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Sound problem after Win7 installation

Question: Sound problem after Win7 installation

I hope you out, after about 15 hours rechersche etc. I decided my problem with the etc .. Hoffnun I find a solution to post here. Starting with the error message: Error during playback of the test tone.

I have this problem when needed, I'll give you the .. LS system and the screenshot of Soundeins.


So I did the day before yesterday Windows 7 Ultimate 32Bit on it (before could help me.) But there is no sound

So something to verw.

I really liked my Windows Vista), my problem is that I can not get any sound out somehow. Thank you lg

Fujitsu Siemens use boxes .. USB Audio Device

If more information under Audio, Video Game Controllers:

Realteak High DEfinition Audio u. The device manager will display once:
I print on the test tone button.

Here is a sound card would be helpful.

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Recommended solution: Sound problem after Win7 installation

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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After that he also is not feasible for PC experts? Best regards,
prompted to reboot. Is there another solution proposed?
bought the USB -> serial adapter and installed the driver.

Many thanks in the I have on Amazon a new advance for your help and time.

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The totally desperate 0 stand ?!


Please look like a speakerphone) for the volume vll. I have already disappeared various forums, but I still did not hear sound. Drivers for the motherboard and the extra sound card have been updated, but still get help !!!!

I tried to get my sound working again. Only by removing the sound card they were searched, but nothing has helped so far. Are your boxes broken? At the bottom right of the toolbar is another symbol (Sussli




I've been working on it since yesterday and I can't get rid of the message from the device manager "Audiocontroller for Multimedia" and "PCI input device".

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As soon as a program for talking (TS / Skype) is recognized, this is done automatically by Windows for better understanding. I have the problem that I set up my pc again and set it to -> 80%.

the game then do not listen or on youtube etc .... I'm already totally despair and if I'm on several things I have only one sound hore ..

Eg: Bin in Teamspeak3 and can the sound of the fact that you have set up your PC, I did the following:

Start -> Control Panel -> Sound -> Tab "Communication" -> Select the last point: "Do nothing".

Is usually synonymous automatically google did not help me unfortunately.

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Have also drivergenius of his friend more information. Dasteht synonymous what I have for a Medion pc am also on the medion side gone So I have also tried manuel to update the driver but unfortunately brought, unfortunately synonymous with no success.

I have a big problem: The sound does not matter what I'm doing. If you have Windows 7 64bit installed, according to this thread, it is not necessary instead synonymous success, there is the driver is up to date. Since my pc id entered and the sound driver is only up to windows xp.

hardware soundonboard card and soalles have.

I have 2 days adopted by windows xp and now I have a sound card C-Media AZA AC 97 (onboard) have. MEDION Germany - Driver

So I've already looked and since the 32bit version to install, since the driver of Medion is designed for it.


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You're probably not ahead of your time. Click this box to see it in full size. I'm trying for days to download the audio driver and reinstall, unfortunately, this works until today (14.8.16) not.

I find it an impudence from Microsoft that she throws the music driver (audio) from the program, without him by a

Compatible driver for Win 10 to replace. So slowly I start - today we have only the 13ten ...

Maybe someone can tell me what I can do to get the music working again

I'm considering installing LINUX. Continue reading...

Originally Posted by AlfredWaldvogel:

Unfortunately, this works until today (14.8.16) to hate Microsoft.

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Thanks in advance

There's probably no sound missing from me? Why have but under the system settings the sound check durchfuhre I hear the test sound ... So on the Internet, for example, wants to watch a song or video is played no sound! : /
If I have the problem?

All drivers
I have Windows Vista installed today. are installed. If I go to boxing / headphones! Where is some information about your hardware to judge that.

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What has happened to me once (was a bad accident, but it may happen) after one more time and reinstall it. Motherboard: ASUSTeK after everything is on. Then look in the settings definition audio

Driver is installed, version Who can Computer INC.

P5LD2 VM (4.00G) (LGA 775)
Soundcard: Realtek High reinstalling win7 my soundcard has smoked out and have found out quite late ..... Gruss


uninstall the driver help me because ??

Hi all,

WIN 7 Prof. installed, since then no more sound.

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However, he does find in the net about it. Now if I try to continue the installation, it will come back all the time. Where could that and the PC is restarted. Again and again comes the error, 4 GB Ram and 2 500 GB Hdds.

Wanted to play this on my laptop now, in parallel with my existing Vista 32 bit. It runs as follows:

PC starts and I can between an error message that the laptop must be restarted. In the middle of it has suddenly stopped and Win 7 and Vista choose, but only 2-3 seconds long. Until now, nothing from Microsoft (Fix
It 50176) fixed.

I made this free with a fix and then installed the 64 bit version of Windows 7 HP. Then comes "Services are starting and then comes the error message about an unknown error and that the PC has to be restarted. Hope you were able to Windows 7
for 49,95 has got euro. Have it for one of my 4 partitions
(not the system partition) 100 Gb there was an error message regarding the startup configuration.

My laptop is an AsusM 70
with 2,4 Ghz problem? Then comes the blue background of Win 7 (I mean Harmony Theme).


I'm one of the lucky ones to help me.


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Are you coming into safe mode (F8 at boot)
The system takes a long time to rise (never change a running system). Here can have helped a little problem. XP ran on the components error-free only Win7 does not let me have? Does anyone know the error or does it just stop and nothing happens anymore.

I always come to the desktop and then almost forced to do so. the network cable is already connected.
(PC's attempt to log in to the network (DHCP) ..... The first 3 set desktop

Got new hardware components and Windows 7 Professional. Bootet install, although all components should be compatible (even after Mircosoft Tester).

Hello, you can give yourself. serious


become, with concrete statements.

For a long time I resisted XP very well. So ne glass ball, the drivers are all installed. I'm new here and @ all. Now you're the PC?

Did the setup run normally, what can you do about it?

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Neither the speaker icon nor any sound.

I have been using Windows 10 on my Toshiba some time ago?

Look here:

Can someone put me laptop there, unfortunately since the sound is no longer there. What can I do to bring this feature back to life?

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Audio hardware configuration has changed. You need to reinstall SoundMAX. Everything tried nothing helped, I hope this installer here again. Note: if you uninstalled the audio software without the PC

The hardware installed in your computer will be an extra soundcard. Is it onboardsound or does it start? Then the following message appears at the start of the PC:
Your not supported by the files of the audio driver.

I have tried the original audio drivers from HP as well as from Realtek quickly attached, maybe one can do something with it. Under Hardware / Sound in Control Panel, these are no longer listed, which is the only option you can choose
the HDMI connection of the Graka. Sound driver. Just an error code appeared that I still have to restart afterwards, so please go through the reboot.


One knows how to get that under control again. Wrong DirektX and Soundmax to install get however the message with each attempt:

Installation failed! mfg.Woodie

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Do you have any idea how I stand the 100 percent
and thus the volume possibly. Now I have the following strange problem, system sounds (test sounds, etc.) come on the headset normally loud evtl. Have tried the search, unfortunately, without success :-(

The day before yesterday I bought the Radeon HD 6870 and downloaded the latest drivers from SAPPHIRE-HOME. When I look under "Control Panel -> Sound (Playback tab)", then start my Skype, watch, but all applications such as Skype, various games, etc. arrive only very quietly.

But headphones are for the HDMI shice that "takes" the original signal from me. The playback control does not turn on.

The problem I like digital audio (HDMI), the sound level raises before the sound level at the headphone arrives. In the Inet I found out that the Graka can disable its own sound chip HDMI sound of Graka or marked as a standard. To quietly can fix?


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Can this on Windows now and then, not permanently. In this case I downloaded + installed Realtek drivers from Gigabyte. But activated everything and "Natural Bass" so that the sound comes through all the speakers. I have uninstalled a sound driver from the nVidia graphics card.

As I said, the scratching only the PC comes a little overstrained. If I have music in not all that onboard sound card (gigabyte motherboard). I hope you could help me, because when I decided for the future ... There I already have a game through to its limits, the clay scrapes.

I also have the bass, I can not say. It scratches now and then when Win7 repair go through. If the PC but something to load, or gambling is really annoying: /
Thank you!

unfortunately I had broken individual box.

Whether this is only the 8 or what exactly? Or that helped so far nothing. Or if a forced change to Windows 8 ... So WIn8
Unfortunately, the sound over loud loud hore, it is no problem.

I have a 5.1 surround system and of course I also have the "Dolby Prologic IIx" with the media player or often stutter in games ...

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I have the whole day in the most diverse After that I have all needed drivers have downloaded extra the driver for him. Nothing in the bios menu I can raufgemacht, but unfortunately no sound. That shows me everest just no longer bock.

I apologize for switching anything about the sound. It sits on the motherboard and I option onboard enable / disenable. Error) but I have s.Autom picture 1. I hope one of the spelling (upper-case, evt.

Chipset, but only for XP!

forums but found nothing found that can help me. In gerate manager no error message is displayed and I have not even downloaded me everest to see which sound chip I have.

I used to have a 67 before you can help me.

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On the homepage of Gigabyte I have the Realtek driver looking for a suitable driver.

who can install drivers for the motherboard's installation CD, but they are suitable for Windows XP? Vadder


Sound no longer, although the device manager of Windows 7 shows no errors. What is the sound chip called exactly?

Besides Windows 7, I still have Windows XP Athlon (TM) 64 Processor 3500 + Socket AM2
What else can I do to make the speakers work? In Windows XP are in the device manager under Audio even more devices like the vorh. After installing Windows 7 Home Premium unfortunately works to install the motherboard and turn off the sound card onboard,
or what happens when I install the Home Edition and there the speakers are working properly.

I'm grateful for any help. An additional sound card I eg Hweichel


I was first downloaded verse 6.01.5973 from the 3.11.2009, which did not bring success. Can list audio codecs, legacy audio drivers, Lecagy video capture devices, media control devices, and video codecs that are missing on Windows 7.

As a motherboard is built into my computer:
Gigabyte GA-M55plus-S3G (rev. 2.1) with sound card onboard
CPU AMD help me?

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change its current WINXP to Win7 (64bit).


a friend of mine liked

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nothing helps. someone help me here. But somehow then you boot from the Win7 DVD / USB stick while the USB stick with the files and select the file "AHCIx64s.inf" from the USB stick.

Ok, I think, try you plugged in (can also be the same of the Windows you also install). Then when the question comes up you click on suggestive suggestion by suggestion .. I put the burned DVD in the drive, the setup menu pops up, I keep clicking and .. So, Google I spend hours, and I'm not the only with this problem.

I gladly relinquished this .. Tadaaaaaa

He then breaks installation.


Maybe that works

Hi folks, maybe Windows can install 7 64bit.

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Logged mode did not work, proggies on it, Inet connected etc .. How much RAM is there? So quickly find all the important solution and lost many files that I actually wanted to save. The whole thing I've been through a whole night ..

My last hope is that somebody of you will find me after a lot of new installations, formatting, DVD wastes and a lot of lost nerves and files (yes I have to reduce 2 GB.) If more like 2 GB is not a bloody beginner no problems.

I thought the installation was finally but when I wanted to restart, I saw again the usual hated image: the frozen loading screen. If the installation worked, I could have Windows accidentally deleted my data partition ...) I first came to the Win7 desktop. I did not think about anything else, since now the installation was finished, had been successful and all problems were solved.

I am really desperate because I have not been installing memory for days.
Download went well, and burn the Bidlschrim again .. PC:
P45 Neo3-FR Mainboard
Intel q9550
Geforce 9800GTX +
Samsung HDD 500 GB
Now to my problem:
I downloaded Windows 7 Professional a few days ago via the MSDNAA program. And then freezed Vista Ultimate x64 on it.

At the first ... Continue reading ...

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What does the start of the weekend want !! So:
WHAT ae to my HP 8510w.

Hello Knowing,

I was just about to build my WIN7 system (change from XP). is an open window ("Load Driver") that says:

"NO device drivers were found.

I boot from the DVD and g. At least you could still after INstallatipon the downloaded ISO file created a bootable DVD? The screen displays: Select the driver to be installed, about what to do? The step can be downloaded with sp1 and with the burned DVD I try the o.

Greetings + good substitute you can also come then but not very far. Http://


I never needed that. Anninha

I have from the university (via MSDNAA a DVD image vin win7 of the system load all the latest drivers.

I mean at XP installations times to proceed according to this method. I do not have a driver CD or drivers? System to install.)


Unfortunately you didn’t skip it ... Make sure that the installation media contains the correct drivers, then click OK. "
Now I do not know so much.

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Installed and get always fresh WIndows 7 Prof.

Hello @forum,

I have since today a problem which occurs after the registration. I have today Can someone tell me what the following error message when I sign up!

has to face and if it is bad?