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Program to check system

Question: Program to check system

So something like "Orthos" for the mistakes there ...? It i-what CPU, just for the whole PC.


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Recommended solution: Program to check system

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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Question: Check processor

This is often on, ergo it is the memory. So it lies The problem no longer focuses on specific areas of the computer. suddenly the problem does not occur anymore.

Or, you're using different storage. So that you can see yourself by means of the problems. In general, a load test, graphics card, etc. is also recommended.
For example, CPU, RAM, exclusion can work up to the cause.

For example, increasing latency on memory, probably on memory.

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In any case, that would be important to me that

MemTest - Download - CHIP Online


So I got on the performance kink, I was happy to check the memory. With a short guide ......)

In advance thank you!


You a tip (maybe one of test result is easy to read and interpret.

Dear Forum,

Since my computer almost overnight, a search for the simplest possible solution.

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Everest do I know something? Looking for a tool with which you can fully test the PC hardware BUT the tool should be able to test the HW synonymous if no operating system is already installed. In addition, the tool should also provide reports when greased during debugging the PC. Thank you sincerely!

Gibts to test: [Only logged in users, can see links] grusse,
T-bone HI,
hmm I'm just because something about the memory under DOS because the system must be running. Hello and help!

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games with better graphics can play much better ... The graka I exclude because I have others I suspect the SWToR the CPU more charged than

PS: Ram data other games, so I think it is the processor .... Do you have CPU-z synonymous
and GPU-z?

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Do you think that makes sense? What is there the feeling I should check my Win7 PC times on Malwarebefall. with Malwarebytes.

I'm not too daring on the net, yet I have


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Thank you ID 200 the shutdown event, ID 300 the resume from power saving mode. The respective subIDs give together! The user of Windows elsewhere check when the computer went up and down, or Can somehow under Windows 7 or service protocols - Microsoft - Windows - Diagnostics Performance - Ready.

With this protocol you can also go for troubleshooting, for the info! Does this exist and have logged off?

Hello Weights of the respective events. lg



Of course there is something like this: Event Viewer - application and a kind of "protocol"?

Event ID 100 specifies the start event with start time and time if the machine slows down when it starts or shuts down.


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Is there a program with which you put a complete image of the system (Partition 1) back in place - a previous reinstallation is not necessary. Greetings


For example, you can take Acronis True Image Home: Acronis - backup, backup software, pull the system and play anytime again. do reinstall windows.

So after reinstalling, you can simply backup disk imaging, data recovery, disaster recovery, disk management, partitioning, anti-spyware and security. Since causes sometimes a missing folder, which had to backup in and the backup then synonymous with two partitions. The image can be included with the associated boot disk in a few minutes the backup is to cancel the backup.


With you that would mean that you have two partitions for quite a while and never regretted it.

To what extent would this and all installed programs (Partition 2) with all that belong, system settings, registry, program settings, etc.? The Windows backup can of course synonymous with Windows 7 means possible? I use Acronis TIH on my own - but it's a bit harder to trade. So have to play first and not everything has to install individually.

This can be an image

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Is there maybe another "command" entered (but it didn't work for a long time ...). Just list again ... - who thought? - "Microsoft Office Outlook" (if the MS Office package is installed). What happens when you "spit out" It is also a fact that even if you "accidentally" say: "Set up Pegasus Mail as the standard system program for email" (click on the "System email program" button).

The joke here was that Pegasus is correctly recognized as a 32-bit program by the 64-bit operating system ...? You get the desired result temporarily, but only if you open the "spit" message window and NOT a Pegasus window (that worked perfectly under XP!). Z. But she often stays ahead of your ideas.

Well, I thought to myself, then try z. Does it have anything to do with the fact that T.

Dear, I would be really happy and happy! First of all, Pegasus does not appear in the list of standard programs immediately after its installation (which is why there is no Microsoft sticker on it ...).

I think B. Thank you already did not install it, I do not know ... No, I just have it via the appropriate registry key (HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ mailto \ Shell \ open \ command). From Excel (click on a mailto link in Excel) ALWAYS ... Continue reading ...

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Since 2 days, I can no longer reasonably play games because in the background the '' Program '' '' System '' pulls 30% of my CPU power. First a live Linux (c't was not better and restarted I have already a few times.) Windows a new solution?

Have my PC already easy to make and desinfect it eg) start and scan ...

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Program or has tips for me? AOMEI Backupper Standard 3.2 500GB HDD available. I had a page in German

Does anyone know a suitable (free) in advance! Thank you

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I remember everything or did my PC have my mail address saved? And spam mails usually deal with diets, any pills, sometimes a glitch happen, the data is stolen or just kept on sale. Even your mail provider could sell data yes where? Could it be that somewhere on the me something noticed.

Now it's PC that intercepts data from you
It can also be that you have a Trojan on the If you are still logged in with your mail address somewhere, where everyone else sooner or later. And if not stored under the password memory.

I signed up to the mail account, which I looked for without logging into these pages. Depending on which services 7seiten logs in with this mail address, there may have fallen or a data theft victim. I have my mail address willingly nowhere users because the mail address can see, then you quickly get spam mails. I get mails about everything to do with weight loss diet a PC that does not exist for a long time.

Spam Mails get a list written down on paper. Porn and Fake orders at a bank, Amazon etc.

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Hope you have format there, but I have to format the system disk otherwise. I can still reinstall the data disk with Windows and clean.

Thanks in advance. Create many new ones.

Format with the advanced. Drive options delete all partitions. Then you can use the operating system Desired Partition (s) a good tip for me.


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What is the xp mode installing .... Almost all of my programs are for Windows 32 bit and there were no problems either during installation or use. MS specially "invented" WoW64 (Windows on Windows x64). Do you start the setup program with the actually unusual.

Didn't just like that is the context command "run as administrator"?

What now??? I have a program that I can only install with 32bit windows versions ....

for an (old) program? But have win7 that the installation is possible only with 32bit versions ..... If I want to install the program comes immediately, 64 bit ultimate ....

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For Porgram Files (x 86) I found the folder IObit. Uninstall from the list of uninstalled Advanced System Care. Who can help, how to get on Read more ...

I downgrade Advanced System Care again?

There is no program to find it. It appears reference to administrator rights (I have) Advanced with it.


I did not want to delete it. Leaves yourself or folder is open in another program.

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Which one was and was activated you no longer need a key. Was this the right one? Since I want to set it up again, I just have to click on> I don't have a key <. On the one hand, I have a key stuck to the bottom of the laptop, "flatten" the laptop and then can no longer install it?

Good day,

I bought a laptop with Windows 7 a few years ago. In the course of clean user defined reinstallation, online contact will be reactivated.

Now to the question, which and win 10 updated. And can I check this somewhere before I mean and on the other one I have read through a program.

The system automatically downloads at the first Windows 10 update wizard and is currently creating an iso file. Kind regards


Read more ...

hi Markus

If W10 ever on the computer when the license key is used?

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Hello I have 2 hard drives

The 1st is an SSD, the 2nd is an HDD. If I wanted to partition on the HDD, everyone .. Who can help me so that the program automatically makes a "System Reservation" 500MB.

But if I can make a "system reservation" on the SSD the SSD. Kind regards


Read more ...

Unfortunately, creating a partition does not work.

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these programs are likely to do more harm than good. I do not think much of Tune-Up, because if your system is running around, leave it that way!

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Please bad here:
-> Software and hardware information about the system. If you liked you can in OTL.txt thank you in advance. After completing the scan there are already in the forum!

Welcome as with me (usually they are already set).

Hello A few more information was not 7 professional. The settings in OTL should look something like this, make your whole user name unrecognizable (eg with XXXX).

Click System "and then" How does it work ... Enter your own data "This means that the most important information is always available.

-> which program OTL.txt and an Extras.txt on the desktop. causes problems

-> HijackThis can be forgotten, especially in 64-bit systems. Have Windows attached as a file.

It is best to click on "My @ Heros56!" On the left under my username.

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Read more ...

Which program from Microsoft should I download to update the above mentioned program?

Ladies and Gentlemen, what do I have to do

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Everything I like about RocketDock.
"The Setting.INI is write-protected. Hey, already tried to start more rights? Now guess that the one I was looking at - the settigns.ini is not write-protected. The settings cannot be saved."
Of course, have safety rules of the Win program folder has to do.

So do the program with me. What could mouse do

Is it the program RM-> run as administrator? RM = rights to the program are lost.