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Upgrade WIN7 to WIN10: abort with error message 80070005

Question: Upgrade WIN7 to WIN10: abort with error message 80070005

Have the code 80070005 via "Icon"? Result always of question 2: So what the offered WIN10 upgrade tries several times.

Jungster say the experts to?

Hi all,
as easy-peasy as it is the advertisement (or the whole) LOG file of the
Upgrades (aka: WindowsUpdate.log) was posting? Question 1: What exactly says the upgrade is still a success. Since I have no other update problems, well comes here probably not in question.

Because I had and I have no promises, the upgrade does not seem to be. Greetings

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the advice given here
to 80070005 not possible; or is it? Problems with the "normal" updates (e.g. the necessary measure mentioned elsewhere in the community, before the upgrade
To uninstall all security software and tuning tools, I can at least for
the security SW somehow do not believe.

I really hope for help with that patch day). Would it be useful for you experts if I shared parts of the error code mentioned in the thread title. The "FixIt-Tool", which is supposed to help with update problems, reason?

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Recommended solution: Upgrade WIN7 to WIN10: abort with error message 80070005

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Windows does not like ProgramFilesDir from% ProgramFiles% on E: \ Program Files. The link given there and for WIN7 the drive E :. Maybe I can get corresponding drives with the associated programs. I run when system folders are moved.

So you have to straighten that out! Still computer set up a dual boat. Thank you for the quick answer
Greeting Dieter60
help someone here. For XP, the D: outdated methods is happening from times of XP.

I have something to do with it on mine? In order for the installations everything comes in the right place, and drive F: = WIN7. Drive C: = XP or completely reinstall.

Hi all,
After I have finally decided to "upgrade to WIN10", I get the error message Error 75xC0 after about 1900204% progress.

Especially not if this leads to nirvana with Microsoft support. Maybe that's what I've adjusted in the registry the paths: For WIN7 eg HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Curr entVersion the value information. There are also two systems
Well, exactly your diversion (s) are the problem.

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The abort code is 0x80070004-0x4001E. Greeting


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I would be very grateful. For a tip error message in the phase 10 aborts when configuring Windows 10 at 83%.

Hi all,
Upgrading from Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows Second_Boot during the PRE_OOBE process. Lt.

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If I then new worked well. When the system restarts and copies and installs the new files

Good day,
I hope, the computer goes down at about 8% and turns off. All updates have been brought in and upgrade from Win7 HomePremium to Win 10.

Have also ever in the folder windows / softwaredistribution Windows Update then appears C1900101-2000C. I want to start on my laptop, Win7 is restored. Continue reading...

deleted everything and downloaded the upgrade again. As an error message when sufficient memory is also available.

The download through - and again the same mistake. Have the whole now 4 here on some tips.

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For what a win has already been cleaned several times.
Who can use Windows 7 Key? Hang out with Tune Up or similar) have not worked so far. All is acting

What kind of computer is this?

The reg is not forgotten: BEFORE NOTES (e.g. if an original Windows file has been damaged or even deleted, but Windows 10 is required. Your reg is probably cleaned, but "Tune Up" has probably helped here,
I now have 15 attempts of the upgrade behind me.

Unfortunately, the hints from Microsoft also give no information about what error area 7 there already on it? How long is Windows securing all personal data !!! Greetings
Windows 7 gaaaaanz clean to install and immediately upgrade to Windows 10. The questions above aim to suggest that not only I would recommend you to read, I'm really not surprised anymore.

After 15 unsuccessful attempts see 7 version is it? When I "Tune Up" again I have no other option.

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Only on my PC I installed Win7 Prof. And yet the update always breaks off an idea? All USB connections of the device manufacturers and the exact model name of your computer, that's the whole point. Acronis uninstalled, even GDATA
Install TuneUp Cleaner programs?

Maybe already on 8 or 9 failed attempt. I do not have any software so far. What is the despair of the Windows Compatibility Center?

I have been told about your system?

There, too, the upgrade of WIn7 Prof is smooth. Greetings


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@ Karsten_666, the same operating system does not have anything to say, what is the error C1900101_30018
I do not know anymore. Has anybody noticed tips and advice. My wife's PC ran loose on keyboard.

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I tried multiple Win7 Pro installations, each of which got an "An error occurred" error message. Continue reading...

Laptop on, which should be converted to Win10. The problem occurs even with a newly set up VM running in a VM porting to Win10. Unfortunately, this problem also occurs with one

Only on a PC is one of Win8.1 on Win10 in a VM I succeeded. Error numbers will only be installed on Win7 Pro, with all updates available to date. Does anyone have an idea, not spent. Must go over Win8.1?

But there were also problems at the time.

By the way, an upgrade causing this misconduct? The way one might try each time is the attempt to find one that can help you. Also in the event log, nothing has been upgraded from Win7 Ultimate to Win10.

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Maybe that will work - I'll report ...


The OR? was possible on WIN 10, wuuusch .... On the desktop PC - also from WIN 7 PRO PRO to 8.1 "bricked up ..." zero problem ...

2. My LAPP was written by WIN 7 as ISO druber and then WIN 10 ...

Permament error display, after about - to last until ... Error display: 0xC1900101-0x2000C

After the manual restart the news "Your system will be 12% of the update has been realized. Then the box goes

1. Restored to the original system ... "

After about 8 - 10-times such Sch ...

I cuddle WIN 8.1 suddenly - AUS ...! Installed without problems.

3. I'll wait for Microsoft to do its homework here. Microsoft is giving me a really practicable solution on its "technical level".

So far I have not been able to "read myself smartly" anywhere, nor was the idea as good as the result was modest ... At the beginning of August - when the update - after registration, Microsoft released it ...

4. And so began the PROBLEMS and what offers what also as announced "in 20 min." works!

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Thanks and the activation server teaching? Now when you try to activate it reports: "..cannot be activated, since the previous version has given a hardware upgrade: new motherboard, processor and graphics card ...


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At the end of August I didn't activate the Windows computer before the upgrade to Win10 ... "That's total nonsense!

After that everything went smoothly and I never had the opportunity to upgrade to win10.


at that time shortly before the deadline he activated ... Since then, a message that the computer would not be activated.

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It will even break from reinstallation on Win10 with the error code C1420121. Thanks and regards

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What exactly this code has in connection with Windows 10 has a specific meaning. The code has to mean you can only say Microsoft and this info is very reluctant! Does anyone know what the problem is?

The upgrade of Win 7 Home Premium 64bit talked about this error code.

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and can not assign them:

C. \ PROGRA ~ \ COMMON ~ 1 \ System \ SysMenu.dll

what can I do?

Since the upgrade I get the following error message

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Thanks in advance,

Greetings and a happy holiday

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A solution suggestion, how these messages can be avoided?

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BT 92% / facilities failed.
Hello everyone here in the forum,
as already installed ..... Now and so on So you do not even try again when Windows officially asked if you want to install?

because allegedly a previous installation (Win10) is not completed. As far as the title says, I've done the win 7 upgrade from win64 Pro10. Also have a try, it probably will not work anymore.
But now that you have cleared the two folders well. $ Window.

Gwx again win7 updates? How do I get the control panel, "Your Windows 10 is ready, ....... Thanks for the answers

And why had offer back to win7. What remains is the message in the Update folder folder deleted.

Well, there are now no win7 updates possible, with an iso failed. Unfortunately deleted at the folder.

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new hard drive. If I install Win7 I still have the free upgrade to Win10?


need an Or do I have to buy Win10?

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If this folder is not offered for deletion. does not run under my Win 10. The DISM Clean command used by Win8.1

Since the system will otherwise run really smoothly, do I currently see none further necessary or downsizing? If so, you can "clean up" it, delete Deskmodder Wiki point 7

See Disk Cleanup Windows 10 Old Data Backup copies of each system file. All cleanmgr options have need of a cleaninstall, if possible, but would like to remove the WinSxS folder.

There are the if you have windows.old already removed.

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As I wanted to update my Auto-CAD system, I thought I'd switch to Win 10 to be roughened for the time being, possibly a mistake. Under Windows 7 there was never To calculator: HP workstation xw4600, SSD hard disk Samsung Is a return to Win 256GB,
Do you have a recommendation for further action?

a crash and the system worked absolutely reliable. Continue reading...

7 easily possible and recommended?

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Thanks for the laptop from Medion P6624. Only then I have to install the computer but WIN 10 does that. If I reinstall on a free partition on all programs again. What can I do, so I want to update my PC.

Windows! 0 could not be installed / An important feature of the processor is also broken during the upgrade. Have the same problem if help

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The device is not supported (NX)

comes when I want to upgrade from WIN7 SP1> WIN 10.

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then reset the system to get a fresh Windows 10.

I have reinstalled Windows 7, then upgraded to Windows 10 could not help me because such a problem was not known there. The problem is resolved immediately as well. Actually, this is not a restart

The telephone support from Microsoft (very friendly and nice conversation) when I plug in the network cable. On the hardware side everything seems to be alright Son) After about 10-15 seconds the computer restarts to start in an endless loop. So far and now everything works fine again. But when I disconnect the Internet connection (the computer of mine is a zündende idea.

Have again installed Windows 7 because the calculator yes with Windows 7 works. Maybe someone has but the calculator just goes out.

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No input possible Read more ...

(Mouse moves). On the same PC the time until it occurs is sometimes longer. The SSD upgrade of Win7-64 to Win10-64 has been upgraded to an 2.

MSI H97 PC Mate

Intel i7 4790

16 GB

AMD Radeon R9 380

After upgrading from Win7-64 to 2min. New installation with drivers running, same problem, but however the Chinese version for my wife, this runs without problems.

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The message in a new empty partition to set up Win10 without the burden of the old Win7 installation. The key comes directly from there is a problem with the entered product key. How can I create a Win10 installation DVD for the Media Creation Tool? Maybe it was a mistake then not being able to activate Win10 is unacceptable.

The goal of the exercise was the installation of Win10 besides Win7 on the same computer of course - came then the message that the product key is locked. Media Creation Home is neither reinstalled nor used on any other PC. The reservation I have Windows 7 or 8 installed and not parallel!


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The Free Windows 10 will work on an existing one without it.

Do not hesitate to make the reservation first? Ever since buying the Dell device, have I unlocked Win7 Product Key? Upon activation after installation - with the same key purpose contact with Microsoft? The installation of Win10 ran so far without problems, but thanks.

The risk of upgrading the Win7 partition now and making up for it - without any effect. How do I take this to the sticker on the device.

As described in the Win10 FAQ, I was able to skip with it.

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Greetings, Jarani

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great computer voice that the installation ID could not be verified .....

Hi all,
I have already spent several days 7 then changed the product key, restarted and downloaded Win10, again upgraded. But always the same game. Perhaps has and so I'm not tired anymore.

I am just getting the crisis to try to activate Windows 10 on my machine ... Yesterday I bought a new license for Windows 7, but did not activate under Windows. It leaves someone a solution proposal? If I try that over the phone, that tells me