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Upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10 - Free Before. After the Reformattierung, still free?

Question: Upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10 - Free Before. After the Reformattierung, still free?

Now I activate with the key of Windows 7?

I have made a free upgrade of copy of Windows 2015 in 7. Can I then download Windows 10 and reformatted my hard drive for free. Unfortunately, I have not successfully installed Windows 7 Ultimate on Windows 10.

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Recommended solution: Upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10 - Free Before. After the Reformattierung, still free?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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then you will incur licensing fees for W10. Who is then after the 07 / 2016 his hardware renewed W10 license is one independent.

Only by buying one for the W10 remains free.

Windows 10: Price, Release, Download & Co. - All the new greetings! W8 / 1 platform, you are right. Continue reading...

You are tied to exactly this hardware. But unfortunately this free update is Microsoft OS
Who until the end of 07 / 2016 the free update of a W7 or

Is that true?

Hello everybody,
an important question related to, who is right? to read everywhere. Friendly upgrade of Windows 7 to Windows 10!

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Back in the summer I had made use of the offer that my drives did not work anymore. So I have reinstalled Windows
Hello! Now my question is, if I because I made it schonmal time (of course, the 7 what belongs to my laptop). have, again can upgrade my windows on 10 for free.

Now I upgraded my Windows 7 to Windows 10 for free after the last update.

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Back in the summer I had used the offer schonmal, again my windows on 10 can upgrade for free. Now my question is, if I am there then I have Windows reinstalled

Hello! Continue reading...

I had errors that my drives did not work anymore.

Now I have one after the last update (of course, the 7 what belongs to my laptop). and my Windows 7 upgraded to Windows 10 for free.

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Original view: Upgrading to Windows 10 always actually relies on such "assistive technology" or just pretends to do so. Microsoft has an exception when the free upgrade option is discontinued.Users with physical impairments are therefore still allowed to use the system on the 29th. My husband is severely visually impaired and is therefore dependent on an upgrade specifically to the Windows 10 Update Assistant to the current operating system.

However, Microsoft can block this way at any time, but with one still possible for free - so it goesThough the offer for free upgrade since the 29.

July last year was informed that the one-year period for just this free Da after this one year this opportunity on 29. The currently used software under Windows 7 supports these functions, but since his usual program on Windows 10 is currently not running.
of users, if and how this may still be possible.

In this case, Microsoft does not check whether the respective user is using a utility program tailored to his needs (enlargement, reading function and control of Braille display). In this respect, my husband cannot yet make this decision for himself, sometimes not like that. which Microsoft will also prevent this option for a free upgrade. These as "Assistive ... Continue reading ...

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However, if you are using assistive technologies, there is long-standing speculation that Microsoft will continue to upgrade you for free. Give yourself a jerk and come in July, but only for most users.

As the colleagues of (via winfuture) found out, should recommend a free upgrade to Windows 2ten PC. Hi,
July 2016 10 must still be possible, as long as you agree that you use assistive technologies.

It is unclear, however, whether this possibility of Microsoft deliberately provided the Win 10 family It was time enough to switch or the thing since the author. will continue to offer.

it has and has probably a gallows period granted. For MS it is important that you ban on CD to eventually switch yet. I became one for that

Ultimately, it really makes no sense to persist in clinging to Windows processes, be it you have loved programs / games. or it is inattentiveness or a mistake. maybe could leave a kind of "back door" open.

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How exactly the activation works, will show. Take out the HDD and install, enter key.
Am I correct?

Although so that I can distinguish them from each other? Does a clean installation of Windows 10 still work now, if the special constellation has something to consider? Is this at this? Are both disks shown in the setup menu and notebook purchased license keys for the OS Win 8.1 stored in the BIOS only (Medion)?

When setup no

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Not the Windows 7 product key. If not, you specify the detected Windows 7 product key. Secure your data and find it again for your reference.

I have Windows 7 and disk for update or reinstall of stick and DVD.

Is this overslept in the last paragraph, the transition to Windows 10 or Windows 10 will then activate with this, it cheap upgrade versions? Then pull you a current installation data carrier: Windows 10 dared. So: Product Key you can read the Windows 7 Key example from the system!

Now the way was over a reinstallation, it is still possible at no cost! Thank you

At least a legal possibility to switch without costs. Is there another one and reinstall Windows 10 clean. When asked about the product key, here's how: How to enable Windows 10 on a clean install?

From that you start the computer I like to change.

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A question already asked as usual with O365? That has always been but at an earlier time.

Hello! And does that work then?

still free July 2017?

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do I have to pay for this upgrade after a year?


Is the upgrade of Windows 10 free or

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Windows 10 can still be activated with keys from Windows 7 and 8

If you can install Windows 10 for free, we currently have a W7 or W8.1 license to enable W10. Https://

At the moment it should still be possible with 8.1

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Officially from MS: No - the time is up.

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I think the upgrade from 8.1 to 10 is free - what do I have to do - Thanks and regards - Jurgen Schwoll

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But I got so complicated from a clean win why?


I bought a WMC license in Win 8.1 Pro time and still have the key. Continue reading...

@ Metal-Tom 8.1 upgraded without first using the WMC license ...

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The key I had before to WIN7 on WIN10 free upgrade, perceived. How is WIN10 reactivated?

At the time I had the offer, my WIN10 completely reissued there, of any x WIN10 DVD. How do I resume my official now?

Key is not working. Now I've got myself a completely new Calculator and and that also played again. I had WIN10 professional read out by software and noted. After the new installation on the new calculator now the surprise: Activation fails.

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Unfortunately I have to go back to the free Windows 10?

I have the free How do I then format my computer. Continue reading...

Upgrate of Windows 10 installed.

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Question: W10 still free?

Yesterday I have to be on my laptop with the charge. At that time, my main computer for free W10. After everything was done, it was bare

Well done W10 Stick (Media Creation Tool) also W10 installed.

Seems still done upgrade.

Meal, I have cleanly installed and activated on W10!

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Unfortunately, my laptop was unfortunately in repair and account nothing is displayed accordingly. How can I get Windows 10 back for free, which was already installed? Unfortunately, I can not find a license key and has been sent back in its original state with Windows 8.
I also upgraded my laptop from Windows 8 to Windows 10 less than a year ago (when it was free).

Thanks in advance!
someone a solution? Also in my Microsoft also no option Windows 10 without purchase option to download. Maybe know

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Add features - Microsoft Windows
is there unfortunately still a lot to SPAT! I really have the opportunity to get the Media Center? There you are Xbox streaming and not on the built-in media player.

I really like to love music and videos. For free, Media Center is better.

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that in fact? Works Http://

Read more ...

for "people who depend on assistive technology". And there is even a solution for the upgrade variant

Does anyone have any recent experience?

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I suspect that I have previously returned a Pro version (pre-installed) on Windows 7 or 8.1?

Is there a solution for this, except everything runs smoothly.

Windows had 8.1 installed and before very unsightly. There may be other limitations, the Windows 10 Home version.

You can return to 30 within 8.1 days. As far as ran and had and brought in by the upgrade a home version. Continue reading...

Free is only the functionality is now reduced. Look here:
How do I get back from Windows 10 to Windows 8.1?

However, I realized that I had not yet discovered it. Under Control Panel -> Administration I am now missing the User Administration item, which was available under Windows 8.1. It was upgraded to Windows 10 in a few days.

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I have a lot of things I had to send my laptop for repair, also reserved and in my Microsoft Acc it is also noted. How do I get the upgrade from Win? Now the upgrade is no longer free. I had it before and before yes 10 still free (legally, of course;))?

Kind regards
Months from Win 8 to Win 10 "Upgraded".