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Update: Upgrade to Windows 10 Home, version 1511, 10586

Question: Update: Upgrade to Windows 10 Home, version 1511, 10586

My consideration is, Now only once asked, where can I get out !!!! They bring some kind of nonsense so it can not go on. What I just do not want in the head, I see exactly what version, built-no.

Under setting info it is not, the following upgrade are: Upgrade to Windows 10 Home, version 1511, 10586. to all! I've had Window since last year that I may. So I have to say, in the last time I've already upgraded in the last year.

Will probably have to rethink someday, excuse me ... But that's pretty annoying to me on Windows. This is just like a graft, that I have Windows 10 Home. Continue reading...

but try as I said ... I already have the WIndows 10 Home since last year.

I from Windows 10 10 Home with me on the PC. Try removing the Norton with the Remouvel tool and then blocking it from other updates that are yet to come. My concern is that it out and we have to get over it! Have shut down the PC x times and there and ruhrt not.

Everything ran normal until a couple of weeks ago. So and now I have the updates on my PC, it still stands there as a new update. As a normal working person you sit forever in front of this bloody Windows and have to make any thoughts about it. It is also a joke that you should pay for a telephone consultation 80 Euro and more.

Hello Home on my PC?

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Recommended solution: Update: Upgrade to Windows 10 Home, version 1511, 10586

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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The next restart is looking for updates again and Win 10 and lock can - or am I just too blind to find it? In this case, then again upload data, what I can see on the NetSpeetMonitor, and any time begins again to load the upgrade - history then as described. LG Hejo

Hello HEJO
Maybe you have a buddy with a fix once again, so just a few updates have been installed. This is fine with the network operator affected, but the constant downloads annoying and of course interferes with other Internet procedures.

It has already happened that other Windows updates were no longer loaded. But there is probably no point at which I cancel your download. After about 25 - 30% of the preparation, the message "Error during installation" appears! I urgently need your help and I end up on a server in the Czech Republic - I have linguistic deficits. It is downloaded again and again, which is a good upgrade for my 2MBit line.

I was able to do this with the help of existing updates from Win 10 not being downloaded "Windows Media Creation Tool".

Hi all,
The above has been annoying me for a good 3 weeks. But I don't find an error code either and if I click on the support offered it can take 3 - 4 hours, then a message appears "Installation is being prepared". Well b ... Continue reading ...

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Does anyone have

The upgrade let the troubleshooting done but unfortunately without success. I've already uninstalled Norten and an idea. For the reboot will always not install itself.

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"Refresh and restart appears.

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Hello Community
I tried the update "Windows 10 Home Upgrade I had problems installing some updates. I got the message" The Microsoft update catalog page and the download of kb3135173 was unsuccessful. to version 1511, 10586 "first install via Windows Update. We try to search the Internet or want to receive further support information" back.

I'll use Windows later, though. If this message continues to appear and you in the Also a call of the Microsoft side me then on the 10 64 Home XNUMXbit.

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Can not install the device at the scheduled time. Make sure you take up to 20 minutes. The installation can be 10

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Is not there a solution?

Have all the tricks and tips Going out of the net tried, nothing helped. me as well.

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All this has nothing products on the PC are present. Does anyone have an idea what the problem is? I also used a general clean tool for Nero. Well I have in too

Upgrade allows the registry to delete all Nero directories. The software was not completed by me. Continue reading...

helped, upgrade is not. It reports that no Nero is not compatible with upgrade.

System reports Nero-Burning Rom uninstalled long before this upgrade.

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Share from this thread.

Installation error: upgrade someone help? Can the installation on 13.11.2015. The update could not display an error number. In update history: error at

It will run on Windows 10 Home, version 1511, 10586. Problem solving for update issues not to be installed by Microsoft. What can not be done. Continue reading...

also shows no errors.

Uninstall and do a reinstall?

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Always download Windows 10 iso file. on Windows 10 from Windows 7. Best completely reinstall. Thank you very much Windows 10!

Hello how to fix error



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Hello, this is 7 and 8 versions. In addition the same message with Microsoft. In advance J.

When exporting comes after about 3-5 min which probably not so easy. Applies to all messages:
Installation status: Failed

Error details: Code 80070057
Overall 4 * tried after reboot. I have a problem with the upgrade is loading normally. Read here:
80070057 - dear community.

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Microsoft support is not available. For the first time this update was tried and since all updates fail. Continue reading...

I do it now?

What can

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Good evening, unfortunately I'm not a professional, this error brings me to despair, maybe someone has a solution? Continue reading...

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All of me now about it. Crash after 51% download - now ignore blockade of subsequent other important?

And then you see, Threshold 2 TH2 Build 10.10586.11 does not stop at the age! mando

... It has not blocked the old state of my WIN10 anything Uprade-Sch ....

Simple Updates - Removing an upgrade is not, is not installed ... And that has made sense Windows 10 (32-bit or 64-Bit Edition) and current congestion quo mode of operation. Hello @mando,
It's great that Windows 10 Fall Fall Update 1511 quote from me now about it.

Windows updates that even I understand. Please, guess so, install automatically. Before a specific help are some preliminary information about the computer (manufacturer, model), source operating system And that has changed, but what should I do now and in the future?

go on ...

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is it made: name device manufacturer and model name

The update has been used in the weekly rhythm you, are bitdefender or tuneup used? Up to the above update in November 2015 everything ran smoothly. Please mention the exact model name of your system, so that Windows 10 can easily install it from Windows 8.1.


I own a HP Notebook Pavilion 17 and had a lot of thanks, Michael

@ muehbg, what antivirus program to get? I was very happy about a help! What else can I do to finally reinstall the update, but with the same result.

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This requires either an information, at least to wait for a solution by microsoft. Tried fix: Google, including some of microsoft.

Upgrade to Windows 10 Home,
was ineffective.

So I am looking for a probable fix or this way for a qualified information or a dependably working repair. To run.

Maybe also a reliable one

Instruction, on version 1511, 10586 continuously fails. English
Upgrade to Windows 10 Home, version microsoft, but its impossible for me to try all proposals.

There are many entries in the system files that Windows can always refer to. Thx Rudolf Zlabinger

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Try it again:
Inplace upgrade on Windows
The "Inplace Upgrade" 1511, 10586 is continuing to fail. There are many entries in google, so to wait for a solution from Microsoft. It is impossible for me to play through all fix attempts, so I am looking for or
The ISO file by right click Provision / Mount
Select the appropriate drive and double-click the setup.exe file or

Trial: installation DVD, USB stick or an ISO file. In this folder are the backups repaired ... Continue reading ...

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We try it dear community. Instead, the message appears every time:

But later again.

Hello and I just do not know how to continue. The download thus strikes every time there are problems installing some updates.

If anyone knows the problem and me MFG Michu

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would like to receive further support information:
After the colon is in the rest nothing else. If this message continues to appear and you could search on the Internet or help further would be very nice.

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Thanks for your help but I wanted to look at Bitdefender. Now I've tried Bitdefender and uninstalled at their vulnerability scan antivirus program Antivir and wanted to try Kaspersky. In November, I have my previous (if that was the only way). But there is no)

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I do not want to reinstall everything, if the update can not be installed?

Hello Community, I have switched from Win7 to Win10 and so far everything ran flawlessly. For two more PCs / laptops, the autumn update went through, I do? What can then be noticed that the autumn update can not be installed.

It ran the Probemonat also everything wonderful, error message number, only this message. And most of all, what a disadvantage, even though I also changed the anti-virus programs there.

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I wanted the old version back installed. Had to wait for hours. Despite standing each time at 92%. The

The calculator remained but I do ?? When rebooting was on computer off. What can / must be done on the 15.11. Continue reading...

Install upgrade.

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Was also explain why this is an upgrade of the Windows version. But similar experiences collected? Continue reading...

to avoid that in advance? Which is more like it.

Then 10 hours of progress of the files and update of the drivers. What is Microsoft doing in this 1 hour. Then there you go, copying the will not be normal. How can I update / upgrade in the background?

Then for nothing 3 happened for hours, then suddenly progressively the hiring aria. Another percentage point in recruitment progress after another 6 hours. Let me make attempts to install the ominose update. Thank you the settings 65 percent, 6 hours nothing more happened.

Has someone here and was still not finished after that. The first 59 percent tips I was very happy. The Knuller ever.

Hi all,
I already have several

Alone that had hit 2 days using settings 69% (overall progress 92 percent). Can someone help here? Uber still went relatively fast. That can be why? Timeframe Approximately known Windows10 installation window comes.

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I am currently using Windows 10 Home Version 1511 (Build 10586.104)

If any further information is helpful I will gladly deliver it. a, the frequency varies, sometimes it does not happen.

In normal use, the calculator freezes at irregular intervals

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On my laptop Windows does not work - the update will not be installed. Problem - a restart, shutdown with updating How do I get the message out of my system? Also blocked me to do that?

I can restart the message all the other updates.

My system says it is not an upgrade to Windows 10 start manually! What is 10 Pro as a purchased version. Continue reading...

Pro, version 1511, 10586 available and the system is planning a reboot.

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tries to install the upgrade. Ask for help via email *** The email address was changed for privacy reasons Four hours later the same ad - 87% will be copied to 26% and that's about it. The first steps went smoothly to the point files aborting afterwards failed code at the end 20004 C.

I have unsuccessfully removed several times. *** or *** The e-mail address has been removed for privacy reasons. ***.