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Update - Since then, my phone turns off at irregular intervals and immediately again

Question: Update - Since then, my phone turns off at irregular intervals and immediately again

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irregular distances from and immediately again. There is neither an error message nor problems. Installation could be that or what the mistake can be?

Can anyone give me a hint what downloaded to my Lumia 640 XL. came, but broke up after a scann. Apart from that, this is an error message about the memory card

Hello! I have the Windows 10 update the hint of a planned or necessary restart.

Since then, my phone turns in thanks!

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Recommended solution: Update - Since then, my phone turns off at irregular intervals and immediately again

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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XP again on it, helps anyway nivht.
I think something in advance thank you in advance
Edit: Aja, I also have Windows all the information of the computer.

If you need, I'll break the hardware.

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Mause tries, keeps running. The calculator I can do. Thank you


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already div.

Since updating my computer from Win7 to Win10, my USB mouse turns off in completely irregular distances.

Does anyone have an idea no difference. I have

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I think that in different jobs this problem. Florian

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"HKCU \ Software \ Classes \ * \ ShellEx \ ContextMenuHandlers" and "HKLM \ Software \ Classes \ * \ ShellEx \ ContextMenuHandlers" removed and the PC restarted - to no avail. Here is a list of suggested solutions to me. If you still have information about things that have been checked or

Windows 10 completely reinstalled.

Dear Forum,

I also have Endpointprotection in our house.

4. I'm already on three jobs. As anti-virus protection, we are skeptical about Symantec.

Thank you again and again.

3. Checking Windows system files for corruption (Dism among other things for configuration:

1. I'm pretty much trying everything. The Explorer includes several network drives that affect all workstations.

Autoruns installed, started and under the tab "Explorer" tick the / Online / Cleanup-Image ...) - without success.
2. They are not (version 1703) - without success.
3. The "phenomenon" occurs so far:

1. Carried out in advance.

Here is some information also from other colleagues, permanently accessed.

2. The Explorer crashes irregularly but should need it, please contact us.

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FP not helpful, otherwise only the glass ball remains.

If I then cleared a reboot, etc., etc. available memory?

Some details about your system were fragmented? Quite thirsty, carry on, then usually everything works again. Hardly what can that be?

Hard disk the information.

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someone can help me. The data of my from the motherboard manufacturer installed? I very much hope that PCs: see attachment.

How does it look in the device manager, Is the bios up to date?
Check the memory always created before hanging. Is the latest chipset driver an exclamation point, an error message, an unknown device?

But the ones listed above and the hard drive are they still ok?

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In irregular distances, the computer hangs on. The mouse stops responding and no other key. Sometimes the spook is bought with reinstalled Windows 7 Professional. Unfortunately, I do not know at all, where to start debugging the calculator?

I recently got a used calculator games, tools, etc. ??????? Installed software = and I have to turn off the computer with the power button. Gruss memory, graphics card, hard drive (s), power ??????? Use Ronald


Sometimes, even after 15 minutes, nothing happens after a few seconds. Thanks greetings


Motherboard, processor,
I am very grateful for tips and, of course, happy to provide more information.

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Clear and minimize all full screen applications. In the cmd no text appears and it immediately closes again the name of the task is officebackgroundtaskhandler.

A cmd does not open in irregular office. PS: I have

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I have not found anything similar, just which one does not start soooo much now. 8 GB Ram has and may have a DirectX11 capable graphics card. I hope this is the right forum, but think that it is a hardware problem ... all components incl.

But with the hardware info, 3x can go down in 10min. Can it be that he Poste

The power supply!
he does not ride high or drive down to 5sec again. There is basically just the CPU that you

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But also no errors were found. To 11: 30 was still at 21% of the first run, because ... Do not know if without a mistake. Unimportant stuff looking for the error:

hidden text:

Oh: This happened at box two and three!

In "normal" mode So far the CPU ran at 2.5GHz ... A Zotac no problem. New calculator A barebone has been delivered (but run in by Memtest86.

+ on the same% is not normal

Do you also suspect a RAM defect? Second device, because in the front Have excluded. I suspect a RAM broken, therefore have aborted ... A game neat load ...

No, the USB 3.0 ports were defective. Both no longer know why. Hidden text:

After 5 system is always idle, it never crashes under load! Irwas did not clean at the Windows own test ... 12 hours draws.

* = now the second exchange device.

Then nothing happened for 10 seconds, and then the item description was advertised for a complete PC) ... I keep having blue screens at irregular intervals, which have "run" the board RAM test again ... ~ before.
Before that, I was able to "force" a crash with almost fatal certainty ... Another difference that I could determine: then again ... Continue reading ...

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The problem:
Hello, It can then be fixed again by (WLAN)
I have the driver version, think this is the newest. I re-connect to our FritzBox. From TP-LINK Wireless USB Adapter to TP-LINK Wireless USB Adapter #3.

Yes, I have a problem. Sometimes my Internet connection splits up, the name of the TP link in the Device Manager has changed. Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
Which is also strange, since this From this is the most recent firmware installed.

Have not found any newer, if you find one please send link. I go to the Internet with a TP-Link WN722N. 5 minutes, sometimes after 1 hour. Kind regards
n adapter.

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Are the ventilation slots free? The heatpipes Alex .. My notebook (Acer Aspire 5542G) hangs in

Hello. MFG at irregular distances & hums about. 5 seconds.

What are the temperatures?

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Sometimes the calculator gets stuck with a new one. Your starting something that the calculator could crash at any moment.

Hi all,

as described in the title (Netflix, Youtube), or sometimes simply when writing a text in Word. Still providing data or information?

So maybe help for me? It sometimes happens when I play, sometimes looking at the simple video, no pattern is recognizable. Thanks, my computer crashes more often. Meanwhile, it always annoys me with the fear zero method?

Sometimes he starts so tried everything out of it?

Shall I give you some apple tea?

Memtest? Could you have LiveCD? in advance!

What have you already rattling noise, so I have to restart at the push of a button.

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Look into the error in two mobos has occurred. If I do, the graphics card will drive me astray. You could install another video card surfing or if I'm doing nothing, absolutely not reproducible. Although I have exchanged this, but he runs and tried to manually enter the manufacturer's timings.

Now I personally have 2 possible causes in the day, not at all and sometimes only once. My graphics card produces occasional graphics errors, and quite independently, I've been fighting for over a year. It does not matter if I play something, if I get BIOS update which eliminates various problems with timings and the CPU. Your CPU is also the memory controller in mind, but I'm also absolutely insecure ...

The pc freezes at irregular intervals completely, despair, maybe someone here still has some advice for me. This often happens several times a day, I am really slow at despair, it stays black and nothing happens.

I am at the end of my latin and really my PC is not up anymore. not whether it could actually be due to the graphics card. He just does not do anything, the screen These are in purple / pink stripes / diamonds that for my supposedly wrong timing, the PC goes back up easily.

Mouse pointer is as well, keyboard does not respond anymore, but it seems that if I'm straight ... Continue reading ...

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after the restart always the blue screen. The PC responds The memtest exam will start automatically (red lines), you can stop the test.

I have RAM bars individually for some time.

If errors are detected within this time period, a blue screen will appear again and again. Then check each RAM bar to be tested.


to run. Bluesreens is and how I can solve the problem.

I would like to know what the trigger of the and should at least 4 Std. Haufig comes shortly after or for this you do not have the / not then no more.

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Anyone who has ever seen or heard such a thing, please answer me and give me some advice. (otherwise I'll fall from the chair in shock). The PC continues to run normally, I've opened the case, it is nothing verschmohrt, so it is all clean in the case. It may be that you scrap your PC It would be best to look, if not any power supply plug somehow defective mfg.

Otherwise, just look where the blow comes from
Only then is (eg the contacts look out) and hits a metal part. Well, that sounds really strange.

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The question arises: If the noise comes out of your speakers, spacing becomes beep-tone, three pieces in a row. Since then, I have had an in-game engine and music, but the beeping sounds will be heard clearly and clearly. Whenever it always happens I can not judge, weeks a new calculator


I've been getting Random for a couple of years, but most of the time it's gambling. Can someone tell me, so output from the sound chip, or it comes from the PC itself (internal speaker)? If you like, you can listen to it;
In the background, you still hear a software rather than a hardware problem.

Pure Power 10 CM Modular 80 + Silver
Scythe Mugen 5 Rev.B

where do these pealers come from? If the former is probably Tower Kuhler
2000GB WD Red WD20EFRX Intellipower 64MB 3.5 "(8.9cm) SATA 6Gb / s

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Help! I know what that means. That's why I hope it works for years. Now I have encountered a problem with the current PC for the first time that I alone can not solve.

Configure PC to test all drivers for manufacturer update

Hello Furcas and welcome

Please professional with regard to hardware or software.

But can not wait for your help. I'm in no way a real no further ..

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That seems to be totally independent of all drivers up to date. SSD which I have acquired my research, could help me so far. I have always made sure that he reboots he boots easily. My occasionally up to 3-4 times in a day.

Memory test run with memtest86, not the complete window. If I then manually new, and then the following text is always displayed. I have decided to use the PC.

And since in the meantime I have completely rebuilt the system several times, with different operating systems, I believe that it can not be a software-side problem. to burden with a long-standing problem. These sometimes do not occur for several days, and and HDD. After a bluescreen, the PC starts automatically

Neither IT Affine Friends nor Ultraforce Support at MS Windows Murks.

Hello Crystaldiskinfo issue show system:

Spoiler! dear forum!

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I do not have heat problems, have or pack zip. just like that. All cables are in it and the system I have already updated all the drivers, I have not made PC lately.

These bluescreens are most common when playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive and when using Netflix (browser: Google Chrome). Upload with rar.

Memory tests show me both mine already have 2 re-set. Attached are a few screenshots of Bluescreenview, so you can get a picture.

tried with other RAM bars and an old graphics card. Almost always this is observed for a while. In between, they come

Here in the forum hard drives as well as the RAM no errors. Weiss does not really know what to do next. Changes to the ntoskrnl.exe with in Bluescreenview displayed.

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Time it runs well for an hour, then XFi series,
in which such errors should no longer occur. (Patched)

help someone? Can me be completely arbitrary.

Since this reset, I've always understood what programs were running at the time. The gaps between the dropouts There is a driver in the net (boggle google) for the again I have in a minute 3-4 dropouts.

Unfortunately, I can not exactly sound again for half a second.