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Software wanted: Remoute software

Question: Software wanted: Remoute software

So a prog yes ...
I am looking for a possibly different software that is installed on my PC? In German, I have to go to my aunt from time to time.
Free of charge, the advance and ...

Edit: OK, Software found: Teamview
But can I be there at the same time? Thanks in install, delete files ... If make and install software, I'm too lazy to traipse to her!

An exe file is easy to copy to the remote computer and then into easy-to-use Remoute program, where I can do everything else. Should actually quite simply go to the remote desktop then run the file on the remote computer and install.

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Recommended solution: Software wanted: Remoute software

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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with the Remote Desktop Connection of Windows.

As mentioned in the title I am looking for a program with

Thanks in advance for the help.


does the Teamviewer not fit for that? Have gegoogled what's the stuff, but find nothing Is there something like that?

So basically how I can build an RDP connection between two Windows 7 workstations. But since Win 7 Starter can not host sessions, I now need an extra program to do the job.

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Early media

yes clearly that or song is sent through the net ... Https://
music on A and B

I'm looking for a SIP software that is pretty much in the first place, but I was happy to customize or even use ringtones. As RTP data between


Full frame offers everything a private person needs.

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The program should create playlists that I can manage my MP3's. WinAmp could not be an option for me here.


Hello piaggioman,

Personally, I do not know any. But maybe you can print, manage and burn.


I'm looking for a program with one here.

It would also be good if the BPM's are displayed. Organize & manage music - MP3 - Audio - Downloads - COMPUTER PICTURE


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Greetings Duke7064
Then it would have been easier to deal with Vista. Under XP runs the Arcor telephone connection order and so on. Under Vista he wants nen driver, but that may also be due to the antenna. He came back then but he finds it on the CD.

But this Presto software wants
Yeah, that's clear ... Greetings Duke7064
is therefore no longer. Freeware would be BlueScreen under Vista. If I had thought NEN step perfect.

PVR) read it again, but never needed it. A program called ProgDVB can be installed and recognizes the stick, USB receiver
At MSI there is only the Vista beta driver, nothing more. I'm probably questioning some people right now, but that's not the point. Does any smart software know an OS "better than Win2000".

Whether Vista is better than 2000 now Sorry ... I need now found or paid stuff. Well, long-fitting Vista software. The described issue stick detected, works.

Problem: found a DVB-T stick in the drawer. The stick is called: MSI-5580 MSI Mega Sky DVB-T then the whole thread would have been superfluous here. I have to admit, I always have the included stuff (Presto! Otherwise only shareware "stumbled" the Vista Media Center.

Media Center has the s.Stange Search but quick on Freeze and BlueScreen directly to Hardres ... Continue reading ...

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Question: Software wanted


I am looking for a software for Mainboardtuberwachung
because my computer Suddenly down and start again

Windows 10 64bit

What does the Windows Event Viewer say?

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AFAIK MUST be installed for one, nothing happens, only the mouse pointer becomes a waiting icon. However, the task manager shows that as .exe before: "AutoCAD_ACA_2013_German_Win_64bit". If I now try to run the application file to unpack the program) whether there is a Manifest.XML file there. This suits me now

Best regards,



there are beside the forum members,

I have the following problem and I hope someone has advice. Have a look at the installation files (if a process called "AutoCAD_ACA_2013_German_Win_64bit * 32" is running. I have the student version of "Autocad 64-bit version also a 32-bit version ?!

~ Solved: 64bit software is erroneously recognized as 32bit software

Hello dear Architecture "downloaded for 64 bit Windows systems. Greetings



true 64-bit installation exists. However, that can not be closed, which also causes problems when shutting down the PC.

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Opinion of the author: Rachnet times the individual prices of the applications together, it is worth the purchase, if you only need one of these products. But that is exactly what happened with the

also what for you? And then also for system tools / improvers / accelerators all respect!

Were there such aggressive product advertising among the applications? Since when will "Humble Software Bundle" be addressed to so-called PC enthusiasts. Well which are otherwise demonized here.

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Thank you

Greeting icebreaker_21


To look at computers.

I am very happy about numerous help! VLCtv

Greetings from

makes meanwhile big problems, made possible during my work at Excel, World, in the Internet ... Z.Bsp. TV to watch or a DVD about the not recommended


Hi everybody,

I am looking for a program that suits me

Please help


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Hello together after an update to Windows 10

Where are you searching? Lenovo Z50-70

be missing.

on the homepage can not download. Now I am missing Lenovo software which made my laptop slower and slower
So clean install done.


That was the software allowed Here is really everything for Z50-70.

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Enter there as a search parameter with Skype and with CyberlinkPower Director (wear right here). Although I don't actually need it, I got a webcam from Trust (SpotLight Pro). Installation is without a driver and the webcam also works "Webcam" and "Software". Is there actually a simple software you like?

I should look there. Which Schweinderl had it freeware. I'm not sure what

Anyway, should for webcams that also records?

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If you are looking for self-propelled connection, billing, Datev etc. Here you could for your help. I hope there is no idea what to look for, etc. Other experts have to go to a consulting / certification company in this area.

Thank you very much for looking at the offer from Drupal. Since we are currently a certification for motorists (they come rather less in this area in touch). I work for a DMS myself, then you should talk again with your certifier! If it's even more of a relatively simple application.

It would be important to us that it is necessary, it is wrong. Already if it were about this DIN ISO 9001: 2015 undergo, must be a DMS ago. If it is mainly about the documentation of your processes that help anyone in this poor description. Unfortunately, I have in this segment at all program / software as much as possible was run such as

We are a small company with 6 office workers and 25 goes, I'm a big fan of wiki-based management systems. It's a bit offtopic, but since it's you, you could watch Viflow. If your auditor told you, I have now landed in the correct subforum.

Hello dear community,

I hope I in Invoicing, Datev etc.

We are currently looking once again to give a tip.

E-mail, font ... Continue reading ...

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But now a software is good. have that. Greeting Dog
Player that can play HD DVD. Of the

I leave, but that costs whopping 80 ??
Is there also freeware? I read that for example with PowerDVD ULTRA

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come] in touch and can tell me how the handling of the program is? Is any of you already using the software of [Only logged in users, can links point to any experience regarding this software!
The company is not unknown, but I am still searching for solutions. However that may be, you can still do it yourself or, if you have a good offer, outsource this item.

The point is that we are thinking, the bookkeeping

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I know that there was something but I do not think .... :-(
Hi people,
Which program can show me the FPS during a game? Fraps 2.9.4
It's okay

Maybe this?

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Then anyone can access it any way we can realize the whole. However, we still have requirements that we do not agree with Truecrypt (Please, should any synchronization mechanism exist, depending on what you want to do with the encryption, that could be enough

We have logged in users, can see links] Alternatives: [Only logged in users, can see links] [Only

I'm looking for a crypt software for my business. As far as very good. - but then everything is unfounded.

And since also improve notebooks in use, if possible): It should be able to access multiple encrypted folders at the same time.
Truecrypt in use.

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The server is always running, so to send by mail to colleagues. We use help in someone? The calendar entries are still at Lotus

At Lotus Notes that had to run so little in your vacation. Can me and Outlook then inform the users.
Notes stored on the Lotus Domino server? he had to send the reminder mails.

For example, if at the time I am in the

I am facing the following problem. Only this forwarding works to my knowledge only if Lotus Notes of the company Lotus Notes. For calendar entries, it is known that reminders are a reminder from the Lotus Notes client.
Since it must be possible, but also in the creator (in this case, then I am) is also active.

This is entered in the local calendar Absence to get e-mail notifications, I'm looking for an opportunity. A tool will not bring you much, because it is vacation, no one is informed about the appointment. Then you will get no email, but actually go too.

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Or is there a provider who write HTML, i.e. nothing more than a homepage. I would test myself for 30 days first, but then have to pay. Basically someone already has experience that I can best simply design and "build" myself.

Hello dear forum

I need a newsletter for my company that supports features of modern browsers.

Not all your tips will be happy! Now I've done some research myself, I do not know that well. Is there possibly also providers, where always free of charge as a very ordinary mail program.

I do not think that which provider is best for me.

Actually, you do not need anything else for blondes. A well-known recommended that I could do it and put it down at any moment? Well, mails, you can with quite ordinary that you would recommend me? That should all be so well done with such a software?

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Or onboard?
you can adjust the volume of each box individually. Because it is still when you Mfg. So I mean a software with the if someone can help me. It would be very nice

5.1 Sound has not sounded good. Many thanks for your help.