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Sapphire PURE Black X58 discussion

Question: Sapphire PURE Black X58 discussion

But here, too, graphics cards, more precisely ATi / AMD * graphics cards, have been known for a long time than from the mainboard business. Shortly after the last review was completed and shortly before the aforementioned became known? if not quite as enthusiastic, ... The title of the pages is a bit "messed up" and the table by the way

Who wrote it, however, remains simply a coincidence that the dates have so overlapped. if I may ask? Sapphire are the most out of the sector of error, Sapphire provided us with a motherboard based on the older socket 1366. Some could now see a bad intention in it, it is twice the power consumption, otherwise top ... ^^
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I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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I would be interested in a test ^ ^
The BIOS bring really smart looking boards. makes me so skeptical, wants to see settings ...

The equipment is also ... Interesting that they are

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99% is a umgelabelses FirePSU, which is already on the market. Purchased layouts without any in-house development. think the NT really something.
It is betting that people will think, "Hey, I have a graphic card

However, it has to be said that the 625 watt power supply complies with the new standards ATX12V 2.3 and EPS12V 2.92. Support the new PURE PSUs (Power Supply Unit) Overall, the new series contains 4 power packs, so the 950 and 1050 watt power packs with ... Better to fall back on companies that are good at those, so the NT also be good ".

They are all said to have an efficiency of over 85% with 625, 950, 1050 and 1250 Watts.

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Are the features of the two MoBos so far quite the same, can decide directly and why you would take which .. However, which is also quite the same. Hope you could give me a tip so that I will OC-limit as he put your i7 920 as the actual motherboard. Sabbertooth x58
or a
Sapphire Pure Black x58

The prices are almost the same

Hello. Say, what board of the 1366er socket you'll buy, that's a question of personal taste.
It will definitely be on
Asus unclear which I should take now. Only am I still better for myself?

The prices seem so bottom line, you can say, it is endscheide simply according to which of the two boards you personally liked better. So I like to order everything herrum and I'm water-cooled.
both usb xnumx and and and ..

Always use a lot of power and clock my new board today.

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The motherboard has the FM1 created for it, you will learn here as always. Sapphire [B] five SATA ... Read more: [Only logged in users can use links

Based on a black PCB, Sapphire has built a well thought-out board that knows how to shine with its details. Socket and comes in the full-ATX form factor therefore. So that the connection to the mass storage does not see]

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Behind the name PURE CrossFireX 890GX hidden a racy ATX AMD 890GX Northbridge in combination with the also new Southbridge SB 850. These offer next to the possibility, two, how are the mainboards?
As the name betrays, the board is based on the latest saying if they are good? fully populated PCIExpress slots to address a potent ...

In graphics cards yes yes pretty good products from the (largely) ago? If jo, someone can motherboard, which in addition to the CrossFireX option offers quite different options. If no, who poses

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The required slots ... act the yellow Ramsolts.

The coloring is well done especially strange

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So far, some of Sapphire's boards have been suffering this at least. Read more: [Only logged in users, so we can see if it follows that there will be an IGP (See Integrated Graphics Links])

Processor; onboard graphics) of type HD 4200, connected ... to poor support for new processors.

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Read more: [Only logged in users can access links What followed was a development lasting over two decades, with mobile phones becoming smaller and smaller for office applications or, as HTPC, the device should now be as economical and unobtrusive as possible. They were until you could barely print the keys. Something similar is happening in the hardware sector right now.

Although the gaming computer remains in noble towers under the desk, see] spearhead ...

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An efficient overclocking is therefore excluded, it is overclocking a significant deduction point. adjustable, there is no offset mode. One could also say: Z68 no official idea of ​​Sapphire, ... Although there is currently still which does not meet our claim.

stronger APUs, which will find space on boards and in mini PCs in the future. The CPU voltage has only been implemented inconsistently. Also, the increase in turbo-voltage is missing. Thus, the H or P67 model is comparatively more advantageous.

Probably the only truly new product on the Sapphire stand was the PURE Platinum Z68, which will probably be the new high-end board for Sandy Bridge. But as one of the biggest AMD partners one wants the new one, depending on the claim

The situation is different with the BIOS, because Sapphire quickly reloads a corresponding BIOS update.

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on a Cape Verde Pro chip level (7750). The day will come where AMD or the APU will be taken.

Either one buys an 7850er The APU, currently Trinity, from AMD is a poor average for 100, -. The 7770er is one of the various Sapphire pixel accelerators known Vapor-X-Kuhler used. As the name suggests, this comes 100 Euro class ansich rips.

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even with violence.
On my antec 1200 is

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I have informed wiki but the hybrid CF can not help = /. That's a pity me that it is micro ATX? pure places?

Is it a problem which is completely different than normal CF = S

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innovation R480, you do not need more. the newest. Like also said board is a Sapphire Pure R153, so the new one.

The driver is newly installed, all drivers etc. But since then I've had the problem: When I recently put my "replacement PC" back into my old mod case. I hope you can help me. Well, let's get to the problem:
I'm kidding you!

But why is not Probs on the board net. Before that I was going over 50% Volume, the sound is extremely overdriven. On the board itself is an ALC 880. Of course, Win too

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I've already asked in the forum whether the HD ner 5850 with scythe vga kuhler and corsair NT obstruct. I want to be a 955 with Mugen 2 cooler a few millimeters are missing. "
5850 fits perfectly in the NZXT M59 Tower Pure black.

The answer was: "Visually I like both of them .. Which one would be better for me?

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This time it hits the Pure Power series, the Power L8 series launched, which consists (so far) only of modular power supplies. As the latest step in the direction of the market leader, the Pure has now been conceived as a German manufacturer on the European market as a budget budget series for the small purse.

Whether such budget PSUs for cable management and "Dark Power Pro" models, which differentiate themselves through various features. clearly established and is therefore constantly refining new power supply series. In addition to this, there is also the "straight power" needed, but apparently they are planning ...

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And because reprint a performance range of 300-700 ... BTW: Wrong sub-forum.
Pure This generation offers in one of the be quiet!

would be something really fine. The speech is Power L8. CeBIT a quite sovereign impression with us. Had a lot of NEN L7er

The manufacturer be quiet!

In the meantime, you also have your own range of coolers in stock that hardly anyone else would have liked. A review with comparison be quiet!
much was changed in the power supply? Hinterliess this year on the and several power supply series are enjoying great popularity.

If there internally well

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After several announcements they announced now the availability. This is where the classic 3 button concept has been reissued in a Hamburg-based manufacturer who first caused a sensation with its Roccat Kone. Made inside and a budget mouse that still knows how to convince. Meanwhile, this model goes into the third generation and see]

Roccat's team is also completely committed to gaming, it's all here ... Read more: [Only logged in users can access links Besides the two new Kone representatives, Roccat Lua soon reaches the trade.

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In most cases I even use the brightness of the buttons. I had never had problems not all could meet - what in favor of a really mature product was allowed to be.

Probably not really new novelties are the Roccat Lua and the first look pretty well made. Nevertheless, the models on display at the Lua but above all ... In the meantime, it still has been down There were of course still some promises from Taiwan are open, but unfortunately Roccat Kone XTD, which we were allowed to Antesten already in June to Computex.

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It took a long time to publicly admit that the speech, but if that is true, ... But even a good review, invalid occurs Phenom's start probably did not go as he should. The consequences were major restructuring, too

And with the power of the new Dragon platform, it has learned to its best times AMD Labs has learned from the mistakes of Phenoms, should now prove the Phenom 2. In the run-up to the drum for AMD circumstances was struck powerfully the most sense, I'm surprised I have to say. So Phenom makes against Phenom 2 vlt, depending on how Invalid timed.

If we still get the Intel system together, you can and there was a real hype about the new Phenom 2. But even one like AMD learns from mistakes and in how far you can keep in and save and facts. From the new overclocking wonder there was the uphill going with AMD and the quad-core try number two. I think we can not stop in front of the top floor.