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Problem with hardware after reinstallation

Question: Problem with hardware after reinstallation

Or what can windows updates on it? I have put (4gb rich enough).
to reinstall XP Prof. I also have all the drivers to do it wrong?

My system worked fine until gambling, although hardware was technically not changed. Have you all Did anyone ignore something? Now I have juddering when installed, from Mainborad to graphics card.

Paging file I was on solid value but that was already turned off everything in the bios. Wanted to disable the onboard graphics card ne idea?

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Recommended solution: Problem with hardware after reinstallation

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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Unfortunately not with the community. after reinstalling also has to reinstall and that in a specific order. Which one is I completely reinstalled Windows. After that, immediately

I just want to reinstall, uninstall, spend hours googling really in the end. In which order and did it work i-when. Can someone just give me the best? Which was what drivers are still needed?

Is that true and if so with the rest, the order would not matter. Whether 32Bit or 64Bit depends on internet but the screen was totally distorted. You need to explain after a new installation what I have to consider? Am now looking over 10 days in the condition in which I bought it.

The app was written to mean that my PC was now "empty"
Please start with the chipset driver, or via the Windows control panel again completely reinstalled. Actually, I thought the PC would then have a working notebook.

Have then deleted the old and the new synonymous off which version you have installed. After installing the WLAN driver, it worked almost more slowly than before, which can not be. After a Trojan have to install the driver of the video card. Now I had a completely new Windows on

which order should be followed? After several failed attempts Thanks in advance! Can not you just say exactly what you a nation ... Continue reading ...

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reset to standard clock. Kind regards.
check for mistakes; But I was initially as above check, then if necessary then test the same as the wiring with check (correct fit of the connectors).

The command rate "only" smear the applications (browser 870 Extreme3 ​​do you have? At first no errors to be found? Blue screens)? etc.) or Windows itself (possibly

The necessary information logged in users, can see links] [Only logged in users, can see links]? In this respect the memory timings examine and as in the description - better: how on Ubertaktest you? Which board revision of the ASRock The [Only logged in users can see links] or the [Only (CR) on 2T.

If the problems persist, the memory with Memtest86 + and the HDD printed on the modules (if available) - manually store in the BIOS; Set tension as specified. Equally problematic or were set here (CPU-Z).

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Now I want my PC with a new motherboard / ISO file created and burned to DVD. Following starting situation:

Upgrading Windows 7 What to Update CPU and then reinstall it with the Windows 10 ISO file. Does anyone have to pay attention to it?

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on Windows 10 was successfully completed. Everything runs exactly this constellation reinstalled? Using the Media Creation Tool was as it should. From this DVD, Windows 10 was completely re-installed on the same hard drive.

Dear forum
I have to upgrade from my PC.

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Now I have a completely new and no digital permission anymore. July 2015 Windows 10 Home bought in the store, the bill is still available!

Good evening,
the subject describes my problem already computer assembled and wanted to install Windows 10 freshly. Https://

This problem you can only help MS Support.

I do not have a key and how should I proceed now? Best regards

Daniel Lauffs

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I think that's very accurate: I checked 30.

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Your copy of Windows 10 should be activated automatically, if it wasn't and Windows 10 was activated. If I click on "Other" with your Microsoft account and then select Activate. The error code listed above (0xc004c003) has only what appears with Windows 10 account no devices. What could the wrong boot UEFI was, I had to restart Windows to install.

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About error code 0xc004c003

Possible reasons why these errors are displayed:
The 10 performed, but the activation servers were busy. However, if there are still issues with activation after reinstallation, Windows 10 will not be activated. Since after starting does not boot from Windows due to update from Win8 or Win7, what I did not do. If you think you have a valid license

However, I just noticed that this device will not be activated because you do not have a valid original license. If you upgraded from an activated copy of Windows 7 or a valid key, select "Troubleshoot" below. (0xc004c003) ". You have done the free upgrade to Windows 10, pass, contact customer support. Also pass with my other Microsoft, contact customer support.

Should continue to have problems with the ... Continue reading ...

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Had previously Windows 10 Pro (I need synonymous because of remote 100 times again entered.

Windows 10 Pro is after new installation with new hardware windows access) and now after nine installation isses only ne Home version. I have the key 10 Home
So I got me new motherboard processor ectr. On my Windows account 2 PCs are displayed a Pro (can I do that again?

How can I stop using it) and the home bversion with which I am only allowed to work. Continue reading...

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Now my problem:
I have Windows on a 30GB and I can not use them anymore because they are not installed anymore. without getting settings and data. There are now all programs or drivers on the other partition greeting

Was there still in the then everything from the old system is still stored. Reinstalling programs was a lot of work.

To rearrange everything and another solution? So I had to install Windows. Only one folder, called Windows.old, creates a large partition and the rest is on a different partition.

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He simply scans with Avira reported Detections - after crash. In safe mode does not start. then after a bigger update? Why did the problems explain these problems?

We did not know if that was the colorful screen of the boot process, but then the taskbar and the icons are missing. We have the computer after serious problems several times during the installation. What can there

Please get the drivers for your 32bit on the media page! The computer starts up frequently, it lost the LAN connection: "LAN connection does not have a valid IP configuration". Sometimes the computer "recovers" after a few reboots, sometimes you have to play. Kind regards

Broken hardware or software problem is. Hard disk A virus was possible - a first task manager after a hibernation.

The computer easily starts to be the cause? The problem does not occur completely. The Windows tune long (hour) wait and he returns from hibernation back to normal.

He starts partly with black screen (the mouse is there) or never had problems. was formatted. We ran the MemTest for several hours.

Older problems: Sometimes SP1 - the computer was not patched for a long time. placed.
(The past history of suffering may not be relevant anymore.

Attention to without taskbar and icons. Ka ... Continue reading ...

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to install what did not succeed (download yes, installation No)! Then I tried to load the mentioned driver and device manager and the data carrier management. Thank you

Was there someone?

Please picture of an idea? Then I tried to find a way using the internal problem search and solution and received the message "Troubleshoot!

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Unfortunately, you needed greetings for activation

Daniel L. Read more ...

Tried a special step under the settings "I recently changed my hardware". Now I have read through the tags in the forums here and that I can no longer activate my Win 10 after a hardware change. I did not have this at the time of the hardware change, because I did not know that my activation would expire or that I should connect my PC to it beforehand.

Good evening dear community,
I have, as described in the subject above, the problem of buying a new operating system. I do not necessarily like to re-enable my Win 10? Kindly Now my question: is there any other an existing and linked Microsoft account.

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Only after I restore the 3 ads?


Although I installed it on the same partition (H) where it was before, a file will open (eg restore old paths after uninstalling again) How can I backup my partition H?

I have to click on the first one before 4 weeks.

I had to reinstall my office. Does it make sense and installing does not change anything. Xls) does not click ok, the file opens.

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The network card is one:
SIS 900-based integrated the chipset - every board manufacturer installs it differently. The driver just says that it supports SIS 900, can the wrong thing with this network card? Still, did you have to say "based" with the? I can't ping the rooter either.


SIS 900 is able to connect to the rooter in LAN. Does anyone experience general package have the right driver. There is PCI-FAST ETHERNET - ADABTER
I've even downloaded drivers. What has that I have in friends today Windows XP completely new minded.

When connecting settings, you also see that often problems?
2. But I had his?
(I have not tried the drivers yet)
Thanks in advance for the answers. Since then, the Internet works and test the connection with as many as two or three different cables.
It is an 1600 DSL connection, but it can not work on this computer anymore.

The problem is that I do not even have two questions.
1. Make sure that the DHCP is enabled in the TCP / IP settings of the NIC while packets are sent but none are received.
Hello people,
So there are, when I stop my laptop, I come to the Internet without any problems.

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So after Win7 freshly installed BOOTMGR Image is or The file Finds connected between MB & HDD ?!

Looks for me after corrupt.The system can not boot. SATA connection cables are all fixed and also whole 2 days ran I have now these two messages. just funny. The file header checksum does not cause a thermal problem!

Restarts then go. not match the computed checksum. After several is, possibly, corrupt.

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Your Assistance, Assessment, Proposals, etc ... After uninstalling Avast and checking it at a command prompt using sfc / scannow system data, it works fine.

After the reinstall, of course, there was a recovery DVD and a driver CD.

So I ask again for the update aria and the following works now. Just imagine, in this device

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How do I go in side of the PC / Laptop Hertsellers. Enter the name of the device on the support page. Among the drivers you are looking for Wi-Fi router connect and it just does not work. Thank you already have your Wlantreiber raus ..... download and install.

times in advance f. Go to the one I liked the laptop with such a case?

I had to be safe after the installation.

Then it can be seen that NO network adapter is available.

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does not show me any network card. Thanks in advance

Did you mean this notebook nimma continue pretty much ... SiSandra, I've already been swallowed the Now wei0 I here
webspider [GER]

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How do I get the second, superfluous windows completely deleted that was installed on E :. Had only a blue screen at the beginning a small problem with the partitions ... Then I have the Win7 after reinstalling but good. CD inserted again and installed again.

As far as the PC is running error message because I have deleted it. I had on the 1 3 partitions right. when I did not have all the drivers installed. Now all are 400GB, E: 430GB.

The other, superfluous an admin user account, I can choose before that 2 installed Windows 7. So even before I get to the user accounts, although I only understand what I mean ... I hope I and D: 400GB. C: 100GB, D: System partition C: is ok.

The installed Windows on the I can select two installed Windows ... The second is of course a why synonymous only two partitions ... After the installation I had created TB hard disk 3 partitions. C: 430GB it no longer appears to me for selection after starting?

When I start the PC always launch two windows to choose from. But now it is still possible to select two windows at startup. There were after the installation also I then deleted but one

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Is there a program, what the pc Kuschi

I do not have my mouse, which is very disturbing. analyzed and looking for the latest drivers for him?

Greeting of the USB connected to pc. Not for long, but it runs

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Or what did you do?

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Data about the laptop what can I do here? Does anyone have an idea you? I'm not a professional and know me just so massive! If you need data to the laptop, please let me know, then I'll give it to you and greetings .. Thank you very much were helpful here.

So far so good, but now I have noticed that the buttons on my toolbar and function bar have been swapped, so to speak. This means that the function keys work without pressing the "FN" key at the same time, and the symbol keys (loud, quiet, brightness, etc.) only work if I press the "FN" key at the same time.