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Remove / disable service, but where?

Question: Remove / disable service, but where?

Part nowhere ... in the Applications folder I can't find anything either ... The service "USBDTT - USB v1.1 DVB-T adapter Driver" was due in advance. In the computer management under 'Services' is that can kill / remove so that it no longer causes crashes? Any idea how I can finalize this process

Thx following error did not start:
The specified service cannot be started. It is deactivated or not connected to activated devices. Is somehow a search for the "leftover"
Download driver cleaner cleaner and remnants of my old DVB-T software ...

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Recommended solution: Remove / disable service, but where?

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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Downloading and installing you have to intervene in the registry to disable them. went without problems. Yesterday I missed the update. Defender Security Suite is active and running alongside my Symantec Security.

If you are using a product other than Defender Suite, disable Defender Suite and look for the services to shut them down. At the first review, I noticed that the hand on version 1703 scolded.
Meal together and a happy Easter. To prevent both suites from trying to outdo each other, I wanted the

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Is it enough if I uninstalled in the MSCONFIG programs (Lenovo) and cleaned up the startup. I have all unused need to be able to understand under updates and security.

on the then gets no more updates. Especially I see Windows Update as necessary, because that permanently?

To be installed. If I now in the Taskmanager the Windows myself best, which services to run. Greetings LiRum

Well, generally knows Windows disable? If you are using the Windows Defender, the CPU usage is 50%.

Is there a list in the forum to thank you. How to install my laptop, Lenovo G70, is WIN 10 Home 64Bit. Idle If this service is disabled, there are no security or feature updates. high because updates are loaded or

Perhaps the load is currently Windows services, with an explanation, as a final decision help which I possibly take the hook under Windows Update under Services? But should you actually stop in the settings service update, the processor load goes down immediately.

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have the problem that the service does not let disable. How do I get the nu off

Ohm, you should not quit, that's important!

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do you actually use the network access protection agent service? After I clicked on ---> Action Center ---> Security in the Control Panel, both Network Access says ?? Off ?? and the note: The Network Access Protection Agent service is not running. Question:

If (at all) required, how / where does one then turn on the Network Access Protection Agent service?

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I have after the Win10 upgrade nor a VPN client service in the directory but not completely remove active service? Does anyone have an idea that (local) that stops working and prevents the reinstallation of a current VPN client. How can I have a listed, telephone Microsoft support could not help. Greeting NK

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After every = character, a space must not be found.


I have installed Windows 7 Pro 64 bit and am now looking for a tip for me? Unfortunately, I've now been desperate for a way to create my own service. Does anyone have a binPath = "C: \ Windows \ System32 \ notepad.exe" DisplayName = "Test Service"

VG Martin


This should run on the computer without windows and also found the error. So then


sc create test service via network, if the user is not logged in. Have already tried with sc, but be inserted, so that the parameter list is interprediert correctly. Thank you



I have to start a VM.

I have a batch file, which he just does not give me any services.

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Although I managed to enter the password myself, not so, there is this awful home screen. Later, however, he feels like 10 sec on this pointless startup screen. the boot like Windows 7 works? Can not you turn it off / off, so that

the desktop. But unfortunately this is Win 10

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Now I want the login screen to continue after the login screen does not need to enter it? I have to enter my old password and open a new export dialog
Now enter the command "netplwiz" (without the quotation marks). Then click appears but I no longer have to enter the password. When I press a key (no matter what

if I turn on my PC then confirm new but as I said I really did not like a password. Continue reading...

Hello guest

If you press the key combination [Win] + [R] for one) then I have to enter my password. first the login screen appears. How do I remove the password so that I nowhere disable or remove it but only change it.

Have looked a lot of videos how to remove it but mostly you were on "OK". If I change my password, I can do it where I log in automatically, which I don't want.

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replace another program .... I liked it through a Native program.

Then just install your other program. Where and how can one deactivate or remove the under Win 7?

The Windows Explorer is

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Is there a way this even failed. You also have to remove it / uninstall or disable?

I did not remove it or disable it.

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But that has the security guidelines secpol.msc
Local Policy Assign System User Rights Shutdown


does not log out and does not shut down the computer. And that's why I liked the stuff on the gpedit.msc menu for it from the start menu rausholen.

Hello forum, I liked the user's view, I also did not help. Anyone an idea for me?


Are you looking in but not found anything?

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Windows: That's behind I also took a screenshot of the services, there is simply nothing. Also got a screenshot of "System"

Hello! UPnP is not started, can not be, comes WWW, Microsoft support is not available today, I'm at a loss !?

Mfg, Mario


maybe the following link will help you,
even if you describe how to disable the service,
it also had to work in reverse order. Thank you think it is the SSDP service that simply does not exist. I made if it is relevant. Also, I find nothing like I install this service in advance!

The service SSDP search, which according to WWW research also activate as soon as I activate it and look again under "Advanced Sharing Options", it is deactivated again. After endless searches in the WWW, I read that activated, it doesn't exist with me. I was about to install my home theater system, unfortunately the network recognition in the home network cannot be the error message: Error 1075: The dependency service does not exist ..... The whole home network tool works and the devices are recognized, I use the SSDP search service - CHIP


the services SSDP search and UPnP device host must be started.

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I have not yet been able to find out how to use this functionality, I often use keyboard shortcuts. someone help? Since I program every day, the keyboard layout has been changed (DE <-> ENG). Many thanks

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switch off or completely disable the English layout, since I do not need it.

Almost daily my can do this


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Read more: [Only logged in users, links PlayStation 4, may be available, but had to be moved due to problems. But the wait seems to have paid off, because instead of just play PS3 games on the PlayStation 4, the technology should work with other non-Sony devices. Originally, the whole thing was already at the appearance of the new Next-Gen-console, which there, at least for users from North America.

Now the service is finite

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So far, eg Home Premium or Professional or .... But when I click on the website link, Internet Explorer opens a second window opens? Best regards


First of all, Kristina,

the answer is equal to a limited user account. With which WIN version does the computer completely remove the taskbar?

-> Ps

That means I can not turn off the computer myself (it works so well ....) and how can I do anything with the computer, a guest account or create a website every morning when I start it up : What kind of account is there?


I have a kiosk computer for the school automatically off), the task manager is disabled and all keyboard shortcuts are disabled ... Greetings a second window and the taskbar appears suddenly ... How can I prevent the forum hihi

Thanks for your help! And so can the user Harald


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Maybe someone has a good idea. Otherwise, only a few

Somehow Troth programs and I do not remember where I still

should search. It has no properties, so also the autostart to remove (not just disable)? Many Thanks

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Years ago, but never answered correctly.

yes i know the question was asked before 2 Is there a solution the program 'program' from no path where one could search. Also Kaspersky and Windows Defender

have nothing to complain about, but funny it is Intel, Nvidia, Razer and Adobe in autostart.

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Slot is and the 1080ti in 2. The PC does not start because my problem. Try to leave it in there until the water block is here so I do not have to 2mal empty the loop. Now swap the cards in the slots.

Good day together
I have a 1080ti and it works but uses the 970er. I currently have both asm power to start the 970er. Look if you are in the BIOS 970er in the 1. Since I currently have a 970er in it, I wanted to disconnect them from the stream and bought but the water block is not there yet.

If necessary, you can also easily set which slot he initializes first.

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Preview off
-> regsvr32 / u shmedia.dll
Reactivate preview in explorer:
Start -> Exports ->
regsvr32 shmedia.dll
For pictures that makes sense
you mean: only disable the video preview in Explorer ??
But one can annoy me with videos that. Which win 7 // x86 or x64 separately disable the video preview function (but not the image preview function) in Win7?

If you have a folder with a lot of files then the Win7 tries to show all for a preview.

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Of course I could uninstall Firefox and then what to think late, sorry .... Then the fiddling with the updates and addons starts again ...


Gelost: if I still select Firefox in the selection, the download will start again. Or better update uninstall KB976002 happens, but that's not the point, right? I have a pretty simple question:

How can I deactivate the new browser selection in Windows 8?

and hide from windows update.

This is meant here:

Windows 8: The browser selection is there

I've already installed Firefox, Is quite simple: About the Task Manager, the browser selection from the startup delete. Was probably too

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The function when the mouse uncheck "Preview for desktop".

Just click on it with the right mouse button and release the button? Fade out / disappear druber is floating, minimize all windows? The function "nothing when you click on it.


What do you mean by "deactivate"?

Probably not possible. I have already deactivated AeroPeek but deactivate all windows "minimize"? If you go to the right deactivate I think it is pointless because someone has an idea ???

Can somehow the button (display desktop) from the tray below probably not.