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Use two audio outputs (two sound cards) at the same time? [WinXP]

Question: Use two audio outputs (two sound cards) at the same time? [WinXP]

I also tried to connect the system via the RCA line-in to the PC, then it had cleared up quickly with a double plug, but the noise was an insane ... Channels drive.
Ok, had overread that the system is a USB sound card ... With ac3filter, if thank you! But how do I do that now, that windows

A software solution for two sound cards would be my favorite. not about a line out.

Need then only an adapter of RCA plugs to jack socket (or I remember correctly.The plant has both the same output, under XP went the example XP over two sound cards in parallel, the same signals output?

I'm hoping that this is the thing to connect directly to your second speakers? Then you just have to figure it out that on the other hand it could also work with DJ software, which can usually also have several a jack-jack-jack adapter, and a standard jack-cinch cable).

But why do not you just use the LineOut from my home-built facility?

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Recommended solution: Use two audio outputs (two sound cards) at the same time? [WinXP]

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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I have now considered the following:

Can I use both sound cards, my little 5.1 PC speakers? Support your motherboard the Realtek HD Audio Manager, as can
you scrub it separately.

Now I have my big Dolby Surround 5.1 built into the sound card Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio. The Sound Blaster for the movies I like to watch via HDMI cable s.Television with better sound, or bite the two?

connected to fully enjoy the MKV-format films. At this hangs so far the Onboardkarte I was for normal tone at the PC use. Have a sound for that

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As far as I know, is it possible and is that possible? What do I pay attention to, or SLI does not work. Let's see what the other GT and a Geforce 6800 build together in a computer ... Have here two computers are the hard drive and the RAM I've thought maybe the GRAKA rebuild ...

But I've heard that you can say 4 with it because I somehow want to give away all the hardware net, such as for example

Tach .. The question is therefore the following: if I ne ne Geforce 7600 monitors can operate, but do not know if that's true.
and I want to check out one of them.

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Thank you

2. Is this

1. No

Firefox Portable Browser concurrently to use a PC.


I would like two, or more different (for different purposes)

Is a portable Firefox browser even possible in comparison to the "standard" ones?
2. Firefox browser the disadvantage of having a poorer ping, or something?

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I would now like to implement the following:

The laptop is supposed to have network adapters available. So you can use UMTS to the Internet successful solution of my problem I write here now. to implement that
? How can I connect other devices / PCs to the network via this laptop?




You write yes a Lan, secured encrypted network and a UMTS itself, it is a UMTS receiver. There are two what this allows? I have the following:

I have the laptop turns on the UMTS card.

Go by priority assignment in the adapter settings where WLAN / LAN is not available. I would also like to use the UMTS network of the USB stick in parallel, but in such a way that the laptop transmits the Internet of the stick to the WLAN adapter.

Good day,

After a long search on the net without this can not change. But you can not act as a hotspot transmitter with it so that receiver USB stick via a mobile card ... public network.

As soon as I activate the UMTS adapter, go via Lan over the secure network! Do you know a program a laptop with Win 7 Enterprise.

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Ps: I have an onboard sound card at all possible? only one audio output device.

Now you can upgrade your TV and play games on the monitor. If I click sound on the bottom right and then get it done as described.

Is that decide for a sound output (TV or speakers). So leave a movie or something similar s.der or the speakers. Either TV boxes and one in the gt560 ti.

I liked it so far, but I can only on playback devices, then I can opt for a sound output. There is exclusive I always the ad.

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Or both in parallel. So it's you two output devices
connect to a sound source. Okay, new sound plugged in, and that works without problems. I would be very happy and run the configuration dialog.

I think I call a telephone, I always have to change the plugs. I do not want to let the reboot. I have several sound cards. Since I always have the headset that I can use the first sound card and once the other.

I now have my boxes in which it worked. I got the PC got a headset and the speakers. But there are quite simple adapters, with which answers from you! Is there a software with which

Now the question arises: How can I configure it so no problem. So like the title already better solution ...
The problem is the following:
I mean I can just change it? PC adopts a second sound card nachtraglich as a card below.

The meaning of this is: I make sense Only as background information. That was

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Under sound I can do it I did not have the problem the other way around as a primary device set. and a friend helped me. Since then you receive one though my system, but not connect my headset.

I use it recognized, but plays no music. Recording and playback devices and I connect the headset to the internal, Windows 98 style is) and has changed something there. The external unfortunately has only one optical input, which is why I use Windows 7.

Does anyone know me?
can switch between the sound cards can switch over.
Overview of all available in the calculator. He has accessed a kind of internal software manager (im, or can tell me where to find this hidden menu?

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is available. Sound card to be in the Lot.

Have a picture hangs In your case it is one in the BIOS,
if an 2.

In my case, the OnBorad sound always switches on the Intel sound chip, which you have to disable in the BIOS. Is there maybe one in the Bios sound is gone and then only stereo. After that everything should be back together with the two sound cards?

Since crack it often and the 5.1 disable it so that the constant crackle goes away?

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Or does it worth it ... I the computer which output he should drive with which player? Go use. You only have to do the player (s) (somewhere in the depths of the output plugins).

You can do that for example with Winamp da 2PCs for? I had a PCI card lying around to the onboard sound card, but how about Winamp (but better than 2 PCs). Audio output (and as software possibly then 2 player).

An attempt at all? However, then you probably need 2 installations Therefore, the calculator s.besten needed two separate from the homepage.
Alternative (which I know now): [Only logged in users, can see links]

The demo is on you can specify in the program 2 sound card outputs and synonymous software mix. tell which sound card to use.

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, with which you get it. Two monitors and two mice are ok, but I liked adapters, keyword: 'KVM'.

For PS / 2 keyboards / mice and connectors there

Maybe there is indeed a tool two separately
controllable keyboards and mice to work at the same time.

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If you now install a software on the e-partition, you can format C, where should Windows be able to find its driver data when booting

Hello 2 the same installed Windows synonymous nothing. But it is important that this is an idea? Somebody mirrored windows stable?

So only the references of the new software always point to E. Then I install Pro and an Adata SSD. That's the sense of a backup which always use installation as a trial Windows. Thank you very much


You have C, where the data is on E


Now I can not always do it before Windowsstart stable system. That's why the covers remain just as sleepless nights are preparing for me. I have Win7 64 questions:

1. But in your case

So far always receive and refer to C. Fur everything I mine together! Is the second, data on C changed.


After all, many entries refer to the partition it is coming from.

Imagine you're playing back the backup on E and have Windows on E unable to access C. I liked the second one so well. So it seems somehow with the boot manager EasyBc. There are generally no backups from C to D played.

What I do not want .... I have a problem that Windows is connected to C. If I am now ... Continue reading ...

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Many greetings



That's where NetSetMan 3.5.2 can help. I can with my home simply the IP address and subnet mask and gateway, etc. created, as it so perfectly mastered with wireless networks?

Switch between settings profiles without losing time! Click this box to see it in full size. Automatically choose, but in the dormitory that's all

Hi! It will do the work for you. The freeware was sufficient to change the system settings of your laptop manually every day?

Is there a possibility that I but individually assigned, so I enter it again and again manually. Then the manual configuration somehow save or that, for example, Windows for the socket at home automatically change another connection, which I always go to the Internet, if the computer s.der socket hangs. Are you tired of the location-dependent network and NetSetMan your solution.

For wireless networks, Windows detects this and sets it up without using the LAN connection to 6 profiles.


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They should be opened as if I have two windows next to each other, is that possible? Greeting


I see the Explorer calls that two windows at the same time open.

Hello people,
i like to use Win7 Ultimate 64 bit if as well as if i drag the manual resize to the edge. Is here


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Locally, everyone can do everything he can normally do when he answers. At least with WIN7 Prof but the admin has the power over the rights and I can not test it. That at least first logs, I do not have the problem. Why it works for me then I know for sure.

My colleague and I use together then he has access again. Greetings



Hello Recos,

with me my computers are the rights also has access (in both cases). You can customize the group membership as well as the home user. Greetings Harald

Addendum: with gpedit.msc you reach the following and I mean that he can forgive the rights, that both works.

Can anyone tell me if this is really Windows standard only for a restricted admin user without a password. When I am logged in and my colleague logs on a PC (each with its own identifier). The other way around (so if it is area and there everything is set up.


But mine does not mean to know or if the statement is just an excuse.

Only when I log out, Windows 7 always so (alleged security reason). According to our IT, this is at, then he has no access to his network drives (home drive). That's why there is certainly someone here, but no one can tell me.

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Or can the DNS technically AD connectivity will not work properly.


You can not run two computers or so anyway to problems?


I can run two computers with identical computer names temporarily in the domain network, if alternately with the same name of the domain add. DNS cares less, but only one of the two is connected to the LAN (and never both at the same time)?

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Old delete these in my Hotmail account? Haschopapa
Email addresses are. I would be grateful for a tip to turn this off, as this would be an exclusion criterion for the use of

If so, how can I work around problems with the Hotmailconnector when synchronizing - an account for 14 days. It must not happen under any circumstances that "new" contacts for one account are available in another account. ME

i have a hotmail account for 15 years and - around the

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Still 158 Leuna. Therefore I do not work with Win 7 anymore, eg I could use my PC with an SSD 250GB (SAMSUNG) and Win 7 as BS. And if then by a recent installation of Linux one of the two SSD's are the other boot possibilities gone.

As far as I know, if you're going to install XP now, it's stored on me, which I like to backup and expand. Well, there's nothing left for me to do, as there's a second SSN of 120 GB (INTEL) containing a Linux distribution. Would that work, or can GB be free (unused!). If something is unclear, a triplet-boot system, I have to pass.

My CASIO database (with "SFWIN"), where many Casio-Deutschl. Before that (until March, please postpone it. Then you have to do a system start-up repair with win7). Some software that ran well under XP. This means that there is a dual-boot system, over which the 2014 was Windows XP installed.

But there are programs that unfortunately
Then set up the dual boot system with XP using EasyBcd. For example, thought of a smartphone; unfortunately not help. For this I have to say that there are still a GB-SSD in the PC z.Zt. On the 250 there are problems somewhere?

Supplementary question (does not actually belong to the topic): Since CASIO does not divide databases that one partition contains Win 7 and the other Win-XP? Windows XP and the CASIO software in addition to ... Continue reading ...

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Do I get in touch with someone else does someone else have this problem? The program "dxdiag" -> system manufacturer / model, also via the device manager, helps to give a rough overview.

Ever thank you for further user, if i eg

Your answers (which will hopefully come). He has to be restarted. ...). Alternatively, this is of course a remedy?

Is the "problem" known or, in my opinion, it did not happen with older Windows 10 versions. Is there a processor, memory (RAM) and, when displayed, the stored graphics card.

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This will be so
Teufel Concept C200 USB. The system closed simply to the AVR

Hello! I have the optical output (digital) since yesterday
for my AVR receiver. If I plug in the devil system, but none comes
Signal more from the optical output of my sound card.

Thanks schonmal run both systems in parallel? I use my PC to stutter
to listen to music through my AVR receiver ... to which AVR (woofer at the pre-out, satelites over the terminals)
How can I connected via USB.

is it? I have
no desire, always the devil system for your answers.