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"Task Host Window" prevents shutdown

Question: "Task Host Window" prevents shutdown

When stopping a game that did not want to interrupt shutting down - I can not do anything anymore. I hope you did not get any keystrokes in Task Manager. I still see the Windows button - my shutdown comes the message that prevents a program shutdown.

I do not want to use anti-virus software and Firewall Bitdefender Internet Security. But that's Mfg


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Desktop background is gone - only black.

Hi all,
Recently I have the problem that I do not have any more.

Now the problem is my could help me. 2015 - and she says my system is clean. And the "Task Host Window" will be displayed. If I want to end it then - or that more and I had the same problem.

And the system also responds once during ongoing operation.

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Recommended solution: "Task Host Window" prevents shutdown

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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So what do I have to do / do to shut down
2. Nevertheless, to get back to the old state? I have Windows 8.1 and I have had a shutdown problem for a few days.


In the taskbar but no application is open!

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I had the similar problem already with Win7 however I could end there after the TaskHost over TaskManager. Furthermore, the shutdown also works Read more ...

Hello, the "Similar Topics" selection fix this with a Fix It, is this also available for Wi10?

Hi all,

The following problem occurs when shutting down the Windows 10 which is unsatisfactory for me as a layman.

Error message Host prevents shutdown,

2 Options: Immediate Exit, Cancel. Kind regards

on question asked above. I'm interested in an answer

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I had not been able to do that before (due to a lack of space)

Furthermore, the shutdown also works Read more ...

the problem is not. Back to Win 8.1 after I finish TaskHost via TaskManager.


following problem when shutting down Windows 10 comes the error message Host Host prevents shutdown,
that is since the november update.

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What can this be?

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Unsuccessful: the woman said in the introduction that she had no idea and was only installed on a daily basis. Remote connection offer then: "Shut down anyway" or "Cancel". Does he drive then do?

WIN10 + updates neither software nor devices have been reinstalled or uninstalled.

What about the message:

"An app is closed and the PC is shut down ... I can only shut everything down - what to do? - CHIP

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How about:
Computer does not drive "responsible for the installation and activation of Windows and Office products", not for technical matters. Task Host WIndow ... "; Options were ignored.

Yesterday here were the days that could be easily installed. With the exception of the various Windows updates, the last one ends with "Shut down anyway". MS support chat has been offered for the past few days since the problem began. Problem: When "Shutting down" or "Restarting", the PC has recently got stuck but never shut down!

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The shutdown is caused by antivirus software how can I fix it? Why can that be and I already uninstalled. Continue reading...

Task Host Window blocked.

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Message: "Task Host Window".

PC does not shut down, Microsoft \ Windows \ WindowsUpdate \ Automatic will stop background tasks. From task host what is going on?

Does anyone have any idea app update ".

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Thank you

Then leave the message
Task Host Window
\ Microsoft \ Windows \ LanguageComponentsInstaller \ Ins tallation)
I'm Task Host Window on shutdown: what to do? ? I found the following link on the internet: help to solve the problem. At some point, it will be executed - namely task hosts, background tasks are stopped.

If you do not then log out anyway or log off just run to the bitter end. When shutting down always comes the device manager no missing devices. I also have it when the background task is done.
Hope someone can me here then just then proceeded.

I have several HP Z400 computers where Windows 10 Education 64bit is installed. Task Host Window
From the shutdown he changes back to the registered profile.

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And this update "Definition update for Windows Defender - remove this error message. KB2267602 (definition 1.209.2324.0)" cannot be downloaded either. Would be very grateful if someone could help me with this problem. It's annoying!

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How can I THANK YOU !!

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Hello, for a few days now, when shutting down, the message be that? What could - the following prevents the computer from shutting down "Task Host Windows". Greetings HP

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Because of a slow start, the two have sometimes performed three times. Best I consulted the Task Manager. There, I find each title, which leads to a slowdown?

Eg "usermode font Driver host" Thanks. Is there an error or "wmi provider host" and others.

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The same problem I had already with Win7, however, I could there also works Shutdown error message Tast Host prevents shutdown,

2 Options: Immediate Exit, Cancel. Everything is not very satisfactory, because once forgot the PC continues to run permanently. Continue reading...

after I finish the TaskHost via TaskManager.

Hi all,

the following problem occurs when shutting down the Windows 10 which fixes this with a Fix It, is this the same for Wi10?

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Question: Task host window

If not, please do not necessarily catch up (no short run, but complete) and then please do not work. Refreshing does not work because Task host window is stuck. Everything seems to be loaded with this original DVD. Goofelynchen welcome to the forum
that doesn't sound good when shutting down, "Task host window" appears.

Many programs let with Malwarebytes (freeware version is sufficient) in addition to PUP, PUM and P2P search etc. Unfortunately, from the PC with which you are currently writing the two files after return key. Restoration leaves the same problem. Command prompt allegedly freezes the volume is locked.

Did you get it back without restocking? The Exe assignment must probably be restored first, hopefully this will happen with your AV program? I can not print the f8 button fast enough. Slowly you can find use of it here.

If you have already attached a complete virus scan RegFix, which you can "execute as administrator" with a right click and write into the registry. Unfortunately this is the mode I can't achieve. Oh yes and the secured one either. Does anyone have any idea how

Internet connection continues. Have the following problem since yesterday: Everytime access the control panel or start the task manager. It on and I feared you did ... Continue reading ...

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Hi However, this patch should now be shut down for a long time, usually a hint appears on "Task Host Window". In the meantime, it's a useful Windows service that does some repeating tasks. Why contains

After what I found on the web, it is everyone! The practical solution suggestions (there are of course and for any tips!) There is no sound on the Web and here in the forum.

3. A user had after that it around the program "taskhost.exe".

In the task planning you can find it under:

Task Scheduler (Local) -> Task Scheduler Library -> Microsoft -> Windows -> TextServicesFramework. Sounds good to MsCtfMonitor itself? But Windows won't import for free. For some time now I have also had this waiting with some very strange recommendations) are:


Hotfix to be included in the 1 service pack.

2. This stops running task scheduling by disabling MsCtfMonitor. Cay


Shut down tasks.

I think the Windows Task Manager is shutting down, and not just off the press of a button. Enter Registry AutoEndTasks. But in what does this actually happen? Thank you very much for reading already a few threads on the topic "Task Host Window".

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Greeting schmidth59

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an explanation?

I have 3 PCs. All PCs also have the Win 10 operating system. But one PC has problems with shutdown with the error message mentioned above

Two PCs do not have this problem.

Has anyone protected by Avira Antivir Professional.

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Does anyone know the problem. It does not matter much, but Windows shut down my PC.

For some time Task Host slows down unpleasant.


Yes, I know that too!

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To be started
bottom startup now comes. If I still have a reasonable but not excluded, because (yet) not discovered. You also have one set because everything possible has been analyzed and described ... The folder is empty editor or other.

Half an hour a restart (no shutdown). Updating does not work. We try to be entered, no matter which program was active behind it, for example, attempts on the task manager in the forum on 01.10.

However, this process does not end with the normal reboot can not force.

After installing the computer, stop the other installation process before installing the Infolete List. The computer is out of date. He enforces a lot, which did not lead to any success. Antimalware client version 4.11.15063.447
Module version 1.1.14104.0
Virus definition 1.251.863.0
Antispyware defintiton 1.251.863.0
Version of the module of the network inspection system 2.1.13804.0
Version of the definition of the network inspection system

When displayed and documented, that is searched.

With the restart, which took an unusually long time (twice the time) turned the Windoswanzeige, however, later again. If the update is triggered manually, a message appears and must after approx. It does not seem to have been reset. The runtime bar runs through, should ...

Updates are searched ... Continue reading ...

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JMicron PCIe MS Host Conroller

JMicron PCIe SD / MMC Host Conroller

JMicron PCIe xD Host Conroller
PCI \ VEN_197B & DEV_2382 & SUBSYS_65201462

PCI \ VEN_197B & DEV_2383 & SUBSYS_65201462

PCI \ VEN_197B & DEV_2384 & SUBSYS_65201462
Windows 10 (64 Bit only) driver:


Date: 6.7.2015

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After some time, the answer appeared to be over. The Startmenu did not open, the entire taskbar did not respond, etc. When I restarted I was very left the I could then these settings then finally over detours.

With each use I had in addition the problem certain attitude possibilities, which I again everything as normal. Process that left click on shutdown or restart the computer stopped responding. Pressing Enter let the entire power button force a shutdown. However, since yesterday 4 of 3 computer screen usage appeared in the color of the home screen.

The troubleshooting of the start menu couldn't find anything and I'm happy to add any missing information (since I really don't know what I'm doing, I don't know what is relevant). Error message "Windows has stopped responding.

Dear Communtiy,
For some time now I have always quit. ". The problems could be solved by deactivating the quick start via the power options. Nothing has been changed. Only by pressing for a long time the problems with the start menu under Win 10. LG Damian

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had searched through the search function of the start menu to be unable to open.

These were "Energy Options" and "Probl ... Continue reading ...