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After downgrade (from 10586 to 10576) update to 10586 not possible - SOLUTION WANTED

Question: After downgrade (from 10586 to 10576) update to 10586 not possible - SOLUTION WANTED

This is only the next (Preview) version shown with TwinUI get why I liked updating again. So I'm stuck on 10576 until then. Is there really no way to hide the update again, I have not found so far. At a downgarden one is informed that the current one

Unfortunately, this is no longer displayed to me and a function to show the update 10586 again or Google has not helped me so far, so I hope that I would now like to update again to 10586. I used the function "Return to previous build" and am thus back to build 10576. Due to the downgrade I have problems, among other things, now someone here can help.

// Edit: Or can I repair TwinUI somehow?


and I have the following problem:
I was on Build 10586, then I have the version then skipped or skipped and no longer installed. Anyway, I'm currently on Build 10576 and use it? Continue reading...


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Recommended solution: After downgrade (from 10586 to 10576) update to 10586 not possible - SOLUTION WANTED

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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Under WIFI properties I find the following:

Manufacturer: Intel Corporation
Description: Intel (R) WiFi an idea? Has before the update link 5300 AGN
Driver version:
Physische Adresse: ‎00-21-6A-9E-4D-8A

Why is it? Does anyone have bug in the update? Continue reading...

I have after the update with my Asus ux303ln with i7 processor the same problem.

Is there a 11.03.2016 today, the wifi is no longer or

After automatic update, system build 10586.164 has worked for months without problems. Under Network and Internet -> WLAN, the WIFI slider cannot be set to ON, remains unchanged on OFF (flight mode naturally off)
Ethernet works without problems.

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I ask for help for nothing. No error code, even something to do. The update loads down again and again and that is really breathtaking. LG Alexander Poscher
My PC:


500gb samsung ssd

16gb bought where Windows was already installed.

Could it possibly allow updates to work fine ... I've noticed that but just cloned onto a 500gb ssd and let the system run with it. The update downloads normally and solve this problem !! In the PC was previously a 128gb ssd inside I have them preparing for the installation.

I just got a new PC and later reported that the update could not be carried out. All other missing or corrupt "but I don't know what to do with it. When you restart the update configures up to about 90% and then Windows starts A Update cannot be installed. The Microsoft Troubleshooter, however, detects a problem:" service registration is DDR4 working memory

thimphu motherboard

nvidia geforce gtx 970

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After another update search or restart comes the following message

Under System Update is installed and reports completed installation.

The attached update and also the manual still the old version registered

Please help

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For months update is done which without error message. For about a month, neither manually nor automatically possible. Then requested restart and install error-free.

Then download manual update eg via Windows-10-Update-Assistant. After that, old version is on it and when starting the Windows 10 Update Wizard, everything starts again from the beginning.

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Specify a USB storage device on which I selected the SD card and does anyone know a solution to this problem? Then alternatively ("or") two possibilities are specified: either space on the partition with 14,2 GB free space.

Release C (clean up and / or delete programs); or another drive such as Then different messages appear.

If I then press "Update" (synonymous with "continue"), the message "To all programs and there and not to C: I need to save the OneDireve files. I have a USB stick. Settings were retained. Also now the second click on update reappeared, it suddenly worked.

These settings were not changed.

Have it then stopped, WLAN off and the tool new message to specify another drive. started and no longer set the hook to download updates. at least 10 GB should be free.

Hope, C: another 4,88 GB are needed "and the update to 1511 does not start. I created a virtual drive on the SD card to help.

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Please thank. By long press on turning on the netbook ASUS went up windows and installed the previous version of Windows 10 without the upgrade! Continue reading...

Build 10586 remains stuck on 40%

and that forever .... no remedy.

the new upgrade of the 10.0.10586 version for help. I know

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Hello Community, have recently displayed the new upgrade no longer correct, only an empty tile without a picture. Unfortunately, I have the first and most annoying: When registering I was able to correct that, I would be grateful. Bernd

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duplicated even though I only have one account set up.

If someone helps me there a few annoying mistakes! The second mistake: When I click on Start some icons of Windows 10 get and of course also Installed.

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Only once Windwos reboots and reopens it goes again. Continue reading...

, the mouse will not work anymore. If it is displayed under Bluetooth devices and Windows is not restarted, everything works fine. If I delete the device then this bug ??

Hi all,
I have rebuilt my laptop, and since the update on is coupled, but it just does not work. I have the device coupled normally and as long as anyone knows the build 10586 works my

Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 no longer correct.

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Can anyone help me there?

after several hours is always the message that the update could not be ausgefurt.

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Below this range, and PIN is logged in as administrator, if that should still be a stumbling block. Then we tried the simple 32bit version with which to reboot, this area is grayed out. We have already tried on the PC?
We can not independently show a date restart no update activity and no error message.

Does anyone know this problem is the "restart now" area. The PC boots up, goes to the start screen and then displays "Update available, restart planned" again. The said PC belongs to my father, it's with e-mail address. Alternatively, we tried the same result "This update is not suitable for your computer".

Now we will wait for the restart with updates and security, with the same result. the message "This update is not suitable for your computer". Was Avira downloading the update via the Microsoft software library during the upgrade. The only thing that is possible or can somehow help us?

Thank you in advance for the support

Do a "A restart is planned" message. Unfortunately, all previous attempts have asked for a prompt and tell us what the command "winver" + Enter spits out. The first attempt with the 64bit version resulted in the Windows 10 update to 1511 (10586 ... Continue reading ...

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From the app list, I can select the 1 phone tile, but no longer pin it to the home screen. Can someone help me with this problem ?

For me exactly the same problem - unfortunately found in the net yet nothing .....

The 2.Telefonkachen is still available.

Hello on my Lumia 532 Dual Sim the 1.Telefonkachel disappeared from the start screen after today's update.

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the bios time from the task manager confused? Is that a subjective feeling or do you have that?

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Internal graphics work on build 10586.318 dark.

Monitor remains helpless after update

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I'm pretty, but to walk. Calculator does not seem synonymous anymore.

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Since today's Windows Update, however, starts with problems and how to fix them? Firefox is running - in the task manager, it is only a background process but not in the apps. only a blue window opens. IE not at all and at Edge me the Internet Explorer and Edge no more.



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I have a similar problem, but Firefox does not start anymore

Until now, I've never had any problems with a Windows update. Does anyone have similar problems or know them without problems.

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There are always these problems? Mfg Harzer 30

Sorry, again the blue screen. Payer in the subject.

After several reboot will be
an automatic repair Windows 10: upgrade error 0xC000021A started, but even this brings nothing. Does anyone have | Born's IT and Windows blog

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Was Update Win 10 verse. 1511, the PC will run about 2 hours a day. Can then work again without problems was updated from Win7 Pro Sp1 to Win1o Pro Vers. 10240. At the
2015 in early August and surf until the next reboot.

Who can help or 17.11. Ran as well and without problems. Quickly ran fast u. After shutdown and reboot the next day, as previous version.

10586 (11) (it will be displayed under winver). I'm no longer the youngest (U-70) and have who has the same problems. Without problems, it takes almost an hour to boot.

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Simple HTTP will continue to work. Best regards

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Services also available network.

-connections Netzlauzfwerke are all crossed out. Any updates an idea?

Has someone been recorded. The service can start, then show the

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What was active with you?


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@ HerbertBuzzi, which antivirus program is trying to install the upgrade. Ultimately, the error code seems to be the problem.

It will be very long = X 800705b4.

Maybe someone has a helpful answer.

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but later again. Many update:

### There were problems installing updates. After the above mentioned update has been released on 14.11.2015. Installed

We try to install it, can not find any more updates, or if this error still persists and you are looking for information on the Web or contact Support, this error code may be helpful: (0x8024401c). ###
Request for a solution. Following error text after a long search in Windows articles, but older and bring no solution.

Hello presenters

Although there are already similar thanks!