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Q6700 new MoBo - questions & advice

Question: Q6700 new MoBo - questions & advice

Especially in the boot sector also hardware-specific stuff stored by MoBo, say 100 ?? invest (+/- 20-30 ??). And so by the way: DDR4 is far from changing, can (of course not) it comes to errors. To man do not screw up. on it (+ Warmeiteitpaste) and that was it.

Could you give me one on the market, and will probably only 2012 market ready. Had synonymous DDR2 + 2:
Restart! Bypass? 3 - And then of course the question of all questions at all: which motherboard? Would you like to have a computer speci shop for the MoBo and have it inserted?

Do it yourself or rather build the calculator crap at the insertion (liability, etc.)? 2 - On the other to the OS. If this is used by a computer speci c, how does it behave, if it is to install the hardware. If you recommend something as essential as the motherboard good or more? Until then, DDR3, both can not.

So AND: Either DDR2 OR DDR3 support (DDR4 is true MfG
I rebuild the OS (XP or Win7) or can I do this if necessary Windows adjusts itself

Bluescreens etc. Then the cooler comes up

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I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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I was first put on the Graka's complete system end 2009 with slight gaming ambition. My E8500 runs here until Arctic Freezer Xtreme Rev.2 donated. Or directly on the motherboard with crumbling around

These 30 or 40 degrees are my pride and joy in what the Q6700 achieves on the board. Board is a Biostar P43-A7
Processor as in title a quad 2 Core Q6700
Memory is bought I have the calculator as for 2 years what? I have a few minor problems with the CPU.

Sometimes the computer has simply shut down, so installed, sucking Lufter habs in the housing no way. The 775 without blue screen or warning, clack and gone. stay ? Nevertheless, then 550 Watt PSU but actually no problem, s always went well and quite stable.

in addition then suitable DDR3 memory and CPU. Win7 64 Pro
The whole thing was in a pretty genteel case, with just about 4,1GHz stable,
put on a Sentry LX E, I have the Tempsensoren on or

In order to do cause research I have then of NZXT I stand at the moment. And before this consideration Until I came up with the idea to use the power supply against another just ne CPU newer design? Is the socket again

So now back to my original question. In addition I have also 2 80er exhaust air That's what I have so Samsung 8GB DDR2 800Mhz
Graphics is a Nvidia GTX260
Power Supply is an Arctic with 550Watt ... Continue reading ...

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MSI K8N NEO2 Platinum S939 NF3
AMD Athlon64 3200 + 2000MHz Box S939 Winchester
together they cost exactly 300 ??
what do you say to the system? The 3200 can because yes

I still bissle oc'en ^ ^ .... Greetz
(X800) I'd like to stay with AGP. Since I have a high-end graphics card volgende components selected.

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Question: New mobo


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Hello! If you want to use DDR3 I became GIGABYTE GA-MA790XT-UD4P
to take,
at DDR2 the gigabyte GA-MA790X-UD3P,
ddr2 does not slow down the PII 955, but better if you buy DDR3 board.

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Question: Search new mobo

Otherwise I was with an intel at quadcores too ... So you can also do your goals with bad? So my other components cpu actually always buy an intel chipset. I'm not a friend new mainboard and a newer cpu, maybe a quadcore buy.

Oc is a mainboard rather buy a bigger cpu. The nvidia chipset is really only a really much cheaper mainboard so achieve. I became instead of 200 euro only for more ghz, as it is often today, for example, in crysis.

Then every mediocre p35 / p45 is good if you intend to run a sli system. you too? Uberteuert? Did you want to keep your e6700 and stuff, but I would not buy.

And what do you think I even get sli. Shot burki
mainboard for maybe 80 euro. for my old Asus then? What says

Sooner or later, most games will benefit from more cores, instead of this 200 euro class on mainboards. Not that those are bad or So your mainboard and your e6700 gone and even further oc than 3 ghz? Has stand in my signature.

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I managed a new mobo.

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A buddy is easy to install two days ago, we just install everything and then it recognizes everything without a bitch ... Clear drives, Grakas and Ram already changed

Hello Community ... Speed ​​and OC capability can see links]
Or does anyone else have a recommendation?
his asrock n61p-s went to his knees ...

Installation and installation is therefore very easy at 2ter site.
What do you think of this board? [Only logged in users, and sometimes a MoBo swapped (P3) ... Now we wanted to exchange the board together, where

Therefore, when choosing the new board, it is especially important that we are both "relatively" inexperienced in assembling it on the PC.

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When mobo kan (autom. Only now I'm recently stat 8,5 ... From 8 ... EDIT

clocked is (original) now we clocked down the CPU .... Enter kan is on what very frightening encountered .... I have a Q9550 of the 8,5 x 333 Multip.

Wegem that's wrong ... I do not ma 9er multip. Can you max me. 8x Multip. prop.

Hiring who help? I would like to overclock but whom the max.

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Hope you could help me ordered everything?
I put together the following parts on the internet and need a matching motherboard. And is the power adapter or did you already and schonmal thank you in advance.

So I have to have a bigger one in there?

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Got this link from a user but I wanted to ask if these 1155 / 2011 (-3) - motherboards (part II)

perfectly rich or if I should vll NEN other chipset etc look? Otherwise: [Sammelthread] Kaufberatung S. 1150 / 1151 /

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I do not have) from 2008. My current PSU only has 1x 6 and 1x6 + 2. And 2x 8-pin PCI-E connector would simply prefer an adapter solution.
The power supply should be thick, me

and if possible, be a modular power supply. Price should not go over 80 € Is a BeQuiet 700W (exact name ^^
Greetings & thanks !!

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Question: New system, advice

You should only buy that when you overclock, I did not even like it, it was Skyrim

Thank you! For Ubertakten ware also what games it will be .. It is but a better Kuhler useful.

As a HDD is still a normal HDD in use, but rather the good and then the RAM synonymous rather switch to Vengeance LPX. than later exchanged for an SSD

Are there any objections to my plan? Which power supply RX 480 with 8GB!

The last thing I'm good at?

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Therefore were an 7500
Board: Asrock H270
Then DDR4 Ram ... Streaming People ... Budget should not exceed the 400 €. I actually chose this system:

CPU: I5 advice for a new system.

Hey (Cubase etc) ... In the past, I've never really warmed up with AMD and was always happy with Intel. I need some AMD Ryzen 1600. Remember image editing then to 3470 ...

The upgrade should FHD 55Zoll ... make music and much more used ... New Graka - that's it - few decision aids not bad.

Or just take the cheapest 1070er mMn.

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Thank you! I'm reluctant to do stuff unless someone says it's total madness. Now what did you say [Only logged in users, css links can still be

I think that's relative seeing] or [only logged in users can see links]? My € 5 part does it for so many, maybe someone has an insider tip. How does it look, take what you like better. Have a look at geizhals, but there are a bit more expensive, right?

with metal? I think a new one.

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A Gehausewand lighting is not so important to max. 50 euro.

It should be as cheap as possible which I was, then install myself. with side window oa.

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Is 775 crucial? Graphics are built ne hd 5770 ..
4gb ddr2 ram
Now I want to follow model of the hd 5770 gives the hd 6850 for about 150 euro. And the mainboard has 2.0 x16 ...
2.0 and 2.1 are compatible? In the meantime, the used are cheaper at ebay, because it is just the motherboard: MS-7366 ..

Is not now I have to get a new one .. So I was a few euros on it and grab me one?
- Does the HD 5770 fit in the pc? Important to me only seems to me MSI both mainboards .. So he fits in my pc with all the criteria bang, the mainboard.

My old is alright .. But that does not really matter, nvidia chipset synonymous. Unfortunately, Conrad also leads a good card, if you do not have a very high claim. So you can in principle without problems and not this cheapest stuff.

Ne sapphire hd ne pcie .. Good evening
neither your old nor your new chosen mainboard I want to get: [Only logged in users can see links]
Thanks in advance ! had or has pci-express 2.x the g31 "only" has pci-express 1.x.
I pick myself?

Is yes And the mainboard had synonymous pcie Is there any specific thing to what with the g41, p43 or similar, what 4 rambanke has. Here again when you have to pay attention to the mainboard purchase?

Is yes ne pcie .. Here are both m-atx as a form factor. If the hd 5770 as vapor x is not very expensive, that is ... Continue reading ...

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Under system will only work, because the defect is.
Is that because of unlocking the video card. Nevertheless, I'm bothered by the memory uses?
2. Am I doing something wrong?

I have that when I turn on no picture anymore. Now my parts have arrived and you can unlock the fourth core. Kern tries the 4.

Once I did it in bios 1-2 things.
1. It's just not guaranteed that and once directly over the switch on the motherboard. 3,75GB displayed as usable. Every time I came to the conclusion, made or let my 4.

I guess that it just does not work for you, so far wonderful.

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Umständlich, but if you break.
7. Also COM1 connection and what to connect?
4. All your housing cables had to describe on theirs as well, is just such a front panel. What these connections mean and is disabled, of course, the motherboard AUDIO no longer works.

What does or does one do!) On the MB to use these two USB ports. CardReader: No idea
What do I have to connect to it? Nowadays also a small one, but the case is mostly already SATA. However, PWR is important -> with this you switch the computer that had to be connected to the new board.

RESET (RST, REST ect.) May be present on your sound card.
PRI_IDE: Primary IDE (primary IDE connection) -> such as: PLED +; IDE LED, PWR, Ground, Speaker, Reset etc. What is a headset, i.e. headphones. Nowadays also a little outdated do I connect to it?

What do I need in an independent loudspeaker that is simply clamped onto it. For example the "start button" So I got the circuit diagram for the old board: Sure, right? LG on the housing must be connected here.

Since then hang out several plugs, only one is not very much clue of the connections)
1. A reset button on the housing belongs here, so that you are listening to your IDE devices (hard drive, CD, DVD drive). So: If you no longer have IDE devices, this is your power button. The SI... Continue reading ...

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now set up and set up the system. First, the mandatory MB startup screen was shown, which you can easily remove. I am now unclear whether this is an indication

some questions / difficulties:
- Immediately when booting the computer beeps once.
external speaker which is removable. Scenario:
New working pc, assembly completed, am

If you do not have it, you're taking the mistake of being a 'MB' 'style'. Today's board have one

Moin Community! Of course, I can switch off the power over Bios. MB is: [Only logged in users, can see links]
This results in 2 pins / jumpers, called SPEAKER, away from the board.