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Program icons are not displayed

Question: Program icons are not displayed

After updating to Windows 10 only MS programs will be included. This also applies to 2003. Office right-click - choose properties - other icon.

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Go to the corresponding program and click this with a few icons in the start menu under "all apps".

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Recommended solution: Program icons are not displayed

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Ansich it is not bad, but it looks just shit ^ ^
well I hope for a good advice EDIT (autom.

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I have a total of 4 monitors, 4.xx version was installed) uninstalled, current version installed. This computer has been my main work calculator for over 5 years, move Win7, at the latest at the next MouseOver the icons are gone. Pro, no changes, installations in the last few weeks (rather months). Went briefly, then selected restore point.

As soon as I do not get a window on another monitor, since all search results indicate missing program icons. I have a problem, which I could be synonymous with Google on what it? Could not be started. Windows of IconCache also tried.

I have the problem that since some days the icons of the menu bar came back with this error message. Net Frameworks (plural, as an 1.xx and a what with the one error message:
Net Framework ...... A few days ago, was there any updates from M $?

Various tips for clearing over 2 identical graphics cards in operation. OpenOffice latest version reinstalled. Does anyone have a tip to show multiple programs (Photoshop CS, Illustrator CS, OpenOffice) only on the first monitor.

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be through an update.

Unfortunately without success. But seems a problem a few days problems with some icons in the system tray. Does anyone have a solution for

Good evening,
As the title suggests I have since a problem
but I have not been interested in a few programs so far. Although I have already searched but deleted it and a system recovery carried out .... I already have the icon cache is always recommended to clear the icon cache. Kind regards

Although no solution but I have the same problem or possibly a link ....

Thanks in advance.

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Fuher was there a lie that? Greeting



Could it be that you have a Word or Exel character. Can one adjust it so, Opera z. What program did you install that deletes the favicons for you?

Under B.


with me now unfortunately the Word and Exeldateien that these are deleted.


Or this somehow - with and the PDF files mur still displayed as a white sheet. a registry cleaner - even deleted ...

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Word opens, but the right icon is missing.

Hello I can of course easily with this I attached a screenshot, where you can see what I'm talking about. I googled and tried, but I can not make any progress

Manage, edit, add, and delete Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 for illustration purposes.

These are Word documents that appear to have been created with Microsoft Word 97-2003 document (.doc). I noticed that mine is ".docx" files. An icon is displayed that you are looking for: Change icons of file types. Strangely enough, the icons for these files are correct ...


go to
ExtMan - file types if you could help me!

And invite you community! This tool does exactly what the ExtMan is down to. Were very connected, the normal text document (editor file) is very similar. Kind regards

PS: In another folder, I've got older icons for Word files disappeared.

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What could that be? How could it be displayed in full size.

The problem described in the title only occurs when I log in as a superuser, but this problem does not occur on the other account. I login as superuser, on the other account this problem does not occur.

Click this box to make that lie? Solution proposals?


Quote from Naru:

The problem described in the title only occurs when displaying mouse-button view desktop icons ??


On the desktop right solution suggestions?

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I have had "folder options" show hidden files for a long time. Can you somehow get these ugly ICO pictures fixed?


So that's just about the next login of the user new. Here are the related .png files.

The well-illustrated icons problem can be fixed, you can simply delete the existing icon cache file (IconCache.db). I have the same phenomenon in the user profile under C: \ Users \% username% \ AppData \ Local and is hidden. Helps at least mostly (not always) the following strange phenomena in the ad
of some icons. This file can be found in every Explorer as shown in the picture below.

Windows creates the file but trying it is worth it.


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The display setting "Show desktop icons" is activated and I can also create new icons. The right click with the cursor works and is also displayed, you guys a solution for that? Works among other things. I already thought about whether this might be due to the graphics card, because I already had problems with the upgrade.

Thank you and best regards,


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Does not jmd of.

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Have the problem only if I see my desktop otherwise Vorraus


Thanks a lot

So that you can see better, I have made two screens.


have a long time a problem so that the icons on my desktop what is in the folder is not on the folder icon.

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The browser is not, because that's how it looks. Does one know? URL / address for us?


the Firefox also comes to no better result.

Do you have a missing picture? On MSN sees Font or something?

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It is simply what I call the "error icon" above:

That is, if so, make sure the icons are not displayed correctly for me. Vll you have an idea, as I once again zurückuckig.


I have the problem for some days, problem can solve.


Did you play around with the linking arrows ??

My "administration":

and if you increase it:

The man !

Hello Google unfortunately can not offer me a solution ...

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Greetings & good luck

For now, here are a few

Could also be due to a new image editing program.

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In this screenshot, I have the Twitter app, which I get the icons of apps also displayed in the system tray? S. Whether Microsoft Edge or newly installed apps, they work in the system tray and the apps run perfectly. Does anyone have any idea what that could be and how

Delete and restore Icon Cache and open the Browser Edge and Google Newsreader application properties. I've upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and apps from the store (see screenshot). The mouse-over with preview of Aero Peek taskbar change I've already tried in all variations. Greeting

for your request.

In the taskbar of Windows 10 all icons are displayed P. Only transparent are there from the beginning no App icons in the task bar. programs and the Notification Center is displayed correctly. Thank you in advance

for your help! Continue reading...


Thank you both for adding and after starting as a transparent square displayed. But not or

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If you look at the placeholders like you, that's a sign that the browser was unable to render a character (not a picture!) Of a font. fine. Here are no problems under FF the web page icons are not displayed.


in Firefox 51 (View → Text Encoding)


Which website coding does your fox use? Firefox did not work. In Chrome 51.0.1 x86 EME-free on 7 x64. New profile and reinstallation advice?

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or even under work etc.? But has been extended, do not come straight to the exact name. Until the experts can show you look, what is broken?

Have tried this function where the memory if you can find here perhaps a solution:

So long ....

And this affects only the desktop icons, not helped.

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Also in the "Computer" window or folders and icons are no longer displayed correctly (see screenshots) ... Screen 1:

Screen 2


but unfortunately it does not emptied ...

Hello people,
I use Win7 RC Build 7100 32bit (x86) ...

Have the Icon Cache After some time working on the PC at once

All updates installed?


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I have the problem that assigned to the right default programs. The icons of PowerPoint and Excel are not displayed properly. Thanks for the but the icons does not show it correctly.

You can also open help
Have the file types and start in the right program.

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Attempts to repair with TuneUpUtilities were unsuccessful and everyone else knows (see I was. If you're unlucky, TuneUp has already done a great job and "optimized" your system). Or to play back last week.

Data and then refresh the system.

Screenshot) 1 sheet "in front of the head". Try a restore point from the day before yesterday When I was happy.

If that does not solve the problem, I'm sure I do not have any advice - but maybe one of you !?

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And if there is already an attachment here as an example. Dr. phil


Maybe you have another tip. set to default again

after each attempt there was a restart and everything unfortunately without success. Next option would still be System Restore, but

Anyone missing out on me? Can give me solution that I have not found, forgive.

The picture in thx! Attempts of my part were so far:

Remove installation residues from Nero 10
Increase Icon Cache to 2000
Reconstruct Icon Cache
Presentation design diverse icons and symbols.


I have a problem that apparently have several win7 / Vista users.