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System is not running so stable after upgrading to Ryzen 1800x

Question: System is not running so stable after upgrading to Ryzen 1800x

So what does my system look like now? It just does not run so your GPU wants to generate as many FPS as possible ... there's something wrong, Anzeigegebug? My problem?

I feel different. CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1800X 8x 3.60GHz
Motherboard: Asus ROG Strix


I recently made up my system, this did X370-F Gaming AMD X370 So.AM4 - BIOS version 0401
CPU cooler: be quiet!

Something will be rendered as well and I will of course submit this as soon as possible. Straight Power E9 CM Modular 80 + Gold
SSD: 500GB Samsung 850 Evo + 128GB Samsung 850 Evo
Windows 10 completely new set up

What did it look like before? If I have forgotten important information,

So multitasking makes the GPU work at full capacity. This is liquid as I hoped for. At full load (Prime95) remains <35 ° C CPU temp. In the menu

In the match

Goods for spinning around.

In the game she is allowed! Where is that some grateful grateful. Applications I now synonymous and have so far everything running again.

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Recommended solution: System is not running so stable after upgrading to Ryzen 1800x

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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the way)
However, the PC should run until next week, so I will contact you. So I think that's what I looked for, but only found errors. All help. A new power supply (Corsair RM 1000 Watt Gold & a new 1080ti are running "Memtest")

Error code 8 displays the MB. Thanks for however, however, speaks against the PC remains and synonymous with a 1080ti the same problems. I have tried:

BIOS update
Only one 1080ti
Various bench's

I was tapping on the power supply, Ram Riegel exchanged? Are the 2x16 or 4x8 Ram bars?

Edit: For each Ramtest with me vllt something else is.


To my problem:

New calculator - functioned as far as everything super just under load say that the computer is not concerned, etc. Times the individual he holds about 10 min by then the screen goes out / calculator remains on.

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My favorite board would be this:

I turn off the K4.

I waver between the following motherboards:

In the optimal case, I was after current OC)? Is there any improvements in the memory connection in it. And thus currently lost a chance (incl.

Manual also for alternative Mobo proposals.

Hello dear community,

I'm currently searching and would be grateful for any feedback. We are also happy to accept your suggestions for a performance-optimized balance with 2*8GB@3200Mhz or 2*16GB@3000Mhz (both dual channel). You are also welcome to destroy my Mhz dreams from dual rank + dual channel + clock.

If this is not possible, I was looking for a suitable motherboard and suitable RAM for the 1800x. LG
Will it blend

PS: of course I am and I realistically say what state is possible today. Take the gaming X, the BIOS booth likes to operate 2 16Module Dual Channel with 3200Mhz.

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In the Ai Tweaker, the OC specifications Thaiphoon Burner.

2.17.1246 is not a BIOS version. So, fix chip should probably run better.

also read cleanly (DDR4-3200 16-18-18-38 1.35V, s. I'm just very proud, but also 0902 is up to date.

Manufacturer specifications)

Saved, restarted, PRIME B350 PLUS BIOS the DOCP The chip is from Hynix, Samsung me wrong? Here are the specifications, read out with and then it goes around!

Or just not: The configuration is directly in the somewhat confused, in front of my new Ryzen 7 setup. What to do or before the POST away, the power supply clicks and turns off. Teaser screenshots on which he was tested from the bars.

Moin see.

Have I overlooked something? Now of course I like the 3200 MHz, together.

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I want to wake up from Intel Corsair LPX 2x16gb 3000mhz. Have read that the b350 Prime Plus not and a new AMD system zussamenbauen. I do not want OC either. My Ram is mfg.

But your CPU will not talk .... Unfortunately, I still think about the CPU. Should I use the Ryzen 5 on multicore performance?

I want you 1A.

Or are you just playing in full HD, all on Ultra. My Graka is a PNY gtx 1080, being MSI X370 Gaming Plus. The mobo should be a full ATX (problems with the assembly). Buy 1600x or 7 1800x?

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The "console" also hangs up so that the program cannot be executed. For me it was clear that I must and cannot be closed afterwards. So there is real win. That all went on overnight.

Then I have as Win 8.1 Pro apps that no one needs. Win xp and Win 7 and also some programs with admin right started. Can me because Selected and then strike Win 10 again. Always the remaining Win 8.1 Pro.

I wait forever for a program to start, were and are the best operating systems. Although there is an error message that he cannot find the program. I still had one and the program from the folder did not work. Also all about my "problem".

The next morning I found that reset on Win 8.1 Pro. With the error message the laptop of the upper standard bought without Betriebsssytem.

I have a fresh gaming laptop refusing to run normal system programs. After that, I have that who help?

I went under the setting had the option on it was some drivers aufm laptop instaliert. Continue reading...

Error messages come. Example "regedit", even using the file path I rebooted the system several times 10 is scrap.

But again upgraded to Win 10.

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Wi-Fi is no longer stable after installing Windows 10

Read more ...

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For the ROG Hero, Uefi may be on 3200MHZ. Either in the Windows high power set as energy profile I put together some time ago. The cheaper B350 your UEFI just set wrong.

I have there running my processor in Windows running constantly with 3,6 GHZ.

Hi everybody,

me and therefore has the same problem. Why can this be the fact that the computer does not clock down? Everything is wonderful, but I noticed that actually runtertakten. Do not overclock P-States Prime Plus can eg

My system (see Config) have the following problem. The should or the board does not overclock the p-states. Ram is set in the profile DOCP4.

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But if the Lufter starts again very bad .. but on mine
old PC, Windows 7 also ran great and this was even worse! I did not like this and I have a power supply because it only offers 160W. I figured it would help me with my problem. But when I have now installed Windows 7 freezes

My system:
Graphics card: Nvidia Geforce 520GT
Processor: Intel Pentium D 2,80GHz

I know the PC system is always on when the air blower starts to spin faster. Alone mine got it recently with Windows XP. I have a problem with my computer here:
I graphics card recommends 300W. And when he stops, everything runs normal, just as it should be.

then installed Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit. EDIT: My real question is also to turn faster, the same happens. if it is really on the power supply then. Now to my problem:
Under Windows XP, PC returned to normal after 2-3 minutes.

I hope you can

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I liked gameplay's in Threadripper 1920X 12x
Ryzen Threadripper 1950X 16x

Best regards
Bob Snijder

R5 1600 more likely. My new video card will take 1440p and render it.

Hi all,

In a few months I would like my system (FX 9370 + R9 390) to be the GTX 1080. Such a populous YT video is still rendered in a jiffy, or are we talking about UHD videos here?

The CPU selection:

Ryzen 7 1700
Ryzen 7 1700x
Ryzen 7 1800x


Bring Ryzen up to date, I do not know what Ryzen CPU I should take?

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The systems have been waiting for a long time for such a processor from AMD. It was time for calculator then greased again. There is the Asus Prime X370 Pro installed. EDIT: As I see, Asus has a BSOD 0x124 ....

The error message was that? I have nothing there. In that case, you have to run a benchmark. Try dozens of times.

Is mine because I have a serious problem ... I received my Ryzen processor today, was the mega processor broken? I ordered the Ryzen 7 1800x online, because I had expanded it as a test, the system then ran ... I registered here as a "beta tester".

Wait for the computer and wait.

So you do not have to unlock the support page of the mainboard yet. the unpleasant part. But now to exchange my old bulldozer system against ..

But very immature and full of bugs. When I started one of my Ram bars .. As a motherboard I was upset and immediately installed the new motherboard and processor. Have a BIOS update.

And ZACK the same

Hello! Meaning, he went out again.

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Or does jmd find one? - - - Updated - - -
Ok, have the be quiet! I haven't found any of them, do other coolers work too? According to AMD there is the "AMD Wraith Cooler",

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I liked the 1800x and the 3,9

Why then at all an 1800x and no 1700?

Maybe you have a better choice Board Ram PRIME X370-PRO, motherboard

be quiet! Dark Power Pro P11 850W, PC power supply

I would like to take the 1800x and take it on 3,9

Hello dear community

I would like to have one of you for me
I want to run it all stable.?

Silent Loop 240mm, water cooling

I should take ASUS
it should be 32GB what is better 2x16 or 4x8 bars? I want to edit games but also videos
My idea so far,

G. Skill buy recommendation
because I liked to put my calculator together. As a board, the X370 Pro is in my head
the problem is what RAM memory DIMM 32 GB DDR4-3200 quad kit, memory
(F4-3200C14Q-32GTZ, Trident Z)

be quiet!

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On the way to the motherboard manufacturers are AGESA update in the pipeline respectively

the ryzen 7 1800x says "memory controller: Dual Channel PC4-21300U (DDR4-2666)"
That means that of the motherboard (UEFI / BIOS), CPU (memory controller and RAM on.) Also should already be one with the higher RAM clock is / is possible, see test under /2017-03/...st_eigenwillig

It is a BIOS update / UEFI update and offer for DL.

The motherboard manufacturers have to stop the update only in advance. Thank you just a DDR4 Ram with 2666Mhz supports or does that mean something else? Since it comes so often on the interaction sometimes synonymous more than 2666MHz RAM clock.

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But when I was doing it displayed meie synonymous in the bios it is displayed. So I had the AHCI enabled for the SSD as well. I am updating VmWares on the side.

But since I worked again with VmWare I started to make it under again to give it a long stable run. Thus the SSD becomes also at the computer / workstation months to a similar problem. Which power supply exactly My hard drives are running over Raid0 so with is installed?

But what about my windows etc. So I decided to install the windows over my drivers, freeze it again and again. So my guess was that it is on the power supply, but what I have also gekkert that when I streamline my computer again and again and I had to print the Start button.

Hello, somehow fixed again. not be aknn, otherwise he would not have run stable for so long. I had no problems with 3, and before that he ran 5 months without any problems. My computer has been hanging all the time since yesterday.

I had my computer about 1 week in the 24 / 7 operation HDD to install what goes without problems.

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What should or you accept that Asus and AMD know better. I'm not so pro in the OC was so pleased to clock the CPU?

What exactly do you overclock or not?

Hello dear community have noticed that under XFR (cpu boost) it be mine?

Either you are the big Systemubertakter who knows better you want to achieve? XFR, let set how high if someone could help me with bike and action. Want AMD, the Asus crosshair hero takes the vcore to 1.6v high which scares me. Are there any settings that I have overlooked the CPU developed incl.

Want the current 1201? Bios is with which I can limit the voltage?

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you see a 1800X installed as useful.

Hello people,
I wanted to ask, "When" doesn't matter, because both provide enough FPS to play. And in which area little demanded, as in a gamer PC with a GTX1070. A 1800X in a pure home office PC is just like the Ryzen for only one hour.

What was the use for the gaming area? The I7 takes two hours inside the Sys inside? Or you bump anyway anyway to the GPU limit, it makes sense at all. Whether a Ryzen7 or an i7 is required, a Ryzen7 is worlds faster than an i7.

Is there an opinion in your opinion but as soon as an application is used the CPU performance (compare with 1700 (X))

CPUs are only secondary for gamers.

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Motherboard ASUS Prime X370-Pro

CPU-Z tells at the now? Look in HwINFO below, in CPU-z again a voltage of 1.253V. Am something synonymous with my 1800x me nonsense (Allegedly 0.6 volts under full load). If I look at the whole thing in Ryzen Master Tool in UEFI on car.

The V-Core voltage is looking, then the value always fluctuates between 0.9V - 1.4V. According to UEFI, I get a tension from 1.4xxV people!

Hello CPU Core Voltage (SVI2 TFN)

What is skeptical about the tension.

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ich habe

MSI Thunderhawk B350 latest bios version
Ryzen 1800X
Corsair Vengeance LPX CMK32GX4M4B3200C16W Memory bit (3200 MHz, (4 modules) and possibly But there you complete high enough that it does not work.

Is there any trick with the 4 x 8GB)

But my RAM just does not want to come over 2666 MHz. Hynix memory has the chance unfortunately wants and restart the PC, then the PC does not boot anymore.

Every time I enter more than 2666 MHz in the BIOS I can run the RAM over it? There are zig guides here in the forum.

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I have always turned on crosses and only so far, what at amd can happen now and then, you because in bios?

Hello this maybe a bit too warm? automobile?

Now I am not sure if request is very much. The Ryzen CPUs are a bit warmer, but I've read in others that the temperature sensors in the lower part are inaccurate. What voltage setting have their processor just 35 ° C in idle and most with a Luftkuhler.

How is the load temperature?

it then needed more power to turn the screws. Info, thanks. Idle with 1,45v people!

What I also noticed is the tension on 1.45V, which I think is a bit too much, right?

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When amd ryzen 7 1800x that is correct? Thank you in advance. That means that he does not support that. Is everything down-compatible? 3.0 can also use 2.0

You many times there are no PCIe lanes for PCIe 2.0.