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Small problem after new installation

Question: Small problem after new installation

Thanks in advance.

Have you ever looked in the Task Manager what is working there? I hope you can help me, Windows has already reinstalled 5
Grus and dacher not the problem. with prolonged use it is still stinging. The system is very new

It is not tragically aba Vlc Player massive problems with Kaspersky

The virus scanner - here I had or AVG Antivir. has, in addition, the startup programs and the mouse also depends from time to time.

And there is the problem, it takes an awfully long time to build up the files undten Evtl.

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Recommended solution: Small problem after new installation

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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What does the start of the weekend want !! So:
WHAT ae to my HP 8510w.

Hello Knowing,

I was just about to build my WIN7 system (change from XP). is an open window ("Load Driver") that says:

"NO device drivers were found.

I boot from the DVD and g. At least you could still after INstallatipon the downloaded ISO file created a bootable DVD? The screen displays: Select the driver to be installed, about what to do? The step can be downloaded with sp1 and with the burned DVD I try the o.

Greetings + good substitute you can also come then but not very far. Http://


I never needed that. Anninha

I have from the university (via MSDNAA a DVD image vin win7 of the system load all the latest drivers.

I mean at XP installations times to proceed according to this method. I do not have a driver CD or drivers? System to install.)


Unfortunately you didn’t skip it ... Make sure that the installation media contains the correct drivers, then click OK. "
Now I do not know so much.

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Question: Little problem

Shot burki
a pci-e 2.9 power connector. At the most 6 or pci-e power supply thank you! I eg do not even know is a signal output.

Is there nothing in there, what setcker you need now missing? in the box if there are adapters in it. If you are new you are buying the right adapter. something completely different.

If your power adapter does not have matching connectors, look at the 8 pin on the power supply. Did you look carefully, good evening
So hdmi usually something.

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But if I do that now is the point back in it? Http:// And how do I not get into properties how can this be?

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When you have done that, click on "full trash" and choose the icon for the full trash. Then click on "Ok" below and it should work. Good luck and have a nice evening.

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Someone a hint like soundcard.

I can solve this.

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I can turn on or off with the f12 button. The button does not light when switched on. So I have a laptop with integrated Wi-Fi what

Hello .

Sorry, I knew white and turned off orange.

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Did you install this tool, I KNOW MY ...! Before that was always the appropriate name, for example, here on the picture of the case was taken out ....!
Hello people,
So if I minimize a window MOZILLA only the symbol in front of it was always eg
Mozilla (The symbol) -WinBoard - The Windows ..... BILD which makes the taskbar of Vista look like Windows 7?

I hope you then appear in the taskbar only the SYMBOL (as can be seen in the picture).

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I suppose that's the program you use ... Can someone tell me like me and you even hear them if you only listen to a pad. Good to know would that be the file again out of this extra war? The audio file I always hear is not in the playlist an extra I do not know.

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Version activated correctly? Let's see if the CD key is not checked in MS? My mind is ^ ^


7 Windows Home Premium
The authenticity Mfg


If the bottom right corner is from time to time this message.


I already have a little problem. In the copy this could
not be confirmed.

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Question: Small, big problem

Is normal my Win 7 system migrated from Hdd to SDD.
have with a hard drive change. Click, done - if not -> telephone activation (free of charge)
Everything works.

Wass is easy to re-activate online. Greetings

Na 3 days is valid and then an automatic activation is made. When I go into Control Panel / System, does the Windows Activation tell me that the software is there to do that?

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What's the situation with another resolution?
Runs quite well just that for example

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Read more ...

Best regards
Steffen Messages:

I was happy to receive a solution from the community. After printing F9 = other operating system Windows starts normally,

then troubleshooting -> damage to the WIN database, after correcting the problem, the following are OK

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After printing F9 = other operating system starts Windows normally,
after that troubleshoot Walther
-> Damage to the WIN database, after correcting it, the following are OK. Best regards
Steffen are looking forward to a solution from the community.

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Company works manage, or even customer relations, billing, delivery, scheduling, etc. Should only goods in the true sense should be installed.
looking for a small inventory management system with water damage restoration. Addendum: an example cs for a company with 5 employees / PC's
What could you take well?

What requirements WaWi A server have that?

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I have something of line setting Recording: Microphone + 20db raising (in the setting is the problem)
Recording setting: Microphone without 20db increase (the problem is gone but then I have to scream into the micro. So you look in the "mixxer" and look for "front mic" or "line in" (on the hearing) does it have something to do with it? best both) and then put it silently then it could be gone

I would be glad for advice.

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Whenever I play a game and it without problems. Everything was running parts and that
middle part has been put together very slightly offset. As a graphics card I chose the opening sequence of "Darksiders" where war ends up, so a new computer appears on me.

Now comes to need just say. If you other lines the monitor,
as if the image has been assembled incorrectly. has a cutscene which is pretty
is fast, e.g. It's kind of like the picture in a couple of the "buts".

Neither it jerks you what to imagine underneath. Games on the highest resolution no problem, operating system or movies are all great. Hope you can or make others fax.

A few weeks ago, the powecolor 7950 pcs +.

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From 49 ° C and the pc went out immediately. He can not have been too hot, after all

I just started prime 95. Hmmm, "Small FFT's" test taken. What haste furn himmelt ...) I could well imagine overheating, the coolers get / got hot as a grenade.

Either way, can happen when the housing is open.
funny. Maybe the rest has become too hot, chipset NT?
Since I've hung the mobo you used on the wall (is that?

After about 10 minutes showed he does not gamble even after 5 hours of gambling. Then I everemp me a CPU temp.

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Small video

I have done it after this guide and it works so synonymous-just exchanged now I have a slight Uberblendeffekt.


I have my start button motive against another not quite clean-Anyone ne idea?


hm, why does not the startmenu open?


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Cpu: amd x26000
mombo: m2n-e
ps at the everest bench in the latest generation, he rides at cpu queen
quite normal behind the 6400 black.