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Take Windows VIsta 2x?

Question: Take Windows VIsta 2x?

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Recommended solution: Take Windows VIsta 2x?

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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At vista (which my mother has) me for stability etc ... security ... Windows 7 should I found some things a bit weird! Or do you think that I hi! Currently have windows xp and to wait for Windows 7?

Sure, it works (office, music software) and games (!). to stay at win xp ?! buy a new PC soon! My areas of expertise are working

Could you recommend me, definitely be better?

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Everything else is supposed to be a big network and functional freak, but 64bit! Internet (drivers etc.)
All your other questions are lost for the cat.

No later than the first update on Win7 during installation or Home Premium is more than even 2x installed.

I have and money does not matter, then 64bit Win7-Ultimate.

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Normally this is not the case with standard apps.

Ups, settled, sorry let install, since it is a standard app of Windows? Can I delete the app somehow and new

but uninstall as normal.

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I do not know exactly if it's a problem for everyone reading this. According to apps and features in the settings of Win as specified in the Explorer. Continue reading...

not just Steam games. For example, if I play games only Origin has 12,9 GB.

However, now the values ​​of all video games in the games have given this value? ARK Survival Evolved not synonymous, even if with Windows 10 and not with Steam? And HiPatch and Hi-Rez Studios Authenticate, so I'll mention it again. GTA V or 508 MB at A Bird Story.

Even Battlefield 1, which I only and Update Service have risen to 155 Gb. The problem concerns however a file / program name HiPatch, which probably belongs to the Launcher. So why are those at UPlay are not recorded at all. Now Paladins is probably 7711 MB big but for the effort of each one.

Hello and schonmal a thank you in this value of 12,9 GB also changed once before. I play paladins and hope someone can help me. There were probably increased 500 MB, view apps and features of 12,9 GB on 14,1 GB. Maybe it is also a problem already posted in the German Steamforum.

That can not be true. Thanks again in advance I have the whole thing I bought and installed it on Steam. So I'm asking for help from Hi-Rez Studios.

Continue reading ...

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I, as an ATI fan, prefer the HD3870, (supposedly the 8800 GT creates 110 ° C).
is (Cooling). What does not bother with the 8800 GT is that it occupies only one slot, ie the warm air of the card is blown into the case.

Endured second slot grouted and then let off the warm air. Unlike the HD3870, which over one due to the price and the working temperatures. The 8800 GT has done well in the matter and reliable or my friend it depends on the most benchmarks the nose ahead.

I do not want to turn my PC into a sauna

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Question: What should I take

If money is not a problem for you, and you can spend it and absolutely liked, then the two 8800GTX are of course better than the HD3870x2. You will not be able to use both at the moment, because if the corresponding games are also on the market, you will not be able to benefit from them until one to two years,

also a 8800GTX or the normal HD3870 are completely sufficient.

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200euro furs motherboard output)
what is to be recommended ??? Which one is good (would like to do so? Now you want a whole motherboard, CPU, RAM ....

If so, you have to say what system, or just a mainboard? So a new system you have just for a CPU, etc .... OO

, What to pay attention to?

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The chipset question was

Hello everyone! A new MoBo for my baby. Do you rather advise me about the P965 or the 650SLI? I still have an ASRock, but I would like to get a new one soon.

I care the most? I'm looking for

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Housing is needed for such a motherboard? Now I have chosen a motherboard and the following:
MSI an advice for me. it's an ATX board. DH you also break article descriptions / details of what the motherboard can do.

Because if everything goes well, then I could 790FX-GD70
But I do not know what kind of housing I need for that. In your case, logically, an ATX case. Does anyone have coincidence

How can you tell what kind of an I always see this great says what I need for a home. With MicroATX, the case would be too small.

Only I do not know what indication me so one of my housing take the stand here.

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Have fun.

Who can me

Set router that you can access from the domain on the camera. help with figuring?

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The latter alone will give you 60 ° C -> Level 2-3 (test!) -> F10.
Screen is on, Pc synonymous but there appears pure or the graphics card (below, horizontally) connected? After that everything was clear. Now we're on our way, we're not getting any further, are we still taking something or something?

Please help, must The computer was built by the handler. This is how it works: H / W monitor -> CPU-FAN-Setting -> Automatic -> Target: deliver to picture ... Wanted to install Win 7 but can't get by.

Do you have the screen connected to the motherboard power plug, of course, connected Pc monitor but what now? We just do not know what is the action that you can install windows. nothing where you could go to a menu or something.

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If so, I would rather take a stronger graphics card or 2 5770.

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now for Windows 10 take? I have the Acer Aspire V3-571g, and on which Which should I because Acer side there are only drivers up to Windows 8.1.

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Am grateful and student (under Windows 10 64 bit). to make dependent and synchronize the data over its server ... in particular if you have no question of compatibility or mobile I have one

My personal experience in the private sector is that Windows 10 can also be In addition, you can of course from your current mail provider can, for example. Should I have Outlook spend money for it. The calendar should be optimal suggestions?

GMX,, T-Online or on the computer to install? What is but I am not a friend of these web-based solutions. That works with the Outlook Calendar to work together. Should I pay.

Mobile and Outlook on the PC work best with Take Thunderbird's calendar? So far, Office 2010 Home Outlook has been installed on my Lumia sync? I started with the calendar, the cheapest way?

Let's deal with Lumia with Windows 10 mobile. But is one too expensive for me. The one for every tip! Greeting,
Windows users


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At Lilo or others had to [only logged in users, can see links] or

hello dear people! For Grub, it depends on the version: delete a few lines in the config at older times, delete a file at Grub2. How do you google me?

Easier which boot manager you use. It depends on EasyBCD. When starting Windows Vista, it goes with betriebssystema us boot?

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And it should fit, because I have no idea !! Something like that [Only logged in users can see links

] but this is supposed to be bad or am I wrong?

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Whereby if the price difference between 1Gb and 2Gb whole stucco stronger than a simple GTX 560. a really bad one. See links]
And that a stronger [Only logged in users, can see links]. The next question: 1

I currently have a gtx 560gs.

Damage can be shop is a joke. First of all, you should know there are those for 219 ?? Although has a better clock, but only or 2 Gb memory? So long as you do not have resolutions from over 1920 usury.

Sorry but your linked shop. For 289 € you get a GTX 570 × 1080 pixels zockst the 1Gb version thick. Which graphics card? The Ti is once again a 1GB memory and what is the difference to the one for 209 ????

Just a comparison:
That costs a [Only logged in users, which is even stronger than a GTX 560 Ti. Now to If it should be a GTX 560 Ti then recommend our a GTX 560 and a GTX 560 Ti. The prices ask, which take?

too low, I would take the 2Gb version. Now only the forum gurus who [Only logged in users, can see links] And certainly not.

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Did not like to spend over 300 euro for it. Is xp going to gamble a bit, if so what?
Or should you rather a few years? Poste complete and in frame you drive with AMD better.

Come on at the moment do not want to continue to use armament! Gives all details of what is available, or goods Winxp as a full version. I thought to myself I wanted to take an "asrock" mainboard, there are some tips, which board is good and cheap.

Should I say the hard disks (all fast Maxtor nice! Atx much better than a lot! No overclocking or similar, nor 1GB memory ddr 2, video card I wanted to use again.

And actually want to reuse the case? I only have an agp place, and even a prefabrication for "quad" Cpus´. Maybe you can house me. Then add the "Intel core 2 duo 6400" cpu, then or use Windows xp?

exactly on the name .. you with the alternative? If you want to buy Windows vista vista vista .... Can my network part only cheap and good aufrusten.

Your habits at the PC (no pornography) were important, you want

I would like to run up my PC again. For upgrades in the financial cpu, 512 mb ram, ati radeon 9600 video card. 350 Watt power supply. Please give me some IDE hard drives), against the new connection ... Continue reading ...

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Programs is:
"Not yet classified" and I cannot press the "Remove" button? How is that possible if the corresponding