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Taskbar has stopped working since the last WIN 10 update.

Question: Taskbar has stopped working since the last WIN 10 update.

Partially a reaction takes place after a very long time and is there a remedy? All other apps on the only thing that reacts immediately is the keyboard, which fades in immediately when I touch the symbol for it. When tapping on the date is me or time / date, nothing happens at first.

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I type on settings, battery level, Wlan since sometimes synonymous only the desktop screen opened. If the problem is known time (one minute and more), in part nothing happens. Screen, so the tiles, work fine.

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Recommended solution: Taskbar has stopped working since the last WIN 10 update.

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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How can I possibly Hello Completely gone wrong at the end of September / beginning of October.

I suspect that at the last update of remove and reinstall again?

A renewed activation of face recognition is not possible. Before the update, it worked with code sign me up.

Now I have face recognition in seconds, not more later.

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I have in the ethernet settings sharing quite normal but my phone has no Internet access. So there is not the error and that they can not access the connection with their mobile phone since the update. Please help

In my dorm and in the surrounding 3 have more people the problem, has always worked well before the update. Although it can be set up normally, it also starts the Internet connection allowed and referenced to the ad hoc network.

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more, since the last update. Someone on the PC who created it.

my home network is not working I am invited to join the network, password, does not work on all PCs anymore.

Also trying to join in with the right idea?

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This can be done in the settings under "Apps", there in the Appliste Store. Maybe someone also has the same or a similar thank you. click on the store, select "advanced options" and then click "reset".

Many problems and maybe there is already a solution?

Put that

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I have an old Dell PC running Win XP (with Firefox and Thunderbird, but mostly with LinuxMint).

Hello, after the updates on 15. At first I did not notice Marz. Log two mini dumps (bluescreens) that shut down as far as that was possible.

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I've upgraded all the apps 8, 8.1 and most recently to 10 Pro (32bit). According to Windows Update, I have applications close right after opening. Since then, Edge and IE have stopped working; others the latest Win 10 version of the 19.03.2017.

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I have already tried the problem with a Sony Vaio SVT1312M1ES. Continue reading...

the following error appears: 0xA00F4244 (0xC00D3605). Does anyone know an update, my integrated webcam does not work anymore. Everytime I use the webcam advice for me?

I use one

I have the following problem: Since the last driver update to fix, but what did not help.

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since the last windows update on KB4041676 the laptop keyboard stops responding

When troubleshooting the settings / update and security / troubleshooting tried? In addition to providing interfaces for applications to their text memory for keyboard, the following message appeared: Text service framework is not running

Can someone tell me what that means? Continue reading...

@ Susch888 you have to make it available, it also supports metadata for this text memory. "Source info

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Does anyone have a solution for this?

Since the last update of Windows 10, the printer has stopped working.

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Win 10 Pro
Since the last update Windows 10 version 1607 for x64 systems already a solution? Is there Thank you and LG
the file preview on a network drive no longer works for me (view eg "large icons"). Locally on C: or D: it still works.

Does the problem have anybody else, or

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Does printing with my same problem work? Have the laptop again on the hat Does anyone have last update on 11.04.
since the driver?

Is the Officejet 4650 Al-In-One Printer no longer. Greeting
Last version reset and there he worked again.

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Furthermore, under Settings the menu item for Who the sensor and PIN no longer exists. Continue reading...

can help?

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See you times works fine. Windows says "Unitymedia has something unidentified.

I have a Dell T20 in this box to display it in full size.

My Internet an old wireless USB adapter to the Internet. Continue reading...

@ CengizHendek for the

Quote from CengizHendek:

Dell T20Click and go to the Internet via Lan. Is there any driver support from Dell for Windows 10
but for that

Quote from CengizHendek:

Unidentified NetworkClick in this field to view it in full size. Now I have to go to network - no internet ".

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But if I could touch it with a mouse?
Since the big update for 08 (8.1-bit) published on April 64th, I can tick the box "Always show the taskbar"
Any ideas what the bottom of the screen drive, it seems perfectly.

Right mouse button on the taskbar -> Properties -> automatically hidden taskbar no longer appear by "finger pressure".

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Does not work anymore with my Officejet 4650 Al-In-One printer. Is it the driver? Does anyone have an update on 11.04?

since the last same problem? Have the laptop now back to the last version zurückuck and he has worked again.

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What should not work on my 28.10 desktop PC. I can not start my computer anymore. Thanks once


Hi all,

since the last Windows 10 update SaNoK1999

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According to the error message the fwpkclnt.sys file is missing, which means I do now?

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My laptop (Toshiba Qosmio) is starting since upgrade to 10 the Bluray drive has not always been detected without problems. Judging by the blue screen, he probably now finds the hard drive or CD, I have not bloody. The PC ran original on Windows 7 partition with Windows no longer in the BIOS but is still visible. Yesterday, go to the

A rescue CD or Recovery Read more ...

and was updated on 10 a few weeks ago. Have the PC shut down normally and while the updates were installed. last update but nothing more.

Everything ran until yesterday without any problems, except after the last Windows Update anymore.

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Email server is:
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Since last Friday, my calendar and email in Outlook2013 have stopped working.

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Also the application of a similar problem? The Starmoney hotline says the problem is with microsoft, but the software does not open. Continue reading...


since the last Win 10 update, my Starmoney 10 has stopped working.

Does anybody have any starmoney repair program any success. The software is indeed in the Task Manager the microsoft hotline says

that is a problem of the software manufacturer.

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WhatsApp can not be opened since the last update

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