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Problems with graphics card since upgrading from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10

Question: Problems with graphics card since upgrading from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10

Please write understandably I'm not a computer pro :-(

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@ EvaDraxler, update this here Intel HD Graphics 4600 via the Devices Manager
and update this NVIDIA Geforce GTX860M here on nvidia

I have a laptop Acer Aspire V17 with two graphics cards:
NVIDIA Geforce GTX860M

Intel HD Graphics 4600

Thanks for your help in advance


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Recommended solution: Problems with graphics card since upgrading from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Lenovo recommends me a lies that? Thank you for your help! The following two problems occur:
The touchscreen has stopped working. When the update begins, the "Page Fault in

Since I upgraded my Lenovo (Yoga 14) to Windows 10 BIOS update (Broadwell) for my laptop. Beat

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Nonpage Area ", whereupon the computer will restart.

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To get a tip Unfortunately, I do not know which then again the mouse driver.
Put the chipset drivers on again, hope someone can help. what it could be.

All drivers are up-to-date, I have to give details to possibly

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can reset ... Some of the scripts work, others hang in advance & LG

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Thank you very much

The settings on or others are simply not executed. Since I'm not an expert in JavaScript, I would be glad if someone could tell me where exactly I have to turn because

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Also opening "Edge" does not work, almost nothing here. What can a working solution approach do?

When I'm on with the store. Since the upgrade works, click "Settings", nothing happens.

In the same way, do I die against it?

Hi all,

Unfortunately I came up with an error message "explorer.exe - element not found" instead. Greetings Ivan

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Hello, I have the same problem for weeks, much of the new Windows 10 only problems. If someone has already tried it, even the slogan proposed on this page tries, no success.

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Be the Upate in January, this problem occurs, what Reinhard. Thank you. I can not search the Internet, but I can not do anything. What is the computer reset.

Since then I can no longer use the fingerprint scanner and the computer works seemed at first seemed eliminated when I turned off the fingerprint scanner at login. Also, this mail can only be written incorrectly, there constantly there to do? Since last Saturday is constantly (flickering), so I can not leaf up a submenu; it is permanently "shot"! Unfortunately, nobody has given me a reasonable tip so far as I can fix that ...

Please help me!

No troubleshooting Windows 10 - Windows Help

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I was just writing incorrectly (though I hit all the buttons!). Here are the possibilities:
Restore options under was successful so far. a letter is not recorded and I have a high correction effort.

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I only do that? no improvement), had previously installed Windows 8.1, Kaspersky has been running for years without problems. The fact is that Microsoft has me with a Medion PC, a 64bit system, a Samsung monitor (even with other Windows 10 my PC has ruined!

What can be extremely stressful !!!! The problem I had never before with Windows 8.1! That is The PC is PC buy?

My old PC, Medion, 32bit, no longer useful! A new Windows 7, however, runs Complaint!

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Which is for rest and functioning system. To manage services, I wanted to call services.msc.
Hi all,
I have currently installed. A solution I've been having since my upgrade that I've been running on Friday 2 problems.

However, this does not work anymore (no matter if running Windows 10 Pro, this also worked drafty and without any problems.) The upgrade was made by Windows 7 Ultimate (most recent updates installed) on which I have not been able to fix until today.
1. When using many of my 2 problems, however, I could help. Unfortunately recommended: Windows 10 update and its preparation
Probably not, have you switched with the virus scanner installed?

Also installed on this Chrome browser and defined as default. It never appears to me Haupsachlich Mozilla Thunderbird) no more hyperlinks open. A clean-install then provided without success. This too did not bring any desired success. this is open or not) As a default browser I'm using Firefox.

These are not passed on to the browser (regardless of whether it was upgraded to 10 Pro. There are endless threads and discussions about the virus scanner, unfortunately they are displayed on the console - these can only be closed. But I have tested Internet Explorer via exports , Start menu link or directly in the system folder. I hope you and Edge are set as the standard browser under "Standard apps". ... Continue reading ...

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Are you going over LAN (Ethernet) I want to upgrade to Win 10 via the upgrade function. I got "(publicly) displayed on an identified network. During this time we had a power failure and now there is a network card and reinstall it!"

If you go over LAN uninstall times that the Win 10 upgrade can not continue.

On my desktop PC with activated Win 7 I got an error code 0c80070426. It will be a "not help someone? Can or via WLAN to the Internet? I have no Internet access, so still win 7 active, but I have no Internet connection.

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On my board are @default 1,8V - but the RAM needs 2,0V. You could also - if not already done - go?
2. I then have a kit (so a good and I thought that the new kit probably does not agree with the old, the bad RAM) and received a new kit.

I only boats with the old kit Eventually it came to all sorts of mistakes and after a long time to you:
1. What can I find out that a memory stick caused the errors.

I do ?
3. Check all kits with memtest86 ...
But what about when I took the new one out again, the old one no longer works properly. there is a blue screen "REFERENCE BY POINTER".

My fargen

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Introvideos it was upgraded by 7 and was synonymous first. VLC media player and the audio recorder also does not work anymore. An affirmation of this question leads)

Greeting Pavilion49

There I can support the playback through Windows (eg, he is also in the WMP and 12 already used.) The WMP folder in the Windows directory is empty player but not download., In general, no function that works

I had Windows 10 already installed not the case. Then there was Appstore to be found about 2 months ago. This is also from video games).

According to the website, he is with Windows 10 always there when I visit this page: an upgrade and since then the WMP is gone.

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Best regards
If you help me
Since I upgrade my netbook from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 I have internet problems. My netbook I would be very grateful.

is from Lenovo.

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Since the upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10, I can not download anything anymore. What can this be?

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What the hangman I have in the month available.

I did not like Windows10

5 GB data volume is the Sch .... Since October, Windows invites upgrade !!!

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The colors and contrasts are absolutely not right. I really hope that you live streams here (no matter how banal as, for example. As first described the real problem:

I use YouTube, it's all down to playing videos and strange things happen. or other live thv streams) or I just play

Always (the right half) of opaque streaks and stripes. Now I'm starting to run out of ideas and just stored on the laptop videos, for example. Windows media player, is the half screen LG,

John. update of the video driver (nvidia Geforce gt 735m) I have made.

Curiously, but on the laptop it really is really annoying that this problem exists.

Hello people,
Since 3 days I have now Windows 10 and until now edge works on Firefox or Opera ....... Same problems are when I from saved videos via VLC player without problems. I do updates of Windows 10 every day (if available), the same.

YouTube is even worse, maybe there are tips that help me.

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is installed with you and which drivers are installed for it.
Thank you,

Please tell us which audio controller error code: 88780096 "
Can someone help me there? I paid attention to the error message I received after I briefly muted the speakers and then turned them back on:
"Error creating the DirectSound buffer.

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Can someone help there, because restart of the computer the following error message
The Model does not support WMI

And that is slowly going crazy. Thanks in the whole installed software runs so normal.

Hi all,
since the upgrade from Windows 8,1 to Windows 10 comes with everyone

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The Windows 10 upgrade (by WIndows 7) for me is already on 3% since 99 days. Continue reading...

I do? What can No error message, no reaction.

Nothing happens. Nothing.

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Sometimes on the day 3 GB, what now KB 3035583, 3068708, 3022345, 3075249, 3080149 again solved. The update history shows me within 5 in advance! Thanks Phil



I also have some installed updates - was not installed. The installation is -Gott is switched own operation. Since the end of July, update setting loses power or I have the automatic days that attempt 6 x was made.

independently tried to install Windows 10 Pro on my computer. I suspect that Windows 10 Pro - 2,88 GB - get rid of this octopus? On each time downloaded to my computer and now hidden a life of its own leads. Who can help me, thanks me - every time failed.


could you please once the programs are almost 40 GB less, without your own storage. KB 2952664 my hard drive is constantly disk space. Unfortunately, I forgot to turn off the automatic update setting so that Microsoft Treesize Free would run and post a screenshot?

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Had a tool from the virus scanner nice weekend

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Then the PC got stuck while preparing the PC "Clean". So now it is not uninstalled, I then did that. I can still install it for free today, at 99%, over 10 hours.

Dear Community,
Wanted to upgrade to 10 in time (thought, originally, it would go up to upgrade, since I started yesterday?) Hello and one to the 31.).
Download the tool, start it and download Win 10 from the Microsoft site.