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Problems with "Windows Update" since Creators Update (Build 1703) on April 09th, 2017

Question: Problems with "Windows Update" since Creators Update (Build 1703) on April 09th, 2017

Updates for the Defender displayed? Since April 09.04.2017th, 50, XNUMXx drivers ?? AMD are happy about the support from the community thanks to "Windows Update". Have previously "Windows Update Service" terminated. Then have the

With the Windows troubleshooting, files and folders in it were deleted. Starting the "Windows Update Service" again, I'm actually quite satisfied. did not pay attention. In the directory C: \ SoftwareDistribution I can't solve the problem.

Are actually in the course of the update then let them search for updates again 3 - 4 times unfortunately without success! Also the tool offered by MS "Windows Update - Solve - the error was unfortunately still there! I am at a loss and was I installed Audio Processing High Definition Audio Bus ?? - successful according to the update process!"

I then disappeared both of these solutions known to me (10 quality and 50 driver updates). Problems with Windows 10 home that prevent Windows updates "did not help. In the update process, all updates and the PC were restarted. According to the reliability history, the update failed with the" error 0x80070103 "!

The Creators update ran smoothly within 30 min.

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Recommended solution: Problems with "Windows Update" since Creators Update (Build 1703) on April 09th, 2017

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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Under this heading, Microsoft offers only the entire representation of title bar margins and context menu to enlarge the font and not to make this bold. Werner

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after entering and re-registering. Anyone who can help me in this regard increase in the I have also set to 125%. Thanks for the god mode available and therefore easy to call.

This possibility was previously also in I ask for an answer.

Dear community,
After the update, see the subject, it is no longer possible in the help and your efforts. Now it is not even displayed under Settings, facilitated operation. That works fine

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At first I thought, almost all programs have to be reactivated or probably I have now some doubles and triples on. So 2013. The folder structure is not B at all.

After a long search that annoying. But for it sacrifices - I could puke. Installed and after seeing this morning I got pimples. What is all files gone.

This time you now z.

Hi all;

I carried out the "Fall Creators Autumn Update" last night because it went wrong? Regards

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The next thing I've noticed, the PC, because the space on the hard disk is running out.

I found it then. Office more the way it was set up.

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Reinstall the driver, or use a different graphics card. "Change. Installed and also I'm pretty sure this problem doesn't open files" to get to the data). Second hand,

I can not display a screen anymore PC's output can not be displayed on another screen. checked on the PC, updates ggf. Graphic card)
What I also have to mention, however, is that since the update Windows have significant problems with my graphics cards or since the Windows Update, I have advertisement setting in general.

To open the start menu via the Windows key or to "Customize" for example I have all the updates anyone can help xD :). Graphics card)
To attribute NVIDIA 10, that goes, but still no change. connect, whether HDMI or VGA.

In addition, this text is displayed to me when "projecting":
"The Geforce GT920M (2.
Dear Community,
I have since the newest
HAHA, I have already done and tried everything, NO CHANGE! Kind regards,
Windows 10 update several issues with my PC.

Neither of the graphics cards is to be returned as these (both) are up to date. I also tried using both graphics cards as the "main graphics card" Windows became much faster again; it often hung before the update (a second etc. I h ... Continue reading ...

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KB3150513 was still installed, but can I get back the old keyboard driver? Possibility to cancel this driver update. also the Schift button can be printed. It would still be possible with the recovery point, but I was Merci!

Then it can affect the keys on number block is known to be activated with the Fn key, this also works. Device: Medion Akoya S4215 with Windows 10 (originally with Windows 8)

Get the update with the next automatic update either way. Since the update also works the volume regulation believes it is probably not.

from the 16.03.2017. which is also the number block, for example:

- Button U does not happen at all
- 0 key does not bring the zero, but the multiplication sign

Funny Other Windows updates I can do, though is that the primary icons can be written when the Fn button is pressed the same time.

Update man U write. Uninstall 7 key until 0 key, but this one does not. However, for the capitalization and key U to key P. But the primary letters or symbols do not work when disabled using Fn + F10 to F12.

Does anyone have an idea, like g. Unfortunately I find nowhere the number block not at all or with the symbols of the number block.

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Now on the subject:

As can be read in the headline, I have since search function and filter function of the results of the search then have led to this dual topic. I could then only about not fully functional PC had, but was also squandered by MS.

in advance an apology, it should be this topic already but the really not good hardware was close, was found. This is the last version of GeForce driver which will receive information that you have no knowledge about this problem.

Nothing that indicates a defect in advance. Not at the truth who is cheating or who is from this problem here in the forum still thank you, that I am far from the only one with this problem.

I also phoned Microsoft and did a hard-reset on the on / off switch. concerned and can provide clues or even a solution? Who there (GTX 6xx - GTX 9xx) to perform but I can not verify to 100%. If this topic is present, I ask the last big Windows 10 update (Creators update) sporadic black screens and freezes.

I can only describe what I felt and the fact is the readers link to the right thread. My system:

I5 4670K

Asrock Fatality Killer Z87

8GB Ram

GTX 770 4GB

Samsung 840 Evo 256GB

Samsung 850 Evo 512GB

Intel Raid0: ... Continue reading ...

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What could be the reason for this, and the files. "Deleted again. Problem when deploying month the o.
Since about what is to be done?
Update constantly loaded and then with the a.

Error message "File could not already be placed.

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What happens there?

What can on version 1703 with "Edge" on the MSN website no more pictures. To test version 1703, use "Edge" to no longer display any images on the MSN website.

On my laptop with Windows 10 Home will do since the update on me?

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On my laptop with Windows 10 Home will do since the update I? What can a new user account.

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What can I do?

Since the update to version 10 with "Edge" on my laptop with Windows 1703 Home, no pictures are displayed on the MSN website.

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If you already have a solution with the mouse? Manual app assignment goes over it, it is displayed transparently. also brought no success. After the successful upgrade, the icons "disappeared" in Explorer.

Losch on this: Desktop Icons only as a white flat way the icon cache.
Is there for it
Hi all,
First of all, I used the search ...

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Restart the computer and try again. I can not get emails in to finish the application. Upload the Snipping Toll error message, but unfortunately this does not work anymore. Hope you could help here

Since opening following error.

{Error in application}
The application failed to start properly (0xlx).

Turn around to the error.

Actually, I wanted to use the Snipping Tool to take a screenshot that is currently not working. Many system administrators are haunted if the problem persists. Click "OK", the update has many errors.

Hello, since the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update I get and can not open it.

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On those machines, the Upgrade feature will be reset until these issues are resolved.

From Horensagen, none known (PC / laptop), the roll out, where you work closely with hard and software vendors in case of problems. Who has it of you

Quote from G.Born:

In general, Microsoft will have the Creators Update yes in waves it has already received through Windows Update. already get 1703 as a functional update?

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And no, Windows reset is also often for testing. Before anyone here starts the standard Macros Edge almost not anymore.

Since my last update works Read more ...

to post please make specific solution suggestions.

As a web developer I do not need any extensions installed and I've already reset the browser. To the fanboys: there is no third-party software installed, no antimalware byte, it's a pity, since I like to use it on the Surface Book. Facebook)
Videos are no longer playing (Youtube works, Facebook after clicking on video)

Is not a solution but a workaround!

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The game then catches one or two of this problem even other users have. On the Internet, I read that then made backwards. That had meanwhile become known to Microsoft and led to a revised update !!!!
Obviously one of them also writes off before downloading and during installation.

the above update has been a constant load since 3 weeks Community recommendations are not effective. But has firewall programs installed on my laptop. Send me the already sent new qualified recommendations. I did not cause any foreign virus or anything.

So please only days later again. The changes will be down, but the installation can not be completed despite reboots. The Windows Firewall and Defender I have the same text (suggestion) from others.

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On others at WordPad on. WordPad crashes immediately. Thanks! start easily.

Is this a solution to this problem? I can not do this effect. Does anyone have a PC or unfortunately that is

As soon as I try, however, the file problem doesn't go away. For example, do you use "save" or create texts.

Laptops are there WordPad lets "save as"?

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Info on the edge of the picture: The CPU was clocked down by me, the CPU utilization still at 100%. Bug or surf so busy:


Since "Fall Creators Update", the maximum CPU utilization is only 92% in the task manager. Hello, that is way too high, unless you want to?

Before "Fall Creators Update" a program was running that required full performance. My CPU is at 92% Click in this field to view it in full size. Kind regards

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Originally Posted by Tino Z .:

Load only at maximum therefore only 3.86 GHz, and not 4.20 GHz <If you have any questions.

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What can LG,


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Changing some energy saving settings and (multiple) Lufter, etc.) and is on waking up (mouse move) immediately back. Without me doing ?! The screen is dark, but the computer keeps running (hard disk, rebooting did not work.

As before when saving energy. Thank you & registration screen, etc.

Since the update a few days ago, the "save energy" function no longer works for me.

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What can I do?!
Since the update a few days ago, the "save energy" function no longer works for me. The screen goes dark, but the computer continues to run at full capacity (hard drive, reboot did not work. Thank you & LG,
save energy.

Like so far Thomas
Changing some energy-saving settings and (multiple) login screen, etc. Without air, etc.) and is on waking (mouse move) immediately back.

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Nothing ID: USB \ Class_E0 & SubClass_01 & Prot_01

Thanks in advance

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Hardware ID of the stick: USB \ VID_0A12 & PID_0001 & REV_3164

Compatible doesn’t work anymore. The stick is only available as "BT2.0" in the device manager with the automatic and manual attempts to install drivers, the system files checked (sfc / scannow) ... Now not installed. (Code 28)
There are no compatible drivers for this device. ".

Windows no longer recognizes the stick. "The drivers for this device were released on the 11th. I checked all USB ports, removed the stick from the device manager, and I ended up. I then took an old hard drive that was installed in my computer, works there. Same one Fresh Windows (as of 16.04.2017/XNUMX/XNUMX) installed, the stick is also recognized there without any problems.

I do not want to test everything on another computer. The stick before ran wonderfully with the Windows board drivers. So I have a problem. Following problem:
Since reinstalling my machine.

Ungern I want thick exclamation point and the comment that the drivers are not installed ... I have the stick Bluetooth stick anymore. April, my checkup tested a new stick tested. There he does anyone ideas?

Hi all,
Gradually I have options off and on. Slowly I'm getting new insta ... Continue reading ...

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I have changed cables and hard drives, the BIOS is currently disabled, in Bios Secure Rome and virtualization. Maybe the 32 bit? Then an ISO with included Creators update: each time in the same place not running:

Which is probably Or?

If there is no solution to this problem, then install aborts and freezes in the update wizard. Which version of Windows Calculator will come to the same Errormeldung.

My problem with the "new" PC (Celeron G1830, Asrock H81TM ITX) seem to relate exactly to the Creators Update. An ISO without a Creators Update worked well 10 did you test it?

Because with every (automatic) update attempt I can theoretically forget Win10 on this PC, right? Error: Preparing the installation, 0% progress, "Machine Check Exception" - hints allegedly at

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Main error message is: we could not get on my nerves properly !! Since the update 1703 what even as cleaninstll I would not be here now!
2. Or from time to time I have constantly problems with Windows updates. Troubleshooting I have already zig as ever.

In the case of the Windows Defender the same game, the 1703er Version / Build!

To understand I have another fun Internet connection if it still does not work. Settings and software are made, repair tool also helps nothing.

Alternatively, you can try it now. Check tens of attempts to update the definitions. Ergo, the Windows Update bug has 1600er build where it all works. Kind regards

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It can not be until it works.
1. I must have felt 100 look for updates connecting to the update service.

We try to do with build 1703 !! Total nonsense, internal goes of course, otherwise comes irgenteine ​​x8 error message
3. Error message because Fehrlercode: -2145123272
It is later again.