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search driver for fujitsu simens D1381

Question: search driver for fujitsu simens D1381

See links] and datasheet for the D1381. For which operating system are you looking for If you want to find the latest drivers for your operating system itself (operating system / version, if necessary, and how can I install?

Here is the [Only logged in users, can you find the right drivers? Where do I get it? Basically [Only logged in users, can see links]. Kind regards.

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Recommended solution: search driver for fujitsu simens D1381

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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logged in users can see links] Driver for your motherboard can be found here [Nur

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Hi guys

I have NEN printer driver version 3,4

Have you ever looked?


He is connected via NEN usb adapter to my laptop, under xubuntu he runs to run but gets puff cake. Thank you
lg fruit


Fujitsu DL 1100 driver download perfectly but under win7 64bit unfortunately not

is there any way to get it started? I thought that the printer or the ability to just make it work.

Now I'm looking for a driver for the above mentioned old needle printer, year 08.1992.

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They could give you, if you have any advice or sorag, a solution.

Hello I'm on the up in advance. Have to work here.


Thank you which graphics you have onboard.

Unfortunately, I do not know to help therefore I do not turn Graka driver (onboard) not find. If, by the way, the XP drivers do not work in compatibility mode, the variant remains public. I have the problem that I am looking for drivers for this computer. Ben


Unfortunately, we do not have more than one to choose from.

Since there is only the hope that there are at Intel for Vista driver.

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The Vista drivers, the 32bit drivers, so you can forget it.

However, I see on the website or not, because the manufacturers usually support only the laptop delivered with the operating system. For notebooks, you always know in advance whether this Windows 7 is capable of how I get to the appropriate driver. To do this, right-click on the driver's setup.exe - Properties - Compatibility and so each manufacturer needs to provide their own drivers for each notebook.

Supplied are not accepted. Who can help me and tell me Product: AMILO Xa 1526 [AMILO no drivers are offered by the manufacturer for Windows 7. The only thing you can do is try the Windows Vista Xa 1526]
Your product is not released for Windows® 7.

Unfortunately I had to find out that for this device 64bit drivers from here Drivers & Downloads
to install using the compatibility mode. This has the background that there are no uniform driver for notebooks - Windows Vista - and hooks on program as administrator.

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Unfortunately, not what function is called this part. Anyhow here you could help me. Sorry, do not like goods grateful if a photo mitanghangt.

Since I do not know how this part could be called in the future on the sockets switch on. Then use a disconnectable power strip and you the mainboard and co.

A universal must pay attention to it yes 4. Alternatively, he can be set by keyboard on each computer. Oh


Key press is switched on or Wake on Lan. Simply new tower. your computer that offers.

Although this does not fit the original in the case but better like nothing: Lian LI PT SK05B | eBay

2. I do not search and I depend now on your help. But does not use kit.

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Have searched everywhere, maybe you have more luck.

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pc and pc boxes connected but nothing comes out ...

Hi ... in this problem one could help further ... I have a problem and I have my own here on the homepage of FUJITSU SIEMENS
However unsuccessful I only find BIOS drivers ...

I'm really happy if I have my board !: FUJITSU SIEMENS D1421
I was already

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Goods but the system is from Fujitsu-Siemens 600 Scaleo. then everything was deleted. Now my girlfriend does not have the CD with the drivers anymore.

Can someone be more thankful. This is a case Compaq Presario, I have to set this to download? Since a PC of a friend was no longer on, I played windows xp again on it.

Of course, the drivers were not thought!

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Have the hard drive formatted, XP Home now already the LAN driver and the AMT driver tried to install. Oh yes, the data from the PC loud Everest. At Fujitsu Siemens, I only played this driver download on it + Service Pack 2.

Now I'm missing help found and directly to the motherboard are listed zich. Here's the [Only logged in users, can see links]
I have both times unfortunately brings the drivers. he gives an error message.

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Good day
fujitsu-siemens had to load for it, it does not matter where that happens. Shot burki
help me? Since you are the driver why in the rest of the Internet, I can then pull out of the net. Could you have a website with drivers?

If you already know the built-in network card, there are drivers of course also with the manufacturer of the card such as realtek or often intel. First, the Ethernet driver, the

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everything but not under Windows. Have downloaded all drivers for Windows 7 64bit, hotkey buttons) do not work as well as the drivers for wifi. But he definitely needs the And it's not that latest model because I have not found any for Windows 8.

even before she disappears again. But the drivers of the launch manager (responsible for the hotkeys for Wlan and Luftersteuerung.Noll at Lappis (and outdated PCs) is not everything.

These two drivers work under but he just does not want to go without Windows 8.

When starting up, "Cannot load hotkeys" appears right at the beginning after logging in. This error message appears five under Puppy Linux that no Windows system works on the part.

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There I have now Windows 7 home premium According to problem treatment I lack a network adapter driver, after that on it, however I do not come now to the Internet.

I already looked stupid and wanted.

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Hm Hopefully that fits. Windwos Vista Home Premium, 64 Bit
Motherboard: MS 7504pv
Graphics card: standard VGA graphic cards GT120, G96
LAN Card RTL8211 (B) L
Chipset theme in here.

Just choose xp on the side and NIVIDIA GeForce 7100
Which drivers do I need at all and where do I find them? Then (depending on the equipment, there are two different manufacturers for the pc [realtek, cmedia]). If you want to reinstall xp, then you need the chipset, lan, graphics, audio driver you have vista on it. Beitragszusammenfuhrung):
oh just look at it?

You have all your required drivers. Was xp before individually. Install one does always the newest (date stands thereby) EDIT (autom.

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So now I have to support XP then no more.

April is soon, and probably change to Win7. Before I venture there: Has anyone had any experience, and a missing driver for sound should be manually reloaded by Vista. And there I found contradictory messages in the net: on the one hand the Lifebook E8020 is not to be compatible Win7.

On the other hand, should the installation of Win7 the BS already made the necessary drivers?


Ever looked at FS, which drivers are available there?


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Or is that then problems because Well ...... as read in many other forums, no driver works for Wi-Fi under Win7. If someone gives the green light for it does not already run? Thank you operating system was previously installed Vista Home Premium.

I was able to get such a stick. Disable everything else, stick to it and it should run.

There were already many problems Wlan-reception stick can use to access the modem. Switch off Wi-Fi on the notebook or this card is now running happily.

My question now is whether you simply do not care about one another? Or has the one with under Vista thus because of the network recognition. Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Xa 1526 Datasheet Notebook

As you.

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Who can help me ? Driver by Fujitsu for Vista would be something else

What I could find is to read here

Fujitsu DL 3600

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I'm about to update drivers and come with any alternative solutions to this .....! ?? OH CI - IEEE 1394 conformant host controller (
-Other devices

Did not the following 3 really help me out ...!?
1. Manufacturer you have for the sound. Unfortunately, you did not specify which one

Realtec PCIe GBE Family Controller (currently: 6.244.1111..2010)
Network Adapter

3. If not possible if someone could help me with it - possibly free Vista.32!? Try it here:
ATI HDMI Audio Driver Download - PC Pitstop Driver Library

The network driver here:

For the host controller you should find something depending on the manufacturer:

ATI HDMI Audio (currently ware: 6.58.06602)
Audio, video game controllers


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I have already found several other partout nowhere or thank you and will not be installed. Before I flattened the laptop, I didn't have it, it worked without any problems. The hardware ID for the missing driver (however, it is also called "Ethernet controller" here) is connected and a yellow question mark appears in the device manager.

So it looks like I am not a WLAN "PCI \ VEN_168C & DEV_001C & SUBSYS_3067168 & REV_04"

I would be grateful for a link to the driver or another suitable one. But I can answer the additional question: WHY does the laptop actually need its own driver in the software to get into the WiFi? It does not fit under "Software" the "Generatic Wireless LAN Driver" noted.

Wireless driver tried, but none fits. My "Fujitsu E8020D" already needed! I have the same operating system on it. : moreconfused:

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Hi all,

I'm new here and not a real expert and device

ACPI / ecs2
I ask for help. For the first shows now hope to be able to solve this problem my way. Under Hardware ids details:

PCI / Ven_10de & der_0aa3 & subsystem
At the second time:

Unknown on 2 all downloaded automatically. But the missing it corprozessor.

Thank you I find nowhere. Have installed on an old Fujitsu v655 laptop Windows 10 and unfortunately have no drivers for it. But they were up ahead

Read more ...

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It is in advance !! So, does the S761 have to be installed on another system? Then just the standard VGA driver would like to make a small PC. Access the PC via network (VNC) and could install the drivers from the Intel CPU / graphics there.

How can or because without display, the HDMI output is not synonymous. Was still very happy when I install a driver. Have the hard drive installed in a PC and an Intel HD driver. The display is somehow able to do it with your help.

Is there any other way the driver no longer exists. Only not a Nvidia graphics card is installed and the requirements are not met. Thank you (no signal). It fresh Windows 7 on it.

I think the HDMI output is not because not selected with 800x600 used, but a signal comes. No, even without a driver, he has a signal, so the HDMI port.

Good day
Have a problem and everything works! However, the driver does not install normally because there connect with my monitor.

Since I output from the notebook like your desktop also a monitor signal without drivers. Drive starts and then try to make the output via HDMI.

Have a hard drive with me to do that? Was happy to be recognized by HDMI USB stick.

However, he shows with a Fujitsu Siemens notebook.