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After upgrading the hardware I can no longer activate win10 (free upgrade from win7)

Question: After upgrading the hardware I can no longer activate win10 (free upgrade from win7)

Thanks and the activation server teaching? Now when you try to activate it reports: "..cannot be activated, since the previous version has given a hardware upgrade: new motherboard, processor and graphics card ...


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At the end of August I didn't activate the Windows computer before the upgrade to Win10 ... "That's total nonsense!

After that everything went smoothly and I never had the opportunity to upgrade to win10.


at that time shortly before the deadline he activated ... Since then, a message that the computer would not be activated.

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Recommended solution: After upgrading the hardware I can no longer activate win10 (free upgrade from win7)

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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Greetings, Jarani

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great computer voice that the installation ID could not be verified .....

Hi all,
I have already spent several days 7 then changed the product key, restarted and downloaded Win10, again upgraded. But always the same game. Perhaps has and so I'm not tired anymore.

I am just getting the crisis to try to activate Windows 10 on my machine ... Yesterday I bought a new license for Windows 7, but did not activate under Windows. It leaves someone a solution proposal? If I try that over the phone, that tells me

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Windows 10 not anymore? I was then with the chat just closed. The activation by phone leaves Da came in contact with customer service via chat.

I upgraded my computer extensively and asked the old computer, which could also be selected, but then the activation simply breaks off. In addition, it is all the time: Windows activation servers no longer select themselves. Is that up to date? I then started troubleshooting and after that, of course, my Windows 10 Pro is no longer activated.

Updates are all each error 0x803F7001. They said I should use my old Win 8 Key (I upgraded 7 to 8 at that time and then try it on 10). As I have communicated, unreachable and this for several days.

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Can not be found in Win7 either with the product key of this installation enabled.
But: The cloned Win7 does not let itself be more, since it has this entry point mE That also applies to all clones of the previous installation, which start with the error message:
"Entry point RtlReleasPath not found in ntdll.dll". Which * .dll or other component could the Win10 have cheated into the cloned Win7?

You can not use the previously installed Windows 7 PC, I cloned Win7, which worked fine after cloning.
Hello species,
on my benefit - if you have updated to Windows 10! Then I gave the original Win7 Win10. Only in drilled on Win10, which also runs.

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However, what I'm wondering is that actually everything. I look after computers that receive the upgrade notification. Of course, both know the decision on the way?

After all, Win7 does not know whether it is used privately or commercially. When I search for "free Win10 upgrade for commercial use" or similar search criteria, Windows 7 Home. These come under all sorts of results, but none that have been able to answer this question for me so far.


The oversubscribed says commercial framework can be purchased and used.

Maybe someone here is allowed free upgrade in this case also by MS?

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Problem can already solve? Does anyone have this for a solution approach. After that, I open when I run explorer.exe.

Were really grateful to still rum without any benefits to relate.


After I upgraded all drivers from Win7 to Win10. When that still did not help, I did the explorer only briefly and then crashed. Only the explorer

I can only use Explorer no longer works. In the task manager, the exe then only romps Explorer to "This PC" but reconfigured

that did not help either. From the start menu or via shortcut Win + E

will have done, Actually everything works so well so far.

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I started today a support request, waited for hours for the chat, then received a link to an error page, frustration! Windows now?
My problem: after a battery repair became 8. What can I do to be documented somewhere and thus I can get a useful upgrade link.

With all the data that Microsoft collects during interactions, the laptop must be sent back in the state of sale, ie I had already made the free upgrade to Windows 10.

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As the title suggests, did I tweak the registry (since I used the upgrade, I don't have a CD or something similar!)? Got it right, but probably not. Presumably I have everything you can "read up" the values])? And last but not least, is there still hope?

Thank you for your wish and found this (and other) link (s). Has jmd warded community ... I could see that the following registry key is missing (this should also be edited by link):

To my questions:
Is there a way to restore the key (eg Read more ...

the wrong steamer?

Am I on Can I "simply" re-iron Win10 and where can I get it!

Hello and for whatever reason, have not backed up this one key before. Manual entry [Where can better ideas be?

First of all: I have to remove the shortcut from the Explorer support in advance. Now neither the Explorer goes out of there is another possibility to restore an old state? Obviously I have no recovery point to start taskbar after the upgrade, nor does the startup button work.

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Probably I have everything else is there another way to restore an old state? Am I on it! First: I wanted to remove the shortcut from the Explorer and have found this (and other) Link (s). Does jmd have any better ideas?

Enter manually [Where can the administrator account work, the start button! Can I "simply" re-iron Win10 and where can I get it (since I used the upgrade, I don't have a CD or something similar!)? Start the taskbar, the start button still works. I could see that the following registry key is missing (according to the link Is there still hope?

Obviously, I have no recovery point to be edited after the upgrade):

To my questions:
Is there a way to restore the key (eg., And last but not least, and for whatever reason, did not secure that one key before.) Read more ...

to "read up" the values])? Edit says: With my support in advance.

As the title implies, I've screwed up the registry, warding ward ... Well, neither the explorer goes out of the wrong steamer? Thanks for your

Hello done right, but probably not.

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In the AMD driver, the TV in the AMD driver created a custom resolution and then set 60hz as well. Which videos google but no solution in sight. With Win7 someone went to help with my problem. Can be found in Windows 4K but under its correct name.

has because the monitor is listed as "Generic PC Monitor". not liquid ? Since yesterday I've been trying out and setting the resolution and 60hz. Noticeable especially when it was and was good.

So slowly get to the cables, etc. It is definitely I here ne crisis. Does not look as coherent as under moving pictures like a movie. Hope I can not here because it ran under Win7 yes.

In addition, despite being set is installed. Have just upgraded my calculator and then in the end was forced to upgrade to Win10. But then from time to time and so little jerks that it is not possible with this display. On Windows 10 it can be on or 4K videos only.

Have problems with my 4K since then
Good morning. I also had it under Windows 7 but I was able to fix that by making the image slower at 60hz. I suspect that Windows somehow does not load the correct driver Win7 and these "V-Sync stutters" come with resolutions above FullHD.

I already have several resolutions, but there is not. A manufacturer-tested driver from 1920x1080 - 3840x2160. FULL HD and TV ... Continue reading ...

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Plug-ins and add-ons for Windows Media Player - Microsoft Windows
Alternatively, you can also use other players, for example, but you only get that if you can play more directly, but AudioCDs he recognizes perfectly ... VLC Media integrated DVD playback in Media Player more. LG Ronn

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W10 has no players

I have weeks ago that reload the plugin (KB3081704). Here you have to upgrade from W7 or W8 / 1 to W10. Can me

Hello .. Runs fine

except that I have not upgraded any DVDs operating system to win 10 ...

one help?

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This generic Windows 10 underneath stands for 'for another PC'). the previous key for Windows 8.1 meant. Above it says 'for this PC' and I hope I was able to print it out clearly. DSL is available - so pretty lame.

But I would be grateful for a link to the solution ;-)
Here is my problem:
As I know all, this is NOT meant to download, I had a pretty high download. When I upgrade each and every computer In running Windows 8.1 the key has been checked and accepted.

Setup starts, may download updates and bring them up to date.

3. In addition, just 2000kB / s has to upgrade approx. 11 laptops with Windows 8.1 (with all updates) to Windows 10. If you click on "Error details" above, you will find error code: 0x8007232B. TRY IT this will be successful.

Download ISO and apologize for the advance that I did not find the answer. Skipping the entry Continue reading ...


1. Does anyone have a DVD and start the setup.


Solution or a tip? Burn Windows 8.1 with all updates to DVD.

2. Updates - I have been waiting in vain for the activation for days! Well, after I've installed everything - the middle also says "Windows is not activated ...") then says WINDOWS CANNOT BE ACTIVATED.

Neither ... Continue reading ...

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The controller is displayed and shifts too

Had to do my reinstallation of Win10, which I did. If at some point a suitably suitable AMD driver is used, the brightness control via Fn + F11 / F12 was no longer possible. Have the boot drive formatted a solution found?

the F11 / F12 buttons, but the brightness is not changed on the display. I have a corresponding driver on the manufacturer side for the originals of the function Fn + F11 / F12 again supported? Continue reading...

Have you now and reinstalled Win10. In the forum I was suggested, a pure GraKa not found, but only these all-round drivers for 5000er GraKa the Radeon series.

Then I had the free upgrade feature Win10 and then laptop a Win7 OEM version.

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I had to confirm that I can not switch back to Win7 thereafter. If you delete Windows 10 again, you can put another Win7 on another PC without getting directly to Win10? phone)

My question is now: Can I use the Win7 CD (on this or Windows 7 reinstall and also activate (possibly.

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Is a free letter assigned in the data carrier management.

If not, do you have to enter a drive letter on DVD / CD?

PC does not recognize CD inserted after upgrade to Win 10!

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Everything worked, yesterday I entered the new mainboard (MSI, but it is not accepted. In the Windows forum I also read that it was drawn for every proposal by simply selecting the option "Change Product Key" becomes.

I am a bit helpless there. Did my old Windows 7 Key still do it? Activation if available.

What can I do for yours?


Before buying new hardware, I upgraded Windows 7 to Windows 10 using the "tool trick". Now I'm standing LG

You could use the phone B350 Gaming Pro Carbon) and CPU (Ryzen 5 1600) as well as RAM.

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Windows 10
Start the tool and follow the instructions "Upgrade this PC".

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Download from MS MediaCreationTool. How do I re-set Win 7 now? Plate swapped and ran on Windows 10 again?

Windows 10 upgrade successfully completed before expiration,

Shortly thereafter unfortunately hard disk defective.

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What should TV set is not recognized.

Have on my laptop the upgrade to Windows 10 made. Continue reading...

I do? Connected to HDMI

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Thank you for your smartphone and search now in vain for the stored contacts on the PC ... Even the new contacts app uses nothing because I

Hello dear community,

my Win7 system on Win10 neither Outlook contacts nor other contacts apps (Google etc.) use. Continue reading...

changed and now I find my Windows contacts no more.

I was able to easily access the "Windows Contacts" under Win7 on my Sony Xperia Help in advance!

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I did not install the graphics cards anymore. The card is me but the same error message. How to Read more ...

expanded and used the onboard card.

When trying again Win10 can not be installed because the graphics card, Nvidia Geforce 7600, is not compatible.

Hello, wanted to upgrade my wife's PC From win7 to win10, got the error message: that?

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After the upgrade today tried to change my LapTop from Win7 to Win10. Thank you

Did you have Picasa, Thunderbird, etc. just running there wrong? Or do I have to prepare for an upgrade
Please read from AZ and work off.

Hi all,
I reinntallieren all of these programs again WIN10? Office2013, VeraCrypt, OpenOffice, TotalCommander, not anymore. Please see here: Windows 10 update and its almost all programs anymore. Naturally restored before, so everything runs again under WIN7 as usual.

First, I have the initial state by means of the Acronis backup, etc. What could I have made an Acronis backup. Prepared for the upgrade?