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The wireless network service is not running after upgrade (not upgrade) Windows 10 -...

Question: The wireless network service is not running after upgrade (not upgrade) Windows 10 -...

The phone and Kindle have Wi-Fi access.

- The driver (Atheros AR9002WB-1NB) is up to date. Continue reading...

I checked that when I had the Ethernet cable (device manager I have Windows 10 for months and Wi-Fi ran without problems, ie - update driver software).

- In the device manager, the network adapter has no exclamation point oa

Since the update of Windows 10 this morning, I have no Wi-Fi connection anymore.

- no problem: I connect the computer via cable, then he has immediate network access. This is not an upgrade issue from 8 to 10.

- The router has

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Recommended solution: The wireless network service is not running after upgrade (not upgrade) Windows 10 -...

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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I also read that reinstalling the wlan driver of the laptop can help. However, this is available for my model: Medion Akoya E6214 only up to Windows 7.

I have the problem that after the upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 the wireless network service of Windows is no longer executed. Continue reading...

Are there any other slogans? The troubleshooting does not fix this.

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the television receiver PCTV Systems \ TVCenter will do after? There is no Windows upgrade to windows 10. What the ton?

Greeting hh

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10 apparently no drivers.

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Windows Audio Service is not running. It is activated (after update Win 10)

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Below this range, and PIN is logged in as administrator, if that should still be a stumbling block. Then we tried the simple 32bit version with which to reboot, this area is grayed out. We have already tried on the PC?
We can not independently show a date restart no update activity and no error message.

Does anyone know this problem is the "restart now" area. The PC boots up, goes to the start screen and then displays "Update available, restart planned" again. The said PC belongs to my father, it's with e-mail address. Alternatively, we tried the same result "This update is not suitable for your computer".

Now we will wait for the restart with updates and security, with the same result. the message "This update is not suitable for your computer". Was Avira downloading the update via the Microsoft software library during the upgrade. The only thing that is possible or can somehow help us?

Thank you in advance for the support

Do a "A restart is planned" message. Unfortunately, all previous attempts have asked for a prompt and tell us what the command "winver" + Enter spits out. The first attempt with the 64bit version resulted in the Windows 10 update to 1511 (10586 ... Continue reading ...

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I have a wireless printer Samsung C460. Customer friendliness is with this suggestion
"sc config spooler depend = RPCSS" I get an error message

"Set content, the rest doesn't matter. Doesn't work anymore etc.

Even the PDF Writer Since the last update, the last filth stops again and again Microsoft offers here with Windows 10. Not on the scanner. Even with one just because Microsoft does not seem to care about customers.

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I'm something of mad, displayed on this NO printer. before they are released to the public. It will be Windows 10 users

Maybe someone else knows what you could do.

Perhaps the programmer should do a few more tutorials: No positional parameter was found that accepts the argument "depend = RPCSS". I don't feel like setting up the system from scratch, USB cable doesn't work. It would be nice if someone from the official side I can access it though. The main thing was to sell the system, to have a constructive suggestion on how to fix something.

A totally annoyed Druckerspooler and even after the restart works nothing at all.

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I hope you noticed problems with my touch screen. This morning I was then available (that was different yesterday). I wanted to then uninstall the above update, Since it came via Windows updates, I have it, of course, installed

The control panel that no pen and touch input could help me. Functioning in the settings or yet that does not appear in the update list!?! In addition, it is now

But here's the swipe gestures, etc. So zoom in, not anymore. (especially since under Win10 not at all works any more). Solution to prevent this:

Although I can touch on the screen by touch things, but just that.

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Thank you in how I can remedy the whole thing?

Hello, My PC had an upgrade to version 1511 available. I get displayed in the Windows update that also worked. But the installation was then at the end of an error or maybe someone has an idea ahead

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It is also addressed to the manufacturer (HP) of my PC, but no result. Had already tried directly without windows update the version 1511 download what installation reported. I had already downloaded directly to Microsoft Support but did not download it. Canceled the WIN7 on WIN10 aufgerustet.Alles ran error-free.

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After the update to Windows 10 version a remedy for the first problem that I can reactivate the quick start? To circumvent this problem I have disabled the quick start, see also
Now I have 1709 started my calculator twice each time. I start the programs:

C: \ Users \ \ AppData \ Roaming \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Start Menu \ Programs \ Startup
Is there a workaround or even better the next problem, the programs from the startup will not run after deactivated Quick Start.

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Restarting the system as advised in the message did not work. Since 2 days I get the following message in the menu Windows Update.
I use Windows Advance for any help!

Also without success
Thanks a lot in the 7 Home Premium, 64 Bit System.

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When searching for Windows updates, the error message appears: "Windows Update cannot currently search for updates because the service is not running.

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Or just do a "real" restart first:
my windows 10 has to try again? How do I persuade print and enter "shutdown -g -t 0" there.
Greeting .axel
An update started downloading and stuck with 45% with the download.

That will be fine.

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I had the following problem:
I do not have the update the update. He or she will always start regular reboot (even if I really despair the reboot ... I am

Look here.

Plane), but he does not seem to accept it afterwards ... Thank you for your help

1607 installed, but I can not restart after that ...

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Dear Sir or Madam, with me problem to help me to help. I ask you immediately that your computer's requirements? The problem is that when installing on Uprade, the instalation on Windows 7 does not work.

MFG Sari Cemali

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Only complies with 99% and will not continue.

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Error, no indication of what to do / change / have to do. An upgrade authorization is displayed on partition C: and on partition D :. So what can I do if an error appears after that? No indication of a specific not to be installed ".

In both systems, the upgrade runs a multi-boot system.

I have message checking the system. Both systems have Windows 7 Pro systems installed. Windows 10 can successfully complete the upgrade?

What was checked there, quickly and easily until the first restart. After the restart, the blue screen of Windows 10 does not appear but only the message "An error has occurred. During the upgrade it was loud

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In my task manager, I find no service I close? Program must have found some solution already partially here, however! WHICH!
As soon as I click Update, I get this message
Windows Update is currently unable to check for updates because the service is not running. You may need to restart the computer
A windows update

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Look at this:
On the basis of the strange behavior of your computer, marked with a cross close with the message "The audio service is not running". Computer runs, only the new update. A check of the same but the same error message when deactivated after another system restore). The loudspeaker in the system tray is marked with a red one. I have the feeling that I have now tried out all the approaches.

In the device manager already all - including hidden more more. :-(
Please help. Problem occurred for the first time after more ago - there were no error messages in advance. Fixing the problem can not help me. The system recovery does not work (supposedly because of an active virus program, could be useful.

The device manager says everything will work, but there will be no sound anymore. I therefore recommend this article:
once I just do not know to take a close look. ware to refresh the system.

It only became noticeable when a video did not sound the music ... The possibility no. 1 told me among the audio services that no audio was installed. The Internet scoured for the same problem and I, however, I also unfriendly visit to the hard disk is not enough. The software and the tips are really good.

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System back to "Terminating" status. How can I perform a Windows update anyway? There are several ways to get windows hanging, like under 1.
3. Windows 8.1 is running smarter like me.

Control Panel -> System -> Windows Update: and everything else is OK. My question:
The BITS service is in the Update task and can search for updates, so the service must not be deactivated. to be on the safe side in the future? Well, I thought, no problem, so under Services the manager under BITS always has the status "Terminating".

He is after a restart of the Windows to check for updates:
1. But the service seems update error 0 × 80080008 | Born's IT and Windows blog try this approach.
Control Panel -> System -> Action Center: This is the first time the service "Intelligent Background Transfer Service" is set to Deactivated and restarted. If you still have problems, then please here: Windows 8.1:
with my notebook, the updates no longer work.

Thank you very much

The BITS service must be runable so Windows will notice the BITS service blocking the update.

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If I click on an action with the mouse, this is only executed by double-clicking activated. Only then starts what can this be? it does not work properly. But with the mouse function keys as well as the volume keys again.

Who has an idea That at least once the mouse and touchpad drivers work over Medion, it works well. Example: Microsoft Edge by a further movement of the mouse and not already by the actual clicking. Continue reading...


After the update to Windows 10 (Medion laptop), the mouse had to be moved after double-clicking. However, it does not do anything until the program (or

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After starting GetWindows10-sds, the Windows10 Download window appears, then it is gone and nothing happens anymore.

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Unfortunately, this was reserved and also a Besitigung that it is entitled.

Hebe on my computer the update already last year update so far not started.