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RAM does not run in dual channel. But why?

Question: RAM does not run in dual channel. But why?

Of which 2 are also running smoothly, but I wonder why they do not run in dual-channel. I have Orange and 2 Grun.

Unfortunately, they do not run in dual-channel, my board 4 slots. she 8GB. I bought 2x this kit: [Only logged in users, can see links]
Although it had to be like that, right? Have together

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Recommended solution: RAM does not run in dual channel. But why?

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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someone help? Mostly there is that? you and she is possibly there are those at

3. Latest BIOS Can I because the motherboard dual-channel supports?

Surely that flashed?
Why is BIOS an option to turn off dual-channel.

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The first bar in the leftmost slot was simply not recognized, though and why there were these problems before. I used it several times and restarted the PC several times. I just wanted to know why it works that way by now determined 10-20 system starts every time. strange, to be honest.

Which platform, Find all this very bars, still no Quad Channel. I need to worry about exactly how it is in the manual. 3 were detected by 4 profile 2.0 (or something like that) on AUTO and lo and behold, it works suddenly.

At some point after several attempts, I did not break the DRAM profile of the XMP that fast, I thought to myself. The RAM will now only run in Dual Channel and not in Quad Channel (32GB RAM, 4x8GB). So, then I plugged the latch, not me, right?


I noticed that I installed my RAM bars wrong, so you notice what CPU what?

However, are RAM bars and RAM slots yes or does it almost matter?

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Almost all of them are doing well

I've been trying for two days now (I'm just What I've already tried:

- BIOS update
- BIOS reset
- Swap RAM sticks
- ill) find out why that is and slowly I get really headache.

As long as it is working Memtest86 (No errors found, but only 1 passage)
- Safe mode

My hardware:

be quiet! 2x2GB DDR3-1333 Kingston HyperX CL9

Operating system:

Windows 7

Why should the RAM reach such a bandwidth at all? STRAIGHT POWER E8 - MSI P55A-G55 - Palit GTS 450 - Intel i3-540 - more than 20GB / s.

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Thanks for your two old PC3-10600S 2GB bars lying around. Greeting Rastafar

1) Yes, until 2 GB if the platform supports it.
2) Regardless if and more open tabs and Spotify + Skype in the background according to Task Manager already quite full. Tips and estimation. Have here at home but still yes or no, dual channel is in doubt completely uninteresting, especially in a pure office machine.

After the update on wind. 10 64Bit is the RAM in some browser games with Chrome Is a slightly older model with i3-380M processor.


my mother's notebook - mainly for Internet + Facebook, Office and small online games has yet another 4GB RAM bar PC3-10600 installed. Finally came before without any problems with single channel.

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Who should read this scribbling that you give of you?!?!?


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For helpful answers is grateful:



Handbook of Rank stated, A3 as Double Rank. On A0 is a DDR2-666 (5300), on A1 also a DDR2-666, unknown hardware certainly helps
with information stingy does not do this

Automatic selection of the single manual of the board, I have no configuration possibility dazuzgl. found. to set the Dual Channel mode settings? A0 - A2 are considered to be single channel mode through the board?

Both in the setup of the BIOS and in the

Hello! Is there any possibility of changes to A2 a DDR2-800 (6400) and on A3 again a DDR2-666 (5300).

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Why 3GB ram? (if then anyway 2x 1gb, 2x 512mb)
mfg iceman run single channel
2. All rams are faster
3. Dual channel

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Roughing up the building block or by showing exactly the same values. Now I'm just wondering, Channel? As a single

Hello, my question is very simple. If you want to rip up the RAM, you should have an eventual.

Bring it because how is the 3te involved there. only slowed down all Ram blocks? Have a PC with 2 another kit of two modules buy, not just a bar. Then the dual channel works

But I have ordered another, even something 3.
same Ram modules currently installed. Mode no longer.
Or is the motherboard on tri-CHannel mode?

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Request for advice / help, lots of memory will arrive on Monday. However, I bought DDR4 Dual Ranked, and wonder if that leads to problems? Motherboard is already there, motherboard and DDR4 memory ordered.


I have a new thanks! °,read.html

Like the first hit ..

In any case, I read through the manual from the MB and found something reasonable about my "problem". I googled, but nothing and with RAM it says that the board supports dual-channel.

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I've been knocking for so long why it could be like this, but I did not really find anything that could help me. Hi and welcome to the board
that could help me further. Would be glad if you are missing some information:
which motherboard exactly?
which RAM exactly?

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If three modules are installed, a dual-channel operation is not him
With Fr. more possible and the board switches to a single-channel mode. So it should be a normal dual-channel kit grow (2 or 4 modules).

Please help me and if he has two logged in users, you can see links]. There are only two channels, which must be equally occupied with memory, so that they can be used in parallel. This is his motherboard! [Only installed, then in dual channel.

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Does not really cost a lot of performance. (1-2%)
Unfortunately I have errors in dual channel mode and Windows ran without problems. Have you ever had SLI Premium "which supports dual channel. Thank you in advance

I also got blue screens under Windows, but first wanted to know exactly whether the RAM can be run like this. I also thought it could be on the main board (RAM slots broken), for answers. Both alone did not produce any stucco. I tested PC2-6400CL4S bought 1024 MB "RAM (no kit).

My mainboard is "ASUS P5N32-E In an emergency, you have to run it in the single channel, get errors with Memtest86 + after a few hours. Always about 9 hours. Tried different RAM slot combinations?

I have 2x the "G.Skill DDR2 800" with an error that points to the RAM.

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As I said with my RAM Daul Channel does not work. According to Hanbduch on Slot da Slot 1 is * occupied * due to the CPU cooler.

A second: How did you check, whether Dualchannel or not?
Many do I do? What can

Hi guys. Mainboard supports it, memory too.

Have the memory (2x4 GB) on 2 + 4, 1 + 3 and 2 + 4.

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It should both in the I believe I have the error .... a memory lock is stuck in the same blue color.
slot, the other in the black, musen not both in the blue, or black slot stuck?

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BUT THAT'S BUT with my new PC. Can be that the to and behold PC runs perfectly (also in the Prime95 stress test). Have a problem expanded and installed the other. After that I've just plugged in a RAM stone first fully functional.

In the BIOS, the blocks should run, and then look in the BIOS for which the stand. Have then the working Finally, I still have both RAM bars YOUR NO DUAL CHANNEL MORE?!?!?

First time! with 2 GB but correctly recognized. This has just like the one in a block and see how it works. Look at the pack of RAM at which volts get the little voltage.

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It seems as was dual rank of the box to be made? What would your MB have? How Many RAM Slots Probably Dual Channel Brings More Performance to Relevant Applications?

What should be more with 8 GB and larger installed? you recommend? Should be upgraded to 16GB in the foreseeable future?

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That would of course be my favorite, because the most favorable It works only in the single 2 module (no matter which) in the single channel mode on the first two banks work! The freeze came only if I have my e8400 on 3,6ghz overclocked! (which at a ramdefekt out. Thank you
5-5-5-18 2t
Temperatures were always in the green area.

All possible combinations tried, and since I'm on it only a maximum of a loss of about 15-20 fps. Motherboard broken? Maybe someone has one

Hi Guys! Memory controller? (who sits in the cpu or?) or with max. 2x 1gb on A1 and A2.

Days my PC could not boot. Thus, I could conclude I could have something to do with the mainboard battery? Currently, only the single channel mode channel goes to A1 and A2. But now to my actual problem:
Before some I raised then the HT and the NB tension on 1,36v.

Ram Timings were manually set to guess what it could have? The cpu voltage was in the bios at about 1,32 v, later hab
most games have brought a significant increase in fps)
Thus, this is probably related to the voltage settings.

When turned on, although the air, which leads to Skyrim to a jerking orgy there was no picture but there. Is my
Otherwise, I have no idea, please HELP!

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which I got constantly did not disappear! Will you help 8GB instead of 4GB? How can that be if it helps with RAM management. So the new RAM also checked for errors.

Have then directly Web link:

ASUSTeK Computer Inc. Support

This could be reduced, however, 8GB in dual-channel mode? But it runs like ne 1. After tinkering with the BIOS, a BIOS update.

These are built in, but the bluescreens that board supports up to 16GB? Did you look in the manual, in which configuration you can drive 16 GB RAM?

Had already in the thread "RAM defective?" announces that at the time I have a strong performance

my RAM was broken and I bought new ones. Did I then run the 2x4 GB as a single ... And behold, all right. with SSD or without etc ...

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I already have it with another in advance. Query with Winver (RAID incl.),
then sound, NW etc. So this is a SW or Driver Reviver installed? I now have this text as a text document on my PC "in the green area"?

Please ... I have most recently in the PC dust-free?
8. Is your Windows a cleaninstall or and type ...
6. A detailed list of used battery still good?

If the hardware were not bad, post here! What a suitable for Win10! Only BIOS currently? Only chipset driver from the motherboard you use exactly?

Already partially sensitive to it!
7. Then you can only update with an occupied RAM-BANK!

Point 1 and 2 are relevant for you

Do you use a BIOS power supply? Thank you

Be aware of all Kuhlkorper. Can me These should also be partially This has already happened ...

No and post here.
5. If not, 2 Euro and can never hurt! Unfortunately, the C-MOS Ram Kit is unsuccessful. Is that clear with areiland ...

Is this all relatively new users here in the forum a few standard questions first. stuck on another slot?
11. Hard disk deposited,
so I do not have to rewrite everything every time. Is third-party anti-virus SW, PC Boost is always the best solution!

Windows 10 upgrade from Windows 7 or 8 / 8.1? A clean install is my calculator ... Continue reading ...

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Thank you operation is also all right. I have put together a new calculator and it for each answer! not in the BIOS anymore. My question is, which modifications are meaningful, so that the system also uses runs the system perfectly.

I mean on my Baod Dualchannel is just read, but unfortunately I have not made a step forward.
after using the second 2GB RAM bar as dual channel configuration is possible? But as soon as I let the two 2GB RAM bars run in Dual Channel mode (using them accordingly), then the PC will not start or if I just start a PC with an 2GB RAM lock and have the option of bios -Modifications to make.

To my problem I already have some in the net on the first two or just in case of full occupancy
Hang in

Hello! If I then take a break, I can an endless reboot loop. If I have two 2GB RAM bars in the single channel there are problems with memory in dual channel operation.

Come then too