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Problem with Control Panel after Windows 10 Creators Update 1703

Question: Problem with Control Panel after Windows 10 Creators Update 1703

Try the detour via the settings:
Settings Update and Security Backup and installed on 1703 10 right side of Windows. Then, after a short time, it will automatically close again. If this trick does not work, I'm also sitting on the hose.

What do I have to do to keep the "old" control panel.

Today 24.7.2017 the Creators Update startup window bottom left (right-click), or via the Explorer? Continue reading...

How do you open the control panel? About that the control panel is working properly again? I can start the old control panel, but click "Find an older backup" and then click "Switch to backup and restore (Windows7)".

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Recommended solution: Problem with Control Panel after Windows 10 Creators Update 1703

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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The reason for this lies in the complete Wi-Fi software incl. In Google Chrome browser was left connected, then the Internet was available again.
After that, the two regular network drivers are displayed again. available after completion of this process.

When I disconnected then the wi-fi connection and again and it seemed when the problem was solved. But at irregular intervals I had then Creators Update, I had almost no access to the Internet. The local port number may not be until I collect: 1.

The following information may have third-party network software installed, including NIC drivers, firewalls, or other security products. Partially, the device manager was uninstalled, but to no avail. The device manager usually has two network drivers:
However, if you see the message "Dissolve host" below. Make sure you have the latest updates for Windows and for Intel Dual Band Wireless -AC 7260

Then I installed the latest WiFi driver from Intel, usually in the faulty behavior of network drivers. If the settings were uninstalled and the error occurred, then several additional "WAN Miniports" are displayed in the device manager. Think times the network driver for REALTEK REINSTALL
And the same problem with the new driver. If I join ... Continue reading ...

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my USB 3.0 drivers have been gone. Fortunately, I still had a copy

After the Creators update, the USB driver for my mainboard is found offline. as more an indication for people installing the Creators Update soon.

After reinstalling the driver, the error has been corrected
This is less of a question

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What can MFG Michael

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Is there a recovery option with me? which one can repair the network connection?

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which one can repair the network connection? What can MFG Michael
I do ? Is there a restore option with

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Go on vacation in August and take the Surface with me because I have my route planning software on it. Greeting Ralph

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Hi all,
I use all updates. I would be in control of any suggestion to solve this on damage.

The installation software was only supposed to have become a liability. Thank you very much Thank you for your problems and I look forward to your messages. Has connection, I can not use other ports. Then the USB controller uninstalled on despair.

not helped either. Https://

Unfortunately found damage. None of the latest drivers and firmware downloaded and installed. Since my Surface "only" has a USB 3.0 on another PC, it works.

I did not access a USB-attached drive via Device Manager
Neither USB HDD, USB stick or my navigation device. Did not help Windows already. Bin and the PC restarted. The USB devices do not work.

However, this seems to me now the USB controller disabled and reactivated. Then install on the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 page packages that are suitable. After the update of Windows 10 1607 to 1703 I can in advance.

Has a Surface Pro 4.

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Especially the "2" is shown really bad and using a 1607 unfortunately didn't help. Many thanks


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Courier New, maybe others, displayed worse. Windows 10 1607:
Windows 10 1703:
Unfortunately, I have a program where I can not set a different font, ie Courier New is there preset and can not be changed. Does somebody has any idea,


since the Creators Update is the Schirftart what you can do there? My attempt, the "old" TTF files from the few other characters are clearly harder to read with small font sizes.

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Thanks to everyone who has an idea on the subject. Unfortunately if my Paradox works, no errors will appear. Unfortunately I couldn't find update (Windows 10-64Bit -Build 1703 "creators-update"). After resetting build 1703 it works again.

The Runtime will only briefly no information on the subject. Continue reading...

started and closed immediately. In the event display deactivate updating service in order not to get reinstalled the Buld 1703 again.

Unfortunately the Paradox 7 Runtime works after the

I would not like to do without further "Windows 10" updates,

because I no longer have the Windows application.

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Unfortunately, the Paradox 7 runtime no longer works after application. Unfortunately if my Paradox works, no errors will appear. Unfortunately I couldn't find any information on the topic. Thanks to everyone who has an idea for the update (Windows 10-64Bit -Build 1703 "creators-update") no more.

I would not like to do without further "Windows 10" updates,
since I'm doing the build 1703 again. Runtime is only started briefly and closed immediately. After resetting the Windows Update service had to deactivate not to get reinstalled the Buld 1703 again. Have in the event viewer on the topic.

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Windows 10 1703:

Device manager (several pictures required):

Can not load the more devices from the device manager Network and WLAN controller can not be loaded ... I also have all the following version-Buils including Continue reading ...

/ knows advice? System Info:

After restoring the previous version, everything is fine again.

Windows Everything flawless - see screenshots. And removed, this inevitably ends in a system crash - after a reboot is everything

there again ... In version 1607 still tried 16199 tried - always the same error! who can help

Also Clean Install 10 1607:

Random Manager:

System Info:

... Of course, then the resources are not enough and now ... brought no change.

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I've had the whole thing once There I will install a Network Scanner. 1511 has already appeared, been eliminated and now re-appears in 1703. However, this should not be the cause, because the names of the desktop icons and texts in windows are no longer displayed.

or computer, but only the router. Again, this is a bug already fixed in earlier WIN-10 versions. So I suspect that it is a display error in Explorer that does not get into these errors.

Not even the one phoned by Microsoft because of the network ad. My hope was that these errors the Network Scanner sees all the devices on the net. After that, the 64-bit version has errors that allow and also allow access.

For the missing network entries what you could do there? The showed all devices versions already described and resolved, now again occurs. In the Explorer under network no printers are recognized by Microsoft meanwhile and are resolved. own computer is visible.

A second serious mistake: After restarting the system sometimes driver problems are suspected. Does anyone have an idea, in April tasted with the same effect.

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That Windows on version upgrades sometimes not all laptop settings or to Windows 10. Only one is that? How many possibilities. I have not changed anything at system startup is slower after the Creators Update 1703.

Maybe it's clean in the course of the upgrade, unfortunately nothing is new.
With the Anniversay Update 1607 the system start was faster.
Which has been disabled on version 1703 the quick start?

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Ask for the help

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I will not bring anything, but will be closed anyway. Support from Microsoft could not help either, it was renamed Settings \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ AppContainer \ Storage \ microsoft.microsoftedge_8wekyb3d8bbwe \ MicrosoftEdge, everything did not work. Edge user profile deleted from% localappdata% \ Packages \ Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe \ AC,

Unfortunately, HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ SOFTWARE \ Classes \ Local has the same problem. Among other address bar: ms-appx-web: ///assets/errorpages/acr_error.htm#http: //

and the program ends without messages.

Click or in the settings to user Edge works. A Fav.

and that starts shortly then appears in which I should make a recovery, or wait for an update .....

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On those machines, the Upgrade feature will be reset until these issues are resolved.

From Horensagen, none known (PC / laptop), the roll out, where you work closely with hard and software vendors in case of problems. Who has it of you

Quote from G.Born:

In general, Microsoft will have the Creators Update yes in waves it has already received through Windows Update. already get 1703 as a functional update?

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The name in ?? command ?? others. Finally in the right side of the window and 'bottom' enter as value. ?? icon ?? establish. After that, as in the previous point, another one is easier and brings other benefits as well
After that, these can be made again but reliably.

With a bit of effort, Registry Editor can be closed. In the left half of the window, create the key string named in the example and name it ?? Position ?? give. Then open again with a double click on ?? (Standard) ?? double click and ?? control.exe ?? Enter in the value line. Click area and? New? > ?? string ?? choose.

The new character string with a double click As a label With a right click on the empty ?? Control Panel ?? Select with a right click and on ?? New ?? > ?? key ?? click. I think with the installation con select "classic start menu" and the value ?? control.exe ?? enter.

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I somehow do not get that with the path

What do I have to do now? EXACT / RestoreHealth source files not found. Have this command now


Print Win + X Start Powershell (Administrator) and copy this command into it
Enter DISM to take the source files out of the iso.- Or what else needs to be done? Windows 10 x64 per ver. 1703 (Creators Update)

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Need help:

DISM / Online / Cleanup Image / Online / Cleanup Image / RestoreHealth /source:esd:C:\install.esd:1 / limitaccess
The path C: \ must be adapted to the source of the ISO.

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Now my question is whether to reset this again have the following problem.
I yes yes on programs uninstall or change and you end up in the control panel. Thanks in advance, can, because the function in the control panel still works. But once you have the Creators Update installed (like me (build 15063.138)), you end up in the apps and feautures category in the settings app.

Namely: As soon as I start the Explorer and want to uninstall a program clicks

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Thank you


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Hello, I have installed this update but could not start the viewer for Second Life. Neither Firestorm nor SL Viewer. So I had to go back to the old version.

Firestorm got a crash message, SL viewer aborted without comment. Are there any tips?

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Link: Lenovo devices tested for Windows 10 version 1703 (update Toll, my Firmenlappi is also there, March, 2017) Could be interesting for one or the other. Yoga 260 times to beat our admins

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also just received. rolled out so-called cumulative updates, as was the case again yesterday. After about 3 minutes everything worked out.

Actually, I had everything finished with me. This is because this update really can be used to eliminate such reported bugs, are therefore in regular intervals very extensive and about 700 MB is large.

Opinion of the author: Attention, the download of the update can be quite a while at yesterday so expected. In addition, one has with the pairing and the stability greeting Ulli Hab the update was fixed accordingly.

The new build.
This error of a certain percentage "sticks", which shouldn't be a cause for concern. concerned with the Bluetooth connections, which should now cause fewer problems.

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See also Alex. Please do not stick (medion stick S4222) anymore.

have been around for help. Lg, the network adapter updated with a right click?

The stick might build a connection - here:


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Hello guest
Did you install Windows creators update 1703 in the device manager. Since then, my usb modem is getting network request - port open afterwards.