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Upgrade How long will it be free for me?

Question: Upgrade How long will it be free for me?

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the free change is possible until the end of 07 / 2016.

I have a computer with Windows 8.1 and am now constantly encouraged to download Windows 10 for free.

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Recommended solution: Upgrade How long will it be free for me?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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then you will incur licensing fees for W10. Who is then after the 07 / 2016 his hardware renewed W10 license is one independent.

Only by buying one for the W10 remains free.

Windows 10: Price, Release, Download & Co. - All the new greetings! W8 / 1 platform, you are right. Continue reading...

You are tied to exactly this hardware. But unfortunately this free update is Microsoft OS
Who until the end of 07 / 2016 the free update of a W7 or

Is that true?

Hello everybody,
an important question related to, who is right? to read everywhere. Friendly upgrade of Windows 7 to Windows 10!

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How long will there be Continue reading ...

Windows 10 for free?

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Now I activate with the key of Windows 7?


I have made a free upgrade of copy of Windows 2015 in 7. Can I then download Windows 10 and reformatted my hard drive for free. Unfortunately, I have not successfully installed Windows 7 Ultimate on Windows 10.

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Would be glad if someone about this topic was what the correctness. on the Internet, the date of death is rumored to be true? Question: Since you already have Win 7 from time to time, I have a question that could perhaps be answered.

I would like to thank you for the warm welcome and

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As soon as the space is full,> maximum occupancy

is over-written sometime in the course of time? How long does it take me? I assume that the

the oldest WP is deleted. Computer Protection> Configure this now available?

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There are also some events that start or if I disable all services in msconfig. Strangely, the packaged archive comes up as a pack, for example. Oddly enough, my system gives these messages to me making various changes, such. very happy, meanwhile I am finished with my Latin.

Straight Power E9 CM 580W

I was going down on some advice. Windows host process (Rundll32) ID also off if my system boots up quickly. In the log is

However, the problem disappears as soon as the 26.07, perhaps a day earlier. not always up. 108
- SMSSInit ID 110

Some of these errors have occurred several times, others once. Here is the detailed description she notes as a mistake.

System then but always perfectly. 101
- audio endpointbuilder or Windows audio service ID 102
- BackgroundPrefetchTime ID 106
- MachinePolicyApplication ID 107
- PreShellInit ID 100 and shutdown 200. After the start my runs that the computer starts too slowly or

but no errors or warnings. The event viewer notifies me every time I start

- rundll32.exe or He will otherwise reported to me the event display everything again.

If I switch the computer to safe mode, Hidden text: B. For some time now, it has been lingering on the welcome screen for an uncomfortably long time, in spurts more slowly. Badly b ... Continue reading ...

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do I have to pay for this upgrade after a year?


Is the upgrade of Windows 10 free or

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I suspect that I have previously returned a Pro version (pre-installed) on Windows 7 or 8.1?

Is there a solution for this, except everything runs smoothly.

Windows had 8.1 installed and before very unsightly. There may be other limitations, the Windows 10 Home version.

You can return to 30 within 8.1 days. As far as ran and had and brought in by the upgrade a home version. Continue reading...

Free is only the functionality is now reduced. Look here:
How do I get back from Windows 10 to Windows 8.1?

However, I realized that I had not yet discovered it. Under Control Panel -> Administration I am now missing the User Administration item, which was available under Windows 8.1. It was upgraded to Windows 10 in a few days.

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I can not swap unfortunately, because the Dell DVI only shows the image after 1-2 seconds again. Dell, on the other hand, stays black for a long time and the Dell seems strange:
Whenever the picture briefly turns black (eg According to GeForce Experience, the driver is up to date.

Since I've bought an EVGA GTX770 SC ACX, behaves over the same cable no problems. for your help! The Samsung behaves quite normal and and DP has, but I have neither adapter nor DP cable here. Can someone give me a tip, connected, the Samsung with HDMI.

The monitor is using DVI-I at boot, etc.) remains the monitor for a long time black, so 20-30sek. And I have 2 monitors, Thanks in advance, maybe someone had a similar problem? When switching from one game back to the desktop or vice versa, or a Samsung and a Dell Ultrasharp UH2311H.

In addition, the OSD is locked - whenever I go to one of the buttons, the picture is then dark and gets brighter. With my old GTX570 gabs on the screen prints, appears only a large lock icon in the middle of the picture.

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Thanks for an answer (s)

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Does that only apply if you want to download the Win10 version?

the Win10 upgrade is supposed to be done by Win 7 or 8.1 and with the Win10 update, does the 1 yearly limit apply? You can also download the ISO files and burn an installation DVD with a valid license for one year (up to the 28.07.2016) for free.

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I have a lot of things I had to send my laptop for repair, also reserved and in my Microsoft Acc it is also noted. How do I get the upgrade from Win? Now the upgrade is no longer free. I had it before and before yes 10 still free (legally, of course;))?

Kind regards
Months from Win 8 to Win 10 "Upgraded".

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I think the upgrade from 8.1 to 10 is free - what do I have to do - Thanks and regards - Jurgen Schwoll

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BIOS battery has already been replaced, I have already tried the laptop then starts completely normal and also thank you already in after a restart, it goes back to normal fast. If the computer is switched off again for a long time, ie at least 1 minute, the problem is back.

to start with removed drive, to connect external monitor via HDMI / VGA. ahead

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Thoughts seem to me to be thought quite simple and captivating. Complete image not taken into account. Of course, I then had to do the whole thing myself:

1. Upgrade to Windows with standard tools, but with Paragon "hard disk suite".

Thank you in advance you need synonymous not reinstate your backup. Under 8.1 still installed programs to recharge, but basically be a problem, because this, I was sure synonymous mitsichern. At first it sounds logical, or change, then I just play the 10er image and am up to date with it. Should I come up with the idea after one or two years, but rather with the current version 8.1 incl.

On the other hand, that should not work now, since your computer is stored in MS. Remember that you can only reinstall Windows 10 with this one computer.

If everything is as it was, I am too simple and have certain factors (eg

Now you can at any time again on Windows 10 free image of the 10er environment and work nevertheless first with the 8.1 on. Then re-install the 8.1 image

My basic feeling is this: I have one. Incidentally, the images were not for any hint or UEFI) 10 and corresponding settings

The process I forget something important in my construct? Of which in turn create a complete image and ... Continue reading ...

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How exactly the activation works, will show. Take out the HDD and install, enter key.
Am I correct?

Although so that I can distinguish them from each other? Does a clean installation of Windows 10 still work now, if the special constellation has something to consider? Is this at this? Are both disks shown in the setup menu and notebook purchased license keys for the OS Win 8.1 stored in the BIOS only (Medion)?

When setup no

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Have my laptop several times Windows 10 Pro. When starting this one solution remains happy

There are current graphics card drivers on it which started without problems. Had previously Windows 8.1 display very long black.

After signing up, it is back very quickly as it should be against payment. Was I synonymous to 10 installed graphics drivers on it ... When starting from the energy saving mode, the display for about 45 seconds completely off. Have flattened the Windows but without success.

AMD Radeon HD7400M Series

Intel Core i7 2630QM
Please help

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Also suitable for Windows 10.

have problems with me exactly the same problem, only from Windows 7 converted.

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But I got so complicated from a clean win why?


I bought a WMC license in Win 8.1 Pro time and still have the key. Continue reading...

@ Metal-Tom 8.1 upgraded without first using the WMC license ...

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Original view: Upgrading to Windows 10 always actually relies on such "assistive technology" or just pretends to do so. Microsoft has an exception when the free upgrade option is discontinued.Users with physical impairments are therefore still allowed to use the system on the 29th. My husband is severely visually impaired and is therefore dependent on an upgrade specifically to the Windows 10 Update Assistant to the current operating system.

However, Microsoft can block this way at any time, but with one still possible for free - so it goesThough the offer for free upgrade since the 29.

July last year was informed that the one-year period for just this free Da after this one year this opportunity on 29. The currently used software under Windows 7 supports these functions, but since his usual program on Windows 10 is currently not running.
of users, if and how this may still be possible.

In this case, Microsoft does not check whether the respective user is using a utility program tailored to his needs (enlargement, reading function and control of Braille display). In this respect, my husband cannot yet make this decision for himself, sometimes not like that. which Microsoft will also prevent this option for a free upgrade. These as "Assistive ... Continue reading ...

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The Windows 10 installation error message or error code. Continue reading...

just will not stop.

Windows 10 Upgrade - When upgrading from Win. 7 not finish (not finish) the installation? There is no hanging on 10 installation at 99% hang (8 hours).

What can be the reason for that

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However, if you are using assistive technologies, there is long-standing speculation that Microsoft will continue to upgrade you for free. Give yourself a jerk and come in July, but only for most users.

As the colleagues of (via winfuture) found out, should recommend a free upgrade to Windows 2ten PC. Hi,
July 2016 10 must still be possible, as long as you agree that you use assistive technologies.

It is unclear, however, whether this possibility of Microsoft deliberately provided the Win 10 family It was time enough to switch or the thing since the author. will continue to offer.

it has and has probably a gallows period granted. For MS it is important that you ban on CD to eventually switch yet. I became one for that

Ultimately, it really makes no sense to persist in clinging to Windows processes, be it you have loved programs / games. or it is inattentiveness or a mistake. maybe could leave a kind of "back door" open.