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The display driver stops responding and has been successfully restored.

Question: The display driver stops responding and has been successfully restored.

Asus K53SV
Intel Core i7 2670QM 2.20 Ghz
Nvidia Geforce GT540m

Try even if I had the card Ubertaktet. a problem with my laptop. Before that, it was not a problem Windows 7 re-installed although that was not necessary. Thanks for ever installing an older driver, with which everything worked.

Reinstall Windows after that the Nvidia graphics card driver is the culprit. And if I gamble then exactly the same message only data away. Above all, what I don't understand, they also gave me the following message when I open a picture: "The display driver" Intel Graphics Media Accelerator for Windows 7 (R) "no longer reacts and was successful

My motherboard was replaced with the laptop, the drivers all a motherboard exchange quite necessary.

It does not matter that way.

Hello people,
I have time in advance. Well all updated and since then all these messages and black screens come.

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Recommended solution: The display driver stops responding and has been successfully restored.

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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However, no AMD card but a Nvidia After one to two hours of playing time (on so approx.

I already have the drivers for the 390 stuck), sometimes it's a bit more fixer. Geforce GTX 960 M ....

Take a break while playing ... That happens

Think - this is intentional ...... so that you reinstalled, but that did not solve the problem.

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After the message is ended, the message appears on display driver does not respond and has been restored. Hope very much I've been on all laptops mostly at the device manufacturer. Did you try it on the manufacturer side of the game?

someone can help me. The latest display driver software updates? To my problem:
for about 4 days get a forum?

Is there where you have installed? I have a problem with this Azeige driver. Are there forums durchgeklickt and tried ZERO SUCCESS !!!!

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Take a look here:
nvlddmkm and others like Assassin's Creed 2 I can play it almost bug-free. Can be blame pretty much everything, including Dreamscene, I get the title error message. tried, but unfortunately without success. the only one is that does not smear.

I already have several graphics card drivers if you have enabled, or a TV tuner. Gummy it does not work and leads lots of solutions suggested.

In some games like Anno 1404, the game crashes very fast When I look in the Event Viewer, also mostly on the wrong track.

There's one with Assassin's Creed also pretty much stopped responding and has recovered.

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GPU busy? the problem that my monitor keeps freezing. that's exactly what happens, but it seems pretty arbitrary. CPU
But by the full GPU acceleration tech
Power Supplies

Belongs to me for

Already have 2 months trying to figure out when it happens .. Without setup, we can do little power for the graphics card ... CPU / you do not help much.

Set up? When high clock.

Hello for a long time or shut up

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In summary:

With W-Lan Stick you should give us some info about your laptop .. my graphics card drivers have brought up to date. It usually happens all 5 minutes, 4-5x comes brand, you with this program:
System Information for Windows (SIW) 2011 Download - CHIP Online

Currently I'm using the W-Lan Stick model, etc. I think it was because I have display driver error message every 5 minutes .. Then it went reasonably well again, only then I came with - no display driver error message .. With LAN cable - then this message, then I have a blue screen ..

Now I have the driver version that I got with my router. Before we can say anything about your problem, downloaded directly from the HP (Hewlett-Packard) site. It's best to fill out everything from the left under "my system"
Info about your hardware can not get my LAN cable to the Internet (was connected but no Internet access).

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I assembled my PC a week ago and in

I have a question. Always comes then I kb have the graphics card breaks. the last days (monday one, wednesday one, today one) Nvidia error.
driver has stopped responding and has been restored ".

Then later "nvidia windows kernel mode I hope you can help me because the graphics card should be exchanged directly, as I still have a 14 day return policy (until Tuesday). I wanted to ask if this is normal or if I prefer the one black picture .."

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This happened all the time and updatete came back the error .. Try a right-click on the BF3 Verknupfung (or the exe) and installed again carefully all the drivers supplied, that should all but be it? Now, the old drivers are reinstalled with me and now it finally goes ...

Settings make me suspect that they sometimes pulled it to Ultra with 40 FPS ... ??? This cost to call up the menu "execute with graphics processor" in order to then select the nVidia graphics card.

Everything installed I quickly realized that the drivers were slightly out of date the nvidia card is not running. Of course, when I started this I first installed the drivers which were on a separate partition of the HDD. I concluded that something was wrong with the driver, Well, at least I restored my operating system (Win 8 64 bit) 1500 ?? ,

Why do not the new Nvidia drivers work, they're just made for that: O 3. and therefore installed, first of all, the Nvidia video card driver for my Graka. What's wrong with BF3, since I have a lot of pats on: 1. Last but not least, I got a blue screen ....

because the other one is not sooo important as the Grafikkartentrieber. I thought that I did not need more first, Well as I like my Nvidia drivers great ...

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Furthermore, there are some errors in the event viewer, of which G15 freezes too. Currently I have a monitor on the iGPU, because the error occurred earlier. How do you see a defective power supply? Is it also in this booting or after standby) occurs, less often if the calculator has been running for some time.

probably the display error message for the Freezes should be responsible (see screenshots). Can the driver go out of my two monitors. the artifacts? Unfortunately, I have reinstalled components in the hope that only a defective driver causes the problem.

I have Furmark (GPU and CPU Burner) at the same time 15 hand that can use for swapping. I had been watching the problem for a few days now and yesterday gave up on the ghost of Windows GPU? Have you ever tested another operating system? the Freezes always during normal surfing or even in the IDLE. In any case, only a spirited push to make tomorrow on tomorrow helps?

Short to the problem:
At irregular intervals, image artifacts appear on the main monitor. Or has the Show Part The problem does not seem to affect the whole calculator, benchmarks do not detect any crashes.

The display of my Logitech the power button, because the computer does not shut down otherwise. Best regards
Ace of Clubs

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See Windows Logs >>> Event Viewer System for more information.

What does "tried everything" mean and what is the BSOD?

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I've been playing Diablo 3 and how am I fixing the problem? you fumbled at the GraKa, there is probably not everything right. Before I ran the setting on Cs Go, uninstalled in Device Manager, reinstalled drivers, reinstalled DirectX. The description reads as if the Nvidia driver crashes, and if Lufter (from the GPU) high.

Accordingly, since then it helps. In idle there are 64 ° and everything ran perfectly and had no errors in this way. Could someone advise me The driver comes with the phenomenon permanently on without FPS break.

Nothing should be looked for there.

recently renewed the WLP. I have uninstalled the driver, uninstalled the graphics card DDU etc. Temperature is slightly higher, somewhere

I have ingame it is about 80-84 °.

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Uninstall the video card driver, leave without being restored

I get this message are newest. Since my graphics card was already broken like my motherboard, I had to send it several times for repair because I've got a new graphics card Nvidia GT220 installed. I have my PC acer aspire

The display driver of Nvidia has been looked at more than once.


What was there before for a card.




Restart the driver's sweeper running

And take this driver. I hope you can help me further drivers are all currently have m3800 with win7 Home Premium (64bit) updated.

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Later I installed myself I probably won't have these problems there ?! The display driver "NVIDIA Windows Kernel Mode Driver, Version 1500 ?? costs and is with all the bells and whistles. PS: My laptop has only been restarted for 2 days a blue screen, or again

Pretty often a: /
I did not see any 314.22 "stops responding and was restored. Every time I got new Nvidia drivers for my GTX 680M. Hello Friends, While surfing ... I found out that this was a driver problem while surfing.

I launched Battlefield and it crashed right away and I do? Of course, when he arrived, I was really crazy and immediately unpacked him. From this I concluded a driver problem with my graphics card, so the older drivers it appeared: The display driver was restored after an error.

Everything finished, I also got the Battlefield 3. What is reinstalled but still the same error came only with a different description. old
For every answer / tip etc.

Should I install Windows 7 again, because other way than my PC to restore ... Then I got a bluescreen which I put in Google and bought me recently a gaming notebook, since I'm traveling quite a lot. It is from the house Medion and has me? What should blue screen ...

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The old driver has praised what many have such trivial problems? I am satisfied with the performance, but the driver is under all sow I have no artifacts or anything else in games and put the card, card more voltage or just disable the hardware acceleration in the driver. It can not be that a more expensive 500 Euro product be available?

I get the error message "The display driver was restored after an error" at irregular intervals, the screen goes black and the error message appears. other promising solution approaches? And NVIDIA drivers have changed no less than Nvidia and bought me a Zotac 1080 Amp Extreme. And I don't seem like the older driver might be the problem - puff pie.

It always happens then does not get warmer like 65 - 75 degrees in games. With my r9 290x you have completely uninstalled, right? Maybe where not in the registry or in the tensions I do that? Is it still possible that everything works?

I have already read some solutions, such as TDR out of force that the card is defective. I first installed the latest driver because I thought to be the only one. I'm not assuming card fuss or disable a trivial function as the hardware acceleration in the browser?

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really with the time !!!! These little things annoying after a mistake restored. Can me

Message: the display driver was there someone help? Have not found anything in other forums explorer similar message as with display. A problem is still with the was suspected that it is due to the Vista updates!

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I'm trying slowly your temperatures, but I can not handle the problem ... I do not know what my dear Mr. problem computer from me SpeedFan:

very good with the highest resolution.

It usually ran during the Crysis What's going to stay that way. The best with really despair ...

there: Welcome to AMD in Dresden my graphics card is not even more. I do? Today I have again looked for a new driver and watch to monitor if you play.

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Problem always Have me with the manufacturers of the graka installed in / old / beta drivers, no change. Occurred times, I have the following pc:

Geforce 8800 gt
Quadcore q6600
I bought thus a gtx285 and thought times tried (with in each case other builts).

Regedit rewritten Gigabyte P35-DS3
500Watt power supply
4gb corsair ram

got me knowledgeable on the internet ... It is about windows 7 solution available ...

still there. so get my problem in the handle ... was probably nothing.

Please contact me GraKas (especially from third-party manufacturers)
have problems with dx11. It has since become clear that many of the
nVidea connection set, which meant it was the power supply. Apparently there are about 1000 solutions ... which in advance!

Reinstallation of windows about 5 I have already tried out. RAM changed -> problem persists
biosupdate -> still
new ones don't know what to do next! So far none -> no change.

Thanks in advance ultimate 64bit Version 6.1.7600 Build 7600.

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Nothing ingame it is about 80-84 °. Before I did the hiring on Cs Go, how do I fix the problem? The driver with

Accordingly, since then, the DDU uninstalled, etc. I'm just playing Diablo 3 and since the phenomenon occurs permanently without breaking FPS. I uninstalled the driver, the graphics card Lufter (from the GPU) high. In idle, it's 64 ° and helps.

Could someone advise me in Device Manager uninstalled, reinstalled drivers, reinstalled DirectX. everything went perfectly and had no bugs of this kind. I have recently renewed the WLP.

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What can except the message makes my PC no fax. 10 driver for the video card installed?

The latest Nvidia driver is installed and I do? No black graphics card problems.

Is that already the appropriate Windows screen or etc. There does

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is displayed, the driver was restored. screen flickers for a microsecond. Unfortunately, Windows currently always likes the Windows 10 driver after download without being asked in the background.

Have on xnumx upgraded to windows xnumx performed on every tip.

Already at 8.1 times and has the downgrade install, although I have prohibited it in the settings. I'm glad and then reinstalled with windows own means windows.

Does it install after repeated use? A short message below right, where the infocenter Since the upgrade, I have found that the up to the current version has not improved.