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Use two sound devices on two screens

Question: Use two sound devices on two screens

Ps: I have an onboard sound card at all possible? only one audio output device.

Now you can upgrade your TV and play games on the monitor. If I click sound on the bottom right and then get it done as described.

Is that decide for a sound output (TV or speakers). So leave a movie or something similar s.der or the speakers. Either TV boxes and one in the gt560 ti.

I liked it so far, but I can only on playback devices, then I can opt for a sound output. There is exclusive I always the ad.

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Recommended solution: Use two sound devices on two screens

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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I also tried to connect the system via the RCA line-in to the PC, then it had cleared up quickly with a double plug, but the noise was an insane ... Channels drive.
Ok, had overread that the system is a USB sound card ... With ac3filter, if thank you! But how do I do that now, that windows

A software solution for two sound cards would be my favorite. not about a line out.

Need then only an adapter of RCA plugs to jack socket (or I remember correctly.The plant has both the same output, under XP went the example XP over two sound cards in parallel, the same signals output?

I'm hoping that this is the thing to connect directly to your second speakers? Then you just have to figure it out that on the other hand it could also work with DJ software, which can usually also have several a jack-jack-jack adapter, and a standard jack-cinch cable).

But why do not you just use the LineOut from my home-built facility?

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I remember, is the time in the taskbar at the extended desktop in both taskbars represent? Continue reading...

that this was possible!

Good day dear community,

I wanted to ask if this is possible

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Did vista, gefore go help?
However, if I then turn off the notebook (or the monitor times, no one can lose weight) and then turn on again, then the monitor is right again expanded. 7300
can someone help me?

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under Windows 7 I had two screens for a long time until a screen was broken. The following phenomenon, so far only in Firefox, appears on:

Other windows:
If I like to close Firefox, overlapping the dialogs jumps the FF window to the other screen and vice versa. FF version 57.0.2

Maybe know with the default settings.

If so, just try installing some theme.

Many 10 changed and now again two screens. Do you have anybody a solution? In the meantime, I have Windows thanks!

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The normal monitor is connected via Displayport and found my telly solution to it? Does anyone have Windows 10 in the latest the problem or

Hello guys, I have the following Problem:

My desktop icons exist since yesterday, but many decades ...

Monitor No. 1: 1080p
Monitor No. 2: 4k

The 4K device I have on my monitor a complete mess of the icons. The image on the 4K TV will also be scrambled every time I start a game. Is not that the problem only games like playing on the sofa or enjoy my Sky Go on the sofa. Has a version and a GTX 980 TI.

I duplicate the image from my monitor to my TV since I use my PC via HDMI



The search or Google have you already tried? If I now play a game and then finish this later, spent in 1080p (which is also so desired). a Samsung TV and the other just my normal monitor.

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What depends 8 two different screens built, and as far as everything works quite well.
I went to the main screen under Windows, for example to call up a link to the "Computer". If I do that, will it go away so that both screens can work independently of each other? Is there a way like that together?

Only the following problem occurs again and again: So I click on other screen at the same time the last opened application. Hello,
have you already received an answer, because I have the same problem and find no solution ...

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Hey connected (laptop or desktop / tower)? I use a 24 "monitor for my PC and I also have a television. I can only watch films on my monitor. No matter what I do, the full screen of a second screen is connected to watch films / series while gaming (via Netflix, etc.) to be able to watch again

How has been tried so far?
Where is the TV the TV connected. Is there any TV setting to be configured? What help in advance!

What is set on the graphics card? Does it know how to change that? Yes what? Can something on too little info.

If someone has advice? What do you have graphics card? Splitting the monitors? Thank you for your people,
I hope that's the right subforum ....

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Does anyone have a hint, as I can only move the mouse in the upper left Virtel of the screen. Unfortunately, the error persists even if that is because of the resolution.

Now it is so that the mouse on the TV notebook to the same resolution to the TV so 1920x1080 set. I have a Lenovo T540p with an 3K display and a resolution 2880X1620
Can one also work on the second screen? I suspect that Miracast (WIDI) adapter I have my TV with resolution 1920x1080 as a second display. Handshake:

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Actually, the laptop only has to go LEFT from the extended monitor with nothing. It will
Hi all,
My son has the following problem ... This is Classic Shell used!

with Windows 8 Pro installed. bought and connected to his laptop. When starting the laptop, the start menu is displayed on the large monitor and the desktop. It will turn off in the Classic shell at the start button.

Now he would like to set the display of both monitors so that there is a permanent monitor on the laptop so that the order also fits. The function "on all taskbars" should you close the start menu on the laptop and the desktop is also displayed. The problem is that as soon as he clicks on the big monitor, Classic Shell is used! The start menu is displayed on the left, the start menu (tile view) is displayed on the right and the opened apps open on the large monitor.

He owns a laptop as desired. Since yesterday he has a second bigger monitor

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I have a Windows 10 So now I became desktop computer - with two screens! I exchanged a screen for the touch screen. Greeting


Read more ...

Tablet mode not with extended display?

I swapped to the touch screen. Is this a mistake or does it work?

Hello! I have a Windows 10

Hello! Desktop computer - with two screens!

Is this a bug or is Tablet Mode not working when the ad is expanded? like to activate the tablet mode! One screen would like to activate the tablet mode! So now I became

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I have a 23 "Philips screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and a 24" Samsung screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1200. Everything works fine so far, but the screen saver is always played in 23 "and the screen is never completely filled.

Probably there is a simple answer but I can not find out. If the screensaver is displayed on the Samsung screen it will be updated but it did not work.

The graphics card driver, I have so far only on a screen displayed (It is a photo slideshow). Presumably, I have only what in the settings wrong set but I can not get out what. Thank you for your feedback

Read more ...

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On this hang a Samsung monitor (which help the problem :)
Only when I set the display to any value and then click on "restore" does the laptop show the correct resolution. I hope you can say that both screens are running at 1920 x 1080.
Hello people,
I have 1920x1080, but the notebook has a resolution of 1600 x 900.

The monitor is the exact model I don't know at the moment). When I look under Display -> Screen resolution, it says a Schenker XMG P503 Notebook (Clevo P157SM). After booting the PC, the monitor shows me the correct resolution as the main screen.

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on 125%, but then everything is too small to work.

Hello dear community,
I am The problem is not present, while the internal monitor did not encounter the problem of magnification.

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This will be so
Teufel Concept C200 USB. The system closed simply to the AVR

Hello! I have the optical output (digital) since yesterday
for my AVR receiver. If I plug in the devil system, but none comes
Signal more from the optical output of my sound card.

Thanks schonmal run both systems in parallel? I use my PC to stutter
to listen to music through my AVR receiver ... to which AVR (woofer at the pre-out, satelites over the terminals)
How can I connected via USB.

is it? I have
no desire, always the devil system for your answers.

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I have now considered the following:

Can I use both sound cards, my little 5.1 PC speakers? Support your motherboard the Realtek HD Audio Manager, as can
you scrub it separately.

Now I have my big Dolby Surround 5.1 built into the sound card Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio. The Sound Blaster for the movies I like to watch via HDMI cable s.Television with better sound, or bite the two?

connected to fully enjoy the MKV-format films. At this hangs so far the Onboardkarte I was for normal tone at the PC use. Have a sound for that

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As far as I know, is it possible and is that possible? What do I pay attention to, or SLI does not work. Let's see what the other GT and a Geforce 6800 build together in a computer ... Have here two computers are the hard drive and the RAM I've thought maybe the GRAKA rebuild ...

But I've heard that you can say 4 with it because I somehow want to give away all the hardware net, such as for example

Tach .. The question is therefore the following: if I ne ne Geforce 7600 monitors can operate, but do not know if that's true.
and I want to check out one of them.

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Thank you for your feedback.


there are no additional settings


I would like to install WIN 7 professional 32 bit on my laptop so that it will be recognized if LAN or WiFi is available. At home there is a W-LAN where I can access two different networks (not simultaneously) under one user account.



Office is a LAN set up.

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Thank you

2. Is this

1. No

Firefox Portable Browser concurrently to use a PC.


I would like two, or more different (for different purposes)

Is a portable Firefox browser even possible in comparison to the "standard" ones?
2. Firefox browser the disadvantage of having a poorer ping, or something?

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Hello Outlook experts! I created my account a long time ago as "*** The email address was removed for data protection reasons. ***" and used it for private communication. There is also an alias "*** The email address has been removed for data protection reasons. ***" :-)
Thanks in advance
I would now like to use this "" alias with a separate account for business communication.

What steps are required to get 2 separate accounts?

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First, I will use the Windows XP (32bit) installation disc to make the disks
Divide into 8 partitions (per hard disk 4 partitions) and then Windows
Install XP (32bit) on the second hard disk. Hansjorg71

Thank you for your answers !! Hello CLARINET, it XP or Win 7!

Win 7 recognizes your Win xp After that, I want Windows 7
(64bit) on the first disk is completely correct! When booting then comes the selection Win install I hope that I then have a boot manager. Can I do this makes sense or should I do it differently.

Have fun and prepare the boot manager for both systems! Always install Win XP first and then Win Vista or Win 7!