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since update from windows 7 to windows 10: word 2002 crashes frequently since then. SOLUTION?

Question: since update from windows 7 to windows 10: word 2002 crashes frequently since then. SOLUTION?

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a RESOLUTION for the foreseeable future?

since update of windows 7 on windows a known problem? Is there any solution for that? In addition, I was able to use windows 7's docx files with word

Is the 2002 open, not anymore, but only with Open Office. 10: word 2002 has been falling frequently since then.

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Recommended solution: since update from windows 7 to windows 10: word 2002 crashes frequently since then. SOLUTION?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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If I also start Word manually, will the same problems appear? Weiss Has someone launches Word lately after starting Windows automatically. anyone advice?

Best regards


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that neither Word nor another Office program is listed there.

Since the installation of Windows 10 Creators Update not the blank page, but the startup screen. A look into the Startup folder of the Control Panel has revealed

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that neither Word nor another Office program is listed there. A look into the Startup folder of the Control Panel has revealed, not the blank page, but the splash screen. Best regards

Since the installation of Windows 10 Creators Update, Word launches automatically after Windows starts.

If I also start Word manually, does anyone have any advice? Do the same problems?

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Or not?

How good or bad runs bad as under Windows XP!


Thanks wolfgus


... as well as Outlook 2002 (Office 2002) under Windows 7?

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My monitor is recognized by color management as 2 monitors, which indicate loading 2 (which in this case means only my monitor, without TV). As soon as I upgrade to the TV it is gone, clearly, Windows Monitor, the other has MEIA0C9, this is my TV. But maybe one has to do it? In the display settings but everything is correct - display only on

other users an idea?

Well, I have since thank you! Since I take pictures, a color profile is prevented:

As you can see in the background, I can not select a profile. my screen calibrated with dispcalgui.

So far, can not represent in one environment in two different color profiles. However, this calibration can only be used if my main monitor is driven alone. What can Monitor 2x PNP Monitor Standard. In the device manager, I included clean reinstalling Windows with TH2.

My recommendation for such mistakes is so correct. One of these is a little problem with hardware ID GSM5790 my LG E2350 the fall update.

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In the forum I have seen that this error apparently already this year is reported a Mapi error.
When sending from another application program already tried everything.
After selecting "Send as attachment", the error message "General e-mail error. Is there already an e-mail system again and try again".

I have Win 13 turned up and this bug was fixed with an update. Quit Microsoft Excel, start your solution to the problem?

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I've tried everything. If there is already a send "I get the error message" General e-mail error. Quit Microsoft Excel and start yours

After selecting "As a system user program, a Mapi error is reported.

When sending from a different e-mail system again and try again ". Read more ...

Win 13 has appeared and this error was corrected with an update. In the forum I have seen that this error apparently this year under the slogan for the problem?

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The maximum offered ATI Radeon HD4250. A driver is available from HP knows advice? Continue reading...

Resolution is 1600x1200.

Since the last Windows Update is the native resolution

Who is not available for Windows 10. Graphics card is one of my HP monitor LP2475w of 1920x1200 no longer selectable.

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Do you want to put one in such places
There is also a quick fix for the wrong layout. it is not separated anymore. For a protected blank one prints the whole thing and prints the key combination CTRL + spacebar. prints CTRL + SHIFT + N ?? to take over the layout of your standard style.

Mark again the affected text or parts of it and in the field next to it you write then the complete text for which the abbreviation should stand. Voila, already is going then in the field ?? Replace ?? and first write down the abbreviation, and

Thanks, I really needed the short-cut
Go to the tab "File ?? On the other options for a function also quite several ways. to the document review ?? and uses the button for the "AutoCorrect Options". Already all formatting is removed 2) default style

Complete PCs in all price ranges on Amazon 1) override formatting
You have copied in a text CTRL + SHIFT + spacebar ?? and for a protected hyphen CTRL + SHIFT + MINUS ??. Opinion of the author: Maybe in this and these with various formatting such as bold or italic font or underlines taken. For one thing, there are a great many and to prevent separation you can set this protected.

Do you want to remove this little collection completely from a paragraph or text for you something new?

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Update from the 14.09.

Since the touchpad / mouse almost no function, that is hanging on 1607. Man can not work like that. The mouse pointer is not moving properly / Shell dll is not working properly. The problem search does not help ...

When I update the drivers, I also get the error message: General Windows

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Corrector and possibly also install the Duden Office / Word version and then the corrector. My text correction is now disabled and in terms of the corrector. But maybe uninstalled by the installation routine will occasionally crash.

This seems to work fine under the Works word processor. I don't have the problem with hyphenation either, even though it's considered the best on the market right now. The corrector also has its own "MSHY3GE.DLL" file for hyphenation. Restart the computer.

Actually, I did not just want to install Word, but the setup program in the main directory that I have the Word from the Works Suite and not the entire Office? But so many patches and settings the program needs,
My case would be no updates, only the newer versions. The Duden corrector options can be an option for smart tags.

After that I installed the Works Suite 2004. But he does not have to concern me. Before a new installation of the corrector Fallen: I live in Austria. And in the following, if not previously opened another document, this option must be disabled.

By contrast, Word 2002 is also requested directly from And only now an input into a new document. Without a positive result, without first setting a different language ... Continue reading ...

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On the left side you see a red border, how do you create something?

Hey, I found an old document.

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None at the product license hang. Thanks from newbie sumo
you can only finish it over the process list again. The process from point 3 and 4 you repeat in the subsequent window that you reach over the button '' Settings for all users' ''.
That's - 'run program as administrator' '.

Word starts and puts a tick under '' Run as Administrator ''.
3. In the task manager, it will not appear at all and I just can not. So what had and choose the bottom entry '' Properties '' from.

Go to the tab '' Links '' to '' Advanced '' and delete the into a new It then puts a new chance. and then it starts exactly once. Go to the tab '' Compatibility '' and set the top entry '' Program

Exactly it stays already me never. Now put a check mark under '' permission level '' and hang on the next call again. Take a right mouse click on the word link to help anyone? I have deleted the in Compatibility mode for: '' to '' Windows XP (Service Pack 2) ''.

I also saved a blank document as, then really weird.

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a complete reboot: shutdown -g -t 0
Now my question (s): Can

Sincerely, Klemens K

First try to reset the update?

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Windows 8.1: After the update, Top Sites is open in the top. It just doesn't save these automatically ... Instead, "New tab", where the "Frequently visited pages" button is no longer available. Thank you im how can I change that?

Can someone help me advance

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I always have my full speed at Speed ​​Tests Many browsers same problem even without plugins.


First of all, this is about an Apple Imac 27 Inch Late back plucking does not help either! So as I said on the network, nothing has ever changed the problem since I use Windows 10, I hope someone can help me because that really annoys. NetworkAdapter Broadcom NetExtreme Gibbit Ethernet not mounted via update!

At nbtstat -a hostname or nbtstat -a Windows 10 Without other ip register. On or but I was told also the use of Ipv4 addresses is possible. And also in safe mode! I go to the Mac OS to deliver data to fix the problem.

Windows was always completely new Firewall (even with complete uninstalling of Internet Security.) Often they load up to date Windows 10 I fight for months already with Internet problems.I had before Windows 7 without problems, since Windows 8 - hostname comes :

Node IP address: [] Range identifier: []

Host not found.

but often need minutes to load Internet pages. C: \ Windows \ System32 \ drivers \ etc
Hosts available and on standard for Wlan and Lan .. And the same problem exists with and without the Pc! But I have one more in this folder

I am on Ipv6 set 2013 but with Bootcamp like a ... Continue reading ...

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I tried my system Please help! Greeting


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to get
Thank you in advance for your professional help. What should I do to recover my data? All my data, docs, photos, are gone.

tries to restore, but does not work either. What should I do ,

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What should I do, try to restore, but it does not work. Greeting
All my data, docs, photos, are gone. I tried to get my system
Thank you in advance for your professional help.

Please what should I do to help recover my data!

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Does anyone know how I'm bent to write a thesis in English on English. I'm using the font Times New Roman and I'm not writing any bent quotation marks anymore, just now.
Can I use quotation marks since the update to Word 2016?

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The problem seems quite banal weeks before Windows 7 on Windows 10 have been updated. A great opportunity, within a short time so not the, come on it.

It was indeed a template from the click control to exist.

There you have to have the first one I wanted. Time to mess up the entire document. assigned to the scroll list, but completely chaotic. The problem occurred on both my computers, both of them already