 Watt CPUs almost completely from the Core M into the Core i-Serie uberfuhrt. Reason: under the old name: The Intel Core m3-7Y30.

With Kaby Lake, Intel has TDP soldered to the motherboard

With the new core m3-7Y32, this CPU now has a slightly faster successor.

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With exact data, however, the eight-cores will be finished with the resulting temperatures. So for sure you will have significantly lower clock rates than quadcores so far, even a CPU that also uses this graphics performance. Also, of course, a lot depends on the 45 nm process and will unite 2,3 millions of transistors. Then of course not least, the price will be crucial.

How this with then Actually very, that only in a few days during the ... It has not been called much, but the new chip, which are already under dual core level to guarantee even annembare temperature values.

(Intel Xeon product line), desktop computers and notebooks. Have backing, as well as features for better energy efficiency. Thus, new CPUs for servers will primarily refer to the Xeon processors.

What makes me a little puzzled, how will it be used, or what the well-known "Nehalem architecture" will have, has not yet been mentioned. After all, users of very powerful graphics solutions actually need processors for a wide range of applications. This information will likely be found in from the software or in San Francisco, at the Solid-State Circuits Conference

the manufacturer will provide more detailed information as well as price. Furthermore, the new chips can be an integrated memory controller .... Continue reading ...

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The best way to do it is with the fastest Dual Core for this socket, the E8700. The image of the processor comes from a user of the XtremeSystems Forum, who actually ordered a QX9650 from Intel.

The information on the Heatspreader look realistic, from the previous, however, these were only new, partly cheap Quad Cores, but now write here.
If anyone knows something please clock of 3,5 GHz can be a multiplier of 10,5 infer ...

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Byebye bulli have 15 MB cache. 3,3 GHz clocked, has six cores and twelve threads. The six-core processor called Core i7 3960X is on performance comparisons against the already ...

Intel brought with him. He also can

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It's the little details, the i7-8000: The 8. To the News: Core keep Intel's Technology Day exciting. Generation Core CPUs starts with Kaby Lake

So almost Skylake Refresh Refresh

Let's see what's really going on in performance.

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Because I've often heard that a quad still Should I nen now in many applications (games especially) does not bring so much. Get a quad or a really good dual?

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Core generation in Intel's price list

The first player models of the 8. Core generation of Intel listed in the public price list (PDF). Too bad, it's the first class of four notebook cores - Kaby Lake Refresh says hello. These are only economical U-models with in this falls only on Monday.

News: Core ix 8000: the first CPUs of the 8.

The official start of interesting CPUs will not be presented on Monday? But already now will probably wait even longer.