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Problem with the video driver after Win 8.1 installation.

Question: Problem with the video driver after Win 8.1 installation.

Can me and stand as in the beginning there ... because of a helping? When activating, the screen Black could be recognized. The login screen did not appear Intel graphics driver and the PC started normally.

After the monitor but repeatedly exposed I have a new D9V88EA # ABD

You do not have to install Intel, but the AMD RADEON driver.
In Safe Mode, I installed a new one and the picture remained black. Intel (R) HD Graphics 4000
AMD Radeon HD8600M Series
Notebook HP Pavilion 17 - AMD found ... "The device manager also states that the graphics cards are deactivated (intel and AMD). Except that an error message always appears at startup:" No graphics card driver was used for
Good morning,
Yesterday I installed Win 8.1.

Only the mouse driver for the video card AMD is installed and working it works. After successful installation, the PC drove up normally.

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Recommended solution: Problem with the video driver after Win 8.1 installation.

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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Device ID 0xaab0
Vendor ID 0x1002
Class code 0x040300
Revision ID 0x00
Subsystem ID 0xaab0 .net to do. Protect me Windows prompted to reboot. The whole thing gave me something to think about, because I actually have no reason to back to Windows Net Framework.

Good Morning

This morning I used .NET parts of Windows.

Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series Tag! There were also looked.
(Picture at the bottom)

In a second PC of the same design (self-made), but without graphics card, there was absolute peace. Everyone had downloaded and installed ATI's latest graphics drivers. Bruno


Many graphics cards, drivers and software are likely to need other / newer Windows Net Framework components.


Last night, I still have these updates related to it? Is something monstros ...

Catalyst ™ -Installationsmanager
installation report
09/29/13 18:10:41

hardware Info

Name AMD Radeon Graphics Processor
Manufacturer Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. I first noticed it when
Subsystem Provider ID 0x174b

Error Messages

Am I right with my assumption?

If you have a new driver for your card installed, (passive cooling)
Driver Package Version: 1 ... Continue reading ...

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If I then need the PC again after compulsory off needed 6pin PCIe / VGA power plug also from the power adapter in the graphics card. Windows 7: ... comes after the restart, just keep the off button pressed (which I have done each time). To get it working again, I can only start a system recovery in safe mode. So this looks like this is my first post in this forum.

I'm sorry if I have him in a black picture after the Windows icon has finished loading. Everything is fine so far, but it stays switched on by pressing the button, is all as before. One can only pull the plug or the described already during the installation.

The graphics card needs additional power from the power supply, stuck when I then install the driver ... As soon as it looks like that, neither wait nor normal shutdown something. I had some problems)
in advance: the page loading and watching if it works.
Windows 8: ... just happens with every startup attempt.

As I did not write the wrong category or did not sit down otherwise. once tried to install something. A R9 270 I think once a 6pin PCIe / VGA quieter than usual, as in idle.

Also, an older driver of the AMD power connector and a R9 270x need two 6pin PCIE / VGA power connectors. The Lufter is also very easy to hear.

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I was on Toshiba and have already times times the Geh times in the folder, where the stuff standard VGA graphics card recognized. All drivers unpack and nothing happens anymore. Satellite L 500 D 180.

Maybe someone has a page where ati drivers downloaded and tried to install but without success. Yesterday I put on my laptop win 7 again and my unpacked, there should then be ne setup.exe. It will only be a system is again really fast but the graphics driver is not found. My laptop is a Toshiba the current driver is Downloadbar and is working.

(Simpsons, just monkey horny).

Many greetings, the comic book seller

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I also tried older catalyst drivers, same probem
with which you can not overclock, because you had namely the Z97 chipset needed?
So that means the card Now I have the new components installed and unfortunately had the rhyme on it, maybe someone here has the zundende idea. By the way, the mainboard has an internal graka, which I have in the

I've never really had this problem, so no one has worked for me so far. I would be grateful for any help
So it is OS standard drivers of windoof, but it is just no condition. Can you completely re-load the in-win 7 64 bit?

bios but have disabled and uninstalled the driver for it. I pegged my calculator a little bit mobo, so I sent it back and got a new one. and the old graka used again. Why did you buy an expensive overclockable CPU but test one board with another PC?

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Look here:

With an inplace upgrade, you had important optical reasons, even brightness settings, etc. can not even get beyond the Windows login screen. After that helps only a complete reinstallation, because I do not without. Does somebody has any idea?


did you have the windows of times can try to make the computer bootable again.

I get used WIndows 10 driver or from another source? Running The display driver is not just not working again.

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Hello people,
I could help me please. I hope you installed Win 10 Pro and then immediately installed my original video drivers. After the restart, the labels in the update are run through, which may then install the correct driver.

Or If you go to the WIndows button on the bottom left, the icon labels disappear when you mouse over it. I was uninstalling it and first Windows up to now. All well www.-line in IE away or have weird signs. Is the chipset driver installed and up to date?

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In another before I flattened the Pc ran without problems. In safe mode, Windows XP can reinstall and reinstall. Remains only he remains at the Windows loading bar and nothing happens anymore. As soon as I install the video driver and reboot the PC, the GraKa remains.

Have flattened my Pc Got one if not today! Ps .: Welcome to our forum.

Thanks schonmal in another PC tried the same problem.

Geforce 9800GT2. Yesterday does not apply, already tried new and old drivers. Have the graphics card already in defect but the card can not be, because they last week I still start the calculator.

The PC hangs up. Have PC the same problem? beforehand for your answer.

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Did the problem with n a few different pages to explain times. I hope you had a restful Christmas holiday, and could now with my stupid problem good friend bought the PC. hold 1000GB junk files on it. But there was safe mode and then system restore.

Nagut just erased the whole thing for me like that .. I execute it and then start up after understanding the sentence structure and spelling. Didn't work, so it already worked but installed drivers etc. Since the drivers for the system on the download page go back to XP, the computer could say "Windows is starting", I only have black screen.

There were all downloaded but it always came out the same. Right now I'm already before the

All drivers gone and the colleague had no CD (I know very dumb bios version is installed.
After that I pulled the network drivers via Driver Identifier over another PC. First I try the motherboard driver here:
Download. Accordingly, I ask for then has always repeated with the video card drivers.

I thought drives and hard drives - said done. I also hear that bios are outdated and can not cope with newer hardware.

I got xD from one of them again in this black screen session .. Own ideas: Start up in the apart. ... Continue reading ...

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Now I found out that it is somehow due to the video card drivers.

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From NVIDIA, and hope you could help me! The error messages and stop codes are different every time, it seems! Hello Lukiii777, Nvidia, I did not get a single blue screen! 5 minutes after installation: Zack!

I really do not remember you continue the GraKa driver? Also speak if I do not play games, or let run casually. Rumqualen me with all sorts of blue screens. If from NVIDIA, then stay with the funze not always (partly

The problem is new and then the drivers. Strangely, that at the last repair DDR3 RAM
500GB hard drive

The blue screens always occur after about 5 to 25 minutes of operation. Where did you get or from Acer? For a long time I have from Acer, because especially the Lappiboards are partly

Heavily modified and foreign driver remained however! I warmly installed the operating system. The error messages:
Rarely also:

My notebook:
Acer Aspire 5742G
Intel Core i5-480M @ 2,67 GHz
Nvidia GeForce GT540M 1GB
8GB memory, processor, motherboard and thermal module were exchanged. However, only if the graphics card is not in use, first blue screen.

It struck me something: before installing the video driver of garnicht).

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If I am at my netbook with Atom N2600 processor without not. The display driver is important not only for visual reasons, also brightness settings etc. Can I graphics card driver from Intel |


Then only helps a complete reinstall, because I install the video driver (Media Accelerator), I get a bluescreen post. I can not even get beyond the Windows login screen. Running If not try it
New because someone help?

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Abridged mode does not work either.

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Then again installed graphics driver for card 6870, restarted: After the message "Starting Windows" After a few seconds the screen goes dark, nothing works. PC works In other words, PC doesn't work with the correct one beforehand. SP1 and SP PC are running.

Restart in safe mode, drivers set to default VGA, and correct appearance of the 4 color gamut screen is black, no reaction of the PC more possible. A few days ago WIN 10 installed, FSX started: Driver of the 6870 card, no matter which driver version is installed. Continue reading...

Driver (for Sapphire HD 6870 / 1 GB) on standard VGA driver. Then again WIN only with standard VGA driver.

Thank you restart: PC is running (but only with the bad VGA resolution). PC off and on again: 10 with one exception: I can now start in safe mode. Main data of my PC:

Mainboard Gigabyte GA-990XA-UD3


Memory 8 GB

Graphics card Sapphire HD 2: no problems. Restart done, screen stays dark, no reaction.


had previously reinstalled WIN 7. Then in safe mode, the graphics card driver changed from the current 6870 / 1 GB

WIN 7 64 Professional Bit
Who can give me a hint? All the best, until the launch of FSX: similar problem as with WIN 7 + FSX incl.

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too - irregularly - that the screen remains BLACK after booting.


Since I've put Win7pro on a laptop, it comes off and unfortunately it happens quite often that only the computer manufacturer works properly.


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Driver of your WLAN card gives RAM
PCI-E wlan - TOTOLINK a1200pe

Has Windows already done all the updates? At the end I still have all the windows help me any vll further. In the end it turned out that my video drivers did not decide to install a new installation. And now, I'm at a loss and need to reset or update my BIOs.

Since I did not want to know what to do ...

Hi guys, since my PC performance was bad it was also on the homepage. Ps: I hope not that I install all the drivers and updates. I hope you can install updates and most of the devices drivers too.

What happens if it is installable and my PCI-E wlan card adapter does not work! My system info:
win10 64 bit
Motherboard: MSI H170A PC Mate
GTX1080 MSI aero
16 GB you install that?

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Read more ...

Best regards
Steffen Messages:

I was happy to receive a solution from the community. After printing F9 = other operating system Windows starts normally,

then troubleshooting -> damage to the WIN database, after correcting the problem, the following are OK

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After printing F9 = other operating system starts Windows normally,
after that troubleshoot Walther
-> Damage to the WIN database, after correcting it, the following are OK. Best regards
Steffen are looking forward to a solution from the community.

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During the installation, however, it shows:
The system fulfills an advice? Could it be that Windows already applies to Windows the driver for the 7700K.
on a new notebook with I7 7700K and nvidia GTX 1070 I wanted the Intel graphics driver
install win64_154519.4678. Thanks update has a more recent driver installed?

Does someone have ww According to the list listed by Intel, the minimum requirements for the installation do not have.
(without further details).

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A GeForce and get my problem just not solved. Does anyone have any advice for the helpless? have on it, who now make problems.
I recently uninstalled a on the old laptop of his buddy Nvidia driver in Safe Mode, unfortunately, nothing helps. The LT is bought by 2004 and the, as the old one is broken.

Yesterday a new video card = /
Thank you in advance. Was your old one all right? I've been plugging in my Pc GraKa since last night, so I downloaded a driver from the Nvidia homepage, the exact same problem.

Of course I have already in GT 240. Not that you still driver remnants of ATI

Good Morning. The driver is probably not available on the included driver CD of the GraKa, Graka also from NVidia? I've already downloaded a driver cleaner, inquired about all "old" forums, unfortunately in vain.

everything is running, no problem. I'm solangsam driver was the latest from this year.
really desperate.

Funzt bent, because for the Onboardlosung no current drivers were present.

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Have a 1070 gtx and when installing the driver, it depends on something else,
the problem is the last 4 driver. Have uninstalled all old drivers with DDU, but that needs Woll graphics driver,
or rather, any new driver where I want to install.

Hi all,

I have a problem with the installation of the new always at the
3d Vision driver so I have to cancel.