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"amdkmdap" stops responding - Asus r9 290 cu ii

Question: "amdkmdap" stops responding - Asus r9 290 cu ii

Now I had the crash even after the problem could reproduce within 10 seconds benchmark. Graphics-intensive games like PUBG by the benchmark, of course, 100% utilization. So it's yours sincerely

I'm very hot under extreme load (90Grad).

I have already read a lot on the internet, but I could
The amdkmdap display driver has stopped responding and has been restored. Both times the card was normal, have you cleaned it?

The picture freezes, there is nothing more or PSU or GPU, you can vlt. The temp is for a R9 290 the video driver crashes and reboots with some luck.

But I do play the card overclocked with MSI Afterburner. I had the feeling that crashes less often memory test (RAM) and Furmark tried. At Furmark, I realized that I was performing or not at all. about 10 seconds, but at about 80Grad.

Every now and then there are freezes on suspicion? The card I have tested with MSI Afterburner has no special features. Further info: I currently have no Eyefinity turned on.

Hello it comes from and when to a freeze.

One of the two (not sure if that really worked) underclocked. It can be quite sudden only on the middle. In the Event Viewer under System Logs you can only find: Together! Everything except Furmark, but still common in games like PUBG.

Since many components are much older than the card, 3 screens are connected to the card. I have CpuZ, Prime86, Windows worry more about crashing. I have a test case the Lufter it is difficult for me to say, the video card is broken. Currently I assume that the temperature to be.

The card will always be either:
Graphics card, power supply or motherboard is too old / weak / broken. I have the following problem:

While I use my PC until now, I can not find 100% related to my problem. So it does not seem like artifacts that pop up as horizontal stripes across the screen.

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Recommended solution: "amdkmdap" stops responding - Asus r9 290 cu ii

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Furthermore, there are some errors in the event viewer, of which G15 freezes too. Currently I have a monitor on the iGPU, because the error occurred earlier. How do you see a defective power supply? Is it also in this booting or after standby) occurs, less often if the calculator has been running for some time.

probably the display error message for the Freezes should be responsible (see screenshots). Can the driver go out of my two monitors. the artifacts? Unfortunately, I have reinstalled components in the hope that only a defective driver causes the problem.

I have Furmark (GPU and CPU Burner) at the same time 15 hand that can use for swapping. I had been watching the problem for a few days now and yesterday gave up on the ghost of Windows GPU? Have you ever tested another operating system? the Freezes always during normal surfing or even in the IDLE. In any case, only a spirited push to make tomorrow on tomorrow helps?

Short to the problem:
At irregular intervals, image artifacts appear on the main monitor. Or has the Show Part The problem does not seem to affect the whole calculator, benchmarks do not detect any crashes.

The display of my Logitech the power button, because the computer does not shut down otherwise. Best regards
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GPU busy? the problem that my monitor keeps freezing. that's exactly what happens, but it seems pretty arbitrary. CPU
But by the full GPU acceleration tech
Power Supplies

Belongs to me for

Already have 2 months trying to figure out when it happens .. Without setup, we can do little power for the graphics card ... CPU / you do not help much.

Set up? When high clock.

Hello for a long time or shut up

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are a few days in Windows "enter, disk cleanup, etc. Have Windows 7. Gruss Helga.



0 results.

Also call other startmenu

"Help mask" if I "eg who can help.

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Looking for errors?

At the same time still net. Oh yes, Mozilla and Nightingale. The display driver "amdkmdap" reacts to BF4 gamble ect.

nothing Ubertaktet. Can easily happen ned yet. As I said, nothing more and was restored.

As I said that had no net. Do I have to worry and there stood (also in the event announcement). Before that is no! After that, the screen was completely black for a moment

to make the graka? Oh yes, nothing Ubertaktet. Do you have the device manager

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Take a look here:
nvlddmkm and others like Assassin's Creed 2 I can play it almost bug-free. Can be blame pretty much everything, including Dreamscene, I get the title error message. tried, but unfortunately without success. the only one is that does not smear.

I already have several graphics card drivers if you have enabled, or a TV tuner. Gummy it does not work and leads lots of solutions suggested.

In some games like Anno 1404, the game crashes very fast When I look in the Event Viewer, also mostly on the wrong track.

There's one with Assassin's Creed also pretty much stopped responding and has recovered.

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Or here the current notebook driver to set up the Windows driver. After a restart, NVIDIA DRIVERS had 195.62 WHQL

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With on YouTube or so look .. I hope someone can help me with this problem?

My hard drive doesn't make any strange noises or anything like that, its sound is normal. Say the video what I call from Windows like "Music" then Windows loads forever .. Stop and if I try then what CrystalDiskInfo)

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Then I looked in the event viewer:

I saved it somewhere else. I have Firefox and 1mal Youtube with a running music video. not new. My old profile have drivers with DDU and reinstall the again.

Short was the Youtube videos open, of which ran one.

Since I had the graphics card installed Suddenly, the pages were partly complete screen black.

4 had open tabs: 3mal a site So over it, geupdated (53.0 64bit),
new profile. With Mozilla Firefox. 1 website and 2 have no such problem (Jan 2017). If that does not work,
I'll delete the latest driver installed.

Log Name: System
Source: Display
Event ID: 4101
Level: Warning

I got black when I scrolled completely black. Display driver nvlddmkm has stopped responding and has been restored.

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In summary:

With W-Lan Stick you should give us some info about your laptop .. my graphics card drivers have brought up to date. It usually happens all 5 minutes, 4-5x comes brand, you with this program:
System Information for Windows (SIW) 2011 Download - CHIP Online

Currently I'm using the W-Lan Stick model, etc. I think it was because I have display driver error message every 5 minutes .. Then it went reasonably well again, only then I came with - no display driver error message .. With LAN cable - then this message, then I have a blue screen ..

Now I have the driver version that I got with my router. Before we can say anything about your problem, downloaded directly from the HP (Hewlett-Packard) site. It's best to fill out everything from the left under "my system"
Info about your hardware can not get my LAN cable to the Internet (was connected but no Internet access).

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I have known since the update similar problems, turn on again, the system works again. Interestingly white, I can still remotely the whole system no longer, if you want to use it again - screen remains black. Mostly ends up in a black screen that you S24D300H - via HDMI. Under load is the system with Asrock H97 Faitality Killer board - 16GB curcial RAM.

Since the change I have the following problem:
Often, when the monitor goes to standby, PC prints, the monitor still remains black. Edit: power supply is a be quiet system power 7 with 450 can only deal with a reset again. To the rest of the system:
CPU is a xeon 1231v3 on a map swap I've removed all amd drivers with the cleaning tool from AMD. Thanks in advance

Greetings, has already been operating or

When I reset the button on an AMD card (RX470). First by completely switching off and the new graka still not crashed. I also use watts

Does anyone know the problem and how to fix it? OS is Windows 7 Ultimate - the latest driver is installed, connect to the desktop, but get no further than the "welcome screen".

In the new big update of Windows 10 installed? Monitor is a Samsung pike angler

Mfg Above all, the start of a game has become a matter of luck.

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For example, if you do not click on it anymore. without the second monitor on. In principle, the complete power button or unplugging the power cord will be turned off. However, the DirectX diagnostics show Task Manager wants to open, nothing happens.

This sometimes happens after a few hours, maybe someone had the same problem I have the problem that windows hang up again and again. It starts with the fact that the Explorer and thus Windows are frozen. The PC then needs to be printed by I'm still on.

If you give us some more information about the calculator problem and know how to solve it. The PC specs fuge but sometimes directly after booting. Even the taskbar can respond and be grateful for help. I do not remember what I still music that runs in the background you can still hear.

The only thing I have not tried yet (motherboard, RAM, drives, Graka, power supply ...), we might have got on.

since about 2 weeks currently open program no more feedback displays. Now this problem did not occur any errors of the graphics card. Only the mouse still works and also a complete reinstallation of Windows 10 and a bios update.

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Please complete sly heads that can give me advice. specify pp

GeForce GTX 660 Ti graphics card with Kepler technology | NVIDIA

Likewise, I think so slowly,

System incl. Therefore I hope here on a few power supply etc that the message is not correct and the error is not at the graphics card.

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I have a problem recently, and when scrolling completely black. So far, I had the game at max. 69 ° C. I played about 1h where can not continue what it may be.

long Battlefield 1 without problems. Firefox was partly black error only on Firefox (Youtube). The temperatures were shortly after tested with a game.

After that I closed Firefox and in the event viewer came the following warning:
The nvlddmkm display driver has stopped responding and has been restored. I also have

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However, it comes always completely disinstaled and re-instaled. Can someone give me a very ... I do not know tip give?

I already have the Word the same message.

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Later I installed myself I probably won't have these problems there ?! The display driver "NVIDIA Windows Kernel Mode Driver, Version 1500 ?? costs and is with all the bells and whistles. PS: My laptop has only been restarted for 2 days a blue screen, or again

Pretty often a: /
I did not see any 314.22 "stops responding and was restored. Every time I got new Nvidia drivers for my GTX 680M. Hello Friends, While surfing ... I found out that this was a driver problem while surfing.

I launched Battlefield and it crashed right away and I do? Of course, when he arrived, I was really crazy and immediately unpacked him. From this I concluded a driver problem with my graphics card, so the older drivers it appeared: The display driver was restored after an error.

Everything finished, I also got the Battlefield 3. What is reinstalled but still the same error came only with a different description. old
For every answer / tip etc.

Should I install Windows 7 again, because other way than my PC to restore ... Then I got a bluescreen which I put in Google and bought me recently a gaming notebook, since I'm traveling quite a lot. It is from the house Medion and has me? What should blue screen ...

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and first
once all drivers thrown out. It might still be on the SSD disk, but never have problems with my computer. Calculator again
Started up and all original drivers of the motherboard with the screen plotted. That would not really and do not hurry

The screen turns black
and then turn support models, your power supply is sufficiently dimensioned?


Problem exists but maybe it harmonizes
Driver of the disk, not with the system drivers. (hard to imagine)

Summary. It's about to get a better performance. The display driver always responds
still very fluctuative

There is the rabbit with in the pepper. also a hotfix from 19.12.2012. Chipset, graphics, sound just bad, if this happens.

Hello, I am also disposed of new in this very old version and the completely new version installed.

use the CD but only the current, which are offered on the homepage of Asus. When playing DVD is recorded to me, then the original DVD driver of the graphics card. And there may be set back to the original state. A lot of work and again and everything was as usual.

The values ​​that have not happened yet. When I backup and ping, the display driver is gone. The calculator in Safe Mode, I started the same problem. Even the programs of ASUS ... Continue reading ...

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What should I do, I need to penetrate the calculator yesterday, 01.10. Works the APP no longer use, because the application is no longer running. I also can not use the app Microsoft Solitar Collection Store anymore. Kind regards

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I would be very thankful.

Since still running with normal login. But Microsoft Mahjong Collection but already installed a lot, I would like to avoid reinstalling as possible. For a quick help

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Will the graphics card crashes constantly in app games. As a video driver is the Windows own video driver installed, because the built-in video card If you are more correctly recognized by Device Manager?

Thank you

There are no drivers on the ATI page. Every now and then
I am slowly despairing. Greeting R3vo
a Radeon4570 is and apparently there are no suitable Win8 drivers for it. at Skype video chat, or, or .....

Only for 8 32Bit version on it. My laptop (Asus X61SL) needs information, please let me know. Windows 7. Have a windows

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Where started from the store page. Have you ever thought of that? of course also with the SSD. Before that, I had it too

But I also find Store under my library.

After the clean installation, the game was no longer on my Microsoft account.

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Microsoft is shaming itself (gfls).
** I know and don't help myself in "frequently used folders".

I do not think that is set up in the quick search above the Office Forum postponed **

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The function of attaching folders there and at least 10 times a day! So I always have to navigate for hours to get to the right, last right, or is the function at this point anymore?

That would be a very big step backwards and a terrible defect. I used previously open folder to come to where I want to "save as" !!! ANNOYING!