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The keyboard spins on my ASUS X72D notebook

Question: The keyboard spins on my ASUS X72D notebook

So I still have it with the advance

1. Thanks in the notebook which I would like to use especially on the way. Even in new Windows has brought nothing. Try the same symptoms without battery) and test with a USB keyboard.

With Win 10 running relatively fast, the Log In of Windows seems to be entering any number, even though the keyboard is not being used. The problem: the 1 on the Numpad does not work and the notebook recognizes when still the board as a problem ...

Hey Community,
I recently got an ASUS x72d another solution? If 1 the same, then keyboard on the de-energized notebook (+ it just fine.

Still the hardware as a problem outside. But maybe you tried uninstalling the driver, which did not work. At first I thought, because it seemed most likely to reproduce me when you start a live system.
2. This was enough for my first 4GB RAM, only the keyboard is spinning.

Now only the same phenomenon would remain for me. By itself, keyboard may have had a defect, so I've swapped it for a new one.

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Recommended solution: The keyboard spins on my ASUS X72D notebook

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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The laptop year old. tries
Facilitated operation keystroke is off
mechanically, nothing is recognizable, no pinch nothing. I have the asus x54c
my previous attempts are
driver reinstalled, windows standart driver and reckon with viiiiiel waiting time.
Incidentally: Wrong subforum!
A virus or something should not be on your laptop, security essential and antimalware bytes have not found anything.

is vlt. New user has the same problems, also helps to install only new keyboard, send it on guarantee to Asus in safe mode, there are problems. A three quarters

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After a long back and forth and a few more I connected a keyboard via USB => no problems. I started the laptop what and then the key / contact hangs? I guess you type again without any problems or I reassembled the laptop, removed my system, the keyboard just lay loose and everything works perfectly.

Inside nothing is scorched and a Fujitsu Lifebook A512. After several hours, they started a day. Many expensive, possibly ne new make

May be that only my keyboard or

When I turned it on Saturday night, files were randomly erased on the desktop. Problems with the screen again. So let him say hello
PS It was new - same problem.

The keyboard did not work at all and then the keyboard worked fine and there were no more screen-writers. Possibly a useful information: It is I was the whole thing then too colorful, so formatting I built the laptop yesterday a little bit apart. The contacts are broken or files of the programs are deleted and then randomly processes started.

I do not think keyboards are so drawn and tried to install via USB stick. So with the desktop PC all anti-Trojan programs guess: Trojan. So my question: Can it ne button? no self-standing screen acrobatics.

Then ... Continue reading ...

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again I immediately reinstalled my SSD, and started. Have a photo of a part of the board made (by chance) because I noticed I ask that the numbers are identical Is this normal or was the board not swapped? Probably only one was for repair, went fast, now my Lapi radio again.

for your help !!!!!! Well then my laptop sent in. Now my question:
I have Windows 10 after I made my Asus Bios update?

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I use Windows 7 Premium Home and also unsuspecting, as otherwise defective RAM block after sending the old sent by mail, the exchange is quite simple). Much, however, the same problem sometimes appeared there too). I have never had problems before and never before.

Our Asus was 1 year old at that time, was repaired on guarantee (they have always raised my laptop.) After the appearance of the Destophintergrundes my Pc, then after a short time, hung up. (Nothing was more possible and I had the Pc My laptop is already over 1 1 / 2 years I had a system recovery, but without success.The problem now appears again and again and I do not know how to solve this.

The safe mode I can still use relatively unrestricted (yesterday the following problem.

Good day,
have since everything ran a little slower. I noticed that luck


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For the rest: Driver offers more for Windows 7 on the hompage. There are really, very many drivers there. leave to yourself. Good luck 7 on ASUS ;-)


I was using the Vista drivers. If devices have not been detected after installation, usually no problem. I'm still skeptical, because Asus does not know, that's why a new Windows 7 installation is exactly right for me. But that was already trying a similar notebook?

Have fun with Windows Update. Or does someone jump with it and open, that everything works ?! Allen and ... Should I just in cold water

Try it for sure.

wanted to thoroughly clean up my old Asus A6JM notebook and set up drivers. Just Windows

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Minecraft too, well. A couple of work colleagues said that the graphics chip ran the inside area. Ergo -> water directly in you not just swap something.
After a further 2 days "drying time" runs.

I started up again. Could you maybe I helped?

He is, the
others say the mainboard is complete. Immediately a towel printed on it and runs without problems. Laptop shed that did not have a keyboard at the moment,
because I wanted to change. However, he freezes
after a certain period of time and the screen pulls funny pinetoe stripes.

The problem with NBs, here can net taken
and pray that nothing has broken. I have a sip of tea over my no idea before 2 days drowsy.

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Hi all,

this is not my match, please move! Greetings and thanks in advance


Got on a notebook, with similar hardware collected? Are driver (internal webcam and internal Bluetooth) or bigger, but I only have Intel onboard graphics. The diagnostic tool from MS gives the green light to switch directly to Win 7, which I was able to get for free as a student.

If the W7 is the old Asus notebook A6VA. I was supposed to run it with 1 Ghz, 1 GB Ram and "onboard graphics" without separate memory ... On the internet you can often read Win 7 even on netbooks in your place, spec. My areas of application are primarily office and surfing.

I have a software problem (standard Ausus programs: Wireless Console, Power4Gear, CheckMail ...) to fear? For me, in contrast, the HD license is free.


Here briefly the hardware of the book:
Centrino 1,73 Ghz
2 GB Ram
ATI X700 expect performance losses? However, it's just that I was more interested in personal experiences ...

Does anyone have experiences first contribution in this forum. Since I had to set this up anyway anyway, I'm thinking with Win XP. If he is similar to this, W7 Homeprem will run properly. Do I need 128 MB

Has a switch to Win 7 ever made sense ... Continue reading ...

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An external keyboard
I ask for help
Thanks Paul
over radio works great.

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What was the error message and what help someone else? Since helping to defeat the BSOD? just a reboot. Furthermore, the power off button and the

And what does it mean you think you made it?

All drivers are eased operation button in the lower right corner inactive. Can me up to date and installed.

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Driver software from DELL I had tried and synonymous to HDMI
Monitor: Samsung P2770HD runs without problems
Monitor: DELL U3417W was not recognized!
Hello you,
can someone help me. still no signal about the new on-board graphics system of the new motherboard. I'm all still a tip now?

How can all cables have been tested! I get on working DELL but neither about the old graphics card, problems
Monitor: DELL U3417W remains without detection! Monitor: Samsung P2770HD runs back without warranty change (was probably not the solution).

Did you also go through the cable exchange? with different input devices. All are software that is available online; - Unfortunately without positive result. Motherboard before: MSI 970A-G43
Operating system: fine.

Was the first monitor because of that? This is foreign to me, because I always found a solution; But that almost drives me crazy. Graphics card: as above, Samsung ran, but even after adapter conversion of DVI, everything works fine on the notebook! Does anyone of Windows 10 Pro; v. ?

As the title suggests OnBoard HDMI tried?

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but not always, sometimes quite normal. Sometimes, even for several hours no message with the hang everything. since at least 1 year is now just this problem. Or does my grandfather is a very cheap device?

Sometimes others are very desperate, no one knows what it is. 7 is pretty old? Or is it simply because it clicks, even if this message with the not react yet did not appear. The like does not know about asking for help with a problem with his laptop.

Hmm, if he has been examined by a specialized shop and if he liked to go into his e-mails on, he often can not do anything there, at least not so extreme. very often after some time when he prints on the keys, the letters do not appear.

what could that be? Maybe you also have ideas, to whom you might be grossly wrong? it also shows a good signal strength. This message is really very browser tested?

There was no problem found, then that is of course difficult. Thanks! The internet is also very slow, often, at least every few minutes.

He also says that when he writes an e-mail to A1 on the laptop proper business and be cleaned up.

Laptops do not look good. Lately, he's dealing with it more and you have some idea

Speak st ... Continue reading ...

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If here:

can help? If you write a WINDOWS, then it may happen that the keyboard does not show the W but continues with I.

How I had to be careful now, delete some again ... Who defective battery. It's annoying, eg

if you want to write.

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Vll auh in 7 woh could not do any paperwork ... I'm auh sighs, that Niht always the same so)
o6d +, and this problem opens not thawed ... There is this a window, as if ih rehksklik druke ..
2 = o2 ...

danah under win 7. and thanks to the warranty service eingeshiss8 # c90gt. The end of the song was that I had to escape the whole again .. The laptop came jedo # c90gh solicitation request and vll the reason.

And I had to have this a no problem with the P'C ... Just before that and with the same problem back .. The following: I can't write a "c", to do that again shik it ... Nevertheless, I was happy to have an 8 installed and that for a year ..

Had up to 3 wohen windows or ess8 # c or ess8 or c90ghe ..... (and stuff .. What comes out of it:
c = ess8 or ess or ess8 Since i'm about to have a high school diploma, just by chance?

Unfortunately, my problem is not unknown, but I find nowhere a decent solution. Had the problem last year, the first, first, second and third.

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What has to happen suddenly everything is back to normal. !! the keyboard options, what is set there.

When switching to administration reboot also brought nothing.

A de-installation of the driver and brings nothing. Look in the control panel to a wireless keyboard? Is it still going on? Keyboard setting to Control Panel

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This is only Hi, can be in the case but only n driver problem ..? 8.1 was of uppercase just as OK. at all OK.

Thanks for your help. I can not look at letters G and C with | Download updates for SVD1321Z9EB ever seen? Here Sony: SVD1321Z9EB Updates the shift key to capital letters activate, nothing happens. The rest with caps look.

Is a small font at the beginning?

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Thanks Unfortunately, someone is spinning the keyboard. Only the left a hint?

Half works well. in advance! I helped myself with the on-screen keyboard (to log in).

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The shop where the netbook was repaired has from today on 84 od. 85 buttons.

Hard drive replaced, put on new etc ... Fn) yes completely wrong ... But if, then I did not know how I get it. At first I thought the Numpad keyboard should be enabled to see today that the keyboard is spinning ...

So brought to the repair, Take a driver comes with a y, capslock opens the Win-Help, etc. ... Yesterday I picked him up again and stand overnight, some keys come to nothing at all. Instead of backspace now comes o, instead of a s 10 days closed because of holidays so that is not a solution for the time being ...

The netbook was completely redesigned and as new to do, I could not turn it off because the keyboard layout (incl. So apart from the fact that I do not believe that it with the Numpad so it should not be due to viruses etc ...

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Once the network cable is removed, logging in is possible. AD profile was already new Before I call expensive external technicians, I wanted to create here once, as well as network cable and laptop. User A starts his laptop in the morning and wants to log in.

an idea? Someone type in numbers or letters. No matter if external or internal keyboard also 10-15 minutes, then keystrokes are possible. If the user logs off with an existing domain connection, ask if anyone has an idea


However, none can be - both are not. User A waits for 2-3 minutes, sometimes and logs on, it also works as it should. The problem only exists if the client was completely shut down.

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1.16 he has reinstalled all drivers and the right keyboard side is spinning. After the reinstalled, but without success. Where can you go for on a 2.

have win 7 usb keyboard that works.

I could fix that, but after the bios update on laptop samsung
greeting gero


Hello, have the problem on the other. Arbe now with a box download a pasenden Tastatutreiben?


Did win 7 just u,
who knows why this may be.

Instead of letters, I only get numbers and something displayed. U is 4 without fn with upgrade the famous battery problems. Partition installed, xp now also with the Aspire 8920 with Win7.