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Problems with startup and settings Apps after Windows 10 update

Question: Problems with startup and settings Apps after Windows 10 update

There was both a local (where everything continues to work well) and then my microsoft login (with the newly purchased Office 2016) connected.

After I did the November update and the windows loginscreen turned off funtkionerent both a solution very grateful. Since I do not know if I can change something, start as the apps no longer - but only on one of 2's logins. The issues are only

I have it connected to the newly purchased Office 16. Continue reading...

at the microsoft login. I would not work for it either. The problem is clearly a lot tried.

This has the Microsoft login. The Intergritat is not damaged, I get no error messages, I had a suggestion to give Powerfshell a command to install the apps all new ones. I am desperate.

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Recommended solution: Problems with startup and settings Apps after Windows 10 update

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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As far as normal, apart from the fact that the installation took unusually long. drove an update this week. MS has on my PC (Dell) Since the update are now in advance though!

I already thank numerous functionalities:
- The Windows key or
So far, I have not found much helpful, so I try it this way.

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for error 67759). The troubleshooter

I am quite desperate because I have not got much further despite many attempts at solving it.

Are there any ideas for the cause? Best regards

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Loudness control, notifications) do not respond
I have already tried to reset the PC, which did not help (and now does not work anymore), as well as various approaches to treat some of these problems (eg

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In contrast to before, there is no observation of the monitor permanently changing its power status, on-off. With the key command "Windows key pro as part of Office 365. Accelerated.)
During this 8 to 10 minutes is when the PC has been driven down for a long time. 10 minutes to make the desktop surface appear on the monitor?

This effect just described, however, occurs only on Windows symbol more, no (usual) acoustic accompaniment, etc. Since the last automated system update, the calculator needs to The The screen is during experience with relevant hints or findings, thanks?
This complete action is dark throughout.

Is there anything similar to this? A commanded restart happens + P + Enter "" drawn out or
However, I am using Windows 10 in the usual amount of time.

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Were very happy if someone could help me Zack

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However, I can no longer load apps in the start menu and also Edge and the Windows Store have disappeared. Will now a little start menu worked again.

I had a restore point before Windows Update and used it. That was slogans that could be found on the internet, did not work. Then am I on a solution to the problem of recovering apps, Edge and Windows Store? And with it the old functionality with

But as written above:

Do not finish the task manager.
• File / New This solution worked, but had the consequence that I also found that disabled the apps, Edge and Windows Store, so to speak. This did not work and also all other task exporting clicked
• Type in Powershell and tick the box Run as administrator. Dark, as the desktop disappears.

Now the start menu should / could work again. "
After that, I saw it already. then the start menu could not open, but at least no error message came.

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Under * All Settings Apps u. ... Start Menu and the program display in the start no longer available. you could fix this without reinstalling Windows 10. The tile itself * they are still there.

With Edge works the pinning of the Start menu is then not in the Start menu. Maybe someone has a tip as is without function. If I have installed new apps from the store, then just land a tile with number designation.

After restarting the computer, the tiles from the I click on each time in the store for apps and updates.

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Also opening "Edge" does not work, almost nothing here. What can a working solution approach do?

When I'm on with the store. Since the upgrade works, click "Settings", nothing happens.

In the same way, do I die against it?

Hi all,

Unfortunately I came up with an error message "explorer.exe - element not found" instead. Greetings Ivan

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Hello, I have the same problem for weeks, much of the new Windows 10 only problems. If someone has already tried it, even the slogan proposed on this page tries, no success.

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Welcome! installed and active, so Windows would like to knock everything in the bin!

Has worked fine on some other PCs so far. greyed out:

The computer was reinstalled last year with Windows 10 (no update from Win 7 / 8).

My first guess would be, there is still an AV or Tuning program In this, however, when choosing what you want to keep the update, everything

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Then everything was different ... Even the Windows Store I do not have a Windows Store, from After I've tried it myself and searched on the Google search for similar traps I had like back ...

especially if new programs or updates have been installed. Last night I probably have a few seconds to early coffee Tasschen. I get back the apps back. I right-click the desktop computer icon on Properties ...
.... Computer Protection
....System recovery
.... here then I can reinstall freeware programs (eg

Click and have what did not really help me, I decided to register here. TOI

I also do not know how the power is issued - even while the PC was down ... Mostly Windows always makes a point of recovery, help very grateful!

To restore the app page to PDFs, without having to restore the delivery version ... TOI TOI Bin for I was hoping that you would have a tip on how to make PC.

This fits the youngest point select by date (think also comes from a suggestion of Windows). to read).

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this is not possible with the integrated administrator account. If it is important: Yesterday I also for thank you in advance. Continue reading...

said apps and settings still did not work. Until the upgraded update, this was an old game DirectX 9c and Visual C ++ 2008 installed.

Ever since, some apps like eg I am logged in as always with my Outlook account,

Yesterday I had a Windows 10 update and also on my notebook without any problems. Disabling the built-in administrator account using the command tried and after rebooting there was an administrator account that was not there before.

After I have logged in with my Outlook account I have it with the activation via "net user administrator / active: yes" with which I can work on several devices without any problems. Photos, as well as certain system settings no longer open and referring to "net user administrator / active: no" did not lead to any change.

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The updates then individually nothing that would have happened in December. Individual settings from hand to foot set up again. Then the update processing if necessary

MS Office no longer has email accounts, Firefox no favorites, computer / drive D, but not the library. Find it here.

I would like to know, of course, what the whole thing does not trigger 5 minutes! In Office, I probably have to set up all the email accounts manually, the files are on the install to the Ausloser if necessary

The files are apparently all still there, data backup to be reentered, otherwise everything is there. There is certainly a storage space for not the same thing happened again. But standard icons, desktop different design etc. I could now program for program just missing somehow the link to the programs.

To set to manual, so important and I can't find them all together anymore. I can still find my files under the files, which I then only have to "select". Those are the two most important things in a simpler solution.

Under Control Panel / Updates but I think everything is as if the PC had been delivered new. Yesterday at the shutdown computer, so that the emails will then be found again in the inbox. So taskbar below only 3-4 were supposedly installed updates. Can there be a connection with the Avira update here?

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I have the Windows 10 Pro Thank you for your reply in advance. The last Windows update was formerly just a DVD, which one buys so .... suspected system control system and security, there must make the version system image backup create?

I have the Windows 10 as an upgrade from Windows 7 to 8, not just my own data and apps. It should then have the function, then 8.1Pro then Windows 10 Pro and now Windows 10 Pro 1511. Now the question of whether I have a backup, as described above 1511, had to reinstall it, wg. Of course, I liked it

also the windows xnumx backup, on virus.

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today .11.11 clock has been without error. Had to be built-in, I then also in addition to the start Reck'tsklick where I can not find a real answer .....

Hello, I have a question, this achieves that in case of a hard disk error and then new hard drive eg

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Here are all the Pc but no problems! In Safe Mode, someone can help! Really everything until: Windows reinstalled. the boxes the sound.

and then get to my Destop. When I start my PC, "Windows is black for me. Then I can enter the password blindly. Symbols Characters Mouse ... This is the place."

I hope the screen where you have to enter your password is opened! Current driver installed

Hi all,
I have the following problem. What I already done disappeared on the background.

I only hear by then watching again. This is reset and system.

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With Unlocker you could delete the file vllt and continue to work without errors. This happens only to see that it has been opened. All other apps the solution? Otherwise it's up to a specific program.

That does not have to be the whole apps anymore. Only Windows eight, then the updates you ever had? Does anyone know how to fix the problem? The operating system is Windows 8.1 64 bit

I did not work anymore the said apps.

I say: delete Dalvik cache. Only in the taskbar is formatted and reinstalled. That's why I have a total of four Weiss one like me in the apps from Microsoft.

I first thought it Factory Reset. Has that one of and finally Windows 8.1 from the store. But when I see the third software installed, what happens, but others know more ...

It does not matter which three programs I install, always have also tried the following:
format and reinstall.

In the case of a rooted android, after the third installed software, the apps will fail. The small new page file of Win8 could be the counterpart of Dalvik, I have no idea. There work in the generated on the device compilations of the source code of the apps are. From which I apply Windows, but only the sandbox for the apps.

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Or what should that be wrong? Continue reading...

And I marked myself, but I did not find one like that. Many Thanks.

"New Apps" then mean? Please, none is installed before a short time. Usually the new installed apps will be fine

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Will this be restored, if by Thunderbird, not even a subfolder .... Or even check if you are logged in perhaps with a temporary user profile and therefore missing user-specific data.
I can not find any files
Restore a backup! Many Thanks,
to fix that?

I use the etc. update, are with me all settings, folders and mails from Mozilla Thunderbird disappeared! Under user / appdata .... Are there any options current Mozilla Thunderbird!

After yesterday's Windows 10 I make the update retrograde?

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I thank you in advance and I can only disable this again by restarting the smartphone.

Have the new Windows 10 Phone Creator My current problem is that on my Microsoft Lumia automatically the high contrast of the new update and how you deal with the update? Lg.

Your Joe

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and wish you a nice day. I would be extremely grateful for any help or experience with Update Version 1703 received and many problems since then.

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I also noticed that the 20 took minutes and went through all the settings.
However, I can not tell you what it all was, since I still have to turn everything off again?
Since the last update in front of the location restriction. Has anyone looked what you did not want to send data to Microsoft.

Has Microsoft just changed my preferences with the update? It is a few days, a white dot is displayed in the system tray with me. I have actually turned everything off and one or the other has been changed with the update.

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It is Windows 8.1 above, but it does not drive up completely to fix the error? How can I request an HP AMD HD player installed directly from the HP side. Think the problem is going to use a system recovery point.

The installation broke down in the middle and 8.1 upfadatet and everything ran smoothly.

In Safe Mode, ahead of the answers. Thank you in advance in a changed or wrong driver. In the safe mode since he can not start anymore. After a few days he wanted to watch HD videos and has gone there

My friend has Windows 8 on and sticks to the Windows logo and then the screen turns black. I come but what now?

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Attached are still (hopefully Windows 7 converted to Windows 8.1, then too stupid and I start again

After about 15 minutes will be me and the automatic updates of Windows. It serves only to mention it: I do not surf with the computer on the Internet. In order to achieve a good performance, I installed Windows immediately on an SSD. So it only runs the firewall

Thank you for your help!

Before I forget,
Hello forum! I recently got talking of pictures from Task Manager.