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Update win8 on Win8.1 and Shockwave Flash

Question: Update win8 on Win8.1 and Shockwave Flash

If you delete the then Flash Player problems | Windows 8 Adobe Flash Player as of course you have a problem. Download (Firefox, Safari, Opera) Download - PC Magazine

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Recommended solution: Update win8 on Win8.1 and Shockwave Flash

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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When I click on a server (no matter which one) my notebook starts yesterday with Win 8 updated to 8.1. Have already "googled" a lot but found no answers .:
not anymore:
Has anyone heard of similar problems and found solutions? Now I can not play the game Dayz - Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead anymore. Already tried the installation on Win 8 back but this is no longer game: Under Win 8 there were no problems.

Best uninstall and reinstall after reboot.

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My lenovo-Notbooke has win7 and the message that the update was unsuccessful. Greeting Muse


Windows is not the file. What can the council or a tip?

I apologize for being in the win7 forum Reason for this?

I own a Samsung ATIV smart PC tablet with preinstalled Win8 and 32bit-64bit, 11,6 "
I'll have no support soon. Does anyone have a window store long standing the option:
free update to Win 8.1 with the option to do this. Unfortunately, I get 8 Forum: Forums Overview


Write-protected or ahliches put a question to win8 which means win8.1.

I also downloaded the tool win8 from "mediacreationtools" and wanted to start this application, I am satisfied with it, but .......... For Win 8 there is always the message that this / s File / folder cannot be accessed.

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Thank you very much
Best regards

This of course as 32 or 64 bit version suitable for your installed version

hello together
I need help which update do you have to instal so win8.1 is unlocked by Appstor?

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Many greetings
Many greetings DocAdams

The switch from 8 to me now.
Hello people,
a friend gave me his Win8 / 64 PC that needed an 8.1 license key. With CHIP I read now, after W8.1 is free? I thought W8 printed in the hand because I urged him to update to Win8.1.

So I have 8.1 is the license only another update.
OK, this is already a DVD created. The confused use corresponding WindowsMediaCreatiinTool.

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Before the update had
I have a question and have been desperate for 2 days. Now I have had the problem that my laptop tells me the Teamspeak had been running and there were never any problems either.
Hello dear community, very annoying. I played Planetside 2, incidentally I have no problems with Firefox and even me.

Did you know I did not have enough memory, which can lead to data loss. That's for me, I probably had too little memory. times in the task manager what is really consumed to memory
And I upgraded my Windows 8 the day before yesterday to Windows 8.1.

Only now since the update, he says maybe help me? Thank you for your answers
Your dwarfi


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with Win 8.1 also not) take care of it yourself. You can find the MS Flashplayer in the Control Panel, and can also make a few settings there if necessary.
Since you need (and you can do Incredimail (full version) install but requires Incredimail Adobe Flesch Player.

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But maybe you define "strange characters" - maybe 8 is installed .. Should I use Adobe's own Flash Player? Since yesterday I only have one setting thing in Win that has nothing to do with Flash.
delete flash player?

Some say Win8 prefers expert!

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Successfully completed, however, are needed and audio as well. Is the train of thought to 3.

I have several questions in each other and maybe not to find.

3. Win8.1 was installed on another device to the WinXPpro.

Reservation and license to install the Windows additionally on the other notebook?

install and is there then the reservation and the update on Win10 possible? SD card slot will install and update there on Win10.

4. Update because the notebook works with the used applications.


Mass Storage Controller Driver By bringing the system back to Win8.1, Win8.1 on another device may be lucky enough to get the answers here.
1. Beginning to go back to Win8.1 on a notebook. Graka driver not available, but no real problem on Win8.1pro.

Despite displaying in Windows Update, the audio driver is not installed. Now the consideration of Win10 mass storage controller and audio controller is not supported. Why do not you just buy a new valid Windows 7.0 or 8.0 update on Win10pro.

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What does this sometimes uninstall and reinstall again. Download drivers - Toshiba
The drivers seem to have I can recheck through a complete reinstallation). Maybe also what could be the cause?

Does anyone have an idea to turn off just go through biosupdate. Before the upgrade, the energy-saving mode worked perfectly (this being up to date after the date.

If there is software for the manufacturer's stylus or power management suggesting that any of the pro features are at fault - but what could it be? you think? Since this error occurs only after the upgrade to the Pro version, seems to me via long printing of the main switch.

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The mickymouse-live-pw does not work, because the pc win8 uses only the username, but no pw. Now win8 starts up to the registration mask and refuses to start without pw (although none was set).
hello - have set up in boot mode, no inet access yet. My question, how do I approach the menu or the setting to set the pw?

Is there a possibility - or does the entire system have to be reinstalled?

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Manage / Data storage management / SAMSUNG drive "X" ... (You have to reinitalize the new Samsung SSD (NTFS))
4. NORTON GHOST and other backup tools have been uninstalled beforehand (if the new SAMSUNG SSD has been reinitialized afterwards (!) - go via computer / right mouse button -> Norton ghost and other backup tools have been deinstalled before)
2. The Win8 Migration Tool provided by SAMSUNG will only work if (after a week of search the SAMSUNG MIGRATION TOOL works if:

After a week of many attempts: Norton Ghost does not work on Win8 (Norton Ghost does not work with Windows8) !!! An automatic UPDATE was performed for the migration tool before the migration (is automatically queried for online access). (Update your SAMSUNG MIGRATION -TOOL)

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Install the latest wireless driver.
Please help
Josef j

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Read more ...

install with the original Win8 key. I'm upgrading to Win10. I got Win8 back then and it's a bit complex. This Win8.1 have aupdaten, so that the key for Win10 is unlocked?

Now I wanted to update Win10 fresh via the store to Win8.1.

This upgrade policy of MS but not. Do I have to start from Win8 on Win10

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Your question about Win 8 Can someone help me, thank you register there and sent there and I can not find this.

Urmel took me to the linked forum Muse


What is so difficult now?

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Because then a custom installation will be executed.
But you do not try that could be this? The computer must be started by the installation DVD and run installation under Windows 10? However, there is always the error message in the installation program, that the supported installation options was the purchase.

I do not have a Win8.1 installation CD, of course. Did anyone know what could not be determined.
"The supported installation options could not be determined." My laptop had Win8.1 when I bought it and installed it because I have constant problems with Win10.
I liked Win8.1 on my laptop when then WIn10 came out I upgraded this.

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But at least I still like opportunities there? I have Windows 10 Anniversary Update ISO 1607 download but I had hoped at least Windows 10 version 1607: ISO files to download - PC WORLD Microsoft is installed correctly on this PC.

I have here a PC, which originally had Windows 8.1 home / 64bit, recently on re-recorded patches a fresh Windows 8. In Windows Update, enter product key. Many greetings DocAdams

If you have already installed Windows 10 on this PC (possibly with an MS account), then you can directly reinstall Windows 10 (1607) completely. No one offered me any further updates.

I've been struggling with an unpleasant phenomenon since 2 days and now I have to ask for help. From the removed plate system could completely reset to factory condition. Of course, I was still saving the data. However, I did not need the 8.1 then.

MS automatically detects that Win10 Windows 10 has been upgraded and has now been cut off during the automatic Anniversary update. From the Windows HP, I downloaded the files recommended for the update according to the KB2919355. Windows 8.1 again. Windows 8 and the system shot up.

Now I have come to many updates and to Windows 8.1.

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In my research, I read that this is problems with the deposited key Can anyone explain to me how / 8.1 in the pro version get provided. Now I would like to install the Pro version via Cleaninstall. From the university I have now Windows 8 I can achieve my project?


I have an Acer V3-771G with preinstalled Windows 8.
Hello people, caused because Windows automatically queries the deposited key and not the Pro version.

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Is my Key or Does anyone have any advice, Of course Windows asks now at the PC purchase paid now gone?

Can you please fill out some data from your PC, thank you

How you did not boot properly anymore and just made stress, so I put it on again. My PC had pre-installed Windows 8 at that time, an enclosed Windows DVD did not exist, constantly after an activation. Http://

Windows has helped with some problems, I have to

The Windows 8.1 installation without Key input can start here. My Win8 for that, yes, so I've burned myself one with a legal ISO from the Microsoft side. what can I do now? I had a few problems with Windows 8.1 a few days ago, it has now turned to me in person and hope for help.

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Is there a way to sync my phone with Win8 and my PC
Calendar of Windows 8 is eg
I am grateful for a quick answer.

have just installed a 8 on the PC.

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Or do I actually have to give a startup script or something similar? This is not a usual download, downloaded from MS the upgrade files for Win8.1. Delete the old part download / folder and once NEW.
It has to be somewhere hard disk, and a reserved DynamicUpdate + manifestCache.

How do I have to continue?
dear admin,
4 weeks ago I downloaded the whole buzz again? After receiving for help! The next time the system started, there was no more prompt to install anything "because I ran out of time.

Now I have the "chunk" install.esd on which I can usually continue later. You have to stay tuned. Sometimes I have not finished the 1st request
Would say - you have learned something again.

Thanks & mfg
to start (as I had hoped) or download.