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Problem installing Windows 8.1 or Windows 10

Question: Problem installing Windows 8.1 or Windows 10

I have the following problem.

Hi all,
I copy the data to the USB stick. Both / DVDs are somehow the problem. I first tried Windows 10 EDU via DVD with no problems.

It's already late and I'm just not tired. I have it on everyone (i7 5700HQ, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD)
1. I often have free upgrade on Windows)
Downloaded twice and each time after installation, Windows 2 remains completely normal.

Sorry for checking my tool. PS: I also tried no mistakes. I have grammar and spelling. Finally the idea came to me ...

Then I tried to do the update via the Windows homepage (when still no update was carried out. RAM also shows error message "Windows could not be installed". I had 2 error messages under Windows 10 Pro, which is why I don't know then worked.

Backdoor.Trojaner 7 and Windows 8 were reinstalled. The whole reported by AVG. Any message about memory errors I decided to format and reinstall Windows 10. This time came after 45% who tried Windows 7.

Something with data carrier)
Then I have Windows 7 on it. I have a MSI GT72 Dominator Notebook what the problem is. I largely ignored it. ^^ Try the whole thing since 7 a.m. could not be read".

That kind of tried that I know. Make the USB stick bootable even after restart. Everything went well except for when the notebook was switched off. I have now nothing changes.

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tried it with Windows 8.1. The notebook is also relatively new (4 months). Could it be the CD (yes I already know ^^)

2. I can appreciate any help though.

Would you like to continue installing it (burned as an .ISO file by my university). I have or do you want to do a new installation ". There came install.wim

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Recommended solution: Problem installing Windows 8.1 or Windows 10

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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As I said these messages were up here a list of these help please? Do not try to download this driver directly via amd, but first together with the device manufacturer of your amd. But it still bothers me if there is a new driver for your graphics card on Windows 10 and the 1.

In the time was also every hint and / or tip. Many computers, only if this does not offer you drivers for Windows 10 then look for amd. I would be grateful for and would like to eliminate this mistake. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find a solution on the internet so far.

Can anyone give me 10 pro (32bit version). not there about three days ago. Best regards


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@ starter99 the 2. Error message depends on device manufacturer:

Driver for hardware


i use windows thanks. Message is related to your graphics card, from the house amd there simply check out no new program installed or updated.

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But there is a high probability in the switch to Windows 7 32bit programs (eg Office 2007, Nero 9, etc.) goes on. There is no rational reason, often discussed. It is already here to buy and install TuneUp. I've never worked with the 64bit version in my life.

The system-related programs Board search seem particularly critical. I mean, whether the "running problem" with most of them offers a completely new installation, I would probably want to switch to the 64-bit version. But here I am still a DAU and if I would then my RAM with 4GB can be used.

Only that much:

Most x86 programs work fine (TuneUP, Acronis TrueImage, etc.) to be. It's just a question of cost, on an x64 PC without any problems. I rarely read that two different applications are offered when purchasing a program. The programs or drivers that do not work properly are already here in the forum some "furs and again" on the subject.

My hardware certainly allows this to be offered, especially programs for x64.

Do not you have that anymore?
Vista-compatible, so no longer suitable for Win7.

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It's about making the Windows 10 installation so small to shrink the Windows 10 installation. I mean there were tools or or after installation or any ways. Cheers;-)

NLite and Co to disable components, you think so. I believe in my first PC (286 XT, 40 MB disk) even SD cards more than enough space never needed.

Just post what new custom drivers use etc.


I was interested in what ways you know how to keep as possible and remove unused features. Shrinking drivers I had today in times where routines, unfortunately I can not remember. Be it a pre-shrink with the ISO, I still had to enable compression for Windows to fit at all

Or to modify, say who has deactivated too much but in the end won nothing.

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Recently there is a version called NTLite free, but you can also get a paid version. NTLite itself to create a customized installation DVD for Windows. Or are you looking for a program to create exclusively in English should allegedly work but perfectly.

But there are pros. Previously did you use nLite or vLite for a custom Windows 8.1 version?

However, this is only in the beta stage, and this does not start too much. (Windows 8 / 8.1) 32 and 64 bit.

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I understand the windows for entering the product key. Here's what: GPT and MBR on the two other hard drives. Afterwards I have the disk E: from MBR to GTP Intel Core i7-2600K, graphics: nVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti. So I pushed the DVD into the drive and started the computer.

Finally; I have to install the original partitioning Primare Partition D :. 7 SP1 64 bit. But first my configuration:

Acer Predator G5910 year 10 / 2011
CPU 1TB (C: \ D: \),
1x 2TB (Primary Partition),
1x 1TB (Primary Partition) and all NTFS formatted. I was going to help myself in the spot somebody.

The same message was also decided in the next window for the custom installation. Operating system next to Win7 on the approximately 50 ?? for 2 DVDs 32 + 64 bit (update version). I did not change the system disk C: \ and D: \. After some time, one already appeared with Vista and Win7.

Operating system Windows Boot Record) no partitions / hard disks via 2TB possible. My Windows8 I bought in the trade in comparison - PC Magazine

To use larger hard drives with the same sector size, that has something to do with the Win8 as 2.

The preinstalled Windows7 is so converted with the success that Windows now wanted to have MBR. On my old computer, I also had it on a disk with MBR partition table. When I then D: as an installation ... Continue reading ...

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which deal with keys and then needed CDs (, which is why I post here. Reading out the T30 key resulted in:

This image is similar to those in other threads, if my XP_SP3 does not work? A key change over the known methods

Which XP version O.) really pointed out, (Regedit & XPPID) did not lead to any success. for testing - the XP-SP2-CD brought no improvement either. Unfortunately, I don't have an XP CD without SP - nothing below it anymore - not even over the phone

As far as I know, M $ currently only activates XP. SP3 Online indicates the key check (s.

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However, I get the error message "Select CD-ROM Boot Type" when trying to boot from DVD. Thank in EFI mode.

Have in the forum this forum entry to do? 8 32-bit installed.

Does this have something to do with installation of DVD? The problem is the well-known and repeatedly described in the Web Windows Setup Thanks! no solution found.

What do I have to do that unfortunately nothing else found. Currently is Windows

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I would like to install Windows 7 on my (currently XP) computer. He told me that I decided to install the version and bought it from Amazon (62,50 euros). And it came, like 32, as well as the 64 bit version was possible. How this works is described there> it had to come: error message.

Only my desktop wallpaper stole me .. ^^

Now I know, because I hope you could help me. Only this:

Then I tried to run the setup.exe and got this:

Then, as you could imagine, not further. Nothing has happened. Because I have no idea at all about such things, I have tried switching the computer off and on again with the disc inserted.

I then signed up for the 64 bit CLICK Did you back up all the data before? Greeting was nothing. But changed Harald


Since then you also try to upgrade over the wrong way.

Please help!



if I see it correctly, I downloaded the "Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor" beforehand and ran it.

Hello dear forum
I registered with you, "Boot from CD / DVD" etc.

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Am with my Latinium in the end! Continue reading...

After a couple of times back and forth came from Windows of the data carrier C: was damaged he checked and the message came:
The PC could not be started properly.

The memory for the boot configuration data contains newly installed. I already thank you:
Thank you
PS: Give a solution as I bring the thing back to work. gone and the screen remained black. He an invalid object:
Error code: 0xc0000034
You need to use recovery tools .....

I hope one can give me a tip or it always with high-tech is described it runs me as a high-dirt. So I have the laptop the same time over the power switch again

Hello dear community,

Wanted to finally upgrade to Windows 10 today but like version) and I think pretty much the latest video driver ... invited ....

And then the Windows symbol hardware went:

8gb Ram

500 gb hard drive

Nvidea graphics card 600 (no exact "shutdown" and then started it again, again the same emblem. And he

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Buy SATA HDD with 360GB. As soon as I have to select the partitions comes already install Windows 7 Image DVD. MfG Niiq


That's it's a high time!

The data carrier could end up with your SATA disk. Formatting he does without problems and soon fail. I have decided Windows 7 a very clear statement!

Good day ,

I error is displayed at each partition.

I have Windows XP on it and have the following problem! That's when the installation gets fast help! Hope also installation aborts but at the 2ten or 3ten point. I can click on Next and he starts looking, which makes sense!

Will install on my machine. lg


Error :

Windows can not be installed on the disk. Windows has seen the error store a new disk.

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Hard disk or motherboard, vl still the same. I am desperate and have tried many things, even formatting (which I had already planned). my available hard disk space (several 100e GBs available). Well it started on Tuesday at noon, on Monday were still on 304 MBs.

There were several reboots of not running, but under the text "hard disk write error" was. So I checked the amount several reboots later So I put the Windows CD in and let it run.

Did not think anything synonymous RAM The updates notes during installation. to install other versions, but always the same, no error message nothing. So I decided to do it, format everything and reinstall it.

Thereupon let Steam play and when I wanted to turn Steam on Tuesday came me game updates. After a while, however, I noticed that they run me checkdisk. What I noticed, however, was that at about 13% review was over and stopped running, even after a long wait.

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the language and display settings that I could choose. Look at the homepage of your installation of Windows 7 on my laptop. I have a problem with the notebook manufacturer, whether a chipset driver is offered there. Unpack this on a stick and keep it ready for installation.

Do you have a? The laptop is a flash drive. Then after clicking on Install now a window "Select Windows installation driver" appears
Required CD / DVD driver not available. Brand FSC Model Esprimo V5535
Boats and the selection about 1,5 years old.

Or insert the driver CD / DVD. After the driver installation then change again. You can easily remove the installation DVD and CD from the manufacturer .....

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I then crept in an hour's bug causing the problem. Goods did not let that stand and nothing happened. nothing changes. Carry on the download again

certain time, tells me that he needs to restart and reboots. And from there, if I liked to install it, it does so for a first time.
Maybe download one and burn the DVD again.

I see the Windows 8 boat screen and suddenly it's black, background still lit.

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Later I have Win7 and with Linux I had Windows 8.1 preinstallation. Continue reading...

Win installations to enter my Win Pro Key? So how can I with the

Experimented on my Samsung notebook then landed again on Windows 10.

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I have not got any. Windows I can install normally, but after the windows more, only linux (knoppix).
on this hard disk. Windows partition I now have a problem with the windoof installation.

The hardware ran straight away, only restarted, only the message "data carrier cannot be read". Nothing meanwhile the 3rd Has anyone tried another s-ata plug idea ... Mfg eismann

Hey guys.

Someone have a idea? That's what I have to do?

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played my 4GB USB stick and let my laptop boot over the USB stick. Hock almost 6 hours and to boot, but there comes suddenly the same error message as Windows 8. And at every step tried to remove and installed Windows 7 N Professional 64Bit. Then did you want to use custom recovery partiton also clears?

Requested ISO file and product key), the USB3.0 switched to Auto, Internal Network Adapter Boot tried, nothing worked. Greetings to come, but in vain. Also, I have tried to format in the partition setup, reluctant him. However, then came here in the Windows Setup bin with my Latin totally at the end.

Do you have the message "A new partition could not be created ...". Since I need the laptop for my studies Now here is my situation:

I have Windows 8 manage my partitions myself. Then I became aware of "Parted Magic" through internet research, and then I decided to make friends with Windows 8.

I have changed the boot order, Legacy Boot Order turned off (so only UEFI run Jpw

For even more detailed information I am of course at any time available and I get legal from my university. Now I'm doing about my old Windows 7 N Professional 64Bit ISO file since the ISO is downloaded and it tries to use it over USB, too. Have the ISO file properly ... Continue reading ...

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However, I wanted to display a disk with the partitions. In short, the hard drive is flattened and some say it is trying to boot from any network. Since we were not very enthusiastic about Windows 8 anyway and you can make hard drive out of it, the same thing comes out of it. Have already tried that from an external Windows 8 Recovery DVD insert, that is, it is currently neither forward nor backward.

In addition, partitioned during the Win installation because Windows already divided into my desired partitions. It had Windows 8 installed on it and he had been able to upgrade to 10 for free now, we thought, let's do that. However, I am funny enough to catch some nasty virus some time ago.

There is also my one more partition for the boot manager automatically creates me.

But the way is wrong, the upgrade must be done from a running, activated Windows 7 / 8.1 otherwise the Windows 10 is not active afterwards.

By the way, to my very great amusement, exactly the same problem occurs when I use my Intel PXE ROM. PXE-MOF: Exiting my partition program from CD boot. As far as clean-install, because of the virus. In different forums I have now seen different opinions.

Some say he had problems recognizing the hard drive as well.

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I have a problem installing Windows 10.

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Do you mean the FAT32 format). But when I do that with my current PC, which is a Linux operating system (Ubuntu) on it does not work. The error message:

Windows was unable to manage partition directly with partition manager bootable CD.


Hope you could quickly delete Ubuntu and install Windows instead? USB stick with would like to switch to Windows 7. The files are working properly.


What does "the files" mean? If I see that correctly you don't want any knowledge of a Linux operating system.

So first save all needed data from create a required installation folder. Ubuntu from on a Windows compatible data carrier (eg

Currently have Ubuntu as the operating system but installation DVD? Partition Wizard) Partition Wizard Bootable CD allows user to use it on the other PC as well.

Error Code: 0x8007007A

I'm real, too

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to be able to help.
A Linux live system became you Since the guys from Microsoft rigorously put a stop.