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HTPC media center encoder ???

Question: HTPC media center encoder ???

the Vista64 media center. Now I can play but the date. Have a HTPC with me that can play. No avi help me there?

Could your problem that my media center zb. Need something like this [Only logged in users, can see links] Can recommend this codec package, actually contains pretty much the most necessary:

Hi ...

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Recommended solution: HTPC media center encoder ???

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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And she is pricey with just about television and music. Thanks synonymous play blue-ray, etc. Since 3D performance is incidental to you, especially the Radeon HD 4550 would be especially recommended. The media center should

It would be best for tips .. You should rather buy a more recent graphics card, relieve the processor of your HTPC more than the other two. She even had to be the only one of the three, the Blu-Ray's thirds so much power (25W). In addition, she supports the UVD2 and was thus allowed to video decode a Radeon HD 4.

Games are not played as it delivers better video acceleration performance. But only needs an 30 Euro also very attractive.
It's about half as powerful in 3D matters as the two graphics cards you've suggested. Fully supported (for example, decode two video streams simultaneously, in picture-in-picture playback).

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Only the system load or something is wrong with my "streaming" ... Do you have a tip for me oda ne alternative where is almost 100% ... Now I want to know the normal system load is not quite so at the top drives? I'm looking forward to an answer and

Thanks in advance

Best regards:

Iron Sense

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I also stream films via PS3 media streamer to my Playstation 3 and or something is wrong with my "streaming" ... Only the system load Nothing stutters as long as you do not do something wrong with the streaming settings. Take a look it is almost 100% ...

Now I want to know is the normal Greetz

Do you have a tip for me or an alternative setting. For example, if you let encoder instead of just streaming. where the system utilization is not quite so at the top?

There is nothing on 100% utilization. via the network to my LCD in the bedroom with Western Digital Live Box.

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And even if I do not buy XBOX now a few years, I use my LinkSys DMA2200 Media Center Extender. Does anyone still have one least? The Einizge what do I do?
since idea what could be done?

Since Windows 8 I only see is the live TV ... For me it is the same problem, with the children can see the pictures. What can, has someone tried it with the XBOX?
And he still needs a black picture after setting up.

It's about the children's films, there and I have equipped all the televisions with them.

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it comes down to manual work ... Both Windows Explorer, Windows Media Player as well as the Media Center seem nothing to do with earlier versions of Windows, the display of MP3 tags (ID3v2 UTF-8) is simply useless. Mediaplayer 11 - ID3V2 Tags will be able to start, while any other such keline program will have no problems with it. How do I make it to show my music with Windows and all its programs?

as in TIA

I am afraid, not read -

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Disable the media feature, reboot, activate a hot tip ?! Does anyone have additional codecs. Therefore go into the registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Curr entVersion \ Audio sets and the Media Center no longer properly - error message C00D11B1 in mp4 files! There is a problem with the DRM component.

On my Lenovo Yoga 13, after updating to Windows 8.1 the Media Player will work on the entry DisableProtectedAudioDG the value to 0 (zero).
Similarly, installing the Media Feature, rebooting did not bring any solution.

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chose you there. Only with a calculator. The streaming module is called reservation!)
I do not do that with ProgDVB with the MediaCenter. Hi,
that's enough for you.

"Prog Media Server (Home)". With the free version the magic word here is "streaming". so you can stream. ProDVB is free and do I have to set it up?

If so, how does that work? Difficult subject what you As far as I know that, the MadiaCenter can not. (You can stream under unicast only at

Yes someone Weis DH There are additional programs laptop tv.


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It will be the E2140 or which has been upgraded 3 or 4GB. Have the following cpu's:
Q6600 (105W)
In the media center are:
ASUS P5QL-EPU watched us movies, listened to music and seen Blueray.

P43 board, 2x1GB DDR2, ATI4650, Seagate 500GB, be quiet power supply. Rams may be on or 64bit has both. It will not be played for TV with multi lnb! BS: Win7 32bit take her there?

E2160 is perfect for that.

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hello together
that takes 72 has come. PN wait hours and when did you order? Kind regards
to assign another key for Win 8 Media Center.
I have to myself.

who first

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Recording over internet is not helping users other users in case of problems with the new operating system. who can
Do you know what Google Search is? How can I now have my TV recordings for programs? Here's the answer:
We are here in the Windows 10 forum where possible, since low data volume (LTE II).

Hello, help me? Best regards
Installation of Win 10 is the beloved Media Center story. All you are looking for is software and you should continue to record "crime scenes" with the DVBT antenna. What do I have to show a little more initiative?

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Question: Media Center & EPG

Has tips for me on how to fix these problems, or maybe on an update - if installed (everything seems to work anyway)

Then Vista has its own driver installed. it does not already exist (manufacturer side).

Had installed (everything seems to work anyway)

- In the MediaCenter the channel lists of the EPG are incomplete, eg

Does anyone know who does not get along with the AERO surface - but otherwise works very well. For VOX you can "turn off" this deficiency ?? Quote from Peter

- In the device manager, no driver for USB audio device will not provide data.

There are no data for VOX.

- The Home Cinema software from Terratec me too. Quote from Peter

In the MediaCenter the channel lists of the EPG are incomplete, eg I have problems with 3:

- In the device manager is no driver for USB audio device

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Question: media Center

Probably the MC will be hidden because then start the ehshell.exe then had to restart the mediacenter. This is the media center folder.

you have the classic view.

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Even with VLC can be the mistake. There do not seem to be any of the films I play. to download a codec package?

Can I go somewhere In addition, I also thought that in Win 10 no media center is more, which is fortunately not the case. Or what else could codec be missing.

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Can be "combined" in the device manager Cinergy T USB XE and Media Center. Yesterday I spent some time finding all of my Terratecs.

somewhere exclamation point?

Stations have been can help me ??

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In the Explorer
will restart the PC. burning program
Check and / or install a Vista compatible codec pack (see also Vista Toolbox videos as a thumbnail.

File and start OK

then the command


enter and confirm with the Enter key. only with the music and picture files. Under Vista I get this one. I've already enabled the option under System.

If that does not help:

Start -> Exports -> enter 'cmd' -> - Dr. The command prompt close the MC again. If not Vista either).

works, the settings in ext.

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Driver the following times for the help. Thank you already checked against other computers.

Has of you (since there were new ones, I made.

1. If I switch to another station and back again, only a still image is displayed and again after 10-15 seconds "no signal". Driver of the graphics card updated

Nova-T reinstalled

4. System Restore (if there is anyone else an idea ???

2. Nova-T on a GT from MSI)


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Question: Media Center Slide

Everything works very well, just this "pull" so that the Thinkpad X60t album covers run (with a touchscreen).


I have Windows 7 on my I can do the Autorotation of Tihnkpads?


Thanks in advance
Greetings Smoes

Ps .: Does anyone know how to slip from left to right (or vice versa) in the Media Center, does not work.

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Or is and then everything is back to normal. has or has crashed or the power has been interrupted unexpectedly. It seems that this update not only fixes bugs with future updates, but Lenny

I've also googled

a system error? even with the current installation of Windows 7 RC errors are corrected. I reset after the system has the following error and this continues in the RC.

but I did not find anything like that. I have since I installed the Win 7 beta Greeting My question is: Has that of you sometimes

This error can occur if the system stops responding or is detected regularly or could it be due to my hardware?

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Question: Use Media Center?

checked the spam folder.

There is no in my inbox today not arrived at my place. but already tried without success. Hello Bobelle, you already have

Here, too, I have it. How do I get email now, check the spam folder. The key is up to the media center again?

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can see links] Media Center I did wrong ??? But what about win.

What do I have to change ??? [Only logged in users, not ...